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Caught Masturbating by Mom

by bddphx©

I had this fantasy about my mom. I wrote it in the third-person, but I imagine it is about me.

Cody laid there. He stared at the ceiling above him; it was the same one he had stared at a thousand times. Cody felt a bit embarrassed because he had to move back in with his parents. College was fine; he got his degree in five years, but finding a job was difficult right now and nothing really grabbed his attention anyway. So, what was left but to move back in with his mom and dad. They were more than happy to have him back for a while, but Cody wasn't feeling the same. His younger sister was out on her own. Why was he stuck here as his last resort? Either way he tried not to think about it and drifted off to sleep.

Cody woke up and got out of bed. After visiting the bathroom he headed to the kitchen. His dad and left the night before for a business trip to London and would be gone for three weeks. His mom told him she was running over to his grandparents' house that morning and wouldn't be home either. Cody walked into the kitchen, half-asleep still, wearing just some boxer briefs. He was sporting a decent bit of morning wood when he froze.

"Oh, g'morning hon." It was his mom standing by the counter pouring a cup of coffee

Lindsey was always a petite girl and kept her small frame. Now in her mid 40's, she stayed in shape and worked out when she could. She was a couple inches over five feet tall, maybe 115 pounds, shoulder length blond hair, big blue eyes. For her 40th birthday a few years earlier, her present was a pair of new boobs, nothing huge, but very tasteful. She had a thin waist to go with her slightly large but round bubble butt. She was secretly proud of that. And she was standing there in a short t-shirt that she had slept in barely covering her ass.

"Hey mom, I didn't know anyone was here," Cody said, trying to quietly cover the bulge in his underwear. "You didn't go to Grandpa's?"

Lindsey was glad Cody had moved back in, even if it was only for a little while. She missed being a "mom" every day, having a bit of that empty nest feeling. Besides her husband was traveling all the time for work, so it was nice having another man around. She couldn't help but notice her son was half naked and her eyes instinctively glanced at his crotch. She caught herself and attempted to look away.

Cody was a well-built young man. Not something out of a magazine, but he was an athlete in high school, and was active during college too. He stood a shade over six feet, broad shoulders and chest, slightly defined arms, dirty blond hair much darker than his mom's, and brown eyes. He had the same round bubble butt as his mom that got him plenty of glances from the girls. Overall, he was a rather clean-cut typical college grad.

"No, I didn't make it over there yet. I decided to go over there later this afternoon," said Linsdey. "You can come with me if you want."

Cody thought for a second and said, "Ah that's ok, I think I'll just stay here and unpack some more of my things."

"Alright, help yourself to some coffee. I just made it." Cody's mom walked back into her bedroom. Cody watched her leave and looked at his mom in the short shirt. She did have a nice ass. He realized there was no way she was wearing any shorts. It was just a t-shirt and some panties. He looked again closely and could see the outline of her thong. Hmm, he thought, not just panties but a thong.

He went back to his room.


A few hours went by and Lindsey was about to leave the house.

"Bye Cody, I'm leaving now. I should be home sometime about six," she called out.

"Ok Mom, tell grandma I'll be over to visit her and grandpa soon," he replied. He heard the door close and she was gone.

Cody was home alone. He had been thinking about the image of his mom form this morning - the little shirt showing her nice butt with some kind of sexy thong. His cock was stirring.

When he was younger he used to sneak into his parents' bedroom when no one was home and go through his mom's underwear drawer and even the dirty laundry hamper. He was always surprised to see such skimpy sexy underwear. It did not look like "mom" underwear. Lindsey wore little bikinis, booty shorts, but mostly thongs and g-strings.

He would find a pair that looked fun, strip off his clothes, and use the underwear and masturbate. He always felt really dirty wrapping his mom's panties around his cock, but he was horny and had a thing for panties. Where else was he going to find such a wonderful collection of women's undies?

