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A Nude Weekend with New Friends

by MatthewVett©

I nodded in agreement. "It's a cool story." I loved the way she smiled angelically when talking about history and stories. It seemed to be her true love. I wanted her to smile that way when she thought about me... Then again, maybe she did more than just smile when she thought of me. I searched her face. What was I looking for? What hint would tell me that she liked me, that she masturbated to thoughts of me? Still, she looked gorgeous in the water. Her big, brown eyes, her firm, delicate, flat chest, with its pink button nipples, just barely visible through the water, her skin pink from the heat, her wet hair...

We passed several hours at the hot spring that way, talking and relaxing, savoring the blissful heat of the waters. But eventually, I knew we had to return. I didn't want to walk back in the darkness and my stomach was beginning to growl. "I'm getting kinda hungry," I said. "We should go grab dinner."

She looked unwilling to leave the steamy waters, but she begrudgingly agreed. "I suppose we should." We got out of the water. Baoqing placed her hands on my body and began to stroke my chest and abdomen downwards, her hand occasionally brushing against my soft dick.

"What are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Getting excess water off of you," she answered, moving onto my arms. "If you walk back wet, it will be uncomfortable. She got down onto her knees and did my legs. "Now do me," she said, standing back up, holding out her arms, and closing her eyes.

I nervously approached her. Well, she did tell me to... I placed my hands on her breasts and was rewarded with a quiet gasp. I brought my hands down against her body. I caressed her chest, her stomach, her butt... I wondered whether she really minded walking back wet, or whether this was simply an excuse for us to touch each other. I hoped the latter. "All done," I told her.

She opened her eyes. "Thank you, Matthew. Now let us return home." We put on our shoes and walked back to the house. When we arrived home for dinner, the house was dark. "Did they say there were going out tonight?" I asked Baoqing. She shook her head no. I switched on a light switch.

"Happy Birthday!" yelled my dad, Yunwen, Eva, and Batoul.

"Happy Birthday," said Baoqing, gently rubbing my shoulder. "Your father told me to get you away from the house for a while," she explained, smiling.

They had gotten a chocolate and black cherry ice cream cake, and my father lit the 23 candles while they all sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I silently wished for something to happen between Baoqing and me, and blew out the candles in a single breath.

My father gave me a Far Side card, with a check, that was from him and Yunwen. Knowing him, he probably hadn't even mentioned it was my birthday until yesterday... She gave me a tight hug that lingered briefly. The scent of her perfume and the pressure of her against me were both intoxicating, but it ended all too soon. Batoul gave me a kiss, leaning in enough for me to feel her large, round, heavy breasts against me. I hoped I could get a bit more of a gift out of her later... Eva had already been a gift was a shame I didn't get to unwrap her and try her out. Baoqing handed me a small package wrapped in brown paper. I took it, a little surprised that she had managed to get me something. I unwrapped it, revealing a slightly worn copy of Magic Prague. "I hope you enjoy it, Matthew. You seemed to like the story about Faust, so I thought it would make a good gift. It used to be my copy, but I want you to have it. It is a very interesting book, full of devils and humor and chaos and some romance," she said, averting her eyes from mine. I thought I saw a slight hint of pink spreading across her cheeks as well.

I gave her a tight hug. "Thank you, Baoqing," I said. "I'm sure I'll love it." I was touched. I didn't know she felt that close to me. I softly caressed the hard cover. She even gave me her own copy... I couldn't help but grin.

The rest of the night went well. We ate cake and talked and played Texas Hold 'Em until it was time for bed. Eva asked whether Batoul could sleep over, and Yunwen said yes. I went into my bedroom and climbed into bed. I was exhausted. I smiled as I fell asleep. I was glad I had come. It had been a good birthday weekend after all.

The feeling of fabric against my eyes startled me awake. "Wha-?" I began to ask.

"Sshhhh," my assailant said, covering my mouth with a hand. In a throaty whisper, too hoarse for the speaker to be identified, she instructed me, "Just relax." I tried to tear off the blindfold, but tight ropes bound my hands securely over my head.

"Who are you?" I whispered.

