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Best Summer Ever Ch. 1

by rocketman96©

I would have to say that the summer of "78" will go down as my most memorable ever. I had just graduated from Carver High School and my parents were going to Europe for the summer. It was a trip that they had been planning for several years. Jen was 19 and had just got back from her first year at college. We were twins and were really close and I had missed her terribly this past year.

My sister Jen is a real knockout. She has a dynamite body . She's 5"7" tall with strawberry-blonde hair (natural of course) and blue eyes. Her bra size is 36B and have fantasized about them for the past 3 years. I have never seen her naked except for one time when her towel fell off when she was walking to her room from taking a shower. That was last summer. I went back to my room and masturbated thinking about what I had just seen. I have masturbated many a time fantasizing about Jen and what it would be like to see her naked. I would take her worn panties back to my room and sniff her scent as I stroked my cock thinking what it would be like to bury my tongue in her pussy.

The summer of "78" was a scorcher and luckily we had a pool to cool off in. My best friend Jeremy spent most of the summer hanging out with me and lounging around the pool. We were in for the surprise of a lifetime.

Jen had been shopping for a new summer swimsuit on the internet last month and had told me that she found one that would knock my socks off. That was an understatement.

After Mom and Dad left on Friday after school was out, Jeremy and I were swimming when Jen came out in her new outfit.

"So what you think " asks Jen.

" I think that if Mom or Dad saw you in that outfit that they would tell you to put something on," I said.

"Well Mom and Dad aren't here so what they don't know won't matter now will it." She says.

"Your right there. Sis you really look awesome." I said.

Jeremy didn't know what to say. I think his cock spoke for him. It was about as hard as a man could get. And Jen picked up on that in a heartbeat.

"So I see you approve of my outfit Jeremy."

Jen then dove in to cool off . After a couple of minutes she jumped up onto the floater and proceeded to tan herself. Her suit when wet is completely see-thru.

It was a white micro thong and barely covered her nipples on top. And now that the suit was wet you could see her nipples completely. And they were about as hard as they could be protruding out from the suit. Her bottoms covered the crack of her pussy and that was it. The outer lips of her pussy were clearly visible and it was obvious that sis had a cleanly shaven pussy. The way she was laying on the raft with her legs spread several inches apart gave us a wonderful view of her crack.

Jeremy and I had just about all we take. We were both dying to cum so we excused ourselves and went up to my room. We took off our suits and started stroking our cocks furiously.

Little did we know that Jen followed us up to my room and was watching us stroking ourselves through the bathroom door of the bathroom we shared.

It didn't take us long to explode both of our cocks spewing our precious juices.

"So this is what you two do up here. I was wondering why my panties had yellow stains in them. Now I know."

"Sis please don't tell Mom or Dad or our friends. Please! Will do anything you want, just don't say anything."

"Relax. I'm not going to say anything to anyone. But I do have a few requests that I expect both of you to follow for the rest of the summer."

"What might those be? asked Jeremy.

"First, you two will stop using my panties to jerk off with. If you want to smell my pussy ask. Second, while you are in the house, you are to be naked at all times. Third, you will ask me for permission if you want to jerk off and you will do it in front of me. And last but not least, all cum belongs to me. I just read that it is good for your complexion, so for the summer any time you masturbate I want it for my skin."

"Sounds fair enough to us," I replied.

"Good. Now lets start my first beauty treatment " and with that Jen proceeded to take all the cum we had from jerking off and rubbing it all over her face as if it was beauty cream. Then she removed her top and rubbed some of the cum on her breasts. Then she asked Jeremy to rub the rest of his cum on her ass.

Jeremy took the remaining cum cream and rubbed it all over my sister's ass.

" Now that I've had my first beauty treatment of the day, I need you two to follow me into the bathroom."

Jeremy and I followed Jen into the bathroom. And Jen proceeded to take out the shaving cream and razor.

" I am not going to be the only shaved person here . Both of you are going to join me in the clean shaven club. And I am going to give you your first shave. I expect both of you to maintain the clean shaven status this entire summer, otherwise you will suffer the consequences. Understand?" asked Jen.

And with that Jen proceeded to shave our cocks and balls of any hair. She even shaved all the way to our butt holes.

"That looks nice. Now your cocks will slip and slide that much easier, especially when I oil them up. And I hate getting hair in my mouth when I'm trying to give a blowjob."

And this is how I started the best summer ever!

More to this adventure in the cumming weeks.

Written by: rocketman96

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