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I was 23 years old, a little thinner and a lot more foolish. I was pretty and knew men liked to look at my boobs. So working as a secretary on a construction sight was ideal. There was an engineer there. I knew I had caught his eye the day he arrived on the site from Alaska. We had lunch together that first day after I had processed his hiring paperwork. He was 45, married with 5 kids and had been working on the North Slope in Alaska for months. He had visited home for a short visit before coming to this construction job and was living in an apartment on his on.

The engineers did not each have a secretary, but shared me. My soon-to-be lover was the youngest of the 3 and by far the most interesting to me. He wasn't much taller than me, but had a muscular physique, salt and pepper gray hair and a very nice ass. Being new on the site, he spent plenty of time with me helping him get the requisitions right. After just a week or so I was having pretty regular fantasies about getting him into bed.

I was alone in the office one day when I decided to call him in his office. I asked him if he would like to get drinks after work one night and he readily agreed, picking the next night as the date. I hung up and couldn't believe how easy it was to ask a man out. But I was not sure he knew what I was after- up until this point we had just been friendly (except in my mind).

The next day I dressed in my prettiest panties and bra, best jeans and cutest top. I had to wear steel-toed boots and a hard hat all day, but I had gotten used to that. Nothing was said at the office all day, we had lunch together, but with friends and I was starting to doubt that anything would come of our date. But finally I arrived at the bar we agreed to and his pickup was there. He escorted me in with his arm lightly at my waist- a gentlemanly touch I didn't get at home. We were seated and drinks were ordered when he told me how glad he was I had asked him out. He confided that he was very smitten with me and had wanted to see me, but was afraid I would turn him down since we were both married. After another drink he asked me if I would come back to his apartment with him and I said yes.

The drive home was short, but on the way he asked me what the most sensitive part of my body was. I wanted to answer my nipples but chickened out and said my neck. With that response I leaned over and kissed his neck, and gave him goosebumps. (He told me later a friend had given him that line to use on me!)

Arriving at his place he got bashful again. He checked the mail and phone messages while I wandered around his living room. I was looking at a picture of his VERY pretty wife when he came up behind me and began to nuzzle my neck. It was my turn for goosebumps. Our kissing soon turned to petting and as clothes were removed we moved to his bedroom. We sat on the edge of the bed kissing and he laid me back. He moved to suckling my breasts- the nipples were hard and puckered and they are indeed the most sensitive part of me. I can have an orgasm from suckling if done long and hard enough. I moaned as I enjoyed every suck and nip and he said I was amazing. (Note to men: Praising our sexual ability will get you major points!) He then started to pull my jeans off. He got up to slip them completely off me and kneeled between my legs. Without any word he bent his mouth to my pussy and began sucking on my clit. Soon he also had his fingers thrusting in and out of my vagina, but he kept up the gentle suction until I came in just about 2 minutes.

It was a short, intense orgasm that left me wanting a cock in my pussy. I wriggled back onto the bed more, pulling him with me, and got his jeans down. He leaned back on his heels kneeling on the bed and I brought my pussy up into his lap. He said he couldn't believe I was so responsive and came that quick. His cock was hard, longer and fatter than my husbands, and he bent it down just to the entrance of my cunt. I raised my hips to invite him in and he held still as I worked my hips back and forth on his lap. From his position he could easily see his cock sliding in and out of me and how nicely he stretched me open. So many years later I can still remember how that instant felt! Everything about a new lover is so exciting. His kisses are hotter, his touch new, even his smell is arousing. But it is his cock entering me for the first time I think of often, and the look on his face as it happened.

This was all in just moments after my first orgasm and I soon built those sensations back with his cock in me. He watched both my pussy and my face and I looked him right in the eye as my second orgasm washed over me. As I came, I drew him in deeper until he was right up against me. My muscles spasmed and pulled on him and I felt him swell and then the hot splatter of cum in me as he came. I loved that feeling.

He thrust a couple more times in his orgasm and then rolled off of me. He climbed up onto the bed more and situated his pillow under his head. It didn't occur to me that we might be done; we'd only been at it about 15 minutes. I followed him up on the bed farther and laid my head in his lap. Playfully I gathered his balls and cock in my hand and started to clean our cum off him with my tongue. His cock was soft and this meant I could take the whole thing in my mouth and swirl it around. I just held his balls firmly since I didn't yet know what he liked. I love to suck on a flaccid penis. It is not intimidating and I can get all the way to the base of a large one. (I also enjoy the power I feel as it starts to out grow my abilities. I made that erection happen, I think to myself!)

