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The Law of Attraction Ch. 03

by hottchic©

This story is a transsexual fantasy.

It still amazes me when we consider the mysterious effects that occur at the subatomic level, and it has been suggested that matter itself can be morphed by subatomic effects. Quantum effects are still not really understood by scientists and maybe never will be, with new effects being discovered like super conductivity and super fluidity that the old Newtonian style cause and effect physics simply cannot explain.

All we can say with any certainty is that there are things in this universe which are beyond our understanding, maybe nothing is exactly as seems...


"Imagine starting to believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you deserve everything you want out of life. Imagine getting everything you want out of life.

Once you apply the 'Law of Attraction' everything is possible."

My name is, or should I say was, James (now Jamie), and there I was, a 30 year old guy, who was a virgin, sharing a New York, rent controlled apartment with a 25 year old lesbian, Ashley, and she was a hot looking lesbian at that.

Ashley, although a lesbian had started to help me explore my feminine side, and it was becoming clearer to me with each passing day that Ashley was starting to fall in love with me as a woman.

I had mixed feelings about this because although from the moment I laid eyes on Ashley I fell for her, I felt that in the end our relationship could only ever be a disappointment to Ashley as I was not a biological woman.

Then in a surprise gesture Ashley had paid for a very expensive therapy for me called deblock therapy, and this therapy was supposed to help me realize my true potential.

Now it appeared that the result of deblock therapy was going to be fame and fortune way beyond my expectation and it was all happening so fast.

My launch as a major New York artist had been spectacular and at the same time I had been thrust onto the New York social scene mixing with celebrities and people in entertainment, due in large part to Annabel (my artistic agent) and her expert promotion of my inspired art.

My success also appeared to hinge on the fact that ever since the deblock therapy, my body, attitude and mannerisms were becoming ever more feminine, so much so that I was introduced to New York society as a beautiful woman in a lesbian relationship.

Suddenly I was stirred from my thoughts by Annabel, she was telling me that my interview and shoot for a major women's magazine would be very important in helping my career as an aspiring artist and increasing my exposure to New York society.

The piece would focus primarily on me as a person and new artist. Some of my artwork would be displayed, but equally important would be a photo shoot of the beautiful Jamie in the high end fashion promoted by the magazine.

Annabel was enthusiastically saying, "When women read, this piece and see your picture in beautiful dresses, they will want to be like you, look like you and dress like you."

So the next day I waited at the offices of the publisher of the Magazine, I was feeling a little nervous so I had brought Ashley along with me, also believing that she could help if I needed any help changing clothes. Obviously I did not want anybody to see my bulge.

Earlier that morning Ashley had spent a long time applying very little makeup and selecting casual clothes, I was wearing a flowery halter top with ruffles, light pink Capri pants that came half way up my calves and strappy white pumps with three inch heels.

I had asked Ashley why she took so much time over achieving what was a very casual look, and she explained that as the interview included a photo shoot, I would be dressed by the magazine's wardrobe department in clothes by high end fashion designers, so there was no point in going dressed formally.

However the impression we needed to create was that even dressed informally I looked like a bomb, "We are trying to create the impression that you get out of bed and throw some clothes on and look impeccable." She said.

"But that's ludicrous," I said, "nobody just casually throws on clothes and looks impeccable."

"It's all part of the game," Ashley had said, "they know that you can't just throw your clothes on and look perfect and they know that we know it, but the thought that subconsciously enters their minds is that if you spend that much time to look casual, how much time would you spend if you were dressing yourself formally, and that gets you respect."

I thought for a moment about the effort that had gone into my formal presentation as an artist to the New York elite, the facial, manicure, pedicure, hair styling etc, all the trouble with clothes and jewelry and I started to see what Ashley meant.

"Sometimes it's hard work being a woman isn't it?" I had said.

"Yes it is," Ashley had replied, "particularly when you are in the public spotlight like you are going to be."

Before I left the house that morning I looked at myself in the full length mirror, "Well I certainly passed the fuckable test I told myself, I would definitely fuck me."

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the arrival of a pretty 30 year old sub editor. "Good morning, you must be Ms Williams, the woman said, "My name is Joan."