A hand lightly stroked the length of my shaft under the covers. "Your birthday present," she replied. I shuddered slightly, her grazing touch quickly shooing any worries from my mind. But who was she?

Yunwen? She had called me hott and had a definite caring side to her. She had paid quite a bit of attention to my dick, too, from the sound of things. I looked a lot like my dad had when he was younger, maybe she wanted to relive some college crush? Maybe she wanted to play with someone youthful, let out her inner cougar. Baoqing? She had really opened up to me this weekend, but she hadn't expressed very much physical interest in me. Maybe I had only imagined that she moaned my name last night. But she had given me that gift... I couldn't really say how she felt, deep down. Eva? She had been the most physical of all the girls this weekend; I wouldn't be surprised if she had snuck in one last time to wish me goodbye. Maybe all her teasing was only leading up to this moment, this wonderful climax, the end of temptation, the beginning of satisfaction. She had been prevented from giving me herself as a gift this morning. Maybe this was to be my birthday present from her. Batoul? She was definitely interested in me physically. She loved getting me hard. Would she love making me cum, too? Did she wait for Eva to fall asleep before sneaking in? It was her only night here, her only chance to take me.

Completely blind and bound, I was at her mercy, whoever she was. I felt the light sheets slowly slide down my naked form, their susurrus my only hint as to what was happening. The springs creaked slightly as she made her way onto the bed, settling between my legs. I parted them slightly, unsure of what was coming, but knowing I would enjoy it. I felt exposed, I felt vulnerable, but I felt excited. I got goose bumps waiting. My skin prickled and my skin tingled. I tried to sense her movement, tried to discover my fate.

Her hand gripped the base of my shaft firmly. Her tongue teasingly licked me up the bottom and down the top of my rapidly hardening cock. Her lips engulfed the tip of my head, her tongue flicking back and forth across it as she sucked it gently. I stifled a moan. My hips bucked gently, eager to get as much of my cock into her mouth as possible.

Sensing my purpose, she took more and more of me inside her, inch by inch, slowly, teasingly working her way down my shaft, until she reached the base. With my entire shaft between her lips, I could feel her tongue wrapped around the tip, softly caressing the head of my cock, the underside of my shaft. It felt like my entire cock was being expertly massaged. I wasn't sure how long I'd be able to last at this rate. I tried to distract myself, eager to last even just one more second in this ecstasy.

With a hot, wet breath, my cock was suddenly freed. I struggled against the ropes. "Don't stop," I begged. I had been so close... She took my dick into her grip and started stroking it rapidly. I could feel her hand as it blurred up and down my shaft. Again, the pleasure built. My breath quickened, my hips rose and fell in time with her hands, trying to maximize the friction. She stopped.

She released my cock and began to tease me, stroking my thighs, caressing my balls, massaging my body while she steadfastly refused to touch my throbbing, begging cock. "Do you want to cum?" she asked quietly.

"Yes. Please, make me cum. Please," I pleaded. "Don't stop."

She giggled in satisfaction and returned me to the blessed warmth of her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my long, thick shaft, bringing me to the heights of pleasure. I felt my orgasm approaching. "I...I'm about to cum," I managed to choke out. She locked her lips tightly around the base of my cock. I came. My cock gushed cum inside her, spurting my hot semen into her mouth as my cock spasmed and throbbed. She greedily swallowed it all, every last drop, gently sucking my shaft, making sure she got all of it.

After I finished, she gently removed me from her lips and slowly crawled up my body, her pebble hard nipples grazing against my abdomen and chest. She untied my wrists. Then I felt her slowly undo the blindfold. She tossed it aside, and I looked into Baoqing's face.

"Happy Birthday, Matthew," she said, slowly licking some leaking cum from her lips. "I hope you liked your gift."

"I loved it." I pulled her tightly against me and kissed her passionately. "It's exactly what I wanted," I said, holding her in my arms as we drifted off to sleep together, each of us happy to have found the other.


I said pretty much all the important stuff at the beginning, but thanks for reading! It's a bit long, and it might seem a bit strange to edit a story to take out the thing that probably appealed to most people in the first place, but not everyone likes incest, so I decided I'd make a version that they could enjoy as well. Comments are always appreciated. I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Written by: MatthewVett

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