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Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 08

by Tappy_McWidestance©

By Sandra and Tappy McWidestance

Editing and Continuity by Lisa Jones

*** Sandra's POV ***

I was looking forward to tonight with great anticipation. Each of the last two Fridays my young mistress had taken me to sexual heights I'd never known before and I expected no less for tonight. It was already late in the afternoon and I had not heard from her yet to instruct me what to wear or how to prepare. My anticipation was starting to turn to nervousness but thankfully I received an email which put my uneasiness to rest.

"Good afternoon slave," the email began. "We're going out on the town tonight. I want you to dress elegantly. Wear your finest dress, stockings and heels. Lacy lingerie, not too much make-up and just a hint of perfume are appropriate. Make me proud to be seen with you. I will pick you up at 10pm."

As I read the email I wondered where she planned to take me. The last time I dressed up I ended up encased in liquid latex at Erin and Liz's hotel. Not that I would complain if we did that again, but I really was hoping for something different this week. I began to think through my wardrobe to decide what to wear.

*** Rose's POV ***

Jeannie had told me we were going out tonight and that I should expect another fun filled evening. Two nights ago we had gone to a lesbian club. I got rip roaring drunk and ended up humiliating myself by doing a striptease on a table for the patrons. I also put on a masturbation show for them and allowed myself to be fingered shamelessly on the dance floor. I didn't remember most of it, thankfully, due to the alcohol, but unfortunately Jeannie had thoughtfully made a video of me with her cell phone. I must have watched the video 20 times in the past two days. I had to admit the humiliation and shame I felt was also mixed with more than a little bit of arousal. After all, being able to act this way was a big part of why I was driven by the need to submit to someone. Last Friday when I first tried to seduce Jeannie into being my mistress I had secretly hoped for someone who would order me into exactly this kind of wild sexual situation. Now that it had happened, who was I to complain? I wished it had happened in private instead of in a club, but I'd never cum so many times in one night so obviously subconsciously I loved it.

Jeannie arrived at my apartment carrying a weekend bag. She had brought clothes for me. She was dressed very smartly. She was outfitted in fairly typical club clothes for her, but a little less revealing and flashy than normal. Perhaps we were going a little more upscale than usual. She was smiling a knowing smile like she had a nasty plan for me. I was excited to see that look. Last weekend I'd worried that when she didn't think our encounters through well enough and have a good plan, our rendezvous were less pleasing. That is how I felt last Saturday and Sunday went. Last Wednesday when she had a plan was amazing. From the look on her face I could tell she definitely had a strategy for tonight.

*** Sandra's POV ***

Mistress Nicole's instructions for how I should dress were easy enough to carry out. I chose a blue floor length dress. It was very formal. I had recently worn it to a wedding. There was a light blue speckle pattern and it really highlighted my blue eyes. The dress was designed to be worn off the shoulder and had a deep V neck line. Wearing a bra was not an option as clearly evidenced by my expansive cleavage on display. I also wore dangling pearl earings.

Of course I wore stockings as commanded. Nicole had not specified whether stay ups were allowed, but I opted for a garter belt anyway. I always felt sexier wearing a garter belt and that was what tonight was all about. The stockings wouldn't really show because my dress was so long, but I would feel them and know what was hiding for Nicole's discovery. I chose nude colored stockings. I thought black stockings would look weird if Nicole had me pull up my dress. Finally I chose a simple cotton panty. I knew I would be wet in anticipation by the time Nicole arrived and I needed something absorbent. Otherwise I would have chosen a thong or even a g-string.

I then did my make-up. I went very simple and understated with just a hint of eye shadow to match the blue dress and set off my eyes with lipstick just red enough but not so bright as to draw undo attention.

Looking at myself in the mirror I was sure I'd meet my mistress' expectations. I looked absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. Now all I had to do was wait.

*** Rose's POV ***

Jeannie had a plan for me alright. Her first order was for me to strip. I liked that order. I hoped our games were going to begin before we left my apartment. Jeannie pulled a make-up case out of her bag and sat me down in front of my dressing table. She worked quickly. I guess she wasn't worried about being perfect. She caked on the make-up. She was painting my face. That is the only way I can describe it. Heavy foundation and rouge on my cheeks. Heavy eye shadow and mascara. Fire engine red lipstick layered onto my lips and to top it off, a platinum blonde wig. I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror when I was done.