"Please call me Jamie," I replied, "and this is my partner Ashley."

"I must say Jamie," said Joan, "my editor told me that you were beautiful, but in the flesh you are much more beautiful than she described, I can see why she wanted me to do a piece on you."

Then Jamie looked over at Ashley, "You are very beautiful also, the two of you make a very beautiful couple."

If I was not mistaken, I noticed a look of lust in Joan's eyes. I was beginning to understand that Ashley and I often had this effect on women.

As expected my makeup was done by a professional makeup artist and the look was specifically designed to be photographed. My long platinum blond hair already looked good, so only a touchup was required.

Then Ashley helped me get into the first of the designer dresses, a sky blue summer dress with a belt and short pleated skirt. Ashley said I looked great and Joan certainly liked how I looked when I went for the photo session.

As the photo session proceeded, Joan, asked, "Is this your first photo shoot?"

To which I replied, "Yes, why do you ask?"

"Because you seem new to this, yet you seem almost like a model the way you can give us just what we want, you must be a natural." said Joan.

Later I changed into a short strapless black minidress with a tulle skirt and shiny black pumps with 4 inch heels. The lust in the eyes of both Joan and Ashley was very clear.

I stayed in the black dress for the interview, where Joan asked me a few questions about my art and my life with Ashley. Then when the interview was over I was allowed to keep the black dress.

That night back at Annabel's luxury apartment, when Annabel saw me in the short strapless dress with the sexy tulle skirt she said she wanted to fuck me, it was also clear that Ashley wanted to feel me up and have me eat her out, but I said, "Let's eat first I'm starving."

Later in the bedroom Annabel stripped me and threw me on the bed, and then stripped herself and impaled herself on my 7 inch dick. Ashley also stripped quickly and sat on my face, reaching down to grab my now well developed tits in her hands pinching my nipples firmly as I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy.

"Oh Jamie your tits are so beautiful," cried Ashley, followed by, "ahhh, ahhh, ahhh," as I tongued her clit to bring her to orgasm."

Annabel cried, "Hmmm, I just can't get enough of this beautiful cock on a beautiful girl." then biting her lip said, "Oh fuck I'm coming."

Annabel and Ashley both came together but I stayed hard to give these beautiful women 3 more orgasms myself before coming very powerfully inside Annabel.

A few days later the piece about me came out in the women's magazine.

Annabel was very pleased with the result, there was the written article but Annabel was more interested in the pictures. There were pictures of my art, pictures of me with Ashley and Annabel at my opening and finally a two page spread of me in the sundress and the evening dress.

"WOW," Annabel enthused, "this is so good, and you look brilliant in those dresses Jamie. This is just the sort of incredible publicity that money just can't buy, and the dress designers will be pleased also because you look just perfect in those dresses Jamie. It is definitely a WIN WIN situation."

Over the next few days Annabel was working on promoting me in the art world and starting to prepare for my national tour in a few months time by getting me recognized at a national level. And while this was going on Ashley's current season on Broadway was coming to an end.

It was during this period that Jeff's twin brother Alex came to town. Not only did Alex look like Jeff, but also like Jeff he was a real gentleman and really knew how to treat a lady well.

One night Ashley, Annabel and I met up with Jackie, Jeff and his brother Alex at a night club, and the moment Alex was introduced to Annabel I saw there was a spark there. It was not surprising therefore to either Ashley or I when Annabel went off with Alex.

Both of us knew that Annabel, while she loved our threesome, was just biding time with us until she actually met a guy who was sensitive, gentle, secure in himself and manly. And if he was as similar to Jeff as he appeared to be then Alex appeared to have all these qualities. I mean even I was attracted to Alex a little just as I often found myself attracted to Jeff nowadays.

The real bombshell came when Annabel told us that she had been invited on a 2 month cruise by Alex and suddenly realizing that she might have met her soul mate in Alex, she accepted. That left Ashley and I alone together, it left me without anybody to fuck me and give me head, and more important as far as I was concerned it left Ashley without pussy.

