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My Mom The Stripper

by centrum1000©

To his disappointment, Sarah stood up and turned around. Rob's hands never left her body and were still on her hips when she climbed up onto the couch straddling his lap. Rob's hands resumed their exploration of her body, moving up to her breasts. Sarah looked down into his eyes while he cupped her breasts, squeezing them in his hands. She knew what she wanted and lifted herself up so that her pussy was in front of his face. She ran her hands through his hair and then pulled his face towards her crotch. Rob's hands moved around her waist and onto her ass, pulling her into him at the same time.

At first Rob just mashed his mouth and nose against the thin lace material of her panties. Feeling bolder he pushed his tongue out and ran it across her panty covered pussy tasting her juices that seeped through the thin material. Sarah moaned in approval, encouraging him to continue. Rob licked her panties for a minute before pulling the front of her panties aside. He stared for a moment at the older woman's neatly trimmed pussy, glistening in her own juices, before he lapped at her like a hungry dog.

Sarah inhaled sharply as his tongue first made contact with her flesh. She gripped his hair and ground his mouth into her dripping pussy. His tongue explored her soft folds of flesh.

Frank stared in disbelief as his friend ate his mother's pussy out right in front of him. He was more amazed by how much she appeared to be enjoying it.

"Oh yes..." Her moans were getting louder.

Rob's head was moving up and down while he licked away at her pussy. Her juices were dripping down his chin when she arched her back and screamed.


Rob kept licking her while she came again. The three other boys watched in awe as she leaned back in ecstasy. After a few moments, Sarah's body relaxed and she lowered herself onto Rob's lap. Leaning into him she kissed her young lover, tasting her own juices on his lips. Before standing back up she leaned into his ear and whispered, "Thank you."

Still standing between Rob's legs, Sarah reached for the waistband of her panties and pulled them over her hips and let them drop to the floor. Sarah looked down at Rob and asked. "So, how was that for a lap dance?"

"Incredible..." Rob's voice weakly trailed off. Sarah's juices ran down his face and neck while he spoke.

She smoothed out her chemise and then walked over to Mark, who sat between Rob and Derek.

"Your turn, Mark."

Sarah leaned forward and pushed his legs apart and crouched in front of him. On her knees, she ran her hands up his legs and onto the bulge in his pants. Sarah rubbed her breasts against his body while she lifted herself up off of the floor. Her hands moved from Mark's knees to his thighs and stopped when she felt something in the couch.

"What's this?" She asked while picking up something that was tucked between Derek and Mark's legs on the couch. Holding the object in her hand, Sarah knew exactly what it was.

"It's, uhhh...." Derek stumbled while searching for the right words.

"It looks like a dildo to me."

"Uh huh." Derek continued sheepishly.

"Is this part of the deluxe package too?"

"Yeah," Derek slowly got his nerve back. "The agency told us that she liked toys."

Sarah ran her fingers along the length of the rubber cock, admiring the detail. It was flesh colored with veins running along the length of it and a realistic mushroom tip at the end. It was much larger than the dildo that Sarah kept in her nightstand. The thought of having one of the boys fucking her with it made her tingle all over.

"She's not the only one who likes toys. I have one just like this, just not as big though." Mark stared up at her as she stroked the rubber cock and brought it to her lips.

"I'm always alone when I use mine though." Sarah looked down into Mark's eyes when she continued. "Do you want to fuck me with this Mark?"

He nodded eagerly at the prospect and boldly spoke up.

"I would love to fuck you with that dildo Mrs. Ander..." She shot him an icy look as he corrected himself. "Sarah."

"Well what are you waiting for?" Sarah said as she turned to sit on the young man's lap. Sarah leaned back, draping her body against his chest, and lifted her legs up and over his. Her legs were now spread wide apart, giving him easy access to her waiting pussy.

Frank and his two other friends watched Mark's hands attack his mother's legs. Mark started at her knees and slowly moved up her inner thighs. He could feel the heat of her body through the stockings as his hands lingered between her legs. Girls his age didn't wear garter belts and thigh high stockings and Mark was enjoyed how sexy the thin material felt against older woman's flesh. His fingers caressed the edge of her stockings where he felt the contrast of the thin lace and her soft smooth flesh. His fingers moved from her stockings to the garter straps and traced the line up her thighs. Sarah's chemise was pulled down enough that her pussy wasn't yet on display for the boys, but Mark's hands pushed the material up as he went. Slowly her wet pussy came into view.

Sarah's body was writhing with pleasure while the teenage boy was teasing her. She moaned while grinding her ass into his hard cock which was tucked between her ass cheeks. The other boys watched with anticipation as Mark's hands ran along the top of Sarah's garter belt and met in the middle of her stomach, directly above her pussy. Mark's left hand moved up her body to her breasts while his right hand moved down between her legs. Sarah's moaning was getting louder as her grabbed her breast with all the grace of an eighteen year old.

