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A Night to Remember

by passionfever2©

Omar had let Raymond finish and pull out and get cleaned by my willing mouth, before he started in on my hot, dripping pussy. I pulled in a big, sighing breath as his tongue and lips devoured my pussy. He took a lip between both his forefinger and thumb and pulled them down and out to open my maw up to his lapping tongue and nipping teeth. He only had to do this for a few minutes, along with his nose touching my engorged little clit before I screamed out in my first orgasm of the night.

As I started to scream, Robert engulfed my open mouth with his and my scream was muted by his open mouth and thrusting tongue.

Omar continued his pussy pleasing ways and sucked my womanly juices into his mouth, looked up at me and smiled with a shiny face. He slowly got up and placed his mouth over mine, as Robert pulled back and shared some of my juices with me. This was going to be a night to remember.

I had yet to lay eyes on Omar's slab of black meat but when I did, I saw that it had not lengthened much at full erection. It seemed to be as thick as my wrist, black and knarled. All I could think of, is that it looked like a black cudgel. But I was not to be denied.

Omar lay on the floor and pulled me down with him. He started stroking that blunt tipped, nasty black cock.

"Climb aboard, little lady, and go for the ride of your life." Robert and Raymond, helped me up and each took a leg, as I put my arms around their masculine shoulders. They had me spread wide and lowered me down to his waiting stiff rod. As I was lowered into position and the head of that battering ram split my labia lips, I groaned, through my head back and screamed as I was impaled on the thickest cock I had ever had. For a long moment, I was in excruciating pain and then I felt him flick my clit and for some unknown reason, my pussy opened to allow another couple of inches enter. The pain was just a mild, throbbing now.

Robert and Raymond held me with 4 or 5 inches in me and as they slowly lowered me, Omar held me also under my ass. He asked if I was ready for more. I told him I was and he said only about 4 more inches to go.

My overstretched, overstuffed quim was sodden by now and penetration was much easier. It took several more minutes before I was completely impaled and sitting on his crotch area. I let out a big breath and sighed as he slowly started to push up against me. I looked down at him and started to rise and fall back, a couple inches at a time.

As we got going together, he pulled me forward and started licking and sucking my taut, aching nipples. We fucked like this for over 10 minutes. I had finally gotten comfortable with the thickness of his cock, which didn't seem the least bit nasty, just very filling.

Leaning over as I was, opened my anal region for exploration by my other two black lovers, I wiggled it and they took that as an open invitation to explore. Each had a cheek in there hands and were massaging it and pulling my cheeks in opposite directions, opening my crack, as wide as it would stretch and letting it go. Soon my cheeks were relaxed and I found myself, just laying still, impaled to the hilt on Omar.

I felt something slippery and cool, being dribbled onto my little brown hole and a thumb gently applying pressure to it. Slowly, it opened to allow that thumb, entry. As it was worked around abit, some more lube applied and another thumb pushed and gained entry, stretching my hole wide open.

I was just getting used to the feeling of being opened up and stretched, when both thumbs retreated, a large gob of lube dropped inside and a cock was shoved in to the hilt. I shuddered and had a mind blowing orgasm. The second of the night.

In a minute of two, as I was recovering and still being fucked in the ass. I noticed all three of my black lovers were within my view

WHO THE FUCK WAS IN MY ASS. Omar let me go and I looked over my shoulder and there was my HUSBAND, driving into my ass with all he had. Omar started to fuck up into me with short strokes. Raymond and Robert each had a tit and were mauling them, pinching my nipples, causing me to let out small squeals each time they pinched and twisted.

Ryan kept right on fucking my burning ass and every so often would bring his hand down on my ass, with so much force it sounded like a gun shot, being my ass was covered with lube and sweat.

I felt Omar's thick cock begin to tighten under me and Ryan's cock begin to swell in my ass and knew I was going to be filled to the brim. Both holes at once. Ryan started to cum first and with his howl, Omar let out a bellow and let lose with his load. Both men fucked me through their's and my orgasm. Mine started as soon as I felt my holes expand with their hot cum.