I was sitting on my stool shivering by the time she finished. Yes it was cool in my apartment, but mainly I was nervous about why she was making me up this way. My apprehension didn't improve when she pulled my outfit out of her bag. Onto my bed Jeannie tossed what I guess could be called a skirt, although it was so small it almost qualified for a headband. OK, it was bigger than that but not by much. It also looked like it was made out of the same material my mother had been wearing in the video. I would later learn it was not latex but rubber. Where did she find such a thing?

Next a matching top came out of her bag. I will not call it a blouse. It was more like a tube top, only not so wide. I could see that it would wrap around my breasts, but not much more. She continued in her bag finding a black pair of high heeled pumps and a set of black stockings that had obviously seen better days. What I didn't see was a bra or underwear. I can't say I was surprised.

Jeannie wasted no time in getting me dressed. With the limited scope of my outfit, there really wasn't much that could take time. The skirt took work for me to wiggle into. The rubber was exceptionally tight. I don't think I would have been able to get it on by myself. Jeannie had to hold it tight and pull it while I jumped and wiggled to get it into place. The top wasn't any easier. I had to hold my arms straight above my head while Jeannie struggled to get it into place across my chest. I admit it felt great when she maneuvered my boobs underneath the constrictive material, but I could tell immediately I wouldn't feel that way for long. The stockings had tears and runs throughout them. They were stay-ups and came up to my mid thigh. The holes appeared strategically placed so anyone looking at my legs would see them. They made me feel cheap, especially compared to the way Jeannie was dressed. Satisfied with her handiwork Jeannie turned me back toward my mirror and asked what I thought. It didn't take me long to form an opinion.

"I look like a hooker," I told her.

"Yes," she replied. "My hooker."

I looked at her confused. Were we going to a costume party tonight? Once again though, my brain and my body were on two different agendas. While consciously I hated to be dressed this way, I was excited that this is how she wanted me to look. I wondered if the club was having a pimp and whore party. While I was lost in thought, I noticed Jeannie was back in her bag. She tossed out a roll of black tape onto the bed. She then pulled out a chrome egg. I'd never worn one but I knew what it was. Jeannie tossed it to me and told me to warm it up. I knew she meant in my mouth so I popped it in. I was expecting a metallic taste, which it had. I wasn't expecting to taste my mistress, but it was clear she had used the toy recently.

Jeannie told me to slide the egg into my pussy. She then used the tape (bondage tape I would later learn it was called) to fashion me a shield to prevent the egg from falling out of my pussy. Jeannie held a remote in front of her a click the button. The egg came to life. My knees buckled.

"That should keep you happy," she exclaimed with joy. I looked at her hoping she would take pity on me. How could I wear that thing and not expect people to know. I had the feeling Jeannie was going to try to break my record of 7 public orgasms from Wednesday night.

*** Nicole's POV ***

As I drove over to Sandra's house I almost felt sorry for her. Almost. I'd given Jeannie advice on how to seduce Rose and recruited Erin and Liz to help. From what Liz told me about Rose grinding on her at the club I knew she was on the hook just like her mother. Tonight would be the coronation of our plans. Neither of them knew about each other, but that was about to change. Their lives would never be the same.

I pulled up to Sandra's and walked up to the front door. I knew she would be dressed exactly as I had instructed. I also knew she would be surprised to see me in torn jeans and a wife beater t-shirt. I could read her sense of disappointment when she opened the door. She must have known my promise of taking her out on the town was a ruse.

I didn't explain my attire. Mistresses don't need to explain themselves to slaves. To her credit, Sandra didn't ask. I escorted her out to the car with my arm wrapped over hers as if I was a gentleman escorting her into a fancy club. She definitely was the eye candy in our pairing. If she was nervous about being seen with me by her neighbors she didn't show it. Once into my car I pulled her close for a passionate kiss. I also ran my hand up under her skirt. I could feel her tension release as she gave herself to me emotionally. I smiled.