Annabel was very quick to assure me that when she came back from the cruise she would have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming national tour of my art work, she even promised to get together with us from time to time for some sexy fun, but Ashley and I knew it would not be the same now that Alex was in her life.

After Annabel left for her cruise, for the first few days, Ashley and I were fine. Ashley was performing the last few nights of the run of her play. And with the money from selling some of my artwork plus Ashley's advance for this run of her play, we moved into a new apartment with a view out over the harbor and splashed out on a new BMW.

Once we started to settle down to a routine however, and particularly after the closing night of the run of Ashley's play, it became clear to me that Ashley was missing pussy. Don't get me wrong Ashley loved me eating her out and sucking her tits, and she loved sucking my tits, but it wasn't the same for her not being able to give pleasure to another women through her pussy.

The issue was exacerbated because both Ashley and I had stopped doing our waitress jobs because of the income we were making from selling my artwork and Ashley's acting respectively. Also all the activity associated with the launching of my career and Ashley's nightly performances had meant that we had simply not had the opportunity to continue waitressing. Now however with Ashley particularly having time on her hands, she had time to reflect on what she was missing by not having Annabel around.

One highlight was when we got really drunk one night with Jackie and Jeff and all went back to our apartment.

I fucked Jackie doggie style while she ate out Ashley, and then Jackie sucked me off while Ashley ate her out and all the time Jeff was jerking himself off watching us together. As before Jackie told Jeff to spray his cum all over my now C cup tits and again she licked Jeff's cum off my tits, but this time she took my face in her hands and kissed me hard pushing some of Jeff's cum into my mouth.

Now she lay down on the bed and got Jeff to lie down next to her. Jackie was really drunk and she suddenly said she wanted me to suck Jeff's cock, she said she wanted to see me do it since the first time she had seen me with tits (at that time girlish A cup tits).

Then Jackie said, "What about you Jeff, are you ok with it?"

"I'd love it if Jamie sucked me," he said, "I can't think of her as anything other than a girl now anyway."

I was saying, "I don't know Jackie I feel a bit weird about it."

Then Jackie said, "Ashley only gets to eat me out if you suck Jeff off."

Then Ashley said, "Please Jamie I need this."

There was no denying Ashley's need and I really wanted her to have this, but I still hesitated.

Then Ashley said, "I'll let you fuck me, when we are alone."

I couldn't believe my ears, was this Ashley saying this, my lesbian girlfriend, that she would let me put my dick in her. Then I thought that the following day she would try to get out of it, and I would let her of course, but right now I knew she was sincere and that indicated just how great her need must be.

I looked at Jeff, since my body had started to change I was finding him attractive, his 8 inch dick looked very beautiful to me right now in my drunken state. Gingerly I stretched my long tongue out towards the head of his dick.

Suddenly I was aware that Jackie and Ashley were still, they were looking at me in fascination.

The head of the dick felt smooth to my tongue, it was stiffening quickly, the sensation was interesting, but what was really turning me on was the way in which Ashley and Jackie were looking at what I was doing, the knowledge that what I was doing was turning them on.

Gently my tongue flicked around the head of Jeff's dick before I finally took the tip in my mouth, I sucked slightly, causing Jeff to moan in pleasure. Raising my eyes to look at Jeff as I gently sucked his cock I saw that his eyes were closed, he was surrendering himself to the sensations I was giving him.

Flicking my eyes towards Ashley and Jackie, I could see that they were both biting their lips in concentration, so I impulsively sucked harder pulling Jeff's dick further into my mouth causing both the girls to moan and Jeff to moan louder.

After sucking further and letting his dick out of my mouth a little and sucking again I soon got a rhythm started and as I did now Ashley aggressively started to bite and suck Jackie's pussy, clearly watching me sucking Jeff was making her more aggressive, I don't think I had ever seen her so turned on.

Then as I continued to suck off Jeff Ashley brought Jackie to a shuddering orgasm, I had never seen Jackie come so fast or so hard, I was sure a lot of it was because of seeing me suck Jeff.

Now Ashley and Jackie got into the 69 position and brought each other to mutual orgasms several times before Jeff finally announced her was going to cum.

