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Boat Sex

by PrincessErin©

Madeline lay on the bow of the yacht. Her tiny black bikini barely covered any part of her body and the price of the tiny pieces of material was excessive. She sat up and rubbed more coconut-scented oil into her tanned body. Her breasts were full and her hips created the perfect hourglass shape when Jake fucked her from behind. Her whole body oozed sexiness and seemed to be that of a sex goddess.

The sun was hot on her dark tanned skin. She loved how she could spend most of the year enjoying tropical, exotic locations and not have to worry about anything. The cool breeze was perfect. Just enough to cool her body but not enough to mess her perfectly styled hair. Her hair was light blonde and she had it styled in a sexy little updo. This way her whole body would evenly darken to the perfect shade.

The boat rocked gently in the water. Jake's boat was more like an expensive condo on water. The bedroom easily fit the California king sized bed and the office allowed Jake to work while his sexy girlfriend tanned. They had been anchored just a few meters off shore for a few days now. Jamaica had numerous resorts that dotted the landscape and Jake took pleasure in watching the so-called lucky people enjoy all the amenities of a resort when in fact the true luxury was having a floating paradise.

In front of them was a white pristine beach. This location allowed them to enjoy both the sandy white beach along with the comfort of Jake's yacht. The beach's waters were a deep blue and many times Jake has reminded his girlfriend how her light sparking eyes were no match.

Jake stepped up from the lower area of the boat. He smiled as his she rubbed oil into her body. He watched a few minutes. He could stand there for hours and enjoy himself. The pure sexiness of her body along with the fact that she knew he could get any woman but chose her made it better. She oozed confidence and knew that everything she did would turn him on.

"You really expect me to work when all I can see from my office window is you?" Jake reached for the bottle of oil and began the rough massage of her breasts and shoulders. Her whimpers indicated that she was just as horny as he.

"Maybe," she replied. She stripped off the tiny pieces of bikini and ran her hands down her body to her bare pussy. She had never gone bare before but the exchange, or more like deal he made with her was worth it -- you get perfect pussy tan lines and I'll buy you a diamond navel piercing.

Jake rolled his eyes and undressed himself. He didn't care where his clothes landed and he didn't care if anyone saw. She did though and this stunned him.

"Lay back so I can ride you. Maybe the people at the beach can see my huge breasts bounce each time I slam down." Madeline smiled innocently as she made her suggestion and she loved Jake's reaction.

"You fucking brat. You know I'll fuck you any time and any where."

Madeline watched as he lay back against the edge of the boat. He wasn't as tanned as she but it didn't matter. She straddled his body and gasped as she sunk down on his cock.

His cock was perfect. It was thick and just the right length to make her feel full without a lot of pain. It would still hurt when he plowed into her but it was the girth of his cock that drove her crazy. She reached for the bars along the edge of the boat and lifted herself up and down on his cock. She vowed to make it about him but every time he was inside her she became possessed, desperate to make herself cum. He loved just laying back and watching her use his cock.

"Can anyone see you baby? Anyone watching us fuck naked?" Jake gripped her hips and made her buck faster. He was close and he knew it was the combination of the coconut oil, her hot tanned body, and the fact that anyone on the beach would be watching them fuck. It was a dangerous combination and he gritted his teeth to hold back.

"Three people are watching. All men." Madeline watched as the men rubbed themselves, stunned at the scene they were seeing. Jake's was lying back so they only saw the tanned vixen bouncing, her breasts swaying at each thrust.

"Fuck. You're mine. You know it." Jake reached around and spanked her hard. His hand stung from the hit but he didn't care. He hated how possessive she made him get and the struggle was now on -- who was going to cum first.

Madeline sped up her thrusts and used her whole body to fuck herself with his cock. It didn't matter they had fucked a few hours ago. If it had been weeks the intensity of the situation would have been the same. She needed to cum and he needed to cum just as badly.

The boat shook as the lovers continued their fucking. She undid her hair and let her blonde locks fall against her shoulders. Jake hissed and fucked up as she fucked down.

"Cumming!" Madeline growled. She had won. She closed her eyes and remained still, her pussy milking his cock. Had he been young and inexperienced he would have cum from that feeing but instead he held back. He sat up and pushed her onto her back. Holding his cock he jerked it roughly, squeezing the tip that was oozing precum.

"You're using my cum as lotion and you're going to fucking rub it into your body after."

Jake grunted and exploded all over her. Stream after stream of hot cum landed on her body and she quickly started rubbing it in. The fluid made her body shine and he smiled in satisfaction as she stretched back out, ready to go back to tanning.

"You're a fucking evil little vixen. I need to go back to work." Jake spanked her and made his way back to the cabin. Madeline closed her eyes and knew that the three guys would stay there for a while, hoping for more. She wasn't going to give them the satisfaction.

Written by: PrincessErin

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