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Enjoying a Gang Bang

by redheat69©

I had these neighbors called Sunil and Veena. They were a much older couple. Sunil was about 45 and Veena 40. I knew them quite well as Sunil used to play badminton with me in the club.

Veena was a very pretty lady she was tall with a mane of long silky hair and jet black eyes. She had a great body, which was meant for a saree. Long legs wine glassing off to a very big and rounded butt and again narrowing down to a waist. She had a broad shoulder with ample boobs and thick upper arms. She looked absolutely stunning in her Chiffons and sleeveless blouses with her jewellery. She loved jewellery and was always decked with them. She wore dark lipsticks and nail polish that looked fantastic on her fair skin.

It was a sudden call from them on a Saturday morning inviting me to a long promised dinner at their place. Gunjan was to come over that evening but as we had not planned to go anywhere I consented and asked if I could bring a friend over. Sunil agreed and told me to be there by 8.

Gunjan came home that evening dressed in a tight black mini skirt with a white shimmering tank top with spaghetti straps and a pair of black stilettos. She looked like the Exotic slut she was and I wanted to fuck her brains out right there. I told her that Sunil and Veena had invited us over for dinner.

"How do they look can we have sex with them" she asked. " Forget it baby, they are a conservative couple I think, we will just have dinner and come back fast I just cant wait to get into your panties." I answered and whisked her off towards Sunil's apartment block a couple of buildings away.

The doorbell was answered by Veena. She wore a very expensive peach coloured Chiffon with a nice sleeveless blouse. She as usual was covered in jewellery, dangling earrings, necklaces, bangles, a thick chain around her waist, Armbands on her fair upper arms. She was quite shocked to see Gunjan as they were meeting for the first time

I introduced them as Sunil walked in he had met Gunjan once at the club before and had heard about us. He smiled at us and welcomed us in.

They had a friend over. Her name was Suman. She was a good looking woman, short, with wavy hair small but firm breasts. What was stunning about her was her arse it was created taking all the mens fantasies.

Sunil got out a bottle of Bourbon and poured us all a drink. Gunjan sat next to me and whispered into my ear " I want to make love to Veena and you'll can sit and watch".

We sat making small talk about some recently released movies. I noticed that Sunil was transfixed on Gunjan. " So Gunjan where's your husband" Sunil said. The ladies were suddenly shocked to know that Gunjan was married. " He's off to the far east on some merchant vessel" she replied.

The ladies were now curious to know about our relationship. As we proceeded with our drinks Sunil was slowly getting drunk and Gunjan was being the perfect bitch teasing him with sneak previews of her huge cleavage and big arse.

The ladies were getting bolder with the booze and Suman asked Gunjan " So you are a class mate of his or something". Gunjan looked straight back at her winked and replied " No honey we are lovers we never met till about a year back at a pub".

"Well what about your husband does he know" Suman added. "Lady I just love sex and my husband loves to watch me enjoy it, and we have done wonderful threesomes with this fantastic lover of mine here" Gunjan replied. The ladies stared back stunned.

" Why are you guys stunned I bet even you would love to see him make love to me right here, what do you say Sunil" she went on. Sunil was dumb struck I could see his bulge growing. He slurred, " I don't know about the women but I would love to see you naked".

Veena looked at her husband her mouth open in horror. " Sunil I think you are drunk" said Veena. " No beautiful he's speaking the truth he would love to play with my exotic body" Gunjan answered.

" Tell me Veena wouldn't you like to see me give your husband a blow job" with that even before Veena could answer Gunjan was down on her knees in front of Sunil. She put her hand on Sunil's crotch and gave a squeeze. Sunil moaned and arched his head back.

" See Veena even he would really like it". She suddenly unbuttoned Sunil and pulled his pants and undies down and let his dick spring out. His dick was drenched in precum. The ladies were shocked but no one was leaving this naked show of lust from this horny bitch.

" You want me to take it in my mouth Sunil" Gunjan asked. He answered with a slight nod. Suman had now leaned forward and was running her tongue on her lips. Veena kept a very angry but interested look.

Gunjan flicked the tip of her tongue on the lose foreskin of Sunil's dick. She looked Sunil in the eye, a strand of slick precum hung from his dick head to her lips. " You want to come in my mouth, don't you Sunil.?" Gunjan asked.

"Yes bitch and then I want to fuck your arse and cunt in front of my wife" Sunil replied.

