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Balls Deep in The Rockies

by UhlBWett©

Holidays have always been a special time for me, many of my childhood memories still fill my head. My most memorable Christmas experience as an adult began on the Friday before Christmas a couple years ago.

I was locked in a tiny storage room at the office with my pants down around my ankles, banging the shit out of a big-titted brunette bimbo from the accounting department whose name I can't seem to remember. She'd had too much to drink and asked in very persuasive fashion, placing her hand on my crotch, if I'd be her designated driver. Being the humanitarian I am; I could never refuse.

She was lying half naked and spread eagle with her legs high in the air on top of double stacked cases of toilet tissue and as promised, I was doing the driving. Loud music and laughter could be heard from down the hall which helped conceal the fact that she was a screamer.

Most of the other employees on our floor were whooping it up together at the company Christmas party before heading home to spend a Texas style holiday with their families. I remember asking big tits if she had been a good girl, but I couldn't make out her broken reply over the fleshy sounds of my lower abdomen slapping forcefully against her exposed round buttocks.

My Christmas packages and presents had all been sent to my family back east, so as soon as I made a large liquid deposit onto the belly of the horny little Aussie bitch that was screaming in my ear, I was going home to pack up, then head out for Colorado.

A good friend of mine, Rob and his pretty wife Connie had been after me for several years to come up and spend a memorable holiday with them high in the beautiful Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver. After spending many years graciously declining their offers, I finally gave in this year and accepted their gracious invitation.

I had chosen the high-energy, much drier and much warmer, sights and sounds which the Lone Star State had to offer after college over the picturesque, but much too cold and much too snowy surroundings of my home state back in New England.

To tell you the truth I was beginning to really long for another white Christmas. Dallas had many things to offer its resident's but snow normally wasn't one of them. Those cold and snowy images began to cascade through my mind as I continued snaking out the tight slippery confines of my friendly Aussie partner's hot wet snatch.

Her short skirt was shoved up above her waist while her white cotton panties and pantyhose were peeled partially down and holding her legs together just above the knees. Her blouse was completely unbuttoned and her bra was pulled far to the right fully exposing her right breast.

I fondled both her ample breasts and squeezed her hard nipples between my fingers while her high heels bumped against both sides of my face.

"Oh God, I'm going to c-u-u-u-m", she moaned with that sexy down under accent as her entire body began to shake. Well it looks like she made it! I thought to myself cracking a smile.

I increased the driving rhythm of my thrusts hoping to bring about my own release. Without much warning I withdrew and pressed the pulsing head of my cock against her hairy mound. My hot gooey load began streaming across her thick dark pubes and landed on her lower abdomen.

She pulled her blouse over out of the way as I rocked back and forth emptying my balls all over her taught little tummy. She slowly sat up wobbling a bit after I'd finished and pulled back kissing me on the lips.

"Merry Christmas", she said pulling up her panties and hose as she slid off the crumpled boxes of toilet paper. I giggled and responded with a Merry Christmas of my own kissing her long and deep before I retrieved my trousers from around my ankles.

We wiped ourselves clean with some stray paper towels and straightened up our clothes before we opened the door slowly sneaking out of the closet and back into the party mix. After a couple more drinks and a few teasing kisses with a couple other office hotties beneath a hand held mistletoe cluster, I retreated to my office. I was putting some things away since we would be closed until after New Year's when the phone rang. It was Rob on the other end.

"Hey buddy, what's going on?" asked Rob.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." I laughingly replied.

Rob was making sure that I was still coming up for the holidays and I assured him that I would be hitting the road well before sunrise.

"There's a real good chance we're going to get snow, a lot of snow." said Rob. We chatted for five or ten minutes before he asked me for a favor.

"Connie has this girlfriend in Wichita whose husband left her for another woman three or four weeks ago, and Connie doesn't want her to spend the holidays all alone. Would you mind too terribly picking her up on your way through?" he asked.

"Not at all, but you tell Connie she owes me one." I teased.

