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Gangbang Mommy

by silkstockingslover©

Having already come once, I knew this would be a marathon session. Perspiration was dripping down my face while I continued the fast paced ass fucking my Mother had demanded.

Finally, I could feel my cum bubbling and I, being aggressive like I learned my Mother loved, pulled out, and ordered, "Adam go fuck our whore's ass. I want Mommy dearest to suck the cock that just rammed her asshole."

Adam moved, seemingly impressed by his big brother for once, and my Mom looked up at me also with a look of wow-about-fucking-time. I shoved my cock in my lovely Mother's mouth and watched while she eagerly gobbled it up. Adam easily filled Mom's ass and again my mom was being triple-teamed by her sons and loving it. It took only a couple of minutes of my Mom's luscious lips around my cock to feel my cum bubbling again. When I knew I could not hold back anymore, I pulled out of Mom's mouth and shot my cum all over her pretty face. After the majority of my cum landed on her check, forehead and hair, I reluctantly pulled my slowly shrivelling cock out of my Mom's perfect cocksucking mouth. I collapsed on the lawn chair and watched my lovely Mom get DP'd by her two youngest sons.

Now with no cock in her mouth to keep her mouth closed, she got animated. "Yes fuck Mommy boys, fuck her like a dirty slut."My mother also began to bounce up and down, somehow keeping both cocks in her two holes.

Adam rammed her ass and gave playful spanks to her cheeks. "You know Mommy, this isn't a one-time thing. I plan to use you as my personal fuck-toy whenever I want. Is that understood?"

My Mother, reaching yet another orgasm, moaned in understanding, "Mommy will be a fuck-toy for all of my sons. Now make Mommy come."

Adam drilled our Mother hard and a couple of minutes later another orgasm quaked through Mom. "Oh my fucking God, fuck Mommy, fuck her like you do all your little tramps. Fuck, fuck, fuck you are making Mommy comeeeeeeeee!"

Once Mom finished her orgasm, Adam pulled out of Mom and shoved his rod in Mom's mouth. She eagerly sucked her son's cock and began to really bounce on her son's cock in her pussy. Adam grunted and pulled out, shooting a second load of cum all over our Mother's face. As soon as Adam was done, Mom got off Kevin's cock and gobbled him whole with her expert cocksucking mouth.

She bobbed up and down on her youngest son's cock like it was a race. It was so fucking hot. As soon as Kevin warned, "I'm going to come Mommy." Mom took her mouth off her son's cock and gave him a fast hand-job.

"Come on Kevin, come all over your Mommy's face like your brothers did," Mom requested.

Shy and reserved Kevin surprised us all when he grunted, "Take my cum, Mommy slut."

Seconds later cum exploded from Kevin's cock and coated Mommy's already sticky face. Mom took Kevin's cock back into her mouth and slowed to a leisurely pace.

A couple minutes later all three of her son's limp cocks rested and Mom crawled over to Adam and me. She took a cock in each hand. "You guys aren't done with Mommy, are you?"

"Hell no," Adam stated.

"Good," Mom said, stroking both our cocks.

Adam looked at my rising cock and said, "Are you ready for another round?"

My cock was fully erect again. I stood up, grabbed my Mom's head and began to face fuck my Mother. Adam high-fived me for the first time ever, and went behind our kneeling Mother.

Adam slid into my Mom's well fucked pussy and said, "Kevin, get that dick hard again. It is time to gangbang Mommy again."

Kevin stroked his cock and watched his older brothers use his Mother as a fuck-toy. Once he was hard again, he stood up and with a new found confidence demanded, "Move over Adam, it is my turn to fuck Mom's ass."

Impressed by the new Kevin, Adam obliged, and we repositioned ourselves. Soon Adam was in Mom's cunt, Kevin in her ass and my dick was in her mouth.

All three of us, having already exploded in or on our Mother twice, took our time gangbanging our Mother. Two more orgasms for Mom, and each of us shot one final load in our perfect and now fuck-toy Mother. Once we were all spent, my Mom lay on the ground, cum leaking from her pussy and ass, and her face sticky with her son's cum. She smiled in pure sexual bliss.

I looked directly at my beautiful well-fucked Mom, the one I had fantasized about my whole life. Then I suggested, a jubilant smile on my face, "Well I think we have started a whole new family tradition, a tradition that we will do many, many times. Gangbang Mommy!!!."


Written by: silkstockingslover

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories