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Mixing Business With Pleasure

by Fit Like©

Selina quickly checked herself in the bathroom mirror one last time. She'd been looking forward to tonight's job and her preparations had been meticulous. She smoothed down her knee-length black dress that clung to her, showing off her shapely body to full effect. The low cut neck-line showed off her décolletage, with just a hint of the lacy black basque she was wearing below it. Sheer black stockings and stilettos completed her outfit. She was looking good and she knew it. With a smile and a confident stride, Selina stepped out into the hotel lobby and into the lounge where she knew her client for the evening was already waiting for her.

As he saw Selina approach, Terry rose to greet her. As always, he was wearing a smart black business suit. Selina felt a thrill of anticipation surge through her as she crossed the room towards him.

Their greeting kiss was brief but yet subtly passionate. Although Terry was a client who paid her generously for her services, Selina felt a genuine affection towards him. Never judgemental, he always treated her with respect, valuing her for her company and personality as much as for the physical satisfaction he took from her. It was a satisfaction that Selina had always found to be mutual. Had circumstances been different, she was certain that there could have been a genuine friendship between them.

"You're looking fantastic, as usual," Terry observed as he motioned for her to sit down.

"Thank you," Selina replied, taking her seat, "You're looking pretty good yourself."

As was their custom, Terry ordered drinks before they made their way through to the hotel restaurant. Throughout their meal, they chatted amiably, filling each other in on what had been happening in their lives since they'd last met; families, friends, holidays and the like. As always, however, neither of them spoke about their work. Terry didn't want to bore her with the details of what he did, and Selina did want to remind him unduly of their 'relationship'. To the casual observer, they looked for all the world like a couple of friends or possibly colleagues catching up over a meal.

Selina enjoyed Terry's company and as the meal progressed she felt increasingly relaxed. The wine, which as always was excellent, helped; but it wasn't just that. Since their very first meeting, he had always made the effort to make her feel special. With most clients, Selina was consciously aware that it was a business transaction. With Terry it was different; with him she was almost able to forget the 'professional' side of what she was doing and enjoy it for the pleasure and satisfaction it gave her and not just for the money.

Every now and then, Selina caught him staring at her breasts. "Tut tut," she chided, "You'll see plenty more of them soon enough."

Terry smiled. "Just enjoying the sneak preview."

She laughed. "Yeah, and I guess looking's free..."

"There's always that," he agreed.

The lighthearted teasing continued throughout the meal. At one point, Selina slipped one foot from her shoe, then slowly, and very deliberately ran it up and down the inside of Terry's leg. He didn't flinch when her foot found its way to his groin and began to gently rub the growing bulge; he simply smiled, but his hunger for her was written in his eyes.

Feeling his cock stiffen in response to her touch, Selina smiled back. As she finished the remains of her meal, she pushed the empty plate aside. "Are you having desert?" she asked.

Terry somehow managed to keep his face straight. He sat back in his seat and smiled, Selina's foot still gently teasing his cock. "I'm a bit full right now," he replied, "but I may just have something later, back in my room."

Selina allowed herself a small laugh. "I was kind of hoping you might say that."

He removed the key-card for his room from his wallet and handed it to her. "Room 3-32," he said, "Why don't you go on ahead while I settle up down here?"

As she took the lift to the third floor, Selina could feel her heart beat quicken. Her pussy was already damp. She reached Terry's room and inserted the card in the lock. Entering the room, the large bay window caught her attention. With a smile, she unfastened the zip of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She walked across to the window and looked out. She smiled as she realised that if anyone in the street below took the time to look up, they would be able to see her there quite plainly. Just knowing there was the possibility that she could be observed was a huge turn-on.

Almost without thinking about it, Selina slipped one hand down the front of her knickers. Her smooth lower lips were moist as she slid her long fingers between them, coating them with her juices. She placed her free hand up against the window for support as she slid one, then two fingers into the warm wet confined of her pussy.

Just knowing that, at any second, a random passerby could look up and see her finger-fucking herself heightened Selina's already intense state of arousal. Feeling the pressure mount quickly inside her, the pace of her fingers became increasingly frantic as she drove them in deeper. In her mind, Terry's thick cock replaced her fingers and he was taking her roughly from behind as, down below, a growing crowd of spectators watched the scene develop above them.

