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Mom Makes Him a New Little Brother

by PurpleMonkeyDishwash©

Mike's mom doesn't conceal her excitement at the prospect and getting to suck on such a gorgeous penis.

Mike watches his mother's head descend onto the groin of her mate, bobbing up and down as she struggles to coat all of it in her sticky saliva. After a while, Josh stretches his legs, erupting with semen all over Mike's mother's face. She lifts her head up, the mouth sticky and dripping with cum.

"That was incredible," she says, not bothering to wipe her face.

They schedule the next night as the beginning of the impregnation marathon. Josh goes to his facility to finish up some work before he takes all the time off for Mike's mom, and she spends the day with her son trying on sexy outfits for the night.

"Is this okay?" she asks her son, sporting a see through nighty that barely supports her huge rack.

Later, she comes out of the dressing room in only a thong and nipple pasties, wondering if Josh might like it if he can see every bit of her fleshy tits shake as he fucks her.

That evening, they all have a light supper and convene in the bedroom. Mike's mom wears the thong and nipple pasties, and Josh wears loose gym shorts without underwear and no shirt.

"Here is how this will go most effectively," Josh explains to them all, "The session will have to last four days at minimum, but we can extend it if necessary."

He goes on to explain the other rules. During that time, neither Josh nor Mike's mother can leave the bed. It will be Mike's duty to take care of any food or bathroom needs for them as those needs arise. Likewise, Mike will sleep in a pile of pillows in the corner of the bedroom, so that he can fully tend to anything Josh or his mom need. And Mike will of course assist with mounting, fucking, and cleaning, as needed.

Josh takes off his gym shorts to expose his rock hard cock, looking like a PVC pipe between his legs. Mike's mom kneels on the bed and bends over backwards.

"Mike," calls Josh, and Mike uncomfortably approaches the naked duo.

Josh instructs Mike to grab his hard cock and insert it into the top of Mike's mother vagina, as that will be the most effective. Mike grabs the base of Josh's cock, feeling the pulse of the blood rushing though its lengthy shaft. With force, he shoves the monster into his mother's dripping pussy.

Josh fucks her for an hour straight in that position. During the time, Mike holds his mother's hand, hearing the squealing and moans of her as Josh pounds her from behind. After fifteen minutes, Mike sees his mom's face distort into a look of primal ecstasy, and she screams begging for the cock to keep pounding her, and to send her a sticky seed for a baby.

When Josh cums, it gushes out the side of her pussy and spills over her thighs, his thighs and the sheets. Mike gets the bowl of water as instructed, and sponges the excess jism from his mother. The tiny bowl is empty before he can even begin to clean Josh's cock, so Josh impales himself onto Mike's mouth, washing and cleaning off the spunk as if Mike were simply a faucet.

Over the next four days, Josh's cock invades every inch of Mike's mother's body. He penetrates her pussy from every direction, shoots inside her mouth, rubs up and down her cleavage, and even fires a load into her virgin butt. Mike's mom begs and begs for more of Josh's pink cock, eventually having to take naps of sheer exhaustion. During these naps, if Josh is still aroused, he relieves himself in Mike's mouth, making Mike swallow his sperm and telling him how great it is banging his mom. When either are hungry, Mike serves them food, often while they are in the middle of fucking. When they have to go to the bathroom, they simply shove Mike's head down and make him drink. Josh sends gallons of piss and cum down Mike's throat, and even though she loves her son, Mike's mom is so stupefied from fucking that she doesn't even realize how cruel it is to make her son lick her butthole clean after she had taken a shit.

After extending the session to a whole week, the two finally emerge from bed. Josh returns temporarily to his gym, and Mike's mom spends the day gleefully reminiscencing about different places Josh put his cock, how great the taste of his semen is, and how she is sure that his potent and sticky sperm have given her fertile body a baby. Despite their allowed mobility, Josh and Mike's mother still continue to use him a toilet, more from habit than need.

When Josh comes home in the evenings, he and Mike's mom immediately begin undressing. Having grown tired of the bedroom, they fuck in the rest of the house. On the kitchen table, Josh unloads wave after wave of cum into Mike's mother. In the pool, he pins her against the wall and plows her from behind. Sometimes they even enter Mike's room, fucking on his bed and leaving his room sticky and messy with their combined juices.

Meanwhile, when not assisting his mother get viciously fucked, Mike uses his mother's funds to make his investments. After a week, they are doing well. However, his mother's fuck sessions with Josh and his involvement in them make him tired, and so in the second week, he misses the point to sell and finds himself losing a lot of money.

At the end of this second week, he finally brings himself to confront his mother and tell her that he lost her money. She and Josh exit the pool after fucking and sit at the table, waiting for Mike to bring them dinner.

"I got to piss," Josh crudely says, and he forces Mike's head so that he gets down on his knees and drinks the piss before bringing out the dinner.

"Mom," Mike says to his mother, whose bare breasts fall out the the robe she is wearing, "We have to talk."

"Actually, we have to talk to you too," she says, "You go first."

"I.. I lost all of your money."

Mike's mother frowns and scolds him. "I knew I couldn't trust you," she yells, telling him how she knew how stupid he would be. But Josh places his hand on her arm and she stops.

"Oh actually," she corrects herself, "This might be helpful. Because we have something to tell you."

Mike's mom explains to her son that she has had a change of heart. The entire point to having the new baby was to help with her boredom and depression and Mike's leaving to college. But in the weeks since Josh has been fucking her, and Mike has been helping them, she has been over the moon. Why have a baby when you're already happy?

"It turns out that I never even stopped taking the pill," she explains, "It was mixed into my morning vitamins. So I get to keep my flat beautiful stomach and the pleasure I get from this big beautiful cock." She sticks her hand onto Josh's crotch.

"But we were worried because the contract with you wouldn't work if we stopped trying for a baby," she adds, "Now that you owe me money, we can keep these games on forever."

Josh slips out his cock and begins stroking it himself.

Mike's mom takes the reins and starts jerking Josh's dick. With the other arm, she pats her son on the head.

"Won't this be so fun?"

Written by: PurpleMonkeyDishwash

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