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Sister Rivals

by BlythNyx©

Marissa lay across the davenport, sucking on grapes and staring as the sweat dripped off of Derricks back. He'd asked as sweet as can be if he could take off his shirt while he wrestled with the kitchen cabinets. He'd long since sent his men home, and she had ten minutes of ogling left before her sister Rachelle got back. She sighed. It was just as well. What would he want with a dumpy old maid anyhow? Though her fantasies were pretty hot. She licked her lips as she imagined him turning to her and kissing... She coughed, got up and went to the fridge for a cup of water. To cool off.

"Marissa, I think I might have finished the counter," He whispered much to close. She jumped, flushing at her thoughts. She felt the warmth of his body tingling up her spine and resisted the urge to turn around. "You want to test it out?" He leaned in and put his hands on her hips. She felt the soft breeze of his breath on her neck before a quick lick. She swallowed and licked her lips. "What...what did you have in mind?"

He spun her around and cupped his hands around her face, leaning in for a kiss, "I've wanted to do this for weeks."

She leaned into the kiss, biting his lower lip and sucking. The dance of tongues lasted until they were both breathless and she felt dizzy.

Her thoughts awhirl, she'd thought for sure he'd been sticking around to see Rachelle. He'd taken off almost as soon as her buxom sister had arrived all month. After a few awkward words, he'd find some excuse to leave.

The work had seriously cut into her writing, but she didn't mind. He'd featured prominently in several of her erotic shorts this month. She licked her lips and stared back into his eyes. The heat was there, hot and liquid. Her heart fluttered. He wanted a fuck. A pity fuck? Maybe he didn't think he had a chance with Rachelle and would settle for her.

"I could go if you want?" She looked at the floor, "after Rachelle gets home."

His hands slid down her arms, "What are you talking about?"

"I mean, if you'd rather test the counters out with her, I'm sure she'd be willing if you asked."

He broke away and walked across the room. "I'm sorry, I must have miss heard you. Why would I want your sister?"

She fluttered helplessly, tears starting in her eyes. She twisted her hands around each other. "I don't know. You've been staying late all month and leave as soon as she comes. I thought you liked her." He scowled, crossed the room and gathered her against him. He reached up and cupped her face, looking into her eyes. I've stayed all month to spend a few more moments with you. I've stayed because I wanted to know you better. She noticed something against her womb, something she didn't think could be there for her.

He his lips touched hers, tender this time, with heat still, just more tempered. She put her arms around him and held on. He navigated her backward across the room. She protested softly when he wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted. "Don't, I'm too heavy. You'll hurt yourself." She felt the low rumble of laughter against her mouth. Her ass hit the counter with a soft slap. Her legs, having a mind of their own, wrapped around him as his nimble fingers slipped up under her shirt, unsnapping her bra. She felt the heavy weight of her breast fall into his hand and sighed against him as her rolled the nipple between his fingers and tugged. Her hands found the top of his jeans and pulled, snapping the button open. He bulged against the zipper, and she had a hard time sliding it open without hurting him. He pulled back and unzipped it. Kicking off his boots he slipped out of his pants. He pushed her skirt up her thighs and grinned at her when he found out her little secret—no panties. Sliding his fingers across her dripping pussy, he slid them in and out again, bringing his hand to his mouth for a quick taste before spreading her further and licking up and down with his tongue. She squirmed against the slick granite, her head falling back into the cabinet. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

She still thought he wanted her sister, but she would enjoy this while it lasted. He slipped a finger inside of her, stroking a spot that had her on the edge. She flexed against him, and he put in another finger, his mouth on her clit. He rode her movements, never losing contact. The tension built until she couldn't contain it anymore. She thrashed against the cabinet, drenching him in a milky cloud of liquid.

He pulled back without missing a beat. "That was different."

She giggled and slid off the counter. She'd thought she heard the door in her stupor, but must have imagined it. Dropping to her knees, she took him in her mouth, raking her bottom teeth against the underside of his shaft. She bit at the skin where his head and shaft connected. He trembled under her hands. She slid her teeth back down, making the softest contact with his sensitive skin. She slid back up, swirling her tongue, and back down with her teeth. She knew she had him on edge, and she wondered if he would let her tip him over or if he had other plans for her. She dropped him down into the base of her throat and hummed, swallowing and working him with the muscles in her throat. He groaned and grabbed a handful of her hair, shaking. The salty tang hit the back of her throat. She felt a slight disappointment, but it quickly passed. Something was better than nothing.


