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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 20

by Freddyj881©

Katie's fingers found Norman's stiff cock. She held his prick upright, guided it between her legs, underneath the tufted bush of her cunt hair. The cock head pressed against the gaping lips of her pussy and she screwed it inside, as if she were fitting in a light bulb. The other two men let go of her of perfect small breasts and her full weight fell on Norman's prick. His cock fucked into her pussy, prying her cuntlips open. The hot wife sat on Norman's hard on and she leaned forward as her ass jutted out in the air. Slowly she began to ride Norman as she soon found a rhythm and was fucking the old lawyers cock in her velvety pussy.

"Grind his cock Freckles!" Phil urged. He gripped her by her shoulders, forced her down harder. Her legs jackknifed and her ass settled on Norman's crotch. His cock was completely embedded in her soaking cunt.

Her eyes filmed over with satisfaction. With both hands planted on Norman's shoulders, she leaned forward, allowing her brown hair to fall about her face and her small tits grinded onto Norman's chest. She rolled about on top of him, circling her cock stuffed cunt erotically. She let her hard and horny nipples scratch his chest and rubbed her belly on his.

"That's it Freckles! Fuck him good!" Phil mumbled. He pressed one hand down on her back as he handed the tube of KY to Mike.

Mike coated his cock with the jelly and knelt on the back of the chaise between Katie's legs. The twin globes of Katie's gorgeous ass split wide in front of him. He could see the furry pouch of Norman's balls and an inch or two of cock where it disappeared into her sucking cunt. Above was the puckered circle of her asshole, waiting for his prick.

"Ohh yeah! In her married ass," Mike muttered as he took his cock in hand. He nudged forward, slotted his greasy cock head into the crack between her ass cheeks. He rubbed up and down, wetting the crack with cock precum and oil. Then he planted his prick head against her asshole and pressed forward.

"Ohhhh shit!! Fuuucckkkk!" Katie groaned and braced herself against Norman with her arms stiff. Her small perfect tits hung beneath her as Norman grabbed them harshly. The hot wife's mouth hung open in pain as she felt Mike's cock trying to penetrate her tight anal cavity.

"Up her ass! Up her horny little ass!" Mike mumbled. The Marine could see her asshole widening, expanding, folding itself over his intruding cock. There was a split second when he thought it wouldn't go, when he had to reinforce his prick with his fist as it bent in the middle.

He pulled away as he rubbed the jelly across the head of his cock. Katie looked back at him with glazed eyed lust and impatiently muttered, "C'mon do it! Fuck my ass!" Mike repositioned behind her and pressed it against the tight ring as Norman's cock was buried inside her throbbing cunt. He held his cock and pressed but it wouldn't slide in. He gripped once more and pressed forward as he held her by her hip as her asshole was forced wide open and was wrapping itself over his prick head warmly.

"It's going! It's disappearing up her ass!" Mike croaked. Two and then three inches of cock fucked up Katie's ass.

"Oohhh! Owe!!!! Arghhh!! Ohhhh! Yes!! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!" moaned Katie as she clenched her mouth closed in pain. She felt as though she were being split in half as her body tensed, "Ooohhhhh go slow! Go slow!" she begged. As she felt both men inside of her, pain erupted as Mike's cock head penetrated her sphincter while Norman's cock was buried deep inside her moist cunt. The pain and discomfort was soon replaced by ecstasy, "Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ohhh God! Fuck me!"

"Cram it all the way! Cram it all the way up her ass!" laughed Phil. Both Mike's hands were now splayed on her ass cheeks and he was forcing her buns as wide as they would go. Phil watched the fourth and fifth inch of Mike's cock disappear into her tight asshole.

Katie's eyes had glazed over completely. Norman's cock throbbed up her cunt. She could feel his cock pulsing. Now she had five inches of prick fucked up her ass and Norman's cock buried in her pussy. It felt fantastic, like nothing she had ever felt before. She had never thought such a thing possible. Two cocks inside her like this at the same time. It was wonderful.

It was dirty, lewd and obscene. But it felt so good. If Phil's cock and thumb felt good; having two cocks was sending her over the edge.

"Ohhh fuck! She's tight!" croaked Norman as he stared in the hot wife's glazed eyes.

Mike clenched his teeth. His cock felt as if it were caught in a vise. But he couldn't stop. He had to go forward. Her asshole was sucking in his cock and wouldn't let go. He jerked his hips one more time and the final inch of his prick vanished up her asshole. He and Norman were both inside her to the hilt, their cocks trembling with excitement.

