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Hot New Friends Ch. 03

by passionfever2©

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After Will had shot his load into my mouth and had me clean him up. He made the comment, that him and I would be getting together, often, so I could worship his big black cock.

I could not answer him but he knew I wanted to have him again and my silence and wistful look, told him all he had to know.

We would be getting together, alone.

I was filled with grief all the way home. After a shower, I climbed, naked, into bed and hugged my husband against me and started to sob.

"What's wrong, honey?" He inquired.

"I sorta told James that I would be getting with him, alone."

"You what?"

"I didn't say anything but I looked at him in a way that told him I wanted to."

"Do you want to get with him alone, Sam, do you?"

"NOOOOOOOOO, I was just in such a state after the whole evening, that I lost my head for awhile. I would never cheat on you."

"Okay, let it drop for now and get some sleep. We will discuss this in the morning. I love you, baby."

"I love you more than life itself, Tom. Don't ever doubt that."

We fell asleep spooned against one another. What would the morning bring.

We woke mid morning and decided to go to brunch. Nothing was said about anything from last night.

After brunch we decided to take a walk and discuss last evenings events. Soon we were at the point where we left off last night.

"Sam, do you really want to get with James, alone.?

"I do but I don't want to cheat on you. We have never cheated on one another and I don't intend to start now. Swinging and swapping is one thing. Out and out cheating is another. I will not do it and will not tolerate you doing it."

"Here's the deal. I will give you a one time and one time only, free pass, to meet with him. They will be going back to L.A. next week anyway. Go on a date........go to a motel fuck and suck your brains out...what ever you want. Be cleaned up inside and out when you come home."

"Let me ask you this. If you get together with James, what would you say about me getting together with Kim. I wouldn't mind fucking her with no one around."

"Yes, darling, that would be fine. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. What you said, this is a one time deal, for both of us. But neither of us use our home. We both go to a motel."

Once home I called them and invited them over for drinks this evening.

When they walked through the door, James said, "So soon. Couldn't live without my big cock, huh?'

Kim told him to "shut the fuck up."

Tom poured each of us a margarita and we went the patio to talk.

"James I know you think I want to get with you, alone, and worship that black god between your legs and you're right. There is little else I would like to do, but Tom and I have a proposal. I get a free pass, to get with you, alone, one time and one time only, at a motel, that you are going to pay for."

Kim looked at me like I was an alien, with her mouth hanging open.

"Kim, Tom wants to fuck that little brown body of yours, alone, and yes, in a motel. Same as James and I, it is a one time thing. Do we all agree?"

James and Kim looked at each other and James said, "What ever it takes." Kim nodded in agreement.

We decided on Wednesday evening. James and Kim would come to our place and we would all leave from here, all to meet back here in the morning, so Tom and I could get to work.

Wednesday afternoon found me in the bathroom, getting ready for my "fuck date," with James. I shaved my pussy and legs, gave myself a good cleaning inside and out. I rubbed my entire body with my lavender scented body lotion and retired to the bedroom to get dressed. Tom was sitting on the bed, already dressed to go.

"What are you wearing tonight, Sam?"

"Not much, why bother. I think just a tank top, no bra and my short denim skirt, no panties and flipflops."

The denim skirt was so short that getting into the car will give everyone a nice view of my shaved pussy.

We were just coming downstairs when the door bell rang. We invited them in. Kim didn't have anymore on than me and for the same reason, I am sure. We would both be naked within five minutes of getting in the room.

"Damn, you are one hot, babe, Sam." James said, as he hugged and kissed me.

I saw the Tom and Kim were locked in a passionate kiss, too.

We pulled ourselves together and left, going our separate ways.

Knowing that neither Tom nor James had spent anymore on a room than they had to, I was not surprised at the motel we pulled into.

As soon as we entered, James took me in his arms, kissing me, sucking on my tongue and sliding his hands down my back until he was cupping my ass cheeks, through my skirt. His hands came back up, bringing the short skirt with it, leaving my bare ass exposed.