He was beyond all control and all he wanted was a wild fuck from Gunjan. Gunjan lowered her mouth and slowly took his dick in. She took the entire prick in and started to bob her head up and down on his shaft. Sunil started to moan.

Veena poured herself a large stiff drink without taking her eyes of the slut blowing her husband. Suman was lightly playing with her nipples from above her blouse, she was getting hot. Suman's glass was empty and I poured her a drink.

She was suddenly broken from her spell and looked at me and blushed. I patted on the sofa next to me beckoning her to sit there so that she could have a better view of Gunjan's mouth working. She blushed even further and turned her eyes away.

Gunjan was now really moving. Her saliva was dripping all over Sunil's cock. His balls glistened wet with her mouth. She played with his balls as she kept sucking hard. Sunil was now almost screaming.

Veena by now had pushed in three strong pegs of the whisky. Her face showed anger. She was now reclining on the big single seater sofa trying to behave nonchalant, her eyes fixed on her husband's dick and her whisky glass pressing down hard on her crotch between sips.

She would momentarily move only to fill her now fast emptying glass. The jingling of her bangles were giving away the fact that she was really grinding the glass into her cunt.

I suddenly caught Suman looking at me again. I winked at her and waved her over next to me with my hands. This time she moved. She slowly got up and seated herself next to me.

I put my hands around her shoulder. She almost shuddered on contact. I went close to her and whispered " You like what you see baby? You want to join her".

She didn't say a word but just squirmed in her seat her body almost begging my hands to feel her over. I moved my hand which was around her shoulder lower around to her breast. She moved to allow it to be easier for me. I cupped her breast and put my other hand on her thigh. I started to slowly massage her tit and moved my other hand all over from her thigh to her other breast to her face feeling her all the way over. She closed her eyes and moaned lightly.

"You want to suck a cock, show me how you would do it" with that I slowly circled a finger over her painted lips. Suman opened her lips slightly and started licking my finger with her tongue. I pushed in one finger into her mouth and Suman started to suck on it wildly. With my other hand I kept mauling her breast.

Gunjan had now Sunil on the edge. He screamed into a climax. His back arched and her started to shoot his load into Gunjan's mouth. Gunjan kept sucking and drawing every last bit of sperm from him.

Sunil lay back spent and Gunjan turned around. She looked over toward us and smiled at the sight of Suman getting mauled. She walked over to us and removed my finger from Suman's mouth. She kissed Suman on her lips and forced the cum she held in her mouth into Suman.

Suman was suddenly taken aback. Gunjan moved away from her kiss and said " That's what you get when you suck a prick well."

Suman in the suddenness of the action had swallowed quite a bit of Sunil's semen but spat some out which fell over to her blouse.

" Now see what you have done, you have gone and stained your blouse slut. Now Dev will have to remove that blouse and play with your naked tits.

And you know what happens when he strips a woman, he fucks her like a wild animal. Ask me I know all about how wild he's in bed, I just cant seem to have enough of him."

Gunjan said and turned to me " Go ahead stud fuck your new whore and make her scream".

Gunjan now moved to Veena. " I want to dance with you so get ready lady". Gunjan went over to the music system. Chose a dance remix CD and put it on.

Gunjan walked up to Veena and held her hand out. She snatched Veena from her sofa into her arms. She held Veena tight in her arms and kissed her gently on her lips.

They looked exotic in each others arms. Veena's very fair skin contrasting against Gunjan's slightly darker but immaculate skin. Veena reached behind Gunjan and returned her hug.

They were now lost in their kiss, probing each others mouths with their tongue. Standing on her stilletoe Gunjan looked fantastic kissing Veena, her long thick legs and her big rounded arse grinding into Veenas crotch.

Gunjans huge boobs were crushing into Veena's tits. Veena put a hand on Gunjan's arse and pulled her harder towards her crotch. Gunjan turned to me "Dev show Veena how you fuck the brains out of her friend". The bitch was in total control and I was in no mood to not heed to her request.

I started to unhook Sumans blouse. Spread her blouse to the sides and started playing with her breasts from above her bra. Suman let her head hang behind with her eyes closed and moaned. I held her by the hair and pulled her soft mouth in for a rough kiss. She kissed back as forcefully.

I reached for one of her nipples with my fingers and pinched them. Suman let out a louder moan and put her tongue into my mouth. I stopped made Suman stand up. She stood up with a swagger due to the booze in her.