"Arghhhhh!! Ohhhhhhh!" Katie yelped. She was sandwiched tightly between the two horny men, "You're both fucking me!" she sobbed.

"Finally," Phil snarled. The old neighbor glared down at Katie as she was sandwiched between his nephew and his best friend. The hot wife twitched between them as she breathed heavily. Katie looked up at Phil as he stroked his cock in front of her as he bent down to her beautiful contorted face, "Where's Norman's cock?"

The drunk wife didn't respond as Phil's face moved closer and into her ear, "Where's Norman's cock Freckles?"

"In..In my pussy," she gasped as her mouth hung open. Her eyes wide as she embraced the feeling of being filled by two cocks.

"And where's Mike's cock?" grinned the old neighbor.

Katie swallowed as she looked back towards him, "In my ass!"

"Do you like it? Does it feel good?" gloated Phil.

"OOhhhhh!" she moaned as her head went down towards Norman as both men gently moved their cocks in and out, "Yesssss!"

Phil stepped backward and stood to one side of Norman's head, "Is he fucking your married ass?"

"Yesssss!" the hot wife mumbled as she enjoyed two cocks moving in and out of her, "he's fucking my married ass!"

"Do you want to suck my cock while they fuck you?" teased Phil.

"Ohhhhhhh!" the hot wife moaned.

"Is that a yes?" Phil teased again as he brushed his cock against her freckled cheek.

"Ohhh yeah!" Katie stared up at Phil as her tongue instinctively shot out and licked her thin lips.

He thrust his hand under Katie's chin and tilted her face up toward him. "Suck it then! Suck my cock while they fuck you!"

Dreamy eyed, Katie gazed at the huge purple head of Phil's massive cock. The piss slit was winking at her and clear strings of precum were oozing free. He nudged her face with his cock, smeared her cheek with goo. Then the cock head was planted against her thin red lips and she opened her mouth, allowing the fat bloated mushroom to plop inside. The prick head throbbed on her tongue.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she gagged as he lunged forward and bumped the roof of her mouth with his cock. She clamped her fist around the base of his prick and began to jerk him off, pumping and tugging on his mighty fuck stick as if she couldn't wait for him to empty his cum in her mouth.

Mike began to fuck her viciously up the ass. He fucked his cock into her ass again and again, burying it further up her asshole on each fuck stroke.

Beneath her, Norman lay still and let all the motion up above him push him closer and closer to cumming. She was being jerked every which way on top of him, first by fuck lunges up her ass from Mike, then by fuck thrusts of Phil's cock in her mouth. All he had to do was lie there. Her cunt nipped and sucked at his prick and bathed it in pussy juice.

Katie felt herself growing faint. It was almost more than she could take, to have her body abused this way, to be utterly stuffed with three hard cocks. She was about to cum from the sheer lewdness of the situation.

Her face was swollen out of shape on the bulk of Phil's cock. He thrust forward again and again and fucked his prick deep in her mouth. Her lips were raw from all the sucking she'd done. Yet she still did the best she could, pumping his cock in her hand and sliding her lips up and down on his cock, taking his fuck stick into her throat so deep that his pubic hair got caught in her teeth.

"Suck me good, that's it. Suck that cock hard, you sweet little cunt," he said.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth. He stood in front of her and slapped his heavy prick back and forth across her face, clamping one hand on top of her head to keep her still. The cock made loud smacking, sounds against her cheeks. Then he gripped the cock tightly and smeared it into her eyes and across her cheeks, cleaning off all the syrupy drool that was oozing out its tip.

"What if your husband could see you now?" Phil sneered. "What do you think he'd say? His sexy wife fucking with three guys at the same time, What do you think he'd say? How do you think he'd react to you taking three cocks inside you at the same time? What do you think, Freckles?"

Even in her daze, Katie was surprised at the harshness of his voice. What would her husband say?

"What would he say Freckles," Phil panted, "What would he say? Would he say you are a slut?"

Katie looked up at him as her breath was taken away from a thrust of Mike's cock into her ass with Norman's cock still embedded in her pussy, "He'd say I'm a married slut!"

The old man pulled his cock back from her and laughed in agreement, "Do you like being a little slut?"

