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Used and Abused Ch. 03

by nikkigreen©

When I got home, my husband was asleep. My pussy was full of cum and I wanted more cock inside of me. I took my clothes off, rolled him over and sat on his face, ordering him to eat my sloppy, dripping cunt. He woke up and proceeded to eat me out with great enthusiasm. I came all over his face and in his mouth and squealed with delight as I did so. I wanted to be fucked again and begged him to do me. He quickly stuffed my pussy with his cock, and he fucked me until the doorbell rang. I got up and answered the door with cum running down my thighs, and much to my surprise, there were 3 good looking black studs at the door. They wanted to know how much it would cost to suck and fuck all of them. I thought about it for a few minutes and finally told them 300 dollars to be their whore for the night.

The big guy thought about it for a moment and agreed to the price, so I invited them in. I told them that before anything happened, I needed the money, which was quickly given to me, so I invited them in and told them that my husband was in the bed waiting for me.

When they came inside the house, they knew that I had been fucking my husband when they showed up. They all agreed that my husband should be restrained and to make him watch me fuck and suck their huge black cocks. I hesitated for a moment and asked hubby if he was willing to go along with the idea. After a few moments, he agreed to it.

We tied him to the bed and I proceeded to start sucking each of their big fat black dicks while my husband watched me do what I was paid to do. Each of them filled my mouth full of cum, they even shot part of their load on my face and tits. Then they threw me onto the bed and each of them fucked me hard as my husband laid there, helplessly watching. I told them to cum inside of me, that I had Special plans for my husband.

They fucked me Very hard for a couple of hours and did as promised, filling my cunt full of sweet and slippery cum. I came several times and my pussy was FULL of sperm. They seemed to enjoy the fact that my husband was watching them use and abuse me. I know that I did! Each of them fucked the hell out of me and I came so many times that I lost count.

When they were done with me, they got dressed, told me that they would be calling me again soon and that they would be bringing more friends the next time, which was fine with me, that I love to suck, fuck and cum!

When they left, I ordered my husband to eat my my cum filled cunt. He did not hesitate to eat their copious amounts of sperm from my cunt. I came several times as he ate my pussy, as I was thinking about myself and the whore that I had become.

As I straddled his face, grinding my sloppy cunt onto it, I wondered just how much money I could make being a full blown whore. I was sure that we could use the money and knew that I was fucking some very influential people. I wondered if my husband had something to do with what was going on. It really didn't matter, since I was getting the cock that I craved, not to mention the extra money we could use.

I decided that I was very content with the situation and would carry on with whatever the pleasure I was getting whether someone had planned it for me or not. I decided to just to go with the flow and enjoy myself and to make Ken happy.

I sucked and fucked the hell out of Ken that night after everyone left, because I was such a horny little slut and wanted to make sure that I pleased my man and didn't want him to feel left out. I wanted to continue being a whore. I really enjoyed being used and abused and getting paid for it! I wanted more! I talked to Ken about it wondering if I was doing wrong by him, and he told me that he had never been so excited in his life, and if I liked it, to keep on fucking. I asked if he was ok with it, and he said yea, he was cool with the situation, so my intention was to keep on keeping on.


Written by: nikkigreen

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