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Lynn, Tom And Steve: A Couple Trans

by Bardvark©



Lynn and I married 5 years ago at the age of 26. We've been fortunate to travel extensively, have a fine home outfitted to be comfortable and informal. The view is astonishing and a hot tub is situated to maximize it. We're pretty liberal and open minded, most who visit our tub join us nude. As at home, we travel and experience life without burden to fully experience such things as swimming and running around nude on the island of Naxos in Greece.


My most valuable learning came from tales of Lynn's past and a few are incorporated her including the most potent among many.

She's enjoyed an abundance of very talented and included several doctors, lawyers, professors, mostly with men between 5 and 10 years older who well knew their way around a woman's body and mind. Breathing life and color into her sensuality is part of this story. I envy her for every tale she's told of stimulation leading to rapture.

Lynn's first lover was a South African gentile she met while on safari following a year finishing high school as an exchange student.

Following that summer, during her first semester in college she met Michel, a most beguiling, virile and cunning Frenchman. Michel had asked her to a fraternity formal. Dancing and drinking the night away while always tantalizing her both with words and cleverly placed hands and body. She became anxiously aroused and he lured her to his private room. It was a love nest with dim lights. Once there he kissed her deeply and with a finesse never before experienced.

She was already aroused by his sexy accent, great conversation, strong Mediterranean looks and athletic body. Regardless, he turned his full charms on her, intent to take it slow and seduce her slowly until she willingly joined him.

The action picked up pace when, during an especially fun kiss, Michel gently rolled the thin strappy dress strings from Lynn's shoulders and, smoothing her silky skin over the shape of her back and shoulders to slip his warm, soft hands to her breasts. Needing them and rolling her extended nipples in his fingers, his following move was to slide his hands again over her shoulders while nibbling on her ears to rest them on her back side. He proceeded to massaged her firm buns and pull her waist to his, pressing her sex to his erection.

Maintaining his pace to match Lynn's signals of arousal and desire, he slowly worked his hands upward towards her naked back revealing the absence of a bra and the zipper standing between him and her silky smooth flesh.

After yet another round of neck and back stroking his hand took her gown zipper in hand. Tentatively at first, Michel slowly pulled it down to make sure she was willing this to happen. Unzipped and with nothing to hold it up but the press of their bodies, he just slightly released the pressure of their bodies letting Lynn's dress fall delicately to the floor in a bunch.

Breaking their kiss, he took her naked breasts into his hands and applied his warm mouth with exquisite skill. He suckled her nipples and slowly moved to her silk panties, hugging her mons with his cheek and inhaling her sweet and moist scent. Her panties were as sweet and moist as he'd as he'd wanted and intended. Her arousal was undeniable as he continued to apply his talents, sliding his tongue down under the delicate elastic of her panties and gently pulling them to the floor where they rested gleaming with her nectar and bunched with the silk dress that had at one time stood between the lovers.

Lowering her back onto his bed, he removed his shirt. Then slowly emphasized dropping of his zipper, followed by his pants and then boxers. Michel's clothing joined Lynn's dress and panties bunched on the floor. Their naked bodies flushed and both anticipated them coming together in a warm press that would start a cycle of touching and exploration both wanted.

Standing naked, his erection was full and she was intrigued with his uncircumcised penis, wanting to touch and experience it with her hands and mouth. She had to wait as he first joined her in a hug on the bed, once again giving her sensitive erect nipples undivided attention. With practiced moves he worked his way to her sex, touching tentatively and tantalizingly her erect crimson clit. He worked up to complete the seduction with what she still refers to as "my most remarkable cunnilingus". She'd never imagined the wonder of her first truly physical, toe curling orgasm. She regained consciousness and ... elation. More in here...

Finally he entered her. Thrusting with need, spurt his hot seed into her belly. He hadn't lasted long enough for her, and after catching their breath she moved down his body, taking his soft penis into her mouth tasting herself on a man's body for the first time. She found the taste enjoyable and enthusiastically worked him to hardness even while cleaning him of their first love juices.