"Yes!" Katie moaned, "Yes I like being a slut!" as she grabbed his cock and forced it back into her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could as her lustful desire continued. She grinded herself back towards the two cocks deeply planted inside her, "I'm cumming!" she shrieked as both Norman and Mike began to fuck her hard. Phil grabbed her face and forced his cock deep into her throat. Her body convulsed as she tried to moan but was muffled by the dick deep in her mouth. Her body shook, her eyes watered and her lips and pussy trembled as she came all off the men. Her body shook uncontrollably as the most intense orgasm continued to wave across her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!" as she pulled her mouth off of Phil's cock, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm cumming I'm cumming," she moaned over and over as her body finally released it's built up sexual frustration. Her body shook and trembled she felt her pussy and ass spasm with delight. Her breathing was so rapid she thought she was going to hyperventilate. She forced herself back and down onto the two rigid cocks that had penetrated her.

Phil stuffed his cock back into her mouth. She bobbed her head across Phil's beautiful cock as she was ready to take their cum. Her body shivered at the thought of three men cumming on her, "Cum for me," she whispered, "Cum on me!"

"I'm gonna come soon. I can't hold out!" Mike wailed. "Her ass is driving me crazy."

"Don't cum yet!" insisted Phil. "Let her ask us for it!"

"On my face!" Katie hissed, "All of you cum on me! In my mouth! On my tongue! I want to taste all of it!" The hot wife was possessed with lust as she ordered them to cum in her mouth.

Mike immediately did as he was told, and stopped his fucking and gingerly withdrew his aching cock inch by inch from Katie's asshole. Norman held her by the waist and, eased her off his prick with a quick motion. Phil stepped back from her, his cock dripping with the married woman's saliva.

Katie turned and laid down on the chaise so she could look up at the men, "on my face," she panted, "please cum on me!" she begged.

"I wanna cum on those feet! I wanna see jism dripping off her toes!" Mike frowned like a spoiled kid.

"No!" Katie said with lust in her eyes. "When you cum, shoot it on my face! I need it!"

Mike frowned again, but he swung a leg over Katie's middle and settled himself down on her belly, his cock swung out in front of him like the small branch of a tree. He forced his prick down and slotted it in the groove between Katie's small perfect tits. He placed a hand on the outside of each of her tits and pressed inwards, mashing the tits together to form a valley between her breasts.

"She is so fucking hot!" he raved. He formed a valley for his prick and was now plunging it back and forth between her tits, trying to scratch his cock shaft with her horny nipples each time.

The hot wife stared into Mike's eyes as he fucked her small breasts. She glanced over at Norman and Phil as they watched the younger man while he drove his cock on her chest, "Get on either side of my face," the hot wife directed.

The men did as she asked as Katie reached out and jerked Norman and Phil off with short sharp tugs of her fist and at the same time also turned her head from side to side, as she licked and sucked at their cock heads.

"Ohhh fuck yeah," Katie whimpered softly, gazing fondly at the reddened pricks. "C'mon cum in my mouth and all over me. Cum on my face," she hissed, "I want all it all!"

Phil and Norman exchanged glances. Their cocks were being jerked viciously in her fists. They both placed their hands on their hips, letting her handle their cocks any way she pleased. Her heavy lidded eyes shifted from cock to cock anxiously. She knew that any second both cocks would explode and start lobbing jets of cum at her.

The men had been sucked and yanked and teased for over half an hour, and they were now bloated far beyond normal. Incredibly thick blue veins wriggled up and throbbed painfully. Their mushroom prick heads, swollen almost as large as tennis balls, shone a reddish purple color. To have the three thick cocks pulsing and throbbing there inches from her pretty face, was the dirtiest, more erotic sight she could fathom. Monstrous, overgrown, old looking cocks like these, all resting on or aimed at Katie's clean-cut married freckled face: it was sheer obscenity.

And yet she so obviously loved their cocks. She held the pricks in her hands and kissed them, using her gorgeous thin lips and pink, darting tongue, her eyelids closed in rapture.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!" Mike gasped suddenly. He had fucked Katie's tits for several minutes. There were finger marks all over her where he had mauled her lovely tits and mashed them together over his pumping cock. But now he let her tits fall apart. He grabbed his cock in his hand and inched himself higher on her heaving ribcage. He aimed his cock directly at Katie's waiting face.

"Cum on me! Cum on my face!" she moaned, gazing intently at Mike's twitching cockhead. "Jerk off in my face! Cum all ..."

