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Four Hands and More

by morefunnaked©

I had met Jim and Wendy through a website that puts massage enthusiasts together. A lot of the profiles seemed like thinly disguised ads for illicit endeavors, but theirs seemed sincere. After exchanging a couple messages, then photos, and finally phone numbers, we arranged to get together one evening after dinner. Their place was a good forty five minute drive from mine and as I drove I wondered how things might go but also had no preconceptions as to just how far. Their profile only said that they gave massages as a couple and I liked the sound of four hands working my tired muscles. It had been a long winter with a lot of snow shoveling.

Their place was small and cozy, overlooking the lake. The entry was in through a vestibule that opened onto the kitchen. I was greeted warmly by the two of them, first a handshake from Jim who stood around six foot tall with a solid build, not stocky nor a jock and then a quick hug from Wendy who was maybe five four with a little extra meat on her bones but certainly not what you'd call overweight. He was wearing sweatpants and a T, she a simple and casual wrap type dress that came to her knees and displayed some impressive cleavage. I remember she smelled particularly nice.

After taking my coat they offered me a glass of wine which I accepted, mostly to be sociable but then when I discovered it was a tasty Cabernet was glad that I had. We chatted for a bit before they showed me into their living room where a portable massage table was set up and a gas fireplace was lit. They suggested I get undressed and went back to the kitchen to give me some privacy.

I stripped naked and as I stood there in the buff enjoying the wine I had a very good feeling about what was about to happen. It just felt very comfortable and I liked being naked in the warm atmosphere of their home and in particular this good sized room with the windows facing out to the water. There was sandalwood incense burning, a big vase of fresh flowers which impressed me considering it was early March, and very soft background music coming from some invisible source. I lay down face first on the table to await their return, then began to doze off a bit.

The next thing I remember was a hand gently caressing my shoulder then joined by another and soon after by two more. I let myself continue to drift away into a semiconscious mode as the movement of the hands became more specific and deliberate. At first all four hands worked on my back, but then one pair moved to my feet, then calves and legs while the other continued to work on my torso. Warm oil was applied intermittently as the four hands wandered about my body. It was a sensual and luxurious feeling and I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

Eventually the hands working on my legs reached my thighs and then my inner thighs. I love having the insides of my thighs massaged and these were expert hands. The pair working up higher had descended as far as my asscheeks and were gently kneading them. I was in heaven and developed a hard-on from the sheer sensuality of it all. The fact that the hands working between my thighs had made ever so brief of contact with the back of my gonads at one point certainly contributed some to this effect. I spread my legs further apart to encourage things and let out a soft moan of pleasure.

I was a little disappointed when Wendy suggested that perhaps I should turn over now. I'd been hoping that my balls would receive some formal attention. As I spun over I opened my eyes and to my delight the two of them had stripped to their underwear, Jim a pair of white briefs and Wendy a lacy pink bra and black boyshort style panties with pink edging. She handed me my glass of wine, so I sat up long enough to indulge in a couple sips before lying back down again. The entire time my hard-on held firm and I noticed Wendy eying it. I made no apologies - it felt good to be there naked in front of these two and the exhibitionist in me was enjoying the opportunity to display an erection. A little bead of pre-cum glistened at the tip.

They resumed their ministrations on me, Jim working on my feet Wendy my shoulders. My eyes were open now and pretty much fixed on Wendy's cleavage. She noticed this and smiled broadly then stole another glance at my cock. Finally I couldn't stand it any more.

"Any chance you'd take that bra off and let me see those puppies?"

She giggled and replied "I think we can do that for you. Besides, I know Jim would prefer that as well. Why don't you unhook me."

She turned with her back to me and I sat up a little and reached for the clasp. Like most guys, I had to fiddle with it some to undo it, but where there's a will, there's a way and eventually I succeeded. I watched the straps slide off her shoulders and down her arms before she turned slowly to proudly display a pair of generous C cup melons that were scrumptiously shaped and obviously all natural by the way they wobbled as she moved. The nipples were flat, almost inverted and the aureoles large.

Wendy moved to above my head and worked on my shoulders and chest from that position, dangling her breasts tantalizingly above me. After teasing me for quite a bit like that she moved back to my side.

"You know, you can touch them if you'd like."

That's like asking a kid if he'd like some candy. I reached up with my right hand and lightly touched her left breast with my fingertips. I traced the outline of her nipple with my index finger and finally I took the orb in my hand, squeezing it slightly. It was supple, it was soft, it was heavenly. She moaned lightly, encouraging me to continue.

I kneaded the lovely orb gently as she resumed rubbing my chest area. Eventually I released my grip and she continued her task, but I kept my hand resting on her side, just wanting to maintain contact, flesh to flesh like that. She was soft and smelled so nice.

Now totally aroused, I threw caution to the wind and said "You know, I'd feel more comfortable if I wasn't the only one who was completely naked here."

"Is that so?" was Wendy's response. "What do you think Jim, wanna get naked?"

I looked down at Jim as he smiled a little sheepishly as he said "Sure, what the hell."

They both paused in their duties then pulled their briefs down and stepped out of them. Jim unveiled what looked like a good sized piece of meat that was flaccid but certainly appeared to be more than my seven inches. Wendy sported a smooth snatch much to my delight. The massage resumed and my hand went back to Wendy's side and eventually it drifted down to her asscheek.

