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Camping with Daddy, 2011

by Sumddy©

William leaned away ever so slightly, and Ashley followed. He stopped and moved back toward her at the same time, the head of his cock going straight into Ashley's mouth.

It was so unexpected Ashley moaned inside, "Oohhhh fuck, Papa," pushed her tongue hot against it, "nnnnughh Daddy, mmm, suck your beautiful cock," rolled her tongue around it, pressed the flat of her tongue around it, "nnnn," her father's cock in her mouth as she heatedly fucked her fingers into over through her dripping wet swollen little cunt. The taste of her father making her suck even harder, her pelvis roll and lift into her fingers, lavishing his cock with her tongue, her lips, her hot little mouth.

William strained to hold back a moan. He moved back again, and Ashley groaned in a certain frustration, his hugely hard cock taken away from her. She couldn't wake him, made her want it, her need for it all the greater.

She pictured Henry, her father pretending he was asleep, his bobbing cock going into Henry's mouth. She pictured Henry licking, sucking her father's thick, swollen, hot throbbing cock in his hot wet young mouth, sucking; him pretending her father was asleep, and knowing he wasn't, just made it all the more hot, and Ashley knew it's what she wanted too as she wriggled on her fingers, her body shaking, her mouth open, her tongue reaching for her father's proud, rigidly hard cock.

She licked the tip of his erection, kissed it, and then imagined herself being Henry, and put her mouth over the head of her Daddy's cock, closed her lips around it.

Ashley pushed the flat of her tongue against it in her mouth, loving the feeling, its weight, its thickness, its heat, kissed it, mouthed it, the taste and texture, the soft skin and the rock hard throbbing pulse of her father's cock in her mouth, his pearly pre-cum salty in her mouth, sublime. Ashley sucked, and licked, and then sucked harder, used her tongue to bathe all around the head, mouthed her father's cock in her hot sucking little mouth, pictured herself Henry, sucking, almost forgetting he was asleep, that he might wake, that he might catch her, his daughter, sucking him. She didn't care now.

William leaned slightly away yet again, his cock almost sliding from Ashley's mouth, teasing her. She didn't let go though, she moved with him, and William leaned toward her again, his cock sliding fully, deeply into his daughter's eager willing mouth.

Ashley's moaned on her Daddy's cock, her hot little pussy dripping, slippery wet. Her nipples ached. Her belly felt so warm. She needed a cock in her. She took her father's cock deep in her mouth, and just sucked on it as she rubbed her aching hot swollen cunt.

That she was doing this while he slept made her even hotter. That she could suck her Daddy's cock without him knowing. Her imagining her father in the dark dorm room sucking Henry almost made her cum.

William knew Ashley read his journal. He knew she spied on him in the shower over the years. He'd heard her masturbating at night. Knew she'd had lovers. He hadn't expected this, going camping together. He did though wonder about Ashley having cut her hair the day they were to leave, the day after she'd read his journal.

Was she now pretending she was Henry, or at least thinking about it, making herself crazy with heat thinking about it? It turned William on, her boy-cut short haircut, what she wanted to experience, being Henry, sucking him in the dark of their dorm room. It all made sense now. Ashley finding and reading his old journal, her asking him to take her camping so they could be alone in the tent at night, her cutting her hair.

Just as Ashley sucked him, lightly mouthing the head of his cock with her lips, William breathed out in pleasure and moaned, "Mmmm, oh god...Henry," wanting Ashley to think he was dreaming, that he thought she was Henry.

Ashley groaned a deep, growling soft moan and sucked on her father even harder.

"Nnn, yes Henry, Papa," Ashley hummed to herself as she sucked her father's cock, Henry sucking another boy, her father, his hot throbbing fat cock in his daughter's hot sucking mouth, her purring and moaning, the taste of her father's pre-cum making her hungry for her father's cum.

Still feigning sleep, William slid his arm down from above Ashley's head, and touched his hand to her shoulder, her back, between her slender shoulder blades leaning her more toward him.

Ashley imagined he was asleep dreaming she was Henry, her fingers so wet and deep in her humming little cunny. She'd shaved just before they left for the weekend, her pussy tingling slippery wet, let herself be raised closer, her father's fingers in her hair, on her back, pulling her to him, let her father's cock glide deeper into her mouth.

Her T-shirt up over her breasts now, her nipples bare and rubbing hot and swollen and aching on her father's bare warm smooth thigh, William cradled the back of Ashley's head in his big hand, ran his fingers through her boy-short hair, pushed her mouth down on his cock; her short hair giving her such a sexy, feminine, feline look, indeed reminded him of a boy's, short cut in back down the neck, longer on top, and he pictured Henry that night, sucking him, and moaned, "Ohhh fuck, lil baby, suck me...Henry," Ashley groaning yet again, and sucking him harder, her father looking down at her lovely breasts, her nipples so hard and swollen.

