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Our Friend's Sister Likes To Swim

by AshleyFun91©

Ashley kissed them back, as her naked body rubbed against them as she moved her hands down to their crotches and grabbed their dicks as she slowly started to stroke them. "Sorry to keep you waiting boys." She said and giggled as she floated in the water between them.

Jared went behind her and carefully pushed the head of his cock against her asshole. He slowly rubbed her breasts, while Barry was making out with her.

"Hmmm, come and fuck my tight ass, big boy." She said to him and then kissed Barry again passionately.

Jared pushed his cock slowly in her ass, until it was all the way in, making sure she wasn't in pain and then he started to build up some speed as cock slit in and out of her. Barry's dick was still in Ashley's hands, waiting for her to guide him, as both of them were kissing one another.

"Oooooooooh fuuuuuck!" She moaned loud as her as got penetrated by the big cock. "Ram that cock up my ass!" She moaned to him as she grabbed Barry's dick once more and pulled him closer to her with it, rubbing the head against her pussy. "I want you two to DP me." She said to him between some moans and then kissed Barry some more, enjoying his tongue.

Barry's prick easily slit in, and with Ashley's legs around his waist all three of them were fucking together in the water. Jared and Barry's thrusted their cocks, burying them deep inside both her tight holes, making her scream as they pumped her faster.

"Oooooooh fuck me boys! YEEEEES!" Ashley moaned loud as the cocks started to slide in and out of her pussy and ass. They made a good rhythm while water splashed around them. "Hmnmmm, yes! Fuck your best friend's little sister!" She moaned as she once again realized their situation, turning her on even more.

Barry kissed her hard while she was impaled on his and Jared's two big cocks, pounding her senseless, their bodies squashing her as they fucked her harder and faster. All of them moaned loudly together.

"Hmmm, yesss!" Ashley moaned and screamed as she bounced around between both of them. "Your big, hard cocks feel so good in my tight pussy and ass! Fuck meeee! Yeeees!" She moaned in pleasure as she pushed her breasts up a bit, suggesting Barry to lick them as she could feel Jared filling her butt completely with his shaft.

Barry started to suck hard on her nipples, making her scream even louder as their cocks fucked her faster. "I want you to cum so much all over our cocks." Jared whispered in his Phil's sister's ear.

"Then fuck me even harder!" She said back to him as she started to bounce backwards towards him, his cock poking deep in her ass as she pulled Barry towards her, letting him fill her up deep as well. "Fuck me harder!! I'm almost cumming! Pound me!!" She screamed in ecstasy as she saw from the corner of her eyes Jake and Stan looking at her and her two boys, they were still masturbating.

Meanwhile both Jared and Barry were really pounding Ashley hard; they were sweating hard, but didn't slow down one bit, the water still keeping them a bit cool. Barry was sucking her tits one by one, adding to her pleasure while his cock penetrated her so deep.

"Oooh yes, I'm cuuuummming!!!" Ashley suddenly screamed loud as her second orgasm overwhelmed her. She came all over their cocks, while water wildly splashed around them, because over her flopping wildly between Barry and Jared. "Aaaaaah yeeeees! Oooh God Yeeees!"

Neither of them slowed down and kept fucking her hard and deep, loving her orgasmic moaning and they wanted more.

"Don't stop, you can handle more." Jared kept whispering in her ear. His cock was fucking her so deep and hard all the guys were amazed Ashley could take as well while she was having Barry's cock in her pussy as well.

"Oh, I don't ever plan on stopping!" She said and giggled to him as she turned her head to Jared and kissed him passionately on his lips as both men were pounding the hell out of the wet minx.

Jared's fingers found Ashley's clit just above Barry's dick slamming in her pussy and Jared rubbed the clit while Barry was licking her nipples and Ashley was kissing Jared, her holes still being pounded violently.

"Ooooh fuck! Oooh fuck!" She moaned as she felt her third orgasm coming up already. "Keep fucking me harder! I want to cum! Oooooh yesss!" She moaned wildly as she bounced her breasts around Barry's face.

They didn't slow down and kept pumping their big cocks hard and deep inside her, always fucking her as fast as they could while Ashley screamed like crazy. "Cum all over our fucking cocks!" Barry yelled.

"AAAAAAAAH YEEEES! I'M FUCKING CUMMING!" Ashley screamed loud, not caring who could hear as she came again. She tightened up again as the two cocks were deep inside her. "FUUUCK YEEAAAH! OOOOH!"

They didn't slow down one bit as her screamed echoed into the evening sky.