This time, when he entered her it was she who led the way. Rising above him, she lowered herself onto him. Still on her feet, she lowered her body to take him fully into herself slowly at first and by the tenth stroke with aggression. Finally resting on him his thighs she worked him hard. Michele then flipped her onto her back at the edge of the bed where he had the freedom to thrust with effect with her legs in the air. This was truly her first hot, physical and sweaty fuck and she voiced her pleasure loudly. So loudly the adjacent roomies later admitted to masturbating. They knew who she was, how she looked, and how she moved as an accomplished athlete.

So this master was only her Lynn's second lover. And he set a very high bar for everyone to follow. So good was he, she recounted the story of cumming to his simple moves by stroking her thigh through jeans. Over the next months and years of school he opening her eyes, mind and body to the joy and ecstasy that sex is. So she to guided me with her abundant and well developed skills.

Having heard this story told by the woman I loved was an incredible turn on. Favored stories told by Lynn of her former lovers, how they seduced her, what she learned from them, her favorite acts and positions. How they met and what they talked about that led to their relationship and sex. The environment: lighting scents the feel of their hands, the bed and sheets. Even the temperature. She told me all and I learned what made those men successful. Finally I asked how I could be successful, and she told me over a period of months and years. Her fantasies fascinated me. Watching her pleasure herself became a drug. She told me about, and then showed me the masturbation aids she liked and how they were used.


In the second year of our marriage, Lynn came unglued one night after what I thought was admirable lovemaking. Pent up for more than a year was her frustration and disappointment of my lovemaking and pleasuring skills. She was clear that I was not close to equaling even her most disappointing of past lovers. She made the problem real when she revealed how often she was left to "finish herself off" after I'd fallen asleep thinking we were both well satisfied.

I probably followed a typical reaction cycle, at first deeply hurt and with bruised ego. Then angry at and blaming her. Ultimately I set my false expectations aside, took stock of my skills, knowledge and talent and found little that could be identified. All I had were adolescent biases, shallow interpretations, insufficient experiences, no sense of curiosity or adventure and no developed ability to perceive Lynn's elementary exposed signals much less anything remotely hidden.

As a proven survivor and resilient individual I took careful measure, sought out knowledge ranging from anatomy to psychology, body language, women's fantasies and more. I filled both my head and my heart with that needed for us both to develop magic through passionate lovemaking. I focused on turning her perceptions of me on their head. Today I pay close attention to recognizing even small unobvious signals and remain a student of lovemaking about all aspects and dimensions of the woman I love: her body's fine characteristics, musculature, mind, turn-ons, erogenous zones and turn offs.

It wasn't long before she enthusiastically recognized my progress and opened up to answer questions about what made past partners so good in bed. With her answers she gently guided me with provocative tales of seduction and raw sex, laughter, the playing of conventional card games and intellectual stimulation that comes with them and many, many more stories. We began to do many of these things together and they often naturally led to discussions of sex and then truly rewarding lovemaking.

By experimenting with restraints, shaving, and exhibitionism. We'd go dancing sans panties and bra. She'd wear her "butterfly" vibrator while calling on client doctors. We used extended foreplay and withholding of orgasms to tantalize and raise each other to incredibly heightened senses. In time we began to go to dance clubs separately so she could get "getting picked up" before abandoning her admirer in favor of me. This being the result of "wife sharing" fantasies. We'd talk about trying anything and everything. One I use to this day while masturbating is visualizing her taking a lover who'd been particularly well endowed from behind. She's stretched and they're both glistening with her fluids and his pre-cum. He's thrusting hard while she's pressing her breasts to the bed, knees wide apart and forward with her tush high in the air. With her head in the pillows she's panting, moaning and grunting with pleasure. Extra pleasure, because, as she's told me, she can feel his balls spanking her clitoris time and time again as he thrusts deeper into her than anyone previously had. When he cums, I see it flowing down his penis, down her pussy to her clit, down her inner thighs and onto the sheets. When he withdraws, exhausted, his seed rushes out and bunches like translucent cream down her legs and between her knees onto the bed. It's was an impressive volume of semen...