Now Ashley and Jackie exhausted from their mutual activity split and I took the opportunity to wank Jeff until he came all over Jackie's tits.

This time it was I who licked the cum off Jackie's tits before giving her a long kiss where I pushed the cum into her mouth. As I did this, she took my rock solid dick and slid it into her, and it wasn't long before I came. As I looked at Ashley while I fucked Jackie, I saw a look I had never seen in her eyes before. Did she want to be fucked?

After I had come inside Jackie, Ashley aggressively pulled me over towards her and thrust my face into her pussy hard, telling me to suck her clit and push my tongue inside her.

While I was doing this Jeff was fucking Jackie doggie style, and both Jackie and Ashley when they came, came very hard, and were shaking for minutes afterwards.

Finally Ashley pulled my head to her bosom, encouraging me to gently suckle her nipple, and like that we fell asleep.

The following morning Ashley prepared a special breakfast for me of omelet followed by Belgium waffles.

She said, "I want to let you know that I really appreciate what you did for me last night, sucking Jeff off so that Jackie would let me eat her out. I also want to let you know that seeing you suck him off was a real turn on for me, even though sucking dick is something that I would never do.

I guess somehow you doing that made you look so girly. You might have noticed how turned on I was by the way I ate Jackie out."

Then Ashley continued, "When I promised that I would let you fuck me I meant it you know, but you have to promise you will trust me however weird things might get."

"I trust you." I replied, not knowing what she meant but knowing that I trusted Ashley implicitly."

That day Ashley had her acting class and I was working on my latest piece of art. As I worked on my art I thought about what Ashley had said, what did she mean by, "However weird things might get."

That night in bed I was particularly tender with Ashley, licking her body all over but paying particular attention to her tits, ass and pussy. She came a total of nine times and we fell asleep with Ashley suckling on my tit.

The following morning I woke up and tried to get up, but suddenly became aware that I was tied to the bed.

Looking around I found that I was on my back and my arms and legs appeared to be bound to the corners of the bed by rope, and a pillow had been pushed under my ass to lift it slightly.

"What the fuck," I thought to myself. I assumed that it had to be Ashley, but why?

If realizing that I was tied up seemed strange however, this was nothing compared to what I saw next.

Ashley entered the room naked except for a large strapon dildo, it must have been at least 8 inches in length and very thick, and there was a piece that pushed against her clit so that she would also get stimulated when she used it on somebody, I realized that that somebody would be me.

Now Ashley opened a drawer and took out a tube of lubricant.

I looked at Ashley, my eyes questioning her but she said nothing. Quietly Ashley approached, and now she started to lube my ass up, I opened my mouth to speak but she put her finger to my lips telling me to keep quiet.

Now she started pushing one and two fingers into my ass and moving them around, surprisingly I found this stimulation quite nice, moaning slightly.

Now Ashley started to lube up her strapon dildo and as I looked at its girth I thought to myself that this rubberized dick was just too big for me.

Suddenly Ashley started pushing the massive dildo against the entrance to my ass hole and I was pleading with her asking, "Why are you doing this to me Ashley?" but Ashley just pushed harder.

Then with all Ashley's applied pressure the head of the dildo entered my ass, and the pain was excruciating. Tears were rolling down my face and I was pleading desperately now saying, "Please take it out Ashley, it's too big, it feels like it's ripping me apart."

But as Ashley continued to push 'her' plastic dick into me the pain was even greater for me and I noticed a look of lust on her face. This was a side I had never seen of Ashley before and it was frightening me.

Now the plastic monster was filling me completely and it hurt like hell, there was slight relief when she pulled it out a little but then she pushed it back in hard causing me to cry out in agony.

As Ashley fucked me it was clear that it was turning her on and the stimulation to her clit was causing her to respond sexually. She grabbed my tits hard as she fucked me and she was looking into my eyes saying, "Take it bitch."

It was giving me a lot of pain and I was crying like a baby, Ashley knew I was in pain and yet she was clearly enjoying the sensation. Looking into her eyes I also saw anger as she pounded into me, and I was saying, "Why are you doing this to me Ashley?"

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