As the Walls of her pussy gripped her fingers, Selina pressed her thumb to her throbbing clit. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!! Oh mmmmm!!!" she moaned as her climax took her. The sensations grew stronger. Selina threw her head back and gave voice to a long, low moan of intense pleasure as her orgasm reached its crescendo. So consumed was she, by the overpowering sensations that she was unaware that Terry had entered the room.

Entering the room, Terry watched, entranced, as Selina pleasured herself in front of the window. As her moans filled the room, he quietly closed the door behind him. Removing his jacket and draping it over the back of a nearby chair, he loosened his tie and walked slowly and quietly across the room.

"Fuck!" Selina cried with surprise as Terry lifted her hair and kissed her neck.

"Did I surprise you?" he asked, "You looked a wee bit, ah, preoccupied." He began to nibble on her earlobe.

"Mmmmm, I guess I was, a bit," she replied, chuckling slightly, "How much did you see?"

Terry paused briefly from kissing her. "I'd say I saw plenty."

He began to kiss her again. His lips working their way down her neck and along her shoulders, his hands beginning to explore her body.



"I want you to take me, right here in front of this window. Not right now but at some point. The thought that someone could look up and see me getting fucked is such a huge turn-on."

Terry laughed. "Your wish shall, as ever, be my command."

Selina wriggled as Terry's hands explored her body. "Mmmmm, that feels nice," she purred as he ran his hands over her basque.

He kissed her neck again as he ran his hands up her front, stopping just blow the swell of her breasts. "Tease!" she complained as he walked his fingers down her sides. He ran his fingers up and down the inside of her thighs, always stopping before reaching her pussy. Selina's body was on fire; his teasing was driving her crazy. She longed for him touch her nipples, to feel his fingers between the moist folds of her pussy.

He began to kiss his way down Selina's back. When he reached her bum, he stopped to nibble gently on each cheek before continuing down the backs of her legs. "Mmmmm, that tickles," Selina complained with a giggle as he licked and kissed the back of her knees.

When he reached her ankles, Selina turned around and spread her feet slightly further apart. Looking up, Terry could see a damp patch on her thong. "Enjoying this?" he teased.

"Um, whatever gave you that idea?" she replied.

He laughed and began to work his way back up. As he got closer the scent of her wet pussy filled his senses.

Reaching her damp thong, Terry ran his tongue over its surface, tracing the contours of her lower lips and clit, tasting her juices through the material. Selina bit her lip, desperate not to let herself be pushed over the edge again too soon. His attention, however, was fixed on another goal and he quickly moved on.

Standing up, Terry kissed Selina's neck as his hands moved to her breasts. As he nibbled on her collar-bone, he worked the lacy cups down, revealing her large, firm, yet soft breasts. Cupping them in his hands, he dipped his head, fastened his lips around one nipple and drew it into his mouth. "Ohhhhhh!", Selina moaned as nipple stiffened in response to the touch of his tongue. He teased the other between the thumb and finger of his left hand. Selina felt her pussy grow even wetter.

Terry's tongue coated Selina's breasts with a warm film of saliva. His head moved from side to side as he teased each nipple with his lips and tongue. Selina changed position slightly and ground her pussy against his leg. Her clit throbbed as she rubbed it against him. Once again, she could feel the pressure mount, the need for release grow inside her, the sensations in her nipples and clit combining to overwhelm her. For a moment she was torn between surrendering to her impending orgasm and the desire to make the sensations last as long as possible.

Selina, made her choice. Almost reluctantly she pushed Terry away. "I want to suck your cock," she purred.

They changed position. Terry leaned against the windowsill as Selina dropped to her knees in front of him. She lightly traced the outline of his swollen cock through his trousers with her fingers. "Do you want me to suck your cock?" she asked, "Do you want to feel my lips around your lovely thick cock?"

"Oh fuck yes, Selina!" Terry gasped. "I love it when you suck my cock."

"I know you do," she replied coyly, "I'm going to lick it and suck it, and you're going to show me just how much you love it..."

She unbuckled his belt and undid his flies. His cock sprang free as she tugged at his boxers. "Mmmm, looks like you really are pleased to see me," she purred as she began to lightly run her slender fingers along his thick shaft.

