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My Mother-in-Law Ruth Ch. 4

by Mr. Woo©

I hope that you have read the first three chapters of My Mother-in-Law Ruth.

The sex that Ruth and I had the rest of the week was just fabulous. Ruth, for an older woman has the sex drive that most men can only fantasize about. Still no cunt but she has a great ass and mouth.

Late Tuesday afternoon Carrie arrived back home from her long work week. The three of us had a nice dinner and then spent a few hours watching TV. I wanted to be alone with my wife.

I leaned over and whispered, "come on Carrie, let's leave Ruth to watch television and go to bed."

"Ok Tom, I'm kind of tired anyway."

"I'm thinking more of taking you to bed and banging away on you. I'm horny as hell."

"Tom, please don't talk like that. I don't like that kind of language."

"Carrie, I need you and I need you now."

"Alright Tom, let's go. I'll make love with you but I had a long day and need my sleep"

Wow, I'm going to get some cunt. Maybe she will even move for me.

After about fifteen minutes or so of mediocre screwing I came into my wife and got off of her. She kissed me, did her bathroom things and got into bed and went to sleep. I left our bedroom and joined Ruth in the den to watch a little TV.

"Ruth, what am I going to do about Carrie? Her idea of good sex is not very good at all. I got a fifteen-minute fuck that wasn't very good. I love your daughter but I must have a fulfilling sex life with her."

"Would you like me to talk to her? We have always been open with each other."

"I don't want Carrie to thinks that I am crying to her mommy. I'll work it out."

"Nonsense Tom, I'll speak to her. She wouldn't know that we have discussed this. I'll just do a little prying. Now, can I do anything for you now?"

"How about I just cum in your throat mom?"

"It would be my pleasure."

After a great blow from Ruth, I kissed her and went to bed. I hope that she can have a productive discussion with Carrie. "Good morning Carrie. Can I fix you some breakfast?"

"Thanks mom, how about some coffee, juice and rye toast."

"Coming up sweetheart. By the way, how was your week on the road?"

"Work was fine mom. I felt very productive."

"Carrie, you know that Tom misses you a lot. You should try to spend as much time at home with him as possible. A man of Tom's age needs a woman around the house."

"You are here every night to help him."

"I don't mean cooking and cleaning dear. I mean he needs his wife in bed."

"I'm sorry mom but my job requires me to be away at times. Tom understands that."

What followed was a fairly frank discussion between my wife and my mother-in-law about my sex life. Ruth told Carrie that I might not be able to remain faithful to her if my love life didn't improve.

"Improve, what do you mean improve? Have you two been discussing our sex lives? How dare you two."

"Better me that some other woman. I think that you and Tom need to get your sex life in order. Carrie, I want to be frank with you. If your marriage is to be strong than you need to fulfill Tom's needs."

"I do."

"I don't think that you do. Tom told me that he is frustrated by his sex life. He loves you very much but he is a man with needs."

"I help him with his needs, thank you very much."

"Do you really know what his needs are? Let's see. Besides regular screwing, do you suck him?

"Mother, that's none your business."

"Listen to me Carrie. I want to help you both. Now answer me, do you have oral sex? Do you suck off your husband?"

"Yes I have put his thing in my mouth."

"What thing Carrie? Do you mean his cock? That's what it is. It's called a cock. Do you let him cum in your mouth and swallow his cum? If you don't you should. Every man wants to have his woman swallow for him."

"Mother, that is disgusting. Only a whore would do that."

"So you are calling your mother a whore. Your father had a whore, huh?'

Now the conversation was becoming interesting. Ruth was trying to break Carrie of her inhibitions.

"Mother, Tom doesn't think that kind of sex is necessary and neither do I."

"Bullshit dear, he most certainly does. Tom has some very interesting ideas on sex as we have discussed them several times. I have tried to help him with his problem and I am trying to help you."

"How did you help him mother? I hope that you are not saying what I think you are saying. Did you have intercourse with my husband?"

"No dear, I didn't fuck Tom."

"Than what did you do mother? I have a right to know."

"Do you really want to continue this conversation?"

"Tell me now. I have to know."

"Carrie, we both love you very much but we are both lonely. I caught Tom masturbating to a porn movie. I helped him out."


"He jerked off for me."

That's it?

"I gave him a blow job. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. He loved me for it."

"What else?"

Carrie was now becoming not just mad but interested in what kind of sex I liked with her mother. If we play this right, I might have two women to fuck under one roof.

"Tom fucked me in my ass. I licked his ass as he masturbated."

"But you didn't fuck him, huh? Why not, you did everything else?"

"I told Tom that you would have to give him permission to fuck my pussy.

"Don't you mean your cunt? You two might as well go all the way. How can I stop you? I'll tell you what mother dear; Tom can fuck you tonight, ok? I don't fucking care. Shit, I might even watch you two. I want to see how a whore does it."

Carrie got up and left the room. Ruth just smiled. I am going to get my other cunt. Dinner was around six. The conversation was extraordinary. Carrie and Ruth spelled out in detail the conversation they had earlier. I was in fucking shock.

"Carrie, how can you want to stay with me? I was unfaithful to you."

"Tom, at least I know that you will not leave me for mother or will you?"

"I love you Carrie."

"Shut the fuck up Tom and finish you dinner. I want to see this old hag in action. Let's see what is so great about sex with my mother."

So here I was, up in my mother-in-law's bedroom sitting in her big chair and my wife was propped on the bed. Ruth was standing near the door dressed in a frumpy outfit that she always wore when Carrie was around.