The idea of his old habit came back to him. He quietly walked to his mom's bedroom even though no one was home. He stood in the doorway for a moment before walking over to her panty drawer. He pulled it open. He saw white cotton bikinis, lacy panties and g-strings, colorful thongs and booty shorts, all folded nicely and neatly. He was always careful if he picked out a pair to put it back right where he found it and folded the same way. Many times it was easier to find a dirty pair and just throw them back into the hamper. He did not want to imagine what would happen if she found out. The humiliation and shame would be almost unbearable.

He looked down on the floor to his right. He saw the t-shirt from this morning and his heart skipped, and he closed the drawer.

The light blue cotton t-shirt was crumpled on the floor. Of course, that wasn't what Cody was looking for. He slowly bent down and picked up the shirt. There it was. The thong she must have been wearing from this morning was laying right there. He didn't pick it up yet.

He put the shirt down and quickly started to undress. Once he was completely naked, he went back for the worn thong he was going to use. He picked it up. It was a see-through dark pink color and a true thong, not a g-string. The material was thin and as Cody held it up he looked inside the crotch, right where his mom's pussy had been. A few white stains covered the thong, some were still a bit wet, but it was mostly dry at this point. Cody's penis stiffened. He felt his cock growing and his balls tingle.

He lied down on the bed, took the thong in his right hand, and his now throbbing erection into his left. He wrapped the panties around his cock and started to stroke up and down.


Lindsey pulled up to a red light and stopped. "Dammit," she said to herself. She had forgotten to bring ..... . She was still close to home, so she decided to turn around and go back home to get it.

A few minutes later, she pulled into the drive way, hopped out of the car, and quickly ran inside. She opened the front door and walked into the living room to get the ..... . She turned to leave when she heard sound coming from her bedroom. She knew Cody was home, but why would he be in there.

She got to the doorway entering her room and was about to call out to Cody when she stopped in her tracks. There on her bed was her son. He was naked. His eyes were closed and he had his hands on his penis, masturbating. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to embarrass him, which would be just as embarrassing for her, so she backed behind the doorway and watched.

A flood of emotions raced through her. Lindsey thought she should feel upset, and to some extent she was, but that was replaced with curiosity, and her curiosity, turned to lust. Her son was a grown man now. As much as she might deny it, the image of him in his underwear this morning made her wonder what he looked like naked, now that he was all grown up. Not only was Cody naked now, but he was fully aroused. Her eyes locked onto her son's penis.

Lindsey was amused to see her son's penis looked a lot like his father's although Cody's appeared to have more girth. Lindsey noticed something else different. Her son had no pubic hair around his penis or testicles. She hadn't seen a man who shaved his genitals before. She liked the look. A familiar tingling sensation began to form between her legs; she felt a bit ashamed. She noticed something else too.

Cody was holding something to his face. It looked like some small pink material. "Oh my god," Lindsey said to herself. He was sniffing the thong she was wearing from this morning. She felt angry that Cody would violate her privacy like that. It didn't look like this was his first time doing this. She wondered how many other times her son had gone through her panties to masturbate. At the same time, it flattered her. It made her feel desired and attractive.

Her sex life with her husband was nearly non-existent. He traveled all the time and when he was around, one of them would have some excuse as to why they couldn't have sex. Here was a young man who probably had many female admirers and could be with any number of young women, but he was on her bed, pleasuring himself with her underwear. Cody stopped for a moment and adjusted. Lindsey watched as he took the panties away from his face, positioned the crotch of her thong over the head of his cock and resumed.

Cody was lost in his masturbation session. The scent of his mother's sex engorged his cock even more. The feeling of the thin material tickled his cock head. His closed his eyes again, picturing what his mom's ass would look like in the tiny thong. Then he imagined what her pussy might look like too. Did she have pouty lips? Did she keep her cunt shaved or waxed? If felt so "wrong and forbidden" to be having such lustful thoughts about his own mother, but it turned him on. His hand began to stroke faster. It became a blur over his cock.

The image of her son lost in his own sexual pleasure was so erotic. Lindsey felt guilty for staying to watch. This was Cody she was spying on, not some random stranger. The fact this was so taboo caused her pussy to throb even more. She was wet.