"Ooooh, you guys are amazing." She said between her fit of moans she her orgasm subsided, while she still bounced between Jared and Barry's wet, naked bodies, floating in the middle of the pool.

"Maybe we should continue this by the poolside, because I think this little slut could use some more cock to fill her up." Barry suggested to Jared.

"Yeah, that would only be fair and my mouth hungers for more." Ashley replied and giggled as she removed herself from the two cocks and swam over to the pool side. "Hey big boys, missed me?" She asked and winked to Jake and Stan as they watched her climb out of the pool, her naked body and hair completely wet.

After she climbed up both of them were on her like a flash, kissing and feeling her up hard. Jake lied down on the soft grass and dragged Ashley on top of him, her body against his as he continued kissing her.

She kissed him back and immediately started to bounce op top of him as his cock disappeared in her still-tight pussy. Her breasts were bouncing as she started riding his big, hard cock. She guided his hands over to her waist to give him a good grip. "Hmmm, I've missed your dick." She said and giggled.

Stan wasted no time as he got behind her in a doggy-style position and slit his cock up Ashley's ass. Barry and Jared were now standing on either side of Ashley's front, their cocks presented to her.

"Oooh, fuck yeah!" She moaned as Stan's fat cock went deep inside her asshole. "Gimmee!" She said to Barry and Jared as she grabbed their cocks and started sucking on one and stroked the other, tasted the juices of her pussy that weren't washed of by the pool-water.

Jake thrusted up hard as Stan pushed forward, both of them fucking her as hard as they could, wanting her to cum so much for them. Her tits were bouncing in front of Jake and he squeezed them with his hands, while Stan spanked her round, firm ass a bit.

"Hmmm, fuck me boys! Fuck me hard!!!" She moaned as she licked the two big, hard dicks in front of her face, while she moved wildly between the two shafts impaling her pussy and ass. "Fuck mee!! Pound your cocks so deep into Phil's little sister!"

"Mmmm, fuck, you're so fucking naughty, baby!" Jake said as the guys did what she said, and they started pounding her even harder. Jake could feel Stan's cock fucking Ashley's ass from deep inside her pussy, and they kept using as much force as they could. She kept on bouncing around like crazy in between the meat-sticks.

"Oh yeeeesss! I'm fucking cumming agaaaiin! OOOOH!" Ashley moaned as she came once again. Her holes were tightening up as their cocks went deep in her, getting coated with her delicious juices. "Don't stop, keep fucking me!!! AAAAH!" She screamed and then took Stan's dick in her mouth and enjoyed getting filled in all her tight holes.

Her brother's friends kept fucking her harder and faster, wanting her to have a lot of orgasms. Jake thought about how hot her face looked as she came and he gave her another big kiss in between her screams and her mouth being filled with cock.

"Come on baby, keep cumming for us. Don't stop bouncing up and down hard on our cocks." Stan whispered in her ears.

Ashley's breasts bounce around in rhythm with the rest of her naked body as she got impaled by the big dicks. After her orgasm she immediately felt another one, and then another one as she got in a state of constant orgasms.
"OOOOOOOH FUUUCK MEEE!! RAM ME HARDER!!!" She screamed louder and louder and then took a cock in her mouth to stay a bit quieter. She sucked and slurped loud on the dicks as she got fucked the hell out of her.

They didn't stop fucking her and at the rate they we're going they would only stop if she begged them to slow down. So they kept fucking her harder and harder. Their cocks felt so intense inside her, but they could somehow hold it back, they always had good self-control and the drinks had helped them too. All they could do was keep fucking the horny slut as much as they could handle.

"Come on baby, we want more of you!" Jake said to her.

"Ooooh, come on then! Fuck me harder! I came so much! I want your cum! Hmmmm!" She moaned and screamed between cocks filling her mouth as she milked all of the guys, her pussy tightening around their big, fat cocks as they slit in and out of her holes.

"Oh fuck, she wants our cum, guys!" Barry yelled and he grabbed Ashley's head. Jake and Stann kept fucking her hard while Barry was fucking her mouth hard as he was about to cum.

"Hmmm, cum for me baby." Ashley said as she jerking Barry's pulsing cock hard, while she gave it a few wet licks and sucked on his big balls. She bounced the balls on her tongue and then took his shaft back in her mouth, to suck on it hard, ready for his cum.

"I'm gonna cum!" Barry yelled and then started to spray his load deep in her mouth. Jake and Stan were watching it, but still were fucking her hard, wanting her to cum even more.

"Hmmmmm." Ashley muffled as she took the entire dick in her mouth, Barry's cum spraying to the back of her throat. She swallowed as much cum as she could and then popped his cock out of her mouth. "Mmmmh, so delicious." She said as she cleaned his cock with her tongue. "I love cum." She said between some more of her moans as she felt two cocks still penetrating her tight holes.