He slid his hand down Ashley's long neck, over her shoulder-blades, her skin hot to the touch, her back and shoulders and neck moving with her bobbing head, with her movements. His fingertips sliding down her back he leaned her in toward him, onto her side, closer still, her delicate warm shoulder on his bare skin, pulling her against him now moving his hips, letting his swollen fat cock slide through his daughter's lips, inside her hot sucking mouth. Pushed his cock deeper into his lil girl's mouth, whispering, "Ohhh, Henry, yes, don't let anyone see Henry, yesss, suck me, suck my cock, Henry, ohhh god yessss, suck me," gliding his cock in and out of his daughter's beautiful mouth, his hips thrusting. Ashley's mouth greedily bobbing on his cock with his rhythm, she was so sexy, her lips extended out, his cock so big filling her mouth, the way she sucked, lavished his cock with love. Still believing her father was asleep, Ashley gushed and moaned out loud when she heard him say her name.

"Oh Ashley, baby, yes, suck Daddy."

Knowing he was awake, that he wouldn't stop her, that it was her giving him pleasure, Ashley moved her hands from her steaming hot little cunt, and grasped her father's hard-on in both hands.

"Nnn, Papa," she moaned, "let me...suck you, Daddy," before sucking him back into her warm little mouth, moaning on his cock, her body undulating in her own frenzied lust, her hands pulling her father's cock into her hot eager mouth.

William ran his fingers through Ashley's short hair, and she groaned yet again.

"Call me Henry, Papa. I want to hear you say his name," she barely finished, so turned on, sucking him back into her mouth. 'Fuck my boy-mouth, Daddy. Oh fuck Daddy, fuck my mouth, pretend...I'm a boy, Papa, pretend...I'm Henry," she gushed out loud, sucking him, lapping at him with the flat of her tongue, sucking him hard into her warm wet mouth, her father fucking her warm little sucking mouth.

"Does that turn you on, lil baby?"

Ashley could barely catch her breath, "It does, Papa. Made me so wet, I found it, ...reading your journal, Daddy" she panted, almost one word at a time, "You, and Henry. Let me, Papa, let me...suck you."

William pushed Ashley's mouth back onto his raging hard cock, his fingers in her short boy cut hair, groaning, moaning out, "ohhh lil baby, yes, suck Daddy, baby, suck Daddy's cock," thrusting his hips into Ashley's little fists gripping him, fucking his raging hard cock into his daughter's mouth.


Henry loved the feel of William's cock so hard, swollen, and throbbing hot in his mouth. It wasn't a surprise after weeks and weeks of their both fantasizing about the other that he instinctively knew what would feel good, sucking, pulling on William, even imagining himself the girl he'd himself fantasized, sucking him.

He bathed his roommate's hot hard cock in his mouth with affection, sucked it mouthed it rolled the flat of his tongue around its girth made love to it.

At one point William could no longer pretend, or hold back, rocking his hips to fuck his cock into his roommate's mouth, both being as quiet as they could, only the sounds of their breathing, of Henry sucking William there in the dark of their dorm room together.

William couldn't believe how indescribably good Henry's mouth and hands felt. The sexual charge, another boy sucking him what a girl's mouth would feel like. The fear of being caught made his cock ache, throb, and harden like it never had before. He moved his hands to his sides squeezing the mattress it felt so good, and that's when he felt it, the hard hot heat of Henry's cock press against the back of his hand. Henry was rubbing himself on the mattress as he sucked William. When he felt William's hand, and then his fingers wrap around his throbbing swollen cock Henry moaned out loud, his mouth full with William's equally thick meaty throbbing erection.

As William began sliding his hand up and down, pulling on Henry's cock, jacking him, Henry cupped William's balls in his palm, massaged them, sucking him, sucking William's cock deeper into his mouth, moaning, bobbing up and down its entire length, holding it at the base so it was fully extended into his mouth, as far as he could take it.

Neither boy said a word. They both still pretended William was asleep, even though they knew, his hand on Henry's cock, pulling on his roommate's dripping wet cock, Henry's mouth, so hot and wet, so fluid and rhythmically sucking, his cupping William's balls so warm-hot in his hand, him thrusting his cock into his Henry's mouth, him pulling on Henry's cock in slight movements, squeezing, pulling, jacking, letting Henry fuck his cock through his loose fist.


"Oh god baby, yes. Suck Daddy, baby, suck Daddy. Oh my god Ashley, you feel so good, so hot, so wet, your mouth, ohhh Ashley, baby."

His daughter's mouth was delicious. William wanted to taste his little girl, wanted to make Ashley feel good, wanted to lick her soft wet little pussy, lick and suck her lovely swollen breasts, her strawberry red nipples. He wanted to kiss her, to slide his tongue into his little girl's mouth.

"Come here, baby. Turn around. Let me suck..." William caught himself in mid-sentence and hissed out,"your cock, Henry." Ashley moaned and thrashed on her father's cock hissing back at her father desperately hot, "nnnn, Daddyyyyy."

"Let me, suck you too, baby," her father growled in a heated whisper, the two of them alone together in the tent.