To her surprise, she was enjoying the roughness of Mark awkwardly pawing at her body. She was used to men who were gentle with her body, but Mark was pinching and grabbing her like he owned her.

While still rubbing her breasts, Mark's other hand passed over her wide open pussy.

"Oh..." Sarah's head fell back onto his shoulder.

Mark wasted no time before he plunged two fingers into his friend's mom's pussy.

"No... with this..." She said between heavy breathes while handing Mark the large rubber cock.

He took it from her and immediately pressed the tip against her wet pussy. In a single motion, he pushed it into her. It slid with ease and was buried inside of her in an instant.

"OH YES!!!" It had been a long time since she felt something so big inside of her. Sarah gyrated her hips on the young man's lap while he kept the dildo deep inside of her.

"Fuck me Mark!" She begged him with a whimper. Sarah could feel his cock pressing against her ass with every movement she made. Her eyes were closed when Mark started fucking her in earnest. His hand moved the fake cock in and out of her tight pussy as fast as he could. While he fucked her, she felt a pair of hands grab her, one on either leg. She opened her eyes and saw that both Rob and Derek were rubbing her body while Mark massaged her breasts and fucked her.

The excitement was almost unbearable for Sarah. She had never considered having sex with multiple partners before, but she loved the sensation of having several men touching her at the same time. While she watched the scene in front of her she noticed that Rob had pulled his pants down and was stroking his cock with his left hand while he rubbed her thigh with his right. Without thinking about it she reached out and, pushing his hand away, grabbed his hard cock.

Rob's cock was already slick from his pre-cum and Sarah's hand easily slid along the length of his manhood. After only a few strokes from his friend's mom, Rob's cock stiffened in her hand and he came all over himself. Sarah dutifully stroked him slowly while his cum poured out of his cock and ran down her hand. Sarah removed her hand when his cock began to soften, and licked his cum from her fingers before returning her attention to the action between her legs.

Both Rob and Derek were still rubbing her body while Mark pounded her pussy with the rubber cock. Sarah rocked her hips towards Mark's hand meeting his every thrust. Her pussy devoured the dildo while she dry humped her son's friend with her ass.

"Mmmm...." Mark was moaning into her ear while her ass ran along the length of his cock trapped in his pants.

Sarah sensed that he was getting close to cumming and picked up her pace while riding his lap. His hand froze for an instant with the dildo buried deep inside of her and she felt his cock straining against her ass.

"Unnnggghhh..." Mark grunted while cumming in his pants. Sarah slowed her pace while he came but was eager for him to continue fucking her.

"Don't stop." She pleaded with Mark, but his hand fell from between her legs as he caught his breath.

"Allow me." Derek spoke up with a determined voice and brushed Mark's arm aside as he gripped the end of the dildo in his hand. After fumbling with it for a moment, Sarah felt something very unexpected. Derek flipped a switch that Sarah didn't notice before and the rubber cock buried deep inside of her pussy suddenly came to life. Her whole body convulsed as the vibrations emanated from between her legs and coursed through her body.

"Ohhhhh...." A deep moan filled the room.

Derek kept the vibrating cock buried in her pussy while his fingers moved up to her clit. He pressed his fingers against her button while holding the cock inside of her. Sarah's body tingled at the new sensation until she exploded in a massive orgasm. Her chest heaved as she lost control; her juices flowed from her onto Mark's cum-stained pants. Frank watched his mother's sweat covered, half naked body reeling from pleasure. The whole experience still felt like a dream to him.

Sarah rode out her orgasm on Mark's lap, while Derek continued to rub her clit. After she settled down she pushed his hand away and turned off the vibrator. She took her time standing back up, but left the rubber cock inside of her. While standing in front of the four boys, her chemise hiked up just below her breasts, she slowly pulled the dildo from her quivering pussy and brought it to her lips. She moaned softly while pushing it into her mouth and licking her juices from the shaft.

"I'm starting to enjoy this." She said with a mischievous smile. "Derek, I think I owe you a special thank you for that performance." She leaned over and took his hand in hers and pulled him up to his feet.

Half-naked, Sarah started to dance to the music, her legs now slick with her juices. She pulled Derek into her and pressed her mouth to his. He reached around her body and grabbed onto her ass, pulling her into him. Sarah swayed back and forth while she ran her hand under his shirt and across his chest. She pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it into the corner. She drew her fingernails across his hairless chest leaving red marks behind. Her hands moved to his pants while they kissed. Derek could taste the perfumed sweet flavor of her pussy on her lips as his tongue danced with hers. Sarah pushed his pants to the floor and helped him step out of them before pushing him down into a chair on the opposite wall facing the couch.