Somewhat modest, Tom's a handsome German with thick brown hair, brown sleepy eyes and a disarming smile. His broad shoulders match a narrow waist, and a muscled, fit body kept that way by working out and strenuous activities like ski racing. Thankfully he claims above average intelligence that has helped in untold ways, but mostly for aiding his ability to lure and develop the love commitment of marriage with Lynn that he has. With an active imagination, musician and all-round Rennissance bohemian you're as likely to find running naked in the woods as you are designing software. His software work hit gold with an IPO and while still in his 20's found himself flush with wealth and the freedom to live with freedoms worth fantasizing about.

In this story, true in fact as both Tom and Lynn state it is about a friendship that underwent a transformation that in turn has transformed our lives. It originates with a fantasy we concocted, schemed out together will full intentions to make it happen. In this fantasy we were to invite Steve into the hot tub following a dinner at our house in Seattle. Once there I would begin massaging one of her feet and invite Steve to work on her other. With us holding her feet to massage them, her body would naturally float towards the surface revealing her waxed smooth sex. Getting an eyeful would be followed by raising the massage to her calves, thighs and wherever she permitted beyond that. Finishing would be a matter of delivering a four-handed massage lubricated with sensual oils. Yummy. Now that could be a feature story itself. But let me first introduce Steve.


Steve's a peer of mine at work. An exceptional intellect landed him at MIT where he received a good education and ample opportunity to develop effective seduction and sexual skills with nubile coed's who could think deeply about their sexuality.

Steve and I developed a friendship over time suffering under the same brilliant, but vicious manager. We'd support each other's efforts; review work before exposing it more broadly and in time developed a strong sense of trust.

With his quick mind, Steve had a quick wit. Physically he had a wiry strength, dark hair and olive skin. His easy way and smile quickly won others over.

So enjoyable to be with that I thought he would hit it off as friends with Lynn and introduced them at a company function. True to form they found lots of common ground and stimulating conversation to build an emerging friendship around. They weren't bashful about dancing at company and clubs when we went partying. Lynn spoke of how much she enjoyed his company on many occasions and we occasionally had him over for dinner with just the three of us.

Not at all surprising you've already learned that Steve became the subject of some of our hot wife-sharing fantasies. You've already heard the short story of her first true seduction by a master. Someone I've learned from through her teachings. Now you'll learn about Lynn yourself, in detail. Do see the illustrated version if you doubt anything about her.


Tom's bride, Lynn, is a true blond with fine hair, silvery green eyes, fine features, and strong but petite bone structure. She weighs a mere 110 pounds and remains as fit as her days of champion sprinting through high school and college. One look at her legs with their firm thighs and full calves will entice the most discerning men and women alike. Those who are fortunate enough to see her in a bikini or sans clothing, never miss the ripple of firm abs and above them a pair of full D-cup high-and-tight breasts.

(see what you can of Lynn in the illustrated version if you think I'm not fairly describing Lynn at any point in this story)

Her narrow hips make for a fabulous ass made hard from running, skiing (and other strenuous activities).

She's almost more impressive intellectually and socially. In addition to her beguiling physique, there's the sparkle in her eyes of an interested and curious thinker having the intelligence to apply it. As a highly educated news junkie she has a breadth of knowledge worthy of engage like-minded or polar opposites. Matching this, she has social talents and a quirky ability to

"tune in" to others, engaging them almost magically. Partly from her experiences from extensive travel and partly from natural acumen she's always open minded to hear, learn of and try new things. Because the tend to turn out so well (she carries luck, pulling it from the atmosphere like a magnet) she's become reliably self confident and capable of managing pretty much any situation with grace and finesse.

It would be unfair not to cover her physical features as these treasured attributes are important to the story. In fair warning, you can see these qualities modeled in every edition of both women's and men's magazines in more depth around the world.