He kept on kissing me and grabbed both my cheeks and with his fingers in the cleft of my ass pulled them apart and probing my hole with a big middle finger. Knowing what was going to happen sooner or later, I pushed back against it, causing it to penetrate my sphincter.

We both pulled away from the kiss and he growled, " I am gonna have that little hole before the night is over, but first things first." He pulled my tank top off and told me to get on my knees.

"Now Samantha, what is it you want to do for me?"

"I want to worship that big, thick, column of black flesh. I want to bring forth the power of it, to fuck my pussy and ass. To allow you to own me for tonight." I was not gonna relent on our agreement, no matter what.

He threw a pillow on the floor for me to kneel on, saying, " You will need that. You are going to be there for awhile." By the looks of the bulge in his shorts, I had no doubt.

"Take it out and suck it, my little slut."

I unbuttoned the shorts and pulled them down and his black member plopped out, semi hard and already leaking precum. As his shorts fell to the floor, I hefted that mighty organ and licked the precum from the head.

"Yah, babe, lick it up. I haven't fucked Kim or cum since Sunday, been saving it for you."

My tongue had no sooner cleaned it up, then it appeared again.

I thought, "Fuck it," and took the blunt, mushroom shaped head into my mouth, stretching my lips and started sucking on it. I liked the taste of his precum. It was a bit sweet, no salty at all.

I kept sucking.

"Open wide, Samantha, lets see if you can get that thing down your throat, further this time, than last."

My mouth opened as wide as I could get it to take the girth of his swelling cock. I was doing my best to suck him into my throat, when all at once, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it toward his pubic area. I quickly took a deep breath and swallowed. The spongy head of his big black snake, burrowed it's way into my throat. It stopped suddenly, like there wasn't enough width to my throat to take more. He just held it there.

I felt my nostrils flare, trying for what little air, I was able to inhale around his throat punishing organ.

It was going no further, even as he tried to force it down. I felt him rub his thumb and forefinger, along the bulge in my throat, caused by his cock. He started to massage it, gently and I felt a little more slide in. He kept that up until my nose was in his curly pubic hair.

Not realizing I had not been taking any breaths, when I did, I was unable to get any air and I panicked, pushing on his thighs and trying to get off his big cock. He pushed in a few times as I pushed against him and finally he let me up for air, but just barely, and back down, all the way this time. I could not believe my throat had relaxed enough to take all of him. As he pulled me down on it again, I reached behind, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him harder against my face.

"Oh, god, Samantha, that feels so good. I am not going to last long."

I sure hoped not, my throat was getting sore.

I pulled off of him and got my breath and told him I wanted him to unload his big, heavy balls straight into my stomach.

Slowly, we worked his throbbing, cock meat, back down my throat. It went with out much trouble, until it was seated as deep as it could go and I was inhaling the odor of his pubes. He rocked back and forth, his cock just moving enough to let me get a little air and then back to the hilt.

All at once, I heard him moan and grunt and his cock swell, expanding in my throat far enough that it started to cause me pain and then with one final push, his cum fired straight into my belly. He shot a few times and then backed out and finished in my mouth.

"Show me that mouth full of cum, slut." I did and then he told me to swallow it.

We lay there for a few minutes until he decided it was time for a shared shower.

"C'mon, Sam, that shower is waiting for us. I want to tap another hole in there."

He was already getting hard again. I knew I was about to be well fucked as well as clean.

When he got the water temperature the way he liked it, he reached down and lifted me up and told me to wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and get ready for a hard ,deep fucking.

With my back against the shower wall, he reached down and put the head of his pile driver, between my swollen labia lips and seated himself firmly against my little pussy hole. I could feel the head start to penetrate as I was now very wet.

Once he had a few inches in, he rocked his hips back, then in one motion, he thrust back up into me as he let me drop onto his rigid pole.

I screamed as he buried himself to the hilt, shoving my insides out of the way, on his way to slamming against my cervix and slam he did. It hurt but he pulled back suddenly, knowing that he had caused me pain. He pulled about halfway out and held me close and whispered, "My god, Sam, I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's alright, just don't slam into me like that, fuck me hard, but not that deep. Do it now."