"Alexis is this girl's name he said as he gave me her phone number. When you get into Wichita give her a call and she'll give you directions to her house." said Rob. "Connie will give her a call and let her know that you're coming."

I told Rob that I thought I would reach Kansas sometime after lunch and should be in Denver before nightfall. I gave him my cell number in case anything regarding Connie's friend changed.

"She's a nice girl with a great personality." said Rob before we hung up. Ahh, Great! I thought to myself, the kiss of death.

The old "She's got a great personality" line had me scared to death that I was going to be stuck in my truck for more than six hours with what I just assumed would be a very talkative and plump divorcee who had man bashing on her mind. But, Connie was very sweet and she and Rob had always been good to me so I resolved to suck it up and deal with whatever hand fate dealt me.

After waking up early the next morning I threw my skis in the bed and the rest of my stuff in the backseat of my four-wheel drive pickup. I took a quick shower and was burning gas in a northbound direction for more than an hour by the time the sun appeared in the East.

I stopped at a truck stop half way between Ardmore and Norman to take a piss and stretch my legs. I was climbing back into my truck when a short little dirty butt girl with a backpack over her shoulder approached me.

She asked where I was headed and emphasized with a bright smile that she would do anything if I would give her a ride up to Wichita. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of faded blue jeans with holes in the knees and another just below the left pocket on her ass, a red and white flannel shirt, a faded denim jacket and sneakers. She was a reasonably attractive young girl with long coal black hair so I figured what the hell and told her to hop in.

She climbed up into the warm cab of the truck, removed her jacket and made herself comfortable. She asked me my name and told me hers as we pulled away. Her top was unbuttoned down to just above her belly button. She wasn't wearing a bra so her hard tiny nipples poked proudly against the red flannel material of her shirt.

As I pulled away, she told me that she was trying to get home for Christmas and really appreciated the ride. She said that she had been living with some guy she met on the internet, but he turned out to be a real asshole. He had beaten her one too many times and she'd had enough of his bullshit, she told me as tears began to well up.

Her name was Shannon and she was thumbing her way back to Missouri. We continued to talk as we drove across Oklahoma and I soon found out she was only nineteen. A couple hours down the road we stopped and got a bite to eat. She didn't order anything at first. That's when I realized that she didn't have any money so I bought her breakfast.

After we finished eating, she thanked me and we were back on the road again. Our innocent conversation slowly turned to sex and we began to probe each other's sexual past. It was a fun way to help pass the time and the more we talked the hornier she seemed to get. We swapped questions like where is the strangest place you've ever done it and what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done. It felt almost like I was at slumber party or something. She confessed to me that she had lost her virginity on a picnic table at a playground when she was fourteen.

Not long after we passed the Kansas State line she asked me to pull off the interstate at a small and mostly deserted rest area. I followed her directions and pulled to one end of the parking area and shut off the engine. I just figured that she had to pee. I leaned back and closed my eyes, stretched my arms up over my head and began to yawn. So I was somewhat taken when her fingers began unbuckling my belt.

I opened my eyes to find her leaning across the seat working at the button and then the zipper on my jeans.

"Be careful with that." I told her as she unzipped my pants. I wasn't wearing any underwear and there's nothing more painful than getting the soft wrinkled skin of your pecker caught in a zipper. Her fingers slid beneath my shirt-tail and retrieved my flaccid cock without any hesitation.

"It's so big!" she giggled, looking it over carefully. Before I could ask her if she was sure she wanted to do this, her fingers had pushed back the wrinkled foreskin and her wet lips were pressed against the rapidly swelling head.

No one was around, so I tilted the steering wheel up and laid the seat back. I then lifted my ass slightly, slid my pants down to the middle of my thighs and eased my naked ass back onto the cloth seat cushion. Her head began to bob as her lips slid over my rapidly rising cock. I ran my fingers through her long sexy hair and down across her back as she slurped at my manhood.

I squeezed her ass once through her tight jeans. Her shirt began to creep up her back as she sucked my fully erect cock. Looking down I noticed a small but colorful tattoo, a tramp stamp in the small of her back. I struggled to make it out, but I soon lost interest and slid my right hand up between the dangling folds of her unbuttoned shirt instead.