Ashley groaned on her father's cock, pulled her mouth from it, gushed out "Mmmmnnn, Daddyyy, nnghhessss, suck me, too, Papa," she hissed sucking him back into her mouth, air puffing through her nostrils, the excitement of being called Henry making her churn inside. Her pussy dripping wet, the image of her father and Henry sucking each other, her breasts and nipples swollen in heated excitement, "lick me, Daddy."

Her hands clenching tight around William's cock, sucking her father's cock for all she was worth, her father's cock, his big hard meaty cock in her little hands, in her warm wet mouth, she moaned and shook as she fucked her fingers as she fucked her father's cock. She loved sucking it, she thought to herself as she raised herself to turn around. She never let go of his cock in her hand, so focused on it. All she said was, "Ohhh Papa," as she quickly turned.

She laid back down facing her father's pelvis as he raised her leg, as she felt his breath on her hot little shaven bare pussy, William groaned seeing her bald smooth, her pink shiny wet little cunny, so beautiful, his daughter's hot little pussy as she took his cock back into her hot sucking little mouth, her father stripping her of her panties.

"Let Daddy suck your little pussy, baby. Oh little baby, Daddy loves the way you taste," William growled as he wrapped his hands around his daughter's spread open thighs, plunged his tongue into his little girl, sucked her tangy sweet creamy folds, as he whispered, "let daddy suck your...cock," as he licked and sucked her swollen clit, "let Papa suck you...Henry."

Ashley groaned out loud, "Oh god, Daddy, lick me. Lick me, Papa."

"Oh little baby, Daddy wants to fuck my little girl. Daddy wants to slide my cock inside your beautiful little cunt, baby, such a good girl for Daddy, Daddy wants to love you back, lil baby."

Ashley sucked harder and harder, her father's mouth buried in her hot wet swollen little pussy, her hips rotating, pushing herself into his mouth, fucking his mouth, sucking his cock, his tongue pushing up inside her as she sucked him.

They pushed their pelvis's toward each other, father and daughter, laying on their sides, their energy circulating, their hot throbbing sex in each others mouths, the heat of their bellies and chests touching, everything touching, hidden inside the tent alone together in the woods. Heatedly sucking each other, father and daughter, the warm softness of skin on skin, the electric waves of pleasure, of sensation coursing through them, inside the tent, in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the night where no one would know.

"Ashley, baby, come here, climb on top of Daddy."

William pushed his shorts down, and Ashley straddled him, so hot she guided her father's rigid hard cock to her soaking wet throbbing little pussy.

"Good girl. Ohhh, lil baby, yesss, put Daddy inside you baby."

"Oh god Daddy, you're so hard, Papa. Nnn, Daddy, ohhh Papa, you're stretching me open, inside me, Daddy, nnnn, yes, inside me. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck your little girl."

Ashley leaned forward, stretched her legs down along her father's, pulled him deeper, and deeper inside her. Sliding up and down her father's body, his cock buried in her hot soft little pussy. His cock spreading her open, her pussy sucking her father's cock, just as it occurred to her, her father's journal never said whether he and Henry did more.

Ashley leaned down close to his ear, and whispered hotly, secretly, sexily, "Oh god Daddy, would you...would you fuck my bottom, Papa?"

William ran his fingers through her hair, pulled her mouth to his, gushed out a breath into his daughter's mouth, pushing his tongue into his daughter's mouth. Ashley started cumming as her tongue played with her father's tongue, their breathing frenzied, licking, kissing each other.

Gasping, Ashley moaned hurriedly, "Nnn, Papa, do you Daddy, put your my soft little bottom, Daddy?" She wanted to hear him say yes, she didn't care if they did, not right then. The image, the words, made her so hot, so wet. She began bucking on her Daddy's cock so hard, so deep inside her.

"You would, wouldn't that, Daddy?" she whispered. "Yesss, you can fuck my little bottom, Daddy. Ohhh, Daddyyyy, nnnnn, fuck me Papa, nnn, oh god, cum in me, cum in me, Papa, cum in me. Nnn, Daddy, yessss."

William squeezed his daughter to him, fucked his cock up inside her, his one hand grasping her by her short hair.

"Cum on Daddy, lil baby, cum on Daddy's cock, yesss, good girl, such a good girl. Your pussy feels so good on Daddy, baby. Cum on Daddy, little baby," he urged into her ear.

Her short hair rubbing his cheek William groaned as he fucked up inside her, his cock so swollen hard and throbbing inside his own little girl, his cock getting harder, bigger, fucking her faster, and faster, thrusting up inside his little girl's hot little cunt, his daughter's warm soft tight little creamy wet pussy.

"Oh god, little baby, Daddy's cumming...inside you," he moaned as he exploded inside his daughter, his little girl milking his cock, "so tight, lil baby, on Daddy's cock," her fucking her father's cock, fucking his daughter, "mmm, my hot little baby. My sexy little girl, yes baby, Daddy wants to fuck your little bottom."

Ashley began cumming again as she excitedly fantasized where this could lead, just the two of them alone, father and daughter fucking in the tent in the middle of the woods, where no one would know.

Written by: Sumddy

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