Terry moaned as she kissed the swollen head of his cock. Pulling it up, Selina began to kiss and lick her way down the underside of his shaft. Terry's balls were smooth. "Ohh fuck!" he moaned as Selina licked and sucked them into her mouth.

"Ohhh!" Terry sighed as Selina let his balls slip from her mouth. She worked her tongue back up his shaft, kissing and licking her way from his balls to the tip. "Fuck that's good," he moaned as she swirled her tongue around the engorged head and flicked the slit with the tip of her tongue before opening her lips wide to accept his cock into her mouth.

Terry moaned softly as Selina's lips worked their way steadily up and down his cock. Cupping his balls in one hand, she squeezed gently as her other hand worked in tandem with her mouth. Sighs of pleasure proclaimed that her work was being appreciated as she licked and sucked his engorged knob.

"Mmm, you... your mouth feels so good!" Terry moaned as Selina swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. She increased her pace and her head began to bob back and forth faster and faster taking the head of his cock deep into the back of her throat with every stroke.

Terry's balls felt full and heavy as she stroked and squeezed them. His cock twitched involuntarily inside her mouth as her lips slid up and down his length. Selina could sense his pent up tension as beads of pre-cum began to ooze from his slit. As she became aware of the hot, salty flavour, Selina sucked harder, relishing the control her mouth had over him.

His hips began to thrust. His breath was coming in gasps as his climax approached. "Oh Selina, sweet Selina!" he moaned as she sucked still harder. Her hand beat more rapidly along his shaft as she slid her lips back so that only the very tip of his cock remained in her mouth. "I... I can't hold on..." he groaned as she flicked her tongue over the slit, licking away the increasing flow of pre-cum.

Selina felt him tense. "Oh yes! Oh Selina! I... I'm cummig... Oooohh!" he moaned. Selina let her mouth go slack. She sucked hard and felt his body shudder as his cum began to surge from his cock. She swallowed hard as jet after jet of cum filled her mouth. It took all of her concentration to ensure that not a single drop escaped as cum erupted from his cock like a geyser in full flow.

When at last he began to subside Selina used her fingers to squeeze the last few drops into her mouth. Satisfied, finally that there was no more to be had, she let his cock slip from her mouth. She licked her lips, looked up and smiled. "Somebody need that!" she exclaimed with a smile.

"Too right I did!" he replied, "But there'll be plenty more where that came from later."

"There'd better be! I'm not settling for just one load tonight."

"Have I ever let you down before?"

"No of course not, and I'm sure tonight will be every bit as good as always.

"I'll do my best," Terry said coyly.

He helped Selina to her feet. She kissed him and tugged at his tie. Terry undid his shirt and let it fall to the floor as she helped him out of his trousers and boxer shorts.

"Do you think your pussy's ready for a good tongue lashing?" he asked.

"It's been ready for that since I first walked through the door and saw you sitting in the lounge," she replied.

Smiling, he led her to the bed. Selina lay down. Terry knelt between her legs and leaned forward, hooking his thumbs into the waist of her thong and pulling it down, revealing her smooth pussy. She raised her bum from the bed, allowing her sodden underwear to be removed, her juices glistened on her swollen lower lips.

Selina reached down and ran a finger between her moist folds. "It's all yours, lover," she purred seductively before raising her finger to her mouth and licking her juices from it.

Terry bent forward and kissed the insides of her knees then began to run his tongue up the inside of Selina's thighs, first one then the other. Each time he brought his mouth closer and closer without ever reaching his goal. Selina whimpered with anticipation each time his mouth approached her pussy only to draw away again at the final moment. His teasing was driving her crazy and she writhed on the bed with frustration. "Stop teasing and eat my fucking pussy!" she complained as his tongue slipped away once more.

Enduring Selina's increasingly vocal complaints as her frustration grew, Terry continued to tease her. "C'mon eat me," she begged, "Fuck me with your tongue." Then, plaintively she added, "Please eat my pussy, ple... oooh!" A shiver ran up her spine as Terry pushed his tongue between her moist lower lips.

"Mmm, you taste good," said Terry appreciatively before flicking his tongue over her clit. Selina gasped as his tongue darted in and out of her pussy. She raised her hands to her breasts and she began to cup and squeeze them. She pinched her nipples as Terry's tongue lapped at her pussy with broad strokes. She began to murmur incoherently as the sensations in her clit spread to engulf her.