This cutie's tender young breasts were no larger than baseballs, but were almost as hard. Her tiny nipples stood at attention as I caressed them. She moaned with pleasure as my warm hand slid across her belly toward the snaps on her button fly jeans. I tugged at the top one for a few seconds before she finally raised rose up and unbuttoned all four.

Her hair dangled in front of her face and just above her partially exposed breasts while she worked at the buttons. Once they were unbuttoned, she slid her thumbs beneath the waist, pushed her jeans down slightly over her hips; she then leaned forward again and resumed eagerly sucking on my throbbing cock. She squirmed a little when I reached down and slid the tips of my fingers beneath the frazzled elastic waistband of her jade colored cotton panties, but she kept right on sucking. I eased my hand down under her panties and across the smooth soft crack of her ass until the waistband gripped my wrist and my hand blanketed her tender young ass.

Her firm teenage body shook with pleasure when my fingertips reached the fuzzy edges of her warm moist crotch. In no time at all the tip of my middle finger was plunging in and out of her hot young twat. She kneaded my tightening balls and wiggled her ass as I slowly fingered her inviting wetness.

One finger quickly turned to two. I shoved them deeper and deeper inside her and began to swirl them against the hot steamy walls of her tight young pussy in a circular motion. The once playful wiggle of her ass quickly became a hungry grinding rhythm. Her jeans had slid further down over her thighs, exposing her elevated and still panty-clad ass.

The windows were beginning to fog up so I started up the truck and turned on the defroster. I didn't want to be taken by surprise if someone approached the truck. The rattle and vibration from the diesel engine at idle seemed to really turn her on. She sucked up and down on my cock as she rocked back and forth against my probing fingers.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled my fingers from her snatch, reached up and tugged at her collar as I arched my back trying to warn her of my imminent release. She showed very little concern and never even slowed down as my hot cum began shooting against the roof of her mouth and cascading down her throat.

"M-m-m-m-m." she moaned as she sucked and swallowed.

She squeezed and milked my spewing cock until every messy drop of the huge load had been drained it. Objectively speaking; it was neither the best nor the worst blowjob I had ever received, but it certainly took the edge off and made the long boring journey much more enjoyable.

"That was fun!" she giggled as she raised up; wiping her lips with her shirtsleeve.

She teased me saying that she had never done an old guy before. I was zipping up my pants when I realized that I was already in high school when she was born.

"God I'm so horny." she whimpered as she sat back in the seat sliding her hand beneath the elastic of her panties and into her steamy crotch. I motioned for her to slide over to me. She did and eased her back over against my chest sliding down in the seat until her head rested against my shoulder.

I tugged at her panties and she quickly slid her jeans and underwear down past the middle of her shapely young thighs. I reached inside her shirt and squeezed her left breast before I slid my right hand slowly down across her trembling belly and into the dark fuzzy region of her crotch.

"Oh fuck." she whispered softly, tossing her head back when my fingers crossed her mound for the first time. Her pussy was already very wet so I didn't waste any time. I burrowed my middle finger in past the second knuckle then pulled it out, dragging it across her bulging clit.

"That's it rub my clit." she begged as I ground the tip of my finger against her well-defined, but still growing love button. She began to squirm and moan as my fingers continued to eagerly explore her hungry snatch.

Once my hand was on her crotch and my fingers were inside her she draped her denim jacket across her lap in an attempt to help hide our horny antics from the passing truckers along the interstate. I fingered her hot wet hole as we pulled back onto the highway.

I finger fucked her steamy little twat with two fingers and stroked her enormous raisin sized clitoris for almost an hour before until reached Wichita. I had never seen such a large clit on such tiny girl. She moaned and groaned squeezing my arm tightly with her fingers every time she came.

Relentlessly she humped my fingers often placing her hand beneath her jacket directing my fingers with her own. At one point, I even felt her finger sliding along side of my own inside her wetness. She must have come off in my hand three or four times before we stopped at a gas station just south of town.

