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Couples Vacation Ch. 03

by dbconor©

PART III – Dinner and. . .more?

The next day, Tom and my wife, Wendy, played in the lake, while Tom's wife, Kylie, and I flirted and got to know each other. Wendy was brazenly topless the rest of the week, and Tom was all too appreciative. Late in the afternoon, Wendy and Tom took the rowboat to a small island in the middle of the lake. When they got back, they were soaked, but Tom's ever present hard on had subsided. When I asked Wendy what they were doing on the island, she was vague and refused to give any details.

Later that night, we headed into town to have a romantic dinner at one of the local restaurants. Tom drove, so I was free to get hammered. Wendy and Kylie sat in the back talking, while Tom and I discussed baseball and other man stuff—the kind of stuff you talk about with a guy you hardly know.

At dinner, I noticed that Wendy was a lot more frisky than normal. She even let me slip my hand up her dress and rub her clit a little during dinner. I must admit, more than a few times I imagined it was Kylie's wet pussy I was touching. She and Tom sat across from us, and at one point, Kylie caught me starting at her, while I was rubbing Wendy's clit. She winked at me, and I couldn't tell if it was from the story-time we shared the other day, or if she knew what I was doing to Wendy.

Wendy and Tom did most of the talking, and most of it was about work and sex or both. Wendy kept steering the conversation back to who was fucking whom at the office. As the boss, few people would talk about inter-office romances that frankly with her. Tom didn't hold back, talking about Wendy's secretary, Juliet, who was apparently the office slut. "Have you fucked her?" my wife asked greedily.

Kylie pretended to look away, knowing the answer but having some modesty left. "No comment," Tom said with a laugh as he sipped his drink.

"You hound dog!" Wendy said, oblivious to Kylie. "So? Details?" Wendy pressed. Kylie excused herself, she said to go to the ladies room, but I could tell she just wanted to take a breather from Tom's cock-a-thon Wendy was so enjoying. I quickly excused myself and joined Kylie at the bar. Tom and Wendy couldn't care less. Apparently, the only secrets Tom and Wendy had were the ones they kept from Kylie and me.

As I passed out of earshot, I heard Tom giving Wendy the details. "Lips like creamy butter, kind of like yours," he said. "And she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. One of the best blowjobs..."

I caught up with Kylie at the bar. "Pretty rough, huh?" I awkwardly put my hand on her back for comfort. She smiled warmly and moved closer to me. I left my hand at the small of her gorgeous, thin back, torturously close to her tight round ass.

"I'm kind of used to it. Tom has been with a lot of women. I don't mind, it's just. . ."

"You'd prefer it if her were a bit more discreet?" I offered.

"No, just a little less jerkish about it. Tom thinks he can please any woman because of the monster between his legs. And besides, I know Juliet, and she's a sweet girl. She just really likes sex. But Tom and his buddies make it out like she's a slut for wanting to have sex with them. Can't a girl have an interest in sex with a lot of guys without being a slut?"

"Sure, if she's married," I joked, and instantly regretted it, but Kylie laughed politely.

"True," she said, sipping her drink. "Tom loves it when I notice other guys. I think he'd love for me to have sex with one of his Magic 8 Club."

"Magic 8?" I asked. "7 other guys he hangs out with?"

"No," she laughed, sipping her drink. "They're only 4 other guys, but they all have big cocks. I told you Tom was vain about his prick. They all met at the gym, and now they play poker and sit around talking about women and their conquests." She paused for a moment. "You know, it's not always about size," Kylie said. "I mean, I like a big hard cock like the next Juliet, by sometimes it's about passion, and tenderness, and technique. Not about impaling a poor girl with an unnaturally large cock." The silence that followed was broken by our mutual laughter.

"I think my wife would like to see how the other half lives," I said glancing back to Tom and Wendy, who had moved next to each other at the table. Wendy was pressed up against Tom, one arm across her body holding his forearm and the other at his side under the table. He was showing her something on his iPhone. They were laughing and flirting as if they were on a date.

"We better get back there before your wife blows my husband," she said, finishing her drink. I escorted Kylie back to the table, my hand on the small of her back. It slipped off as we passed another table, and I clumsily felt her ass cheek through the sheer fabric of her dress. She looked back and winked with a wry smile.