He slowly and gently started to rock himself back into me and hitting all the right spots.

"Oh, yah, baby, just keep that up. It feels sooooooooooo good. Fuck me harder if you want to. I want this to be as good for you as it is for me."

I was now moving in tandem with him. My juices being forced out, lubing his cock, so that he was sliding in and out like it was a greased sleeve.

"Oh, James, you are hitting all the right places, at just the right speed. Fuck me, baby, fuck me. Make me cum all over your big, black, beautiful cock."

He took what I told him to heart and in a few minutes I felt an orgasm coming on, from deep inside, roaring to the surface.

Just before it hit, I screamed, "FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEE," and I went over the top and as I did I felt him swell, causing my orgasm to continue and then I felt his hot load deep inside me. I shuttered and shook and moaned. Lowering my legs, with his help. As his cock slipped out, I looked down just in time to see a big wad of cum drop out and be washed down the drain.

What a waste. I reached down and caught the next one, on my first two fingers, stepped back out of the stream of water, put it in my mouth and sucked it off my fingers. Savoring his tasty cum. Twice in less than an hour.

He had brought some bottled water with him, so we sat on the bed and drank, two bottles each. Fucking and sucking makes one thirsty.

As we sat there in silence, he started to rub my back and I asked him if he would give me a back rub.

He said he would love to.

I gave him a small bottle of body lotion that I keep in my purse.

His big, strong black hands felt sooooooooo good rubbing and massaging my shoulder and back muscles.

Even though my ass was right there for him to fondle, he never touched it. But I wanted him to.

"James, how about my legs and butt."

Using some more lotion, he worked my calves and then my thighs, first on the back and then the outside and now that he had me squirming he started on the inner thighs. I opened them wide for him. I wanted there to be no doubt, of what I wanted.

I promised myself and told him, that I would give him all my holes tonight, since this was a one time deal. Even if I couldn't sit, walk right or talk for a week.

As he started on my buns, he did a deep muscle massage, which made them relax and open up exposing my little brown hole and shaved crinkled crack. His thumbs were all of a sudden massaging my crack and hole.

He stopped and moved to the side of the bed and I looked over my shoulder and he said, "Getting the lube and a condom. I don't think you want me to go in dry and leave you a mess, to be oozing out all day at work tomorrow."

I heard the condom pack open after he had lubed that rigid mass of black meat. I watched as he stretched the magnum condom over the head and down the shaft.

He laid it in the crack of my ass and drug it up and down, until he had me wiggling against it. He laughed and said, "Is this what you want?

"Yes, just get me loosened up before you shove that thing in me."

I felt the cold gob of lube hit my soon to be ravaged rear entry. He used his thumbs to pry me open and worked them round and round, stretching and opening me up. I felt the coolness as the air drifted into my anal cavity. I was ready.

He laid the head of his black cock, just below my hole and slid it up until it caught in the openness. I felt him raise up and the head started to penetrate my sphincter. I knew if I didn't help and relax, that it would hurt like hell. So I took a deep breath, let it out and at the same time pushed out like I was going poop.

I slid right in and surprisingly enough, the pain was minimal. The fullness was maximum. He stayed still and told me to let him know when to move.

My insides slowly started to respond to my deep breathing and began to loosen up.

"Will, take it easy, you know what to do. I am ready for you to claim me as yours for the night."

My lover, was so gentle, his big, black, beautiful cock was slowly making it's way up my back road. I kept a steady pressure backwards and he kept it forward and he opened me with almost no pain, just intense pressure, as he pushed my insides, out of the way, so he could impale himself completely inside my tight posterior.

His balls touched my pussy as he bottomed out. I had taken him all the way, again. He pulled back slightly and started to moved side to side and then back in. This seemed to loosen me even more. When he felt he had me stretched enough, he pulled all the way out, until just the head was in and squirted more lube around my tightly stretched anus.

"Are you ready to get this fine ass fucked, Sam?"

"Yes, baby, fuck my ass, make my ass yours, baby. Claim me as your ass slut."

He lifted both hands off my hips and I felt him flex his hips, I knew he was going to ram that big ass wrecker, all the way in.