"Ok mother, let's see what Tom likes so much about you. I want you to take off your dress for him."

Ruth stood before me in her bra and cotton panties. I could see the thick mat of hair between her legs thru those white panties. She bent down and stroked her calves bringing her hands up the inside of her thick thighs. Stopping at the crotch of her panties she rubbed her hands all over her cunt. Carrie stared at her mother and then looked at me. I just kept looking at Ruth rubbing her cunt and getting more excited about fucking this woman's hairy pussy.

Then I said it; "take off those panties and let's see that hairy cunt. Let Carrie see what I want."

"Carrie, do you want me to show my cunt to your husband? You know that he has wanted to fuck this hole for some time now and now he just might get it. Do you want to see Tom put his big cock up your mother's pussy? I want Tom to cum deep in my cunt. If you let him I'll show him a nice trick."

"Mother, let's see that man fuck you like the whore you are."

"Carrie, I'm no whore but I am Tom's piece of extra cunt meat. Get over here Tom and show Carrie what you can do with that cock of yours."

As I got up Ruth sank to her knees. When I got in front of her she stuck her face in my crotch and inhaled deeply.

"I can smell you cock through your pants. God, you smell good."

Ruth then preceded to smell, lick and kiss my crotch through my pants until I was hard as a rock. Unbuckling my pants she looked at Carrie and said, "I'll show you how Tom likes to be blown." With my pants around my ankles Ruth licked my cock and balls until they dripped with her saliva. "Watch carefully Carrie, Tom likes what I am about to do. You should do this to him often." She spun me around, spread my ass and buried her face between my cheeks. This woman could suck ass.

Removing her face for a second she said, "Tom loves me to eat his ass and I love doing it. Your father loved this more than anything else we did. Would you like to give it a try?"

"I don't think so, it looks revolting."

"What is revolting to you is a tasty turn on to me. I love to eat out a man's ass. Tell you what Carrie. Why don't you give Tom's cock a nice suck while I lick his ass?"

"I can't do that in front of you."

"Of course you can sweet heart. Just kneel down in front of your husband and suck him off. Would you like that Tom? Would you like Carrie to make you blow your load down her throat while I rim your asshole with my wet tongue?"

"That would be fantastic."

"I will not swallow his stuff, it's to yucky."

"Of course you can. Tom, do you want Carrie to eat your cum for you?"

"It has been my dream since before we got married but she has always refused. I have only cum in her mouth once and that time she spit it out."

"Carrie, listen to me. I'm your mother and I want what is best for the both of you. Tom deserves a great sex life and so do you. Once you get used to swallowing, you will be happy to do it for him. Now get over here in front of your husband and give him the blowjob he deserves. I'll do my part to make him cum."

"But mother."

"But mother nothing. Get in front and suck him off while I eat his ass. We all will love it."

"Please Carrie. I have waited a long time for you to do it."

Carrie slowly walked over to me and looked me in the eyes and said, "if you must have it I will try but if I don't like it I will never do it again."

She fell to her knees and touched my cock with her small hand. Ruth told her to lick it. Her wet tongue slowly came out and gave my cock a soft lick.

"Enough Carrie, put it in your mouth and blow him. I want you to suck Tom until his cum is in your stomach. Now let's get this big cock to explode in your mouth."

Carrie slowly put my cock head in her mouth and started what was to be a great blow. Ruth returned to my ass and licked and tongue fucked it. Carrie was slowly getting into the blowjob. She bobbed and sucked with ever increasing intensity as Ruth urged her on.

"Come on Carrie, suck Tom's cock. Take it as deep as you can. Make him shoot down your throat. You will love the sensation of swallowing his load."

This was getting Carrie into a high state of arousal. She was bobbing her head in rapid fashion.

"Take Tom deep dear. Take him all the way to his balls."

Carrie tried but choked and gagged. She tried again with the same outcome. At least she gave it a try.

"Carrie honey, I'll show you how to deep throat Tom next time. Just do the best you can for now. You seem to be doing a rather fine job anyway. Right Tom? Do you have any complaints?"

"It's wonderful Ruth. Now shut up and get back to my ass. Carrie, I want you to finish me off."

"Yes sir, whatever my Tommy wants."

What followed was the some of the best ten or fifteen minutes of my life. Here I stood with my cock in my lovely wife's mouth and my mother-in-law's tongue wedged up my rectum. Carrie put all her efforts into her blowjob and Ruth just kept on fucking my asshole with her stiff tongue and gently squeezing my sperm filled balls trying to coax my load up and out of my cock.

"I'm going to blow my cum in a second ladies."

"Make sure you swallow Carrie. Don't disappoint you husband."

With Ruth's tongue up my ass and my cock in Carrie's mouth I shot my first of five jets of sperm. Carrie swallowed. Ruth just wiggled her tongue deep in my ass. Ruth's tongue never left my hole until Carrie had finished swallowing all of my cum. Carrie was on fire. She wouldn't let go of my softening dick. Ruth just told her to lick it clean.

"Get every bit of that sperm dear. Don't waste a drop of it."

"I got every bit mother. God, I wish I had done this before. This was fantastic. Tom, are you going to fuck my mother now?"

"Soon love but I need a little time. I'm not a young stud you know."

"Carrie, do you want to see Tom shoot his load deep in my pussy? Would that turn you on? My cunt is on fire."

"Tom, fuck mother's hot cunt. I want to see you fuck her good. And by the way Tom, I love you."

To be continued in part five shortly.

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Written by: Mr. Woo

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