Rachelle opened the door and almost dropped her groceries at the sight of her uptight, sexually repressed sister getting eaten out on their new counter top. She considered fuming and startling the couple out of their shocking pose, especially when she saw who was on his knees between her legs, but she softened. Let her have her fun. God knows she needed some. And hell, it was a free show. She went over to the davenport and picked up a half empty bowl of grapes. She popped one into her mouth, the watery juices running down her throat. She began to fell heat spreading through her body. She didn't care who you were the scene unfolding in the kitchen was hot. Her pussy began throbbing to the beat of his movements.

She'd been trying to get his attention all month, wearing low cut tops with her nipples just covered to stop their peeking out.

He was hot, and he had his face buried in a pussy that wasn't hers. The throbbing turned to an ache that needed to be quenched. They were so engrossed in each other they probably wouldn't notice her anyway, she thought, slipping her hand into her shorts and stroking her clit. She touched gently at first, letting the sensation build. Her shorts were confining. They didn't allow for proper movement. She stopped her stroking and popped the button open with the hand that wasn't drenched in juice. Wiggling out of them with one hand wasn't easy, but she had lots of practice. Finally free, she spread herself wide and slid a finger into her dripping cunt with one hand, rubbing her clit with the other. It felt good, but it wasn't enough. She rubbed harder and glanced around the room. A thick taper candle sat on the table not far from where she lay. She reached over and took it from the holder, careful not to make a sound and slid it into her aching cunt. She pushed it in as far as she could go. The light pain made it hotter. She rammed it deeper and deeper, watching the show now that she had something sufficient to satisfy her need. He grabbed her sisters hair and groaned. She was sure Marissa would think he was done, but she knew the type. He had more in him, and she wasn't about to miss what came next. He slid out of her sister's mouth and sprayed spunk across her face, then pulled her up. Kissing her, he reached down and cupped her ass, sliding the long skirt off. It pooled around her feet. It was hot. He lifted her up until she was cradled in his arms and then dropped her down on his dick. Rachelle panted, the pressure in her cunt built as he pounded into her sister. She matched him thrust for thrust the thick candle a poor substitute for the meat she could see every time he lifted Marissa to stroke again. She swallowed her envy and concentrated on the sensations. She flicked her clit with the tip of a nail, then slipped it in, the pain making her more excited. She could feel the seconds of pressure throbbing with each slap she fought to keep it quiet. The throbbing of her cunt got so intense that she knew she was about to orgasm. Unable to stop herself her muscles tightened around the shaft, and she screamed. Oh shit, she thought. Jumping up and grabbing her shorts, she ran for her room, hoping they hadn't seen her.


Derrick paused mid-stroke, broke out in a grin, and moved her to the davenport. He dropped her onto her back and shoved in as deep as he could go. She wondered just what her sister had gotten up to. Her cheeks flushed, "shouldn't we stop?"

"Why? She's seen everything she was going to. No reason we have to stop enjoying ourselves"

He dropped his head and nibbled on her breast. She moaned and felt her own orgasm building for a second time. He moved against her, hitting her clit with every stroke. She was so close she could feel it, and by every sign so was he. With a final stroke, she shattered and felt his cum spurt inside her. He leaned against her chest, breathing heavy. As she clenched around him, she felt him try to pull out, but she wasn't ready for the separation, for the awkwardness that would happen when he was ready to leave. Finally, her muscles relaxed enough for him to pull out, and she closed her eyes in shame. He would make his excuses and leave now. She felt something lower. She peeked open her eyes and looked. He was between her thighs again. The sensations building for a third time, she wiggled. Gasping in ragged breaths, her over- stimulated body began to shake with every lap of his tongue. She shattered, unable to hold on to a coherent thought. He wrapped his arms around her hips, placing his hands over her womb and resting his head on them. He grinned at her. "Well, that was worth the wait. Don't you think?"

"Hum." She reached down and tugged at a stray lock of hair. He helped her sit up, and got up to gather his things. She felt a tightness in her chest. It was the last day of the job. He didn't have any reason to see her again. He stooped and picked up her things as well and walked down the hallway. She lay there thinking for a second. What the hell is he doing? She wondered and got up and followed. She checked the bathroom, nothing. She scowled at her sister's door.... He wouldn't, she thought. She raised her hand to the door, about to open it, when she heard her sister's soft giggle. She let it fall. Heart aching, she made her way to her room and pushed open the door. He lay there on the bed with a bow wrapped around his dick and a devilish smile plastered on his face. "How bout you unwrapped this present? I've got something I want to show you." Her smile put the sun to shame as she leapt from the door to the bed without even touching the ground. "Why don't I then?" She bit the ribbon in her teeth and pulled. Maybe her sister didn't get everyone after all.

Written by: BlythNyx

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