Between my wife's relentless flirting with Tom and my developing passion for his wife, I clearly drank too much at dinner. When we got back to the cabin, I slumped on the couch and fell asleep in front of the fire while Wendy, Tom and Kylie continued talking. During the night, I heard noises, and either I was dreaming or someone was having sex in the next room. I reached for Wendy, to at least grope her a bit, but she wasn't there. When I woke up, I was sure it was a dream, as Kylie's erotic stories (and her gorgeous body) were still racing through my mind, as was my wife's sudden fixation with Tom's cock.

The next morning, I awoke on the couch to find the cabin empty. Tom and Kylie were already swimming in the lake, playfully splashing each other. It was the first time I saw husband and wife swimming together all trip. As I made my morning coffee, I went to throw out the empty milk carton. As I did, I saw something in the trash that, at first, seemed innocent enough: a used condom, with the wrapper.

For an instant, I didn't think anything of it. I assumed that Tom and Kylie had had sex, and dropped the condom and its wrapper in the trash. But then I thought, Why would he use a condom to have sex with his own wife? My mind reached back to the conversation Kylie and I had the previous day. Hadn't Kylie told me she was on the pill? She did. She told me she was on the pill. I looked at the condom, and I couldn't help myself; I lifted out of the bin and saw it had a huge amount of cum. As I picked it up, though, beneath some paper towels and remnants of today's breakfast, were three more used condoms and a handful of wrappers.

Suddenly, I had a sinking feeling as the realization came over me. Wendy had fucked Tom. She had to have. And not just once, but a lot. That must have been the animalistic grunting I half heard the night before. That would explain why Wendy wasn't there when I woke up. I sat there, stunned for a few minutes. Did Kylie know? Had she been drunk too? Does this mean I get to fuck Kylie now? I mean, fair is fair, right?

I found myself, with an enormous erection, sitting at the kitchen table when Kylie rushed in, still dripping wet from the lake. "Sorry about the dripping," she said cheerfully, "Tom wanted me to grab some juice," she patted me on the shoulder and a shock of electric arousal shot through my arm, down my chest and straight through my cock. "We missed you last night, big guy," she said, bending over to grab two juice bottles from the fridge. "Had too much to drink and you missed all the fun," she said, a bit coyly.

We? I thought. Did I miss a threesome? Kylie and I had talked about her and Tom fooling around with other people, but how could they have left me out? All at once, I felt embarrassed about being too drunk, horny as hell at the thought of fucking Kylie and hurt that I had been left out. I was starting to see Brad's point of view. I stared at Kylie's tight, young ass, stretching the even tighter bikini bottom while she rummaged the fridge. I could see her pussy lips pressing against the fabric as she lingered, searching for the juice. "Really?", I managed. "What happened?"

"I'll tell you later, we had a lot of fun with Wendy–she's a blast. I think we wore her out though. She's been sleeping all morning." With that, Kylie ran out the back door to Tom, who has sun bathing on the chaise.

My mind was racing. What did this mean? Did I miss my chance, or was I in for a very fun week? Was Wendy just drunk and would she regret it?

I went into Wendy and my room. Wendy was spread out naked, face down, diagonally on the Queen sized bed, one leg under the sheets, the other out in the open, straddling the sheets. Wendy never slept naked, so I was surprised. I was still a bit suspicious though, and both bathroom doors, ours and the one that connected to Tom and Kylie's room, were open. I took off my clothes and slowly crawled toward Wendy on the bed. I reached my hand over her ass and between her legs. There was a wet spot on the bed. That confirmed my suspicions. At this point, my cock was so hard—thinking of the three of them fucking while I was passed out downstairs—I had to fuck someone immediately.

I moved behind my wife, and wet my fingers to moisten her cunt. She moaned as I touched her warm, wet pussy—I clearly didn't need to lubricate her. I straddled her legs and slipped my cock into her while she was on her side. My wife was still wet from the pounding Tom must've given her last night. I rubbed the head of my cock across her pussy lips. "Mmmmnng," she moaned nearly unconscious. Her pussy lips were warm and wet. She spread her legs to give me more access. My balls rested on her thigh, and I grabbed her other leg with my left arm, guiding my cock with my left. I pushed my cock head into her wet pussy and she shifted her hips towards me.