Terry's mouth fastened on her clit, sucking it between his lips as his tongue flicked over its swollen tip. "Mmm yesss!" purred Selina as a warm glow began to spread throughout her body.

Terry savoured the taste of Selina's juices as his tongue explored every crevice of her pussy. He returned his attention to her clit. "Ohhh, mmmmm," Selina moaned as he slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. He felt the walls contract to grip them as he twisted his fingers around inside her.

He inserted a third and began rhythmically fucking her with his fingers as his tongue teased her swollen clit. Selina wriggled, raising her feet and resting them on his shoulders, allowing his fingers to penetrate her even more deeply.

When his fingers were sufficiently lubricated Terry slipped them out of her pussy. "Ohhh!" exclaimed Selina as she felt his index finger press against the resistance of her arsehole. He slowly pushed one finger in and then another. Selina wriggled as Terry pumped his fingers in and out of her arse while, all the time, his tongue beat a steady rhythm on her clit.

Selina knew her climax was approaching. She pinched and pulled her nipples as Terry fucked her arse with his fingers, his tongue lashing her throbbing clit. The intensity of the sensations grew with every flick of his tongue and thrust of his fingers. Selina knew that this time she wouldn't be able to delay, let alone prevent the inevitable.

Selina felt her womb begin to contract, sending spasms of pleasure coursing through her. "Yesss, Oh yesss!" she breathed exultantly as her climax took hold.

She shook her head from side to side as Terry's tongue beat on her engorged clit. Her body began to shake uncontrollably. He removed his fingers from her arsehole and concentrated his attentions on her clit, sucking it into his mouth. Selina grabbed his head pressing his mouth harder against her, every touch of his tongue sending another bolt of pleasure through her. "Shit... Fuck... Ohhhh, mmmmm..." she moaned in response to his every touch, her orgasm possessed her utterly.

Removing his tongue from her clit, Terry cupped his mouth over Selina's pussy. Her juices flooded his mouth as his tongue lapped between her inflamed lower lips.

Writhing from side to side, unable to control her body, Selina whimpered as orgasm peaked again and again. The contractions gripping her womb were almost painful in their intensity as Terry's tongue drove her mercilessly onwards.

At last, Selina could take no more. "Stop!" she cried. "Oh pl... please stop! I... I want you to fuck me. I want t... to feel your cock inside me."

Terry lifted his face from Selina's pussy and wiped her juices from his cheeks. "Take your basque off, but leave the stockings and heels on," he said. Still barely able to control her body, Selina somehow forced herself to comply. Terry moved up, pausing briefly to kiss her breasts, until he smiled down at her.

"Mmmmmm, yesssss!" Selina moaned as, with a single powerful lunge, Terry thrust his cock deep into her pussy. In response, she brought her legs up, allowing him to sink even deeper into her body. She rested her feet against his buttocks and clawed at his back with her fingers as he thrust his cock in and out. "Oooh yes, fuck me!" she cried as his cock plunged deep into her pussy.

With every thrust she felt his balls slap against her. The walls of the pussy flexed, gripping his cock as it slid in and out with long, powerful strokes. "Harder!" she urged, "Fuck me harder! Oh yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me hard, mmmmm..."

As Terry increased his pace Selina responded by digging her fingers into his arse cheeks, forcing him in deeper. She moved her hips so that they met every thrust at its deepest point, increasing the friction against her throbbing clit. "Oh... Ohhh screw me! Fuck me! Take me hard!" she cried, favouring the feeling as her pussy stretched around his cock.

They rolled over. As Selina impaled herself on Terry's cock, he reached up to play with her breasts. "Mmmmmm, owwwwmmmmm," she moaned as he pinched and pulled on her nipples. Spasms pulsed through her pussy as another climax approached.

Squeezing her breasts together, Terry managed to suck both nipples into his mouth. Selina's clit throbbed, her pussy tightened around his shaft. "I... I'm cumming Terry! I'm c... cumming again!" she sobbed. Her body shook. Terry could feel her juices running down his cock, trickling over his balls.

Selina closed her eyes and rode the waves of her climax. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh yessss!" she moaned as she surrendered herself once again to the overpowering sensations.

"Turn around," Terry demanded, "I want to see my cock disappear inside you."

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