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Cuckold Husband Ch. 02

by lace_lover©

To all those who left positive, or constructive comments about the first part of this story - thank you. To all the others, the 'anti-cuck' brigade as one reader called them, this story also contains cuckold, humiliation, male chastity and interracial themes so if this will offend you then please do not read on. I have given some thought to the category in which this is placed and have chosen to remain with the Loving Wives category, not least because despite how the story develops, the couple remain in love; my own personal experiences as a cuckold have proved to me that this can indeed be the case.

Chapter 2 - Pain & Pleasure

Katrina had been gone now for less than an hour and while I was trying to relax, having a beer to calm my nerves, I had never in all my life been as wound up as I was that evening. My mind was racing with images of what she was doing, where she was and how Steve and her were behaving in public; it wasn't jealousy I was feeling, more so a feeling of helplessness at my inability to relieve my now aching cock, which had been in a state of semi-arousal since before Katrina had left, in so much as the CB 6000 allowed, and a mixture of both concern and excitement at how she or I would handle any questions if she was seen with Steve by anyone we knew.

I sat back on the sofa, thinking about what had led to this evening's events so far. I knew that I wasn't gay, and yet the unrelenting desire to taste another man's cum must mean that I was bisexual? That said, I don't think I had ever seen a guy in the street and found them sexually attractive, but when watching pornographic films I had always wished that I could take the place of the girl who inevitably ended up on her knees at the end of the film, her mouth open and receiving a mouth or face full of thick creamy cum from a well endowed man.

As I thought about these things my cock again began to stir and I had to shift around in the seat to make myself comfortable, I reached into the waistband of my jeans to adjust the device but instead of helping, this just made me feel hornier, especially as my hand felt the smooth satin of the girly panties I was wearing. I was desperate for release, but not being able to do anything about it just made me harder and hurt more, it was like a vicious circle that in truth, I wanted to stay in.

All of a sudden my mobile telephone alerted me that a text message had been received, it was now 10.30pm, Katrina had been gone for over 90 minutes and I hoped it was from her, that she would at least let me know what was going on. It was indeed from her and I opened the message.

'hi cucky :) am in the irish bar, all goin well, s says hi lol'

'S says hi'? There was no way that meant what I thought it did, that she had told him I was at home waiting for her, but as I thought about it, I found myself hoping that she had, that her and him were maybe talking about how I was so submissive to her that I had agreed to to let her go out into town with him. I sent her a message back straightaway.

'have u told him??? what time will u be home?'

I hoped that she would get back to me just as quickly but I was made to wait for another half an hour before my phone beeped once again; I read the message which didn't answer my questions, but just said she would text me again when she was on the way home, but not to wait up.

An element of uncertainty about the situation began to creep into my mind; I had thought that Katrina would have wanted to keep teasing me, letting me know exactly what was happening between them, but she seemed to have other ideas and was more intent on making me suffer, mentally and by now, physically, at home. The CB 6000 was almost painful now, I realised that it was maybe on too tightly, as my balls were throbbing against the satin panties and yet, strangely, I knew that even if I had the key to the small padlock, I would not have used it; I had asked for this and until such time as I thought there was a significant danger of physical injury, I would endure the pain. Anyway, I didn't have the key and was at a loss as to how I would safely remove it should the situation have turned awry.

I made sure all the curtains were drawn and removed my jeans and socks, sighing at the slight relief this afforded my testicles. Going into the kitchen, dressed in just the panties and a T-shirt, I necked a couple of painkillers, which I washed down with a swig of beer and went back into the front room. As I walked, my cock moved gently up and down within its plastic prison and the feeling of this and the panties against my skin made me look down and have a little smile to myself, despite the accompanying pain, at the same time making a mental note to shave my legs the next day. I settled back onto the sofa, stretched out, my legs apart and channel-surfed the TV, using one hand to operate the remote and another to gently rub my now swollen balls, closing my eyes at the mix of pain and pleasure this offered.

I found myself starting to drift off to sleep, with images of my sexy wife draped over this strange black guy in the Irish bar, and as I fell asleep the last image I remembered was that of a couple we both knew walking into the bar and looking over at her and Steve as they kissed passionately at the bar, their tongues probing each others mouths as their bodies pressed hard against each other, in a way that could never be shrugged off as anything but a kiss between two lovers...

I woke to the familiar sound of my mobile, it was just after 2am and I realised that the combination of painkillers and alcohol had hit me harder than expected. I checked the display and saw that the message was from Katrina - she would be home in 15 minutes and I was to wait in the bedroom for her. I looked down at myself, the pink panties still covering the chastity device and pulling them to one side, saw that my balls were almost purple in colour and when I touched them, albeit gently, the pain was unbearable.

I slowly got up from the sofa and went upstairs, my mind waking more and coming to terms with what was actually happening. As I brushed my teeth I imagined Katrina kissing Steve goodbye, wondering whether she had left him in town or had they gone anywhere more private? Regardless of the constant throbbing I could feel in my sack, I couldn't wait for her to get back and tell me all about it, hoping that she would at the very least, loosen the ring on the CB 6000; I had realised over the recent years that yes, I was a submissive and yes, I somewhat craved humiliation, but not to the extent that I ended up in hospital with irreparable damage. We hadn't even had any children yet, both deciding to get established in our careers first, I was certain that Katrina wouldn't want to jeopardise the chance to have children with me in the future.