At that point she leaned forward again, dangling her breasts in front of my face again. I parted my lips and she lowered herself so that all I had to do to make contact was raise my head an inch or so and of course I did.

My tongue came out and made contact with a nipple. I began to trace the outline of her aureole then slowly tightened the circles moving inward until I made contact with the little bump in the middle. To my delight it turned out to be very responsive, hardening and swelling to several times its original size. She soon offered me the other breast and I repeated the procedure.

Her left hand was at my head, running her fingers though my hair and her right had been travelling down to my abdomen. Jim's hands had been working upward and were again working on the insides of my thighs. My right hand had a firm grip on Wendy's ass and my left lay free at my side. I was delirious with pleasure, totally lost in the moment.

Then I felt a hand on my cock and then another and a third on my balls. Wow. My face was still full of Wendy's breasts, but that soon came to an end as she stood upright to pour oil on them as Jim continued to fondle my manhood. After rubbing the oil all over her tits, Wendy leaned over and started to rub them all over my chest, then moved lower and lower until she had taken over for Jim, using her breasts in place of his hands.

She was now facing away from me with her ass nearly in my face. I ran my hand over the plump cheeks and then down to her thighs, sliding it between them. She very willingly parted them giving me access to the piece of fruit between and I began to explore it with my fingertips.

Looking down toward where she was running her boobs against my member I saw Jim just standing there right alongside the table, watching and just waiting. I did something I'd never done before. I reached up with my left hand and grasped his limp cock. It felt a little odd at first, but as he became engorged it felt interesting and then very erotic to have someone else's hard penis in my hand. It was obvious that he was enjoying it and that gave me a wonderful feeling.

Wendy positioned herself a little differently and I felt her lips on my shaft, then her tongue, licking and exploring up and down the length of it. At the same time I slid a finger slowly into her now soaking quim, at first just a little but then as deeply as I could. I felt her lips around the swollen head of my cock and then she took a great deal of the shaft into it as well. I added a second finger to the one I already had inside her and then a third. She responded with obvious pleasure, squirming and squealing in delight. All this time I maintained my hold on Jim's member. He in the meantime was now fondling my balls as Wendy sucked away.

I almost came at one point and suggested that maybe Wendy should take a turn on the table. I climbed down and she up. I immediately resumed playing with her pussy before leaning over to use my tongue on it. She had nice flappy labia and I sucked them into my mouth then swished them around as I tunneled into her hole with my tongue. Sliding two fingers inside I moved my tongue's attention to her little hard kernel and began to work away on it. Jim was alternating between deep passionate kisses and sucking on her breasts.

With my other hand I was barely able to reach his cock again and started stroking it. Wendy reached down and did the same to me. She seemed to lose focus at times and eventually gave up completely as a powerful orgasm took over her body. At that point I let go of Jim's cock and stroked my own as Wendy roared through a helluva climax.

No sooner had it subsided than she rolled over onto her belly and turned ninety degrees so that she was draped over the table, ass facing me and face toward Jim. Her toes touched the floor. She took Jim's cock in her mouth and spread her legs.

Jim looked at me and pointing to an end table said "There's condoms in the drawer over there."

I wasted no time in retrieving one, unwrapping it and stretching it onto my rigid dick. Standing between her splayed legs I positioned the fat mushroom head at the entry to Wendy's fuckhole and inserted it, driving deeply in on the first thrust. She gasped as I did.

"Oh fuck yes!" Jim's cock was no longer in her mouth.

I began pounding away, back and forth, in and out. Wendy returned to sucking on Jim, pausing every so often for a breath or to holler another expletive. I smacked her on the ass several times and just kept pounding. She seemed to love both being fucked hard like that and the surprise and sting that came with each slap across her now rosy cheeks.

But I also wanted to watch. I motioned to Jim that maybe we should change places and he motioned me to come around the table. When I joined him on the other side Wendy greedily grabbed both our cocks and began slurping away on them, first one and then the other and then somehow she got both of them into her mouth at the same time for a little bit.

I decided to continue exploring that night. After freeing myself from Wendy's clutch, I squatted down with my face right next to hers and watched right up close as she sucked away on Jim's big piece of meat. She kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye. I closed in, pressed my cheek right against hers and stuck my tongue out, enabling me to lick his shaft as she sucked on the head. I reached in and played with his hairy balls. Then Wendy withdrew slightly and directed his dick toward me. I opened my mouth and for the first time ever felt a penis in my mouth.

I was surprised - it was softer than I expected and oddly slippery. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what it felt like on the other end, what would have made me feel good. I sucked like that for a few minutes until Wendy grabbed it back.

Jim let her suck for another couple minutes with me taking brief little turns, then walked around the other side of the table to take his turn between her legs. I stood up, peeled off the condom and offered my rod to Wendy's eagerly awaiting mouth. Jim drove deep inside her now well lubricated and stretched cunt while I occupied her oral cavity. Wendy was loving it and before long came intensely again. Jim groaned and I could tell he was filling her with hot jizz so I let go and gave her a good mouthful of spunk too.

We stayed in our respective positions for a few minutes until Wendy began giggling and we let her up. She trotted off to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later with warm wet washcloths for both of us. We all lounged around naked for a while sipping wine before I dressed and headed out.

Written by: morefunnaked

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