She fell to her knees between his legs and grabbing his cock in her hand she lowered her face to him and eagerly swallowed his cock. On her knees with her legs spread apart and her ass in the air pointed at the couch, the other three boys had a clear view of her pussy between her legs. They watched in wonder as Frank's mom deftly sucked their friend off. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap like a professional. Her hair swirled around her head in a wild tangle as she devoured the young teenage cock.

"Oh Sarah. Don't stop sucking my cock."

The dirty talk only made her hornier. Sarah increased her pace until her head was a blur. Derek watched as she easily brought him to an orgasm in no time at all. He clenched his ass cheeks and thrust his hips into her hungry mouth when the first blast of his cum filled her throat. He heard a muffled sound as she struggled to swallow it with his cock still in her mouth. Her rhythm shifted to the pace of his cumming and she managed to meet each additional shot of his cum with a determined swallow. Her sucking slowed until his cock only dribbled cum out. Sarah pulled her mouth away and looked up into the young man's eyes.

"Was that good enough for you?"

"Uh huh." Was all he managed to say while staring at his friend's half naked mother crouching between his legs with his cum dripping down her chin.

Sarah pushed herself up and leaned in to kiss Derek one last time. This time he tasted his own cum in her mouth, which she seemed to enjoy. Sarah turned back to the couch and walked over to her son. Standing before him, she lifted her chemise over her head and threw it into the corner, finally revealing her firm breasts and hard nipples. Wearing only her garter, stockings and heels she reached into her son's lap and pulled his pants off, releasing his rock hard cock. Looking into his eyes like a madwoman she said. "I think it's your turn now."

Frank was frozen by fear and excitement. He had just watched his mother being used like a sex toy by his three friends. They passed her around and she seemed to enjoy every minute of it. He wondered what she had in store for him. Frank's eyes were locked into his mother's as she climbed onto the couch and straddled him. His cock was proudly standing erect; brushing against his mother's waiting pussy. She put her hands on her son's shoulders and pushed her legs further apart to accommodate him.

"Do you want me?" She asked.

He didn't know what to say.

"Tell me you want to fuck me."

He nodded weakly but it wasn't good enough for her.

"Tell me."

"I want to fuck you." He finally said.

His mother didn't hesitate and lowered herself onto her son's dripping cock. Frank's friends watched in shock as he fucked his own mother.

"Mmmmmm....." Sarah moaned as her son's cock slid into her inch by inch.

"Ohhhh..." Frank was long past the point of caring. He thrust his hips up pushing his cock deep into his mother's pussy.

"Yes, fuck me with your hard cock son. Fuck your mommy."

Frank's hands slide across his mother's slick stomach while grinding his cock into her pussy. He grasped her breasts and rubbed her. His hands continued to explore her body while he brought his mouth to her right breast and gently bit her nipple. He wrapped his lips around her soft flesh and gently massaged her breast with his mouth.

Sarah had never had such a thrilling sexual experience in her life and knew that she was on the verge of cumming again as soon as she felt her son's cock penetrate her. With his lips clamped onto her nipple, she rocked her hips into his as she came again. Her pussy gripped his throbbing cock while he kept pumping into her. Frank's cock was massaged by his mother's pulsating pussy.

"I'm cumming." She moaned. Her head rolled back as she fell into her son. "Don't stop."

He didn't need any encouragement and continued to pound his mother's tight pussy with his hard cock. She was bouncing up and down on her son's cock so hard that each upward motion left only the tip of him inside of her. She then dropped her body down onto her son will all of her force. Frank couldn't hold back any longer and felt his cock releasing a torrent of cum deep into his mother's pussy. She felt it to as his cock expanded inside of her before he came. She slammed her body down onto his lap, pushing him as deep into her as she could. Hot streams of her son's seed flowed from his cock deep into her body. The first blast pushed her over the edge one last time.

"Oh yes. Fill me up with your cum."

Her pussy milked every last ounce of her son's cum while they both shared an orgasm together. Sarah collapsed onto her son's chest, his soft cock still inside of her. They remained on the couch panting for several minutes. Eventually Sarah got up off of her son and collected her clothes.

"So boys, was that good for a deluxe package?"

They all nodded in agreement, too tired to speak.

Standing, nearly naked, in the middle of the room, she reached between her legs to catch some of her son's cum that was dripping from her pussy. Sarah brought her hand to her mouth and licked her son's cum from her finger.

"Mmmmm... Just remember, next time all you have to do is ask."

She walked over to the couch and picked up the dildo before leaving the four of them alone.

"Goodnight boys." She said over her shoulder as she disappeared up the steps.

Written by: centrum1000

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