Lindsey had not been this turned on in years. Her lust took over and she slowly entered the room. Her heart was racing. What if Cody freaked out? What was going to happen? She walked closer, right to the edge of the bed.

Cody did not see his mom come into the room. His eyes were still closed and he was close to orgasm.

Lindsey pulled off her shirt, and carefully unbuttoned her shorts, letting them fall to the floor. She tried hard not to disturb her son and interrupt him, but she wasn't hiding the fact she was standing next to him either.

Cody could feel his balls swelling and his cum building. He wanted to watch himself shoot his load right into the crotch of his mom's thong. He opened his eyes.

"Mom!" Cody yelled. She startled him. His impending orgasm subsided for a moment as he realized he was no longer alone. "It's ok. Keep going," Lindsey replied. She looked her son in the eyes and then looked back to her son's cock making sure Cody noticed her gaze.

Cody was distracted. His mom was standing in front of him in her underwear. He starred at her breasts as they looked like they would spill out of her bra, and then glanced down to her panty-covered pussy. His mom had her hands hooked around the waistband of her thong and peeled them off right in front of him.

Cody saw his mother's naked vagina for the first time. It was perfect. She kept her pussy shaved and groomed. Cody noticed her lips part slightly and her sex seemed to glisten as she stepped out of her panties.

Without saying a word she laid her thong on her son's chest. Cody froze still processing what was happening. Lindsey walked around to the other side of the bed and as she did Cody got a perfect view of her round ass. It was just as he imagined. She unhooked her bra too allowing her breasts to swing free.

She climbed onto the bed and sat on her knees near Cody's feet so they were facing each other. She looked her son in the eyes and then at her underwear lying on his chest and back to his eyes. Cody got the message. He picked up the new thong and put it to his face and inhaled. The scent was electric and seemed to travel straight down to his genitals.

His erection had never subsided although it did stiffen as he smelled his mother's wetness. He looked back to his mom. She had her right hand between her legs and began rubbing her clitoris.

Lindsey was in a dream. As she began to masturbate in front of her son, a wave of pleasure hit her in a way she had never felt before. She watched intensely as Cody began to stroke his cock again.

She could make out every detail of her son's penis and testicles now. His erection was a deep red color. The head of his cock shined and she could make out every ridge and vein up and down his shaft. His smooth hairless balls were large and bounced as he jerked his dick. Lindsey felt proud; her son was a healthy, red-blooded American man. She had the idea of showing him off to her friends so they could enjoy the beautiful cock and balls that were on her son. She quickened the pace as she rubbed her clit harder.

Cody looked in front of him. His knees were spread apart just like his mom's. Her vagina was uninhibited and on display for him. He had guessed she might shave her pussy because he never found a single stray pubic hair in any of her panties over the years. His watched his mom's hand pleasure herself. He looked at her face and her stare was focused right between his legs.

He was watching his mom watching him masturbate while she masturbated! That idea almost sent him over the edge. Lindsey inserted a couple of fingers into her sopping wet vagina. Both of them heard her fingers make a squishing sound as they entered. She couldn't remember ever feeling this wet.

Cody took the new thong his mom had given him wrapped that around his cock instead. He was close to cumming and so was Lindsey. Lindsey took her fingers out of her pussy and used the natural lubrication to stroke her clit again. She watched again as her son masturbated with her thong.

Cody's right hand was a blur again. His left hand caressed his balls and gave them a firm but gentle squeeze. His balls tightened. He started to orgasm.

Rope after rope of cum quickly filled his mom's underwear. Cody grunted and let out a low groan. Lindsey saw the first shot of her son's semen seep through the fabric. Right then a rush of pleasure took over her body

She furiously rubbed her vagina and started to orgasm too. Her pussy was on fire and finally had its release. She threw her head back and moaned over and over.

They were exhausted. Never before had either of the experienced such an intense orgasm. Lindsey collapsed next to her son on the bed. They lied there naked and relaxed. They had crossed into forbidden territory. A mother and her son masturbating together? Was there anything as taboo as that? Neither of them said a word, but they both new this was the start of something new.

Written by: bddphx

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