Her voice was cut off as a huge rope of jism jumped from Mike's cock and fell diagonally across her mouth. Much of the cum sprayed across her chin and on up her cheek to her temple, but a great deal of cum slopped in between her open lips. Jism coated her tongue and hung off her pretty teeth like glue. A wad of cum caught at the corner of her, mouth and webbed her lips together.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Mike groaned. His fist a blur of motion on his cum spurting cock. As he spoke, a second monster rope of cum jetted from his cock tip. This one missed her mouth altogether and skated up the left side of her face, painting a shiny white line from her chin to her hairline. The jism looped over her forehead and cut across her eye at dead center, matting her eyelashes together.

Katie whimpered softly, both eyes tightly shut now. She had wanted all the men to cum on her. The notion thrilled her. But the force of Mike's blast in her eye had caught her off guard. It was like being hit with tiny pebbles.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!" Mike grunted as he jerked himself off onto the sexy wife's face. He tilted his cock down and spurted a long jet of cum straight into her gaping mouth. Then his prick was swinging up again, and a twist of spunk spun in the air and splattered across Katie's nose and off her check.

Phil reached down and closed his hand over Katie's on his cock. She had been gamely jerking both cocks while Mike jerked off onto her face, but she had lost her rhythm. She was yanking and tugging without any effort. Phil tightened his fist and began pumping solidly, anchoring his fat cock head against Katie's right cheek.

There was a squishing sound, and suddenly long streamers of jism were spraying in every direction from Phil's cock head. The cum was hitting Katie's face then ricocheting all over the place like a pinwheel. What didn't spurt off into the air either drooled down her neck or bounced off over her face like mercury.

"I'm going to cover her with my cum," Phil growled. He aimed his cock higher and sent a huge white jet of cum spinning off across both her closed eyes. He milked out his jism with long slow tugs on his cock.

"Ohhh fuckkkk!" howled Norman as he began shooting his load which had boiled in his ball sack. Phil and Norman were now shooting at the same time, hosing Katie down with jets of silver spunk. They criss-crossed her face with white lines, decorating her like a cake.

"Oh shit, oh shit!" Norman roared. He too had covered Katie's hand with his own and was helping her jerk him off. Flat glow of spunk flew from his cock.

For a time all three cocks were spurting cum at the same time, lobbing great heavy wads of cock cream onto the poor drunken wife. She tilted her head from side to side, whimpering as her eyes were sealed shut and one of her nostrils was plugged with cum. But she wanted to keep her mouth open, and blob after juicy blob of jism shot inside, hitting her teeth and dripping off the back of her throat.

"Fill it! Fill her hot mouth!" Phil urged, pouring an especially huge plug of cum between her lips.

All three cocks were poised within inches of Katie's foaming mouth, dripping heavy strands of spunk into the hole or spurting off across her face. There were white lines across both cheeks and all over her forehead. Fat loops of semen draped themselves across her pretty turned up nose. Both her eyes were submerged under pools of cum. Strings of spunk hung in her hair.

Unexpectedly another orgasm struck the hot wife as she began to cum with the three men, "ooohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh" she purred as he body shook and trembled, "cum on me! cum on me!" she quietly voiced as all the men rubbed their cocks across her sexy freckled face. Nothing else mattered in the room to Katie. The only thing that mattered was she was cumming again as the old men sprayed their spunk across her pretty face, "Ohhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" The wife moaned in delight.

Mike slowed down. The cum was oozing from his cock tip now, not spurting. Jism rolled down over the crown of his cock and formed heavy strings that dangled in the air for several seconds before snapping and breaking across Katie's face like cobwebs. He poked at her left cheek and eye and coated her nose some more before returning his cock to her overflowing mouth.

"Eat it! Eat that cum!" Phil wailed, still spurting. He was lifting her with a hand clasped on the back of her neck, so that he could hit her at a more direct angle. His cum was making loud splitting sounds as it hit her in the face.

Norman planted his cock head in the soggy pool over her left eye, with the piss slit stuck up against the bridge of her nose. His jism sprang out in fat globs. The thick white lines of cum spiraled out across her face like spokes of a wheel. Her face glittered with cum, layers and layers of it, like some milky cosmetic.

"Suck it!" Phil wheezed, directing spurt after spurt of jism onto her face and between her lips. His fist squeezed his cock hard and he seemed to be trying to poke the prick head into Katie's mouth.

But her mouth was already full. It was clogged to the depths with steaming, wriggling spunk. Her throat was blocked with cum, her tongue buried under it. Her checks ballooned wide with wads of jism. And white streamers of cum oozed and dribbled from the corners of her mouth, down her cheeks and along her neck. Her teeth were no longer visible. Her open lips were sealed with a wide and deep pool of spunk.

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