As he pushed forward, both hands came down on my ass cheeks, simultaneously. It sounded like a rifle shot and between that and the pain, I didn't realize he had rammed his cock all the way in and was starting back out again.

My ass had a mind of it's own. It kept trying to follow him. Both hands came down again and he was buried to the hilt once again. My ass was burning and my pussy was dripping. I looked down past my tits and between my legs and saw a small wet spot on the sheets and a drop of my juices drop down.

James had a slow, easy movement that felt so fucking good. He no longer spanked me, but was rubbing my hot, sore cheeks as he rocked back and forth, only using about 4 inches of his thick, throbbing cock to fuck my ass. It felt soooooooooo good.

I felt him start to move faster and that was the signal he was going to cum soon. Taking my swollen clit between thumb and forefinger, I stroked and rubbed until I could feel my orgasm, start way down deep. I knew this was going to be an earth moving experience.

James' cock was starting to swell, his movements harder and faster. I kept up with him. I wanted us to orgasm together. Our thrashing around would probably get me a ravaged ass, but I didn't care.

He crammed every bit of his engorged black cock deep into me. I started to go over the top, the same time he roared, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck."

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt him swell inside me. He started back to fucking my ass. I met him thrust for thrust, having one orgasm right after the other. Our bodies were sweat soaked. His cock still hung up in my ass, as he fucked me, until my knees caved, falling forward and pulling myself off him. There was a loud pop and a gush of air left my gaping hole.

Even laying out flat, completely exhausted, or so I thought, I managed to raise my ass to him. He had taken the condom off and was shoving his still hard cock, into my pussy. It was so wet that he slid all the way in, lifted me back onto my knees and fucked me for what seemed like hours, but of course that was not so..

My now stretched pussy, responded to him, like a good slut for black cock. It didn't take long for him to bring me to another orgasm. A easy, long lasting orgasm. It went on for several minutes while he slowly, fucked the whole length, in and out of me.

After about 10 minutes or so, I felt him swell again and shot his fourth load of the night, into my pleasure filled cunt.

He pulled out and I collapsed again. Now both of my holes were open. My ass had not closed yet and I was laying in a large wet spot. I fell asleep.

I woke some time later. James was sitting on a chair, watching me.

"What," I asked.

"Samantha, how the hell am I going to get along without you. No woman has ever gave me pleasure like you have. As much as I love Kim, I wish you were mine. Tom is one lucky guy."

"James, I have never been filled and fulfilled like I have with you. But no matter how good the sex is, this can never go any further than right here. I love Tom with my whole heart, body and soul and would never leave him for you or anyone else. I will never cheat on him with you or anyone else. Swapping is one thing, cheating is entirely out of the question."

"Now I am going to do what Tom said. I am going to get myself cleaned up inside and out, before I go back to him, in the morning. James, there is no way I can have sex with you again tonight or in the morning, either. My throat, pussy and ass are all to sore. I am going to soak in the tub, take a shower and clean my pussy and go to sleep.

"Sam, I can't stay here and sleep in the same bed with you tonight and not fuck you. I'll call a cab and go home and you can bring the car in the morning."

"Thank you, James. I am sorry to put you out but I can hardly move, let alone fuck."

He was calling a cab as I headed for the bathroom to soak and get cleaned up.

I slept like a log, until the alarm went off at 6 AM. I crawled out of bed and when I stood up my legs would not hold me. I was on the floor, my ass and pussy were throbbing, with pain. My ass cheeks were burning from the hard spanking he gave me. My throat was sore and raspy.

"What the fuck came over me last night?" I spoke to myself in a hoarse voice.

I slowly got up and went in for another shower. Moving around and the hot water helped but there was no way, I could go to work today.

Leaving the door key in the room, I got in the car and drove home. Tom's truck was already there. What was I going to tell him happened to me. I could hardly walk and was going to have to call in sick.

As I approached the front door, he opened it, stepped out, picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, without a word. I started to cry. What had I done?

He took off my clothes, helped me into bed and covered me up.

"I called in for you. James told me what happened and how things got out of control, with you two."

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