By that time her pussy felt kind of mushy, like a bar of soap that had been left in the water too long when I finally pulled my cramped honey coated fingers from between her soggy wet lips. Even the seat cushion was damp where her ass had been sitting.

I traced the outline of her lips with my pussy scented finger then kissed her long and gently. I squeezed her firm little tits one last time before I exited the truck. The air was noticeably cooler and the skies were much cloudier than just a couple hours earlier. It signaled a major change in the weather.

She pulled up her pants while I got out and fueled up. She climbed from the truck and walked around to the driver's side. She threw her backpack over her shoulder and put her hands in the front pockets of her jeans. She begged me to get a room and fuck her before I went on to Denver. I reached in my wallet and pulled out a fifty I folded it over and handed to her.

"What's this for?" she asked. I said it was to help get her home for Christmas.

"You don't really want to fuck and old guy like me do you?" I asked.

She smiled, stuck the fifty in her pocket, then hopped up on the pump island and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"Thanks for everything." she told me, once again looking a little teary eyed as she turned and walked off.

After watching her little ass shake when she walked away, I couldn't help but winder if maybe I shouldn't have got us a room, but I was running behind and it was probably better that I didn't. I finished pumping and went inside to pay the cashier.

I pulled over to the side of the lot and gave Alexis, my next passenger a call on my cell phone. She sounded really hot on the phone and I knew then that I was really in trouble. Big girls always sound great over the phone. She gave me directions to her place and we hung up. It only took me five or ten minute to get there.

Alexis lived in a very nice apartment building with a large glass entryway. There was a pair of skis leaning against the glass next to the main entrance and a small stack of bags sitting next to them when I arrived. I parked near the walk and headed towards the door.

The door was locked so I searched the row of intercom speakers until I saw one that read A. Simpson. I hoped it was her and pressed the button. A sexy voice said hello and I asked if it was her. She said it was and a buzzer sounded unlocking the entryway door. She said that she would be right down.

I stood reluctantly waiting until I heard a woman's voice softly speak my name. I turned to find a beautiful blonde skipping anxiously down the stairs towards me.

"Hi, I'm Alexis, my friends call me Alex." she said with a soft mitten handshake.

After exchanging hellos, I began putting her stuff in the truck while she went back to make sure she had locked the door to her apartment. This was certainly not the whiny assed Bon-Bon eating man hater I had expected.

Alex was about 5'9" tall, maybe 130lbs. With curly blonde hair that hung just off her shoulders. She was wearing a pink ski jacket fringed with white fur along with a very clingy white turtleneck underneath and a pair of very tight, very unforgiving shiny black spandex pants, that not every woman could wear along with a pair of pink and white snow boots, and sunglasses.

Snow had just begun to fall by the time we had finished throwing her stuff into the truck. We hopped into the cab and headed northward towards Salina through the falling snow. The snow became increasingly heavier the farther North we went and the roads conditions quickly deteriorated.

We stopped in Victoria for a bite to eat and a cup of coffee and I tried to call Rob and Connie from our table to let them know I had picked up Alex and we were on our way, but all I got was their answering machine. We agreed that we'd try again later and began to talk as we waited for our meal. Alex took off her glasses and revealed her sexy blue eyes to me for the first time.

Alex slipped off her jacket pushing her chest outward as she slid it off her shoulders. Her breasts were average size but perfectly round. The outlines of her pert little nipples were faintly visible beneath her sweater. She was truly a beautiful woman and seemed very sweet. I struggled trying to understand why her ex had dumped her.

I noticed the snow was rapidly accumulating and despite the efforts of road crews the interstate was becoming snow covered. There was more than ten inches already on the ground when we finally reached Denver around 9:00 PM. According to Rob's directions, the cabin was only thirty to forty-five minutes away. We decided to suck it up and go the rest of the way.

We tried calling the cabin again but there was still no answer. By the time we reached the cabin the normally short trip, had taken almost two hours. Rob's truck sat snow covered out in front. We stumbled through the snow and stomped across the wooden porch expecting Rob and Connie to meet us at the door.

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