*** Rose's POV ***

My outfit for the evening complete, Jeannie wasted no time walking me out to her car. As humiliating as it was to be dressed this way, especially since she was dressed very nicely, I had to admit it was a little exciting teetering out into the night on the sky high heels she had provided. I did pass one of my neighbors, a woman who lived down the hall, in the lobby of my building. I was probably blushing like I had at the club but of course you couldn't tell through my make-up. Once I was seated in the car, Jeannie turned the egg back on. I took an involuntary deep breath. I'd almost forgotten it was inside of me.

"Tonight do not worry about hitching up your skirt when you sit. You'd never manage in that one," she told me. "We don't have far to drive and that egg should keep your mind in the right place."

I knew the egg would keep me on edge as we began to wind our way through the streets. I had no clue where we were going, but as long as I was with Jeannie I knew I'd be safe. As it turns out that feeling of safety would be short lived. We ended up going two towns over. This town is more industrial than mine and definitely lower class on the income scale. The houses and apartments we passed looked more run down and just dirtier in general than what I was accustomed to seeing. Of course given what I was wearing, I'd probably fit right in. I was getting the sense that Jeannie was the one who would be dressed out of character instead of me. As we passed out of the residential area into zone characterized by seedy looking bars I started see other women dressed similar to me standing on the sidewalk. I definitely felt uneasy at that discovery. About a block past the last bar Jeannie pulled over. It was in front of a factory and there was nobody around.

"Get out here," Jeannie told me. I looked at her in disbelief.

"I said get out. I've got an errand to run. You'll be fine. Just wait for me."

"I can't stand out there looking like this," I protested. "I'll get arrested for being a prostitute."

"You can't get arrested for standing on the sidewalk. If anybody stops just say no thank you. If you don't offer sex for money, you can't get arrested."

"Really, Jeannie," I pleaded. "I can't do this. Don't make me get out of the car."

"Look Rose," she countered. "I know how much you like showing off that tight body of yours. Just two nights ago you were grinding your pussy on a stranger's lap and then did a strip and diddle show for a crowd. Don't tell me you're not excited by showing off that hot little pussy of yours. You'll be fine. I'll be back before you know it."

My mind flashed back to the video from the club. It was obvious I had enjoyed myself last Wednesday, but I was drunk. Now I was sober. I had an excuse before because I wasn't thinking. If I had the courage to do this now, I was admitting to myself that I liked being looking at and that Jeannie really was in control. Suddenly the buzzing in my pussy stopped at Jeannie turned off the egg. I looked at her with disappointment. She looked back with a stern scowl.

"Look Rose, it's either the sidewalk and the egg or home to your apartment and our games end."

She really wasn't leaving me much of a choice. I got out of the car. Jeannie rolled down the window and I returned for final instructions. I'd seen enough movies with hookers to know she would want me to bend over into the window. I'm sure if anybody had seen me they would have been impressed with my ass and legs in that position.

"Looking for a date?" I propositioned my mistress. She held up the remote and turned the egg back on.

"Yeah sweetie. Sure thing. But not just yet. I'll be back around soon."

I stood back up and took a few steps away from the curb. I watched as Jeannie drove off. Just like Wednesday when I first danced with a stranger who finger fucked me I wondered how I got here. The buzzing in my pussy was my answer.

*** Sandra's POV ***

My body was tingling as we drove off into the night. I didn't know where we were going but as long as Nicole was leading me, I would gladly follow. I expected to go back to Erin's hotel. In fact we did drive by it, but Nicole didn't turn. Instead we got on the highway and traveled a couple of towns over. I was now totally lost. I mean, I knew where we were, but I was unfamiliar with any hotel or clubs in this area where we might be going. Maybe we were just going to a friend's house where Nicole would share me. My pussy began leaking just at the thought.

*** Rose's POV ***

I had been pacing up and down the sidewalk along the street corner where Jeannie left me. I knew it had only been a couple of minutes but I was already counting down the seconds until she returned. I knew I looked like a cheap imitation of the hookers we saw up the street. I was not happy about being left out here on my own dressed this way. I could tell it was only a matter of time before some guy cruised up and propositioned me. I felt like hiding in a doorway or in the entrance to an alley. But I knew when Jeannie returned if she didn't see me out strutting my stuff she might just go home and not spend this weekend with me. Even worse than that thought, she might leave me here to fend for myself and find a ride home. No, she wanted me to be seen and that was what was going to happen. I wouldn't dance around to attract attention like the working girls did, but I would not hide either.