Omar must have been saving up for a week and I knew Ryan had for almost a week. When we all came back to earth and relaxed, Ryan pulled out of my ass with a pop and a big bubble of cum. Robert lifted me off Omar, very slowly and my insides were being drawn out with his cock. Raymond said it was the most he had ever seen of cunt skin being drawn out along with a cock. When it came free, I let out a stream of womanly essence that landed on his shaved pubic area. As I slid back, I lapped it all up and swallowed.

"You guys...........Ryan.............what the fuck.". They all laughed.

"You thought when I left with Ryan that I was going to have him watch and we would work at cuckolding him. But he convinced me that if I let him in on the action, that he would break in your ass for us. He wanted to see you take a big black cock up your little white ass. He has been watching through that dark window."

Robert was bending me over the table with a pillow under my stomach and probing my still gaping ass with his fingers.

"Well, guys looks like she is ready. Won't need much lube either, as long as we don't mind fucking in her husbands cum."

Ryan walked up behind me with the lube and pushed the tip into my ass and emptied the tube.

"That might all be guys, but I don't want her hurt. Looks like she has well over 2 ft. of black cock to get through before we can leave and go home."

That's my husband, always thinking of me.

Robert was first. His beautiful black cock slid easily into my over lubed and cum slickened ass hole. He took long easy strokes, as my hubby, reached under to play with my hard nipples. Robert reached around and was playing with my pussy. With all the stimulation, a lady hasn't a chance. My body shuddered, my ass clamped down hard on Robert's cock and we both came within seconds of one another. He pulled out and Raymond stepped into position. I was watching Omar slowly stroking his thick, black cudgel, as he walked up to the table and presented it to my face. I couldn't get it in my mouth very well, so I just amused myself by licking it as Raymond spent time getting his 10" black organ into me up to his low hanging balls. His strokes were much harder and faster, slamming me against the table.

"Stop, dammit, walk backwards and let me get up on the couch on my knees and then you can continue pummeling my ravaged ass. This table hurts."

With his cock still buried to the hilt we slide walked backwards until I was able to get on my knees on the couch hanging onto the back and then Raymond really went at it.

My wonderful husband, wiggled another tube of lube in my face and told Robert to pull out. As he did I felt the tube in my ass and a cool squirt of lube and Raymond was fucking me with abandon. He finally pulled out and came all over my back.

Now the coup de grace, Omar and that big black battering ram. He laid it on my back and slowly drug it down through my ass crack, going on past my gaping, sloppy hole. When he got to the bottom of my pussy, he rubbed it, laughed and started the journey back up my crack and when he touched my wide open hole, two things happened, simultaneously, his thick cock entered my ass the same time his huge hand delivered a slap to my ass that must have been heard all over the club.

I cried out in pain as he pushed that big cock all the way in my ass. Not as deep as Robert or Raymond but the width of my gape, must have defied comment. It felt like someone had shoved their fist up my ass. Luckily for me, my ass muscles or what was left of them squeezed down at just the right moment and being he had been stroking himself and I had been licking him, he lasted about 5 minutes until, with a bellow and a final thrust, he unloaded a volley of cum shots that made me have the orgasm of the night.

When he finished, he pulled my ass cheeks wide apart and slowly pulled out.

To my utter surprise and I had no idea where he got it, but Ryan, shoved a butt plug up my ass and said, "There, that ought to keep u from leaking all over my truck seats on the way home."

Robert helped me into my clothes, sans, bra and panties. He said he is gonna hang them on the wall in his office.

Raymond asked us if we intended to come back. Ryan said it was up to me.

"Can I have my pick of anyone I want."

Robert said, "For you, sweet lady, yes. I will line up some of those young bulls that have a thing for hot older white wives, and you can have any or all. Up to you. How about next Friday night, say 8."

We made it a date. Now I had a husband to go home with and thank for allowing me this wonderful evening of black cock bliss.

On the way out of the club, I saw a tall, statuesque black lady, leaning against the wall, drink in hand, that she saluted me with and her long, pink tongue slowly snaked out of her mouth and and curled up, as she pulled it back in and smiled. I smiled back, hmmmm, now that was an invitation if ever I saw one.

Next Friday night, next chapter.

Written by: passionfever2

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