I held the loose end of her saree and yanked it off her making her spin. She lost her balance and I held her in my hands. With one hand I reached for the string on her inner and tore it of her. It fell on a heap at her feet.

I undid my jeans and removed them along with my undies. My hard dick sprang out. Veena was now held from behind by Gunjan who was mauling her boobs. She looked intently at my dick.

"Don't worry slut even you will get a chance with it if you behave well" said Gunjan. " Let him first finish raping your friend, while you stand back and enjoy the sight and let me enjoy your body".

I held Suman from behind and took the bitch onto my lap. I pulled the crotch of Suman's panties to a side . Felt for her cunt the lady was sloppy wet. I lifted her beautiful butt slightly and impaled her upon my dick. My throbbing meat just smoothly spread her slick pussy lips aside and drove inside her cunt. Suman squealed. I firmly held her arse and started to bounce the bitch on my dick. Suman started to scream. I unhooked her bra and pulled it off her.

Gunjan now had one hand on Veena's crotch and the other inside her blouse playing with her boobs and she was kissing Veena's shoulder. Veena was moaning but her eyes were fixed on her friend being fucked.

I held both of Sumans tits and started squeezing them hard. She was lying back on my chest bouncing herself. Gunjan turned to Sunil and said " Why don't you feed the bitch your cock, I know she would love it".

Sunil staggered towards us stood up on the sofa with both legs on either side of us and pushed his cock into Sumans mouth. Suman started to suck.

"So Suman next time I want your husband here with us watching his slut wife being used by two men, but don't worry in exchange I will let him fuck me" Gunjan said.

Suman was almost 50 years old and this was the first time this was happening to her. Sunil kept pumping his prick deep into her mouth and I kept ramming her pussy and playing with her clit and boobs. She kept coming in torrents.

She put one hand down on my balls and the other started to play with Sunil's balls. She was enjoying her first gang bang.

I disengaged Suman and told Sunil to lie down on the sofa. Sunil promptly obliged. I picked up Suman and made her sit on Sunil's dick. Sunil went in easily to his balls into Sumans already stretched cunt. Suman's fantastic arse the object of my desire was now fully exposed to me.

Veena was now being really mauled by Gunjan. She had stripped off Veena's blouse and was squeezing her huge milky boobs encased in her black bra. Somehow Gunjan had managed to keep Veena's saree intact.

Veena was grinding her arse into Gunjan as she licked Veena's ears. I turned my attention to the arse waiting for my attention. I held Suman's plump arse cheeks and spread the wide. I could see her tight brown arsehole.

I lowered my face and put my tongue on it. Suman was caught unawares. She squirmed and turned to see my face in her butt as Sunil kept pounding her cunt. I licked Sumans arsehole. Her arsehole looked Virgin and I knew that like most Indian couples they had never tried anal fucking.

I wet a finger in her cunt juices and pushed in a finger into her butt. Her tight ring allowed me in slowly. She screamed "Not my arse Dev it hurts".

"Shut up whore you think I will let such an exotic arse go unfucked. Just sit back and enjoy being double tagged. Once I have given you a good ramming up your arse I bet you'll be calling me over every day for more. Moreover every one here wants to see me fuck your butt, don't you Veena." I said.

Veena feebly replied "Yes Dev fuck her butt hard, make the bitch scream, she enjoyed watching Gunjan give my husband a blow job, she needs to be punished".

I took a handful of Suman's juices and wet my dick. I reached my dickhead to her Virgin hole and slowly squeezed it in through her tightness.

Suman screamed in pain as my head pooped into her arse. Slowly I kept pushing in. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as I kept the pressure on. Finaly I managed to push in my whole dick into her arsehole. I lay on top of her, Suman sandwitched between me and Sunil.

I let Suman get used to my size. In some time her pain subsided. I whispered in her ear " Now baby you are ready to enjoy your double whammy".

Veena was now stripped off her saree. She stood in her black bras and panties with all her jewellery on. Gunjan was feeling her all over. "Come on honey sit on my lap facing them and enjoy your friend's first gang fuck as I play with your cunt" Gunjan told Veena.

Veena was now all Gunjan's slut and did her bidding without a word. Gunjan sat on the single sofa with Veena over her one hand playing with her breasts and a finger moving in to play with Veena's cunt and clit.

I started to move slowly in and out of Suman's arse. Sunil got the rhythm and started to plunge his tool in tandem into her pussy. Suman started to scream but this time it was more of pleasure mixed with a little pain.