After feeling proud of myself for making that decision, I immediately regretted it as a car full of boozed up college kids drove up. Of course they stopped and asked if I wanted to "party." They were very crude and I felt ashamed for standing there like a fool taking their verbal abuse. They seemed to get agitated when I turned them down and for a brief moment I was scared. But then they drove off and I took a deep breath.

I temporarily relaxed. Other people drove up and slowed down to get a good look but nobody else stopped. That was fine by me. Nobody until a strong looking man pulled over and waved me to the window. I reluctantly walked over. He seemed very different than the drunk kids or the men who leered at me as they drove by. I got a strange vibe that he was an undercover cop. I remembered what Jeannie had said about never offering sex in exchange for money. Having her exhibit me was one thing. I wasn't going to jail for her.

The man wasn't crude. He was very businesslike. Before last weekend I would probably have let him pick me up if we had met in a club. Tonight, however, in this location, things were different. I wanted him to move along, but as I was talking to him I was unexpectedly struck by a desire to tease him a little. Much like at the bar on Wednesday, I felt myself getting into the role I was playing. With my feet still on the sidewalk, I bent over at the waist and rested my arms on the window jam of his car door. I knew he was getting a good look down my rubber tube top. There was no hiding where his eyes were focused. I thought they were going to pop from his head. I began to flirt with him, but I made sure not to say anything that could lead me to be arrested. I felt empowered by using my sexuality to control the situation. This strong man was allowing me to dictate the conversation. I could tell he was willing to pay to be with me which was liberating. But I also knew that wasn't going to happen. That's simply not who I am. I also remembered the first impression I had of him being a cop so I stood up and waved him on his way. I'm sure he was shocked. If he was a cop, he probably figured I had recognized him and was just playing with him. If he wasn't, I'm sure he was pissed off, but he probably went and found somebody else. I took a few steps back onto the corner as he drove away. I hoped Jeannie would be back soon. I needed her touch. Now.

*** Sandra's POV ***

We were driving through an industrial town. It was grimy. Nicole's outfit fit here but mine certainly did not. There were a few run down looking bars and I hoped none of them were our destination. We started to pass a couple of adult stores and I saw women standing around outside. Nicole pointed one out and we slowed down.

"She looks like she would be fun for us," she said. "Maybe we should ask her to join us?"

I looked at my mistress as if to say "Are you kidding?"

Nicole pulled the car over in front of the woman. She walked over.

"Hey baby," Nicole called out past me. The woman bent over and looked in the window. "You want to party with us?"

The woman looked at Nicole and then she looked at me. "Who's she, your mother?"

Nicole responded, "No, she's my slave." I blushed. The two woman were talking right past me like I wasn't there.

The hooker told us she didn't do women. Nicole tried to convince her I was very talented and would take care of her. I was not thrilled with having Nicole offer my tongue to this woman. Maybe I was paranoid, but I assumed she was not the cleanest person in the world. I couldn't understand why Nicole would want to expose me to possible diseases. I didn't understand her game.

The hooker told us to move along. Nicole made one more pitch to her offering her the option to fuck me instead of the other way around. The woman paused as if she was contemplating the offer. Then she said something I definitely wasn't expecting.

"I get that you're trying to teach your slave some kind of lesson. But I'm not right for you. I'm a cop. If I give the signal, you'll be pulled over and arrested as soon as you turn the corner. But I'm down with what you're doing and your slave is hot so I'm going to let you go. Now leave before my cover is blown."

Nicole smiled. "We'll be at the Blue Light tonight. Stop by after your shift if you like. The offer still stands."

She didn't wait for an answer but pulled away from the curb. I turned to look back and the woman was watching us as we drove away. For all I knew she was memorizing our license plate. I turned my attention back to Nicole and the road. At least I had a destination now. Blue Light. It sounds like a nice club. Nicole drove without speaking for a couple of blocks. She then slowed down.

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