But in this instance my lover seemed uncomfortable. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was just playing. I asked him if it felt good and he said yes, but I was "taxing his recuperative powers." I told him I had faith in him and asked if I could continue. He told me he had never been touched that way before. I thought he meant he had never had a woman clean their juices off him before.

He watched me intently as I licked and sucked him. I placed his hands in my hair and as he got hard I showed him how to work my head up and down on his cock as I sucked. As he got harder and larger I couldn't take as much in my mouth as before. I could let the head of his cock get to the back of my throat and I could ignore my gag reflex, but I couldn't swallow him. I thought if we could change positions I might be able to deep-throat him. Before I could suggest the change he abruptly pulled me away from him, brought me up on him and impaled me on his cock. He moaned and thrust up into my pussy as I rode him. I was dripping our cum from before and reached down to rub my clit. I soon brought myself to another orgasm and felt my vagina spasm around his cock. He grabbed my hips and thrust harder into me as he came again. I changed my movements to short, fast thrusts to extend his orgasm and he began to tremble underneath me. After several moments of this I began to tire and slowly stopped moving. I lay down on him and slid off to the side, resting my head on his shoulder.

I thought we were both content when he said, "That was too easy for you, you've had affairs before." My head shot up and I burst into tears. I most certainly had not, I denied. My tears made him feel bad and he cuddled me and tried to say he was sorry. I listened as he told me an amazing story. In 20+ years of marriage, he had never done most of the things we had just done. He had never performed cunnilingus (could have fooled me!), never had a blowjob and never had a woman on top of him. When he and his wife had sex, he had to pull out as soon as he came. He wasn't allowed to suckle or play with her breasts and she didn't touch him. He had seen movies and magazines depicting the things we had just done to each other, but he didn't think they happened in real life.

I was shocked, but we continued to talk and over the course of a couple of hours he opened up to me about some of his fantasies. He loved breasts, loved 'em! Over the course of our relationship he often told me how beautiful mine were. His first fantasy (one we fulfilled that night!) was that he wanted to tit fuck me. His second fantasy was to make love outside with the chance of getting caught. And his third fantasy was to have anal sex. I readily agreed to do everything I could to make his fantasies come true, but we had to agree not to fall in love with each other and not leave our spouses and kids. (We did have some morals!)

After a while I suggested a shower together (another first for him), and we got in the hot water. I started to soap him up and then rubbed his hands on me to get lathered. I moved around him pressing my soapy breasts up against him and rubbing them all over him. Sure enough before long he was hard again. I knelt under the water in front of him and rinsed all the soap off him. I handled his balls a little more firmly this time. I would squeeze them and pull gently down on the sack to make his cock slap against my tits. I flicked the tips of my nipples with the head of his cock and made the water splash. I took his cock in my mouth and pressed my tits against his balls as I rubbed them between my boobs. But finally I pressed his hard cock (that was probably getting sore!) between my soft breasts and started to move. Sometimes I looked down and caught the head of his cock in my mouth on an upward thrust. And sometimes I looked up into his face and let him see his cock sliding in and out. I told him to get a hold of my nipples and twist them and soon he was manipulating my breasts himself. I simply pressed myself against him and let him do whatever felt good. He mashed the two breasts together and thrust between them over and over. I told him to pinch my nipples harder, and I told him when I came when he pinched them hard enough for me. My moans and demands for harder treatment of my nipples brought him to an orgasm. I held still and watched as cum spurted out over my chest. He was watching too, but soon had to let go of me and hold onto the towel bar. When he moved away the water began to wash his cum off of me. I spread it over my tits and licked some off my hands before it was gone, all while I still knelt before him.

The hot water was gone and his knees were shaking, so we needed to get out. I still needed to get home and some how figure out to act like nothing had happened. How do you hide such a profound occurrence? We dressed in silence, he drove me back to my car and he kissed me gently before telling me he loved me. I said, "I love you too," and we broke the first rule that night.

Written by: Asian_Young_Couple

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