As a true blond with little body hair, what's there in her love nest is wispy and thin doing little to hide her labia's and clitoris from admiring viewers. Nonetheless she maintains a routine of waxing it clean for ours and her own pleasure. She often remarks at how the smoothness makes even the softest panties rub her just right.

Lynn is rightfully pleased to have high-and-tight breasts sporting a D-cup and perpetually erect nipples that are virtually impossible to suppress. I myself have plied their sensitivity all the way to her achieving orgasm.

Like her nipples, she's has stand-up bud of a clitoris that's not buried (ever) by labia or hair. This luscious pink or crimson depending on arousal feature can actually stand stiffly as if the dorsal of a sailfish.

On the subject of arousal, Lynn produces an abundance of sweet love nectar. A staple of my diet, it serves her as well in sexual versatility as it does her partners, whether with slow or fast rhythm, shallow or deep penetration from either frontal or rear positions.

Her mons is firm and positions her clitoris towards the top to maximize contact. She has a retroverted uterus, meaning her love canal turns down with her cervix above the terminus of the vagina. It makes for a unique, tight and especially stimulating feel when with deep penetration the pressure of the cervix comes to bear on the head of a penis. It's well suited to maximize her pleasure as well as she can feel penetration in a visceral, physical way with her cervix even detecting rapid temperature changes and sudden contacts.

Straddling me while I stand is a favorite of ours and certainly aided with her unique features and petite packaging.

Our deliberate escalation of experimentation and adventuresome fantasies and real life situations fed on itself. We both applied great creativity to plotting these for the other. To recount one that got me going: One morning Lynn old me of a dream she had the night before that was at the same time erotically stimulating and roughly sensual. The protagonist was Madonna as imaged in her infamous book of nudes yet alive in Lynn's dream and intent on bedding her. Madonna came onto Lynn by wrestling her to a bed while kissing and exploring her body after tearing her clothes off (hmmm, bi-curious?). Lynn revealed gang band fantasies with a tale of taking on the high school baseball team. And she responded to role playing with me being "another man".

Of all these fantasies, the most rewarding, instructive and stimulating were those involving sharing her with other men and couples. One of them we concocted involved a work friend named Steve. Our evolved friendship with Steve is the main subject of this story.


In August that year I received the annual invitation from Mark, a high school friend, to his compound at an island in the San Juan's northwest of Seattle. As always none of the 20 some odd group of close friends, we ran with ever missed it. I'd told Steve of this annual September blow-out the summer party and knew he'd be a great fit with these characters.

I checked my intentions to extend Steve an invitation with Lynn enthusiastically replying "yes" as expected. She'd enjoy his wit and conversation.

Though Steve had been the subject of some hot sharing fantasies, it never occurred to us to pursue such a thing in reality. And though we didn't, certain events suggested things might go in that direction in the future.

Our group had known each other for years were all married and as things are, many spouses were the former lovers of the various others. Many had been former lovers and some were suspected of continuing liaisons regardless of their marriages. In fact, rumors circulated that these were sometimes permitted among the spouses though to my knowledge nothing was ever discussed openly. We always played with each other with flirting and taking some liberties when dancing, but little more was ever in evidence.

Ha ha ... openly. Certainly I knew that plenty was discussed behind some closed doors. Ours in particular.

The first night we partied pretty hard after spending the afternoon and evening clamming and crabbing. With a feast taken over margaritas and ample wine, the dancing started...ladies on the counters and circulating among the men. Before long the party moved to the pool and hot tub. It was in the hot tub where Lynn, between Steve and I, felt a hand as it moved to her lower thigh. Her right thigh to be precise. Sitting on her left, she knew instinctively it wasn't mine. This was the first sign that Steve had shown in interest of Lynn. And she, knowing of the fantasies we'd shared thought it just as interesting. She put her hand on his to keep him from feeling too successful, yet was intrigued with maybe letting it go a bit further. None of this tantalizing activity was visible through the bubbles in the dark and hot water.

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