I quickly thrust my cock into her as far as I could. My wife squealed and grunted through her sleepiness. My wife's double D breasts shook as I thrust my cock into her. I grabbed her plump, fleshy ass, and drew my hand back and spanked her. I grabbed the top of her hip at the waist and pulled her onto my cock.

My wife, half asleep, kept calling me "Tom," as I fucked her. That drove me even more nuts, as I furiously pumped my cock into my slutty little wife. Her giant, double-D cup breast bounced and jiggled with every thrust. I put my fingers in her mouth. She grabbed my index, middle and ring fingers and sucked on them. She grabbed my hand like she would a cock shaft, teasing and licking down my fingers, pretending it was another man's cock. I didn't have to guess whose.

Wendy quickly started to cum. I knew she always came faster after having an orgasm. She had obviously cum recently from the near puddle in the bed. My thoughts raced to her and Kylie servicing Tom's enormous member. I flashed on Wendy's glee at seeing Tom cum as she stroked his cock in the bathroom the other day. That sent me over the edge. As I shot an enormous load of cum into my wife, her cunt muscles tensed and then her body completely relaxed, passing out from the strength of her orgasm. I collapsed next to her, my cock, still spurting bits of post-cum, and I fell asleep.

I woke up a few minutes later, as the bed was shaking. Wendy was furiously rubbing her pussy, masturbating. Her eyes were clenched tight, and she had two fingers deep inside herself. When she saw I was awake, she began to frantically rub her clit until she came. After she recovered, she turned to me and said, "Did you like the show?" Then glancing at my now erect penis, "I guess you did, big boy. How about I help you out with that?"

My formerly reserved wife leaned over me, her double-D's caressing my thigh. She grabbed my cock shaft with her soft, delicate hands. She licked her plump, pouty lips, as her mouth hovered over cock. Wendy's lips were the second thing people noticed after her tits; they were plump and inviting. Kissing my wife was bliss, and on the very rare occasion she performed oral sex, her soft, fleshy lips felt like soft silky clouds wrapped around my cock.

She bit her lower lip and sighed, her warm breath bathing my cock. She pressed her lips against my cock and let her tongue slip out and caress the underside of my head. She glanced at me seductively while nibbling, kissing and licking the underside of my cock head.

Wendy hardly ever sucked my cock, but this was as if she had gone to cocksucker school and graduated with flying colors. She teased and tormented the underside of my shaft. Nibbling and biting it before she licked her lips and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She pushed herself down on my cock, as I wondered where she had picked up her new technique. Had Kylie showed her on Tom's cock, like she showed Lisa that night with Brad?

As her saliva and my pre-cum dripped down my shaft, she continued to slurp up and down my cock. She picked up the pace, but paused often to worship my cock again and again. Having just shot a load into her pussy, I was able to hold off for a while. The wet mixture of saliva and pre-cum started dribbling into my ass crack.

Wendy began caressing the underside of my sack and the line that lead to my ass with her index finger. I spread my legs to give her better access. She rubbed the mixture of spit and pre-cum around my asshole, lubricating it. She paused to pull on my sack and rub and twist it. Then, in one smooth motion, Wendy slipped her finger inside, tickling my prostate. I arched my back and slammed my cock into my wife's throat. She gagged a bit and then let out a muffled squeal. Wendy managed to swallow every drop of cum and she wiggled her finger in my ass.

As I drifted off to sleep again, I heard Tom and Kylie's bathroom door close, and someone sit down in their bedroom. I'm pretty sure someone had been watching us again. I heard the box springs creek slowly and Kylie moaning in the next room. I could tell she was alone and masturbating. Wendy pranced naked across the room to use the bathroom and take a shower. Kylie's stifled grunts and moans got me hard again. I could hear her clearly through the hallway door, even as Wendy flushed and turned on the shower. I couldn't help myself, imaging Kylie rubbing herself, just like the other day on the deck. I began to furiously masturbate, shaking my bed in unison with Kylie's. We came together in separate rooms, as I shot my sperm into the air and Kylie let out a long, grunting, guttural "YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS."

Written by: dbconor

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