I started to pound and Suman's boobs started to swing with every thrust. Sunil held her swinging breasts and squeezed them. Suman was now lost in the pleasure of all this male attention.

" Yeah Dev it's really wonderful keep ramming me harder, rape my butt, give me your cum deep inside me." Suman cried. I held her by her hair and started to ride the bitch like a pony. I started to plunge harder squeezing her big butt cheeks.

She screamed with every thrust. Suman kept cumming in torrents as both me and Sunil kept ramming her. Sunil shouted that he was about to cum. "Shoot your load into the bitch" I shouted.

I reached around for Sumans breasts and started tweaking her nipples. Sunil started hammering away and exploded into a climax. He shot his sperm into her cunt and Suman moaned into another orgasm.

My dick was now nestled in the warmth of Sumans arse and I could feel the throb of it wanting a release. Suman now lay spent on Sunil her boobs crushed on Sunil's chest. She calmed from her intense orgasm and turned to look at me.

"What are you waiting for Dev give me a good pounding", she said and I started to ravage her arsehole. She lay flaccid on Sunil her butt spread wide as I started to pump.

My dick was enjoying this feel of fucking a 45 year old Virgin arse. The fact that she was now enjoying her butt fuck made me sure that I had a new lover who would try to get into my bed every chance that she got.

"You know Suman the next time I want to fuck your arse with your husband watching".

I was now close to a cum and started to fuck faster. Suman was covered in sweat and her back glistned. Suddenly I erupted and shot load after load of semen into her arse. Suman orgasmed yet again screaming as her body spasmed. I lay on top of the lady and kissed her back.

We lay that way for some time as Gunjan played with Veena's pussy driving her to soft orgasms and talking dirty to her. "You want that done to you don't you whore, but now first you are my and Dev's slut. Sunil you want to see your wife used by us, you can just watch as we fuck her brains out, what do you say". Sunil was really turned on

" Yes I want you both to fuck Veena on our bed, give the girl a great ramming, make her scream, I always wanted to see her in bed with another man".

I got up and walked over to Veena. I kissed her lightly on her lips "It's now your turn lady" I said and Veena blushed. Gunjan and Veena got up. "Lead us to your bed Veena" Gunjan said. Veena held Gunjan's hand and walked toward the bedroom. I followed.

These two ladies looked fantastic together. One in her lacy bra and thong panties adorned in all the gold jewellery and the other in her short tight skirt and tight tops. Veena's milky white arse and Gunjan's big rounded slightly darker butt swayed exotically as they moved ahead of me and I followed in a trance. It would be one of the grandest fucks I would have had in a long long time.

Gunjan threw Veena in bed. It was a big and soft bed. Veena sank in the center as both of us mounted the bed either side of her. We started with licking her lips. She moaned and flicked her tongue out . Our three tongues met. Gunjan and me put a hand each on her boobs and started squeezing them. Veena started to moan and move her hips.

Sunil and Suman walked in and seated themselves. Gunjan started to kiss Veenas exotic mouth and I popped a white huge boob of Veenas out of her bra and started to suckle the nipple. Veenas brown nipples were very excited and hardened to my mouth.

Gunjan dislodged for a moment and peeled of her own tight top revealing her massive tits to the others for the first time. Sunil whistled, " Gunjan you are beautiful".

Gunjan in the randy mood that she was in replied " I know it you horny fucker, why don't you just fuck the whore next to you for now and let us both enjoy this exotic bitch of a wife of yours".

Gunjan held me by my hair and moved my mouth away from Veenas breasts. She mounted Veena reached behind and unhooked Veena's bra and threw it away. I sat by and watched.

Gunjan stood up with both legs on either side of Veena and unhooked her skirt and let it fall. She bent down removed it slowly from her legs her boobs hanging tantalizing in front of Veenas face. Veena reached out for them with her lips, " Don't get fresh bitch" Gunjan said, " Its my rape and I tell you what to do."

She stood up again looked at me "Tear my thongs away and give it to Sunil to wank his hard on with while I ravage his beautiful wife". I pulled at her panties and ripped them away and threw them towards Sunil.

Suman held the catch and took the wet panty to her nose and took a deep breath. "So even you want a piece of my arse, slut" Gunjan asked, and Suman just licked her lips with her tongue. " You have to wait Suman I want to finish with my new lover first, why don't you shake Sunil for me in the mean while."

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