Jared was close to cumming as well and as soon as Barry was done he was at Ashley's mouth, holding her head and stroking his cock on her lips. All while Jake and Stan kept bouncing her around between them.

"Oooooh yeeeees!" She moaned as three cocks filled her up completely. "Fill me with your cocks, fill me with your cuuuuuuuuummmmm!" her moan turned into a scream as she came again, wrapping her lips tightly around Jared's big dick.

Jared started cumming into her mouth as Ashley screamed. Jake and Stan were also close, but were deliberately holding it up.

"Swallow every drop, baby." Jared gasped as he came, Ashley's lips were wrapped really tight around his cock, like a vacuum as she sucked his cock dry.

"Hmm, hmmmm!" She moaned as he mouth was filled with cum. She tried to swallow it all, but some of it was escaping her lips and dripped onto her swaying breasts. She took his cock and rubbed it against her face, smearing some cum on her cheeks while she licked the rest of.

Meanwhile she started to bounce hard again. "Cum for me, you big dicked bastards!! Fill me with your cum as you pound me like the little slut that I am!"

"You gotta cum again, baby!" Jake said and they started fucking her powerfully again.

"Let's all cum together!" Said Stan as he spanked Ashley's ass.

"Ooooh, fuck!" She moaned as she felt their cocks entering her tight pussy and ass at the same time, making her come once again. She tightened up as much as possible as she let the orgasm roll over her. "Fuck me!! Fuck me sooo haaard! Bang me like you have always wanted to bang me! FUCK! ME!!"

As she came all over their cocks again, Stan and Jake started to cum almost at the same time and they thrusted their cocks deep and hard inside her as her holes swallowed every drop of their cum.

"YEEEEES FILLME UP!!!" She screamed loud in ecstasy, the feeling of their cum spurting hard and deep inside of her triggered another climax. "YES YEESSS!!" Ashley moaned as the two guys filled the holes of their friend's little sister with hot jizz, some of it dripping out of her, over the two cocks releasing their sperm.

Stan almost collapsed on top of her, though both of the cocks were still inside her. "Mmmmm, fuck, that was intense." Stan yelled.

After the guys were done cumming they removed themselves from her and lied on the floor along with Ashley, who lied on her back on the ground. "Oooh, that was amazing..." She said as she scooped some of the cum out of her pussy and put it in her mouth.

"Oh damn, Ash. If we have known you were so good at this we would have fucked you sooner." Jake said and laughed as he watched Phil's naked sister clean the cum from her pussy.

"Well, you guys better not tell Phil... I'm not sure he would appreciate it..." Ashley replied and giggled some more. Then she looked over to Barry. "Could you hand me one of those beers? This fucking has made me thirsty." She asked and winked to him. Then she cupped her breasts and licked some of the cum from them with her tongue.

"Yeah, better not mention this to him. He'll probably not have liked it that we filled up all of his slutty sister's holes with cum." Jared said and laughed at the absurd situation while all the guys were watching Ashley clean her naked and still slightly wet body.

"Here you go, darling." Barry said as he handed her a beer, his limp cock swaying in front of her face.

"Thank you, big boy." Ashley replied as she grabbed the beer and then grabbed Barry's limp dick and gave it a few licks and a kiss on the head. Then she took a big gulp from her beer and gave it to Barry.

She got back up and then suddenly jumped back into the pool. "Aaah, the water still feels good." She said once her head got back above water and looked over the guys, their dicks getting slightly hard again.

"So boys, do you want another swim with your best friend's little sister?" She asked and winked to them. The guy immediately got up and jumped in.

The End?

Author's note:

I made this story by retyping a roleplay I did with a great guy online. He played the roles of all the guys, while I just had to play myself. I retyped it to change spelling mistakes and to make it into a fluent story, so for example I put it in past tense and switched up a few paragraphs. The reason the paragraphs are sometimes structured weirdly is because each paragraph is a part one of us wrote, while the next one was written by the other one.

I changed the names, as the friend I wrote it with wants to stay anonymous. But I would still like to thank him, since he basically wrote half the story.

I would also like to apologize if some of the spelling and grammar is wrong, since English isn't my main language. Let me know what to edit or change in the comments.

I hope everyone liked it and I plan to write down more of my RPs and maybe some of my personal experiences and fantasies. Let me know what you guys think.


Ashley ;)

PS. If you ever want to Role Play with me, contact me and we could have some fun.

Written by: AshleyFun91

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