I took off my T-shirt and laid on the bed, again spreading my legs in an attempt to ease the discomfort of my restrained cock and balls. I tentatively touched my sack and even though it hurt like hell, I couldn't resist touching it again. The pain somehow excited me, made me feel like I was experiencing some form of punishment for not being man enough to satisfy my wife, even though I knew that this wasn't in fact the case.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of the front door opening and footsteps on the the stairs. I had dimmed the bedroom light but when Katrina walked in, I could immediately tell that more than kissing had taken place. Her hair was tied back, as if had not had time to straighten it and her make up had pretty much disappeared. Even so, with the flushed look about her, and the obvious flaws in her appearance from when she had left the house hours earlier, I thought she looked perfect and the wicked grin on her face reinforced my opinion.

"Hiya babe," she said, "I see you've enjoyed your surprises tonight?"

"Mmmm, I have but babe, I really need you to loosen this, I feel like my balls are dying!" I begged her, "You don't have to take it off, just loosen the spacers."

Katrina looked down at me and I hoped the obvious pain on my face would convince her. Pulling her dress over her head, my pain was momentarily forgotten as I admired her sexy body. "Okay, let me sit down first."

At that, Katrina swung her leg over me, so she was sat almost on my face, facing down my body, the crotch of her underwear just inches above my face. She then reached down and pulled the panties to one side.

"Here you go baby, your treat for letting me go out and enjoy yourself."

As she said this she lowered herself down to my face, so her pussy lips were against my lips. I felt her leaning forward and handling the CB 6000 and in appreciation, despite not knowing what I was about to taste, I used my tongue to probe her pussy. Immediately I noticed two things; how wide open she seemed to feel and a musky, salty taste.

"Mmm," she groaned in pleasure, pushing herself down onto my face. "That's it baby, get in deep, taste Steve's cum."

As she said this she managed to loosen the spacers on the device and my pain was for an instant gone, but then replaced with a burning feeling as the blood rushed back into my balls.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," I gasped but Katrina ignored my outburst and sitting back up, I felt her finger spreading her pussy lips.

"There you go, is that better?" she asked, "That's my part of the deal, now eat me up clean pussy boy, show me how much you like cleaning someone else's cum from your new whore wife."

The pain slowly subsided and I concentrated on pleasuring my wife, sucking eagerly at her pussy, tasting what I presumed was Steve's semen. Clearly, she had decided to put her faith in her contraceptive pill as opposed to condoms. I considered the potential outcome of this and I have to be honest, as I imagined that she might have become pregnant that night, by a black guy, my cock strained again, testing the CB 6000 to the limit as it fought to get erect.

"That's it babe, mmmmm, it felt so good when he came, he went sooooo deep inside me, far more than you ever have," she teased; I could feel her cunt spasming as she pushed the contents out into my mouth.

I felt the cum dripping over my face and onto my lips, licking them straightaway to make sure none of Steve's heavenly juices were wasted. For a non-gay guy, I was definitely enjoying tasting the second hand cum from Katrina's pussy, at that point in time I would've licked her pussy irrespective of what was inside, no matter how much cum or who from.

Katrina was leaning forward again and I felt her tongue around the base of my cock and then around the side of my balls, which were still slightly swollen. The pain had gone by now and their being swollen just made them more sensitive to her. I spread my legs like a cheap slut, wanting to give her as much access to me as possible. I felt Katrina's fingers snake around my sensitive balls, making me gasp and then down to my ass. I tongued her more deeply, lifting my ass to allow her access to me; she rubbed around my tight little hole and then slipped one, then what felt like another, finger into my ass.

She was grinding her sloppy cunt right up against my face now, I was sucking and licking for all I was worth, savouring the taste of cum, hers and his, as it smeared across my mouth. Katrina was moaning in pleasure and as she violated my ass with her fingers, both inside me now up to her knuckle, I thrust my ass up and down, loving the feeling of fulness.

"Yes, yes, yesss...." she screamed out and without any other warning, slammed herself down onto my face, almost smothering me as she racked with orgasm. I probed my tongue as deep as I could into her, feeling the walls of her pussy clench as she came hard, for what seemed like minutes. She pulled her fingers out of me, my ass closing and a strange yet enjoyable feeling washed over me as she left me empty again. Katrina steadied herself with both hands on the bed as she recovered from her orgasm and then shifted herself until she was lying next to me, on her side.

"Wow, that was fantastic honey," she purred, "I think we have finally got the perfect arrangement," she added, idly playing with my chastity tube, lifting it up and dropping it again, making my balls rise and fall with the movement.

I looked in her eyes and said, "Was he worth the risk?"

"What risk?"

"You know what I mean," I replied, "Not using a condom, what if you get pregnant?"

"Mmm, well, you did say you wanted us to have kids one day," she teased, "Maybe I could show everyone how I've cuckolded you by having a black baby in 9 months?"

I thought she was joking, she laughed as she said it but something about her expression gave me the impression that this was a subject that might come up again. I have to admit though, as she said this, I wasn't disgusted, or put off, in my horny, chastised mind, all I could think about was letting her do whatever she wanted; she was my mistress now and I would let her do anything she wanted, as long as I got the attention like she had just shown me.

Katrina cuddled into me, her hand alternating between stroking my balls and using a finger to rub against my ass - it was both a complete tease and perfect, all at once. I was desperate to cum but knew that it wasn't going to happen tonight; maybe I needed to give her more, or let her do more to me; whatever it took, I knew I would do it...

Written by: lace_lover

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