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Come Dance With Me

by Jewelz©

Pale moon shadows cascade upon the open dance floor
Under the twinkle of the stars,
A feeling rushes through my body.
Unknowing of your presence, I close my eyes
And let my long fingers fall to my shirt,
Rubbing the fabric so lightly.
The sense of urgency fills me with desire.
My silky hair falls across my face and I dance alone
On that dance floor made of grass and wildflowers
A feeling of contentment, lustful dreams...
The breeze from the lake catches the bareness under my skirt.
I shiver, thinking I am cold, but instead, I'm wet.
Drowning in the distant music of my heart
I lay down on the satin blanket, letting my legs fall apart.
My hands roam freely. The need to touch my flower
A soft moan escapes my pouty lips,
Rubbing faster, sliding fingers
Ohh yes, mmm, my body quivers in the open air.
I sense your presence now. Darkness alludes us.
"Come dance with me," I whisper.
You step forward with a rose and
Slide its silky petals across my stomach
Leaving me breathless.
You move to the inside of my thighs.
Moonlight gives light to your eyes as they find mine.
A weak smile. Your breath lends itself to my body
And I beg for more.
You kiss your way over my neck, my lips and finally my breasts.
My nipples fully erect, proof of my want, my need
I reach down and feel your hardness, ohhhh
Our bodies become one, under the moon and stars.
Lost in the moment, my head falls back in ecstacy.
Boundaries broken, seduction fulfilled.
My flower begins to drip its sweet honey.
Dance with me. You do.
I open my eyes. Alone once more on the satin blanket,
Hands wet with love.
You have disappeared into the night.
Or were you ever there?
Will you come dance with me?

Written by: Jewelz

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions