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Booty Call

by batman66©

It was about one in the morning when her phone rang. We had been asleep for a couple of hours. We normally go to bed at eleven. Debbie reached for the phone.

"Hello baby," she said. "I hoped you would call."

Sitting up, Debbie turned on the lap. With the light, I could see the sparkle in her eyes as she talked on the phone. "Sure baby. I will come right over. Just give me a little time to get ready." And then, "Ok. I can't wait too. I am excited. Kisses."

With that, Debbie stepped out of bed and looked at me.

"Honey, I need to get going. Sam called and he wants me to come over. I don't have much time. Help me get ready."

She walked to the bathroom to get ready.

I could feel my cock stirring. Sam was one of her boyfriends. He was a nice guy and really knew how to fuck Debbie. I think Sam is her favorite but she seems to like them all.

As Debbie stepped into the bathroom she started to remove her pajamas. When she slept with me that is what she wore. She saved her special lingerie for her boyfriends. As I looked at her, I couldn't help but appreciate her beauty. She was about 5' 7" and 145 pounds. Her legs were shapely with a nice ass that had some meat on it but was tight and firm. Her best feature or features were a pair of natural 38 DDs that were incredible. Her long brunette hair reached down to her mid back.

"Do you want me to drop you off?" I asked. Secretly hoping she would allow me. I appreciate it when she tolerates me to participate in some small way.

"No. Not tonight dear. Call me a car."

I sighed to myself and called the car service asking for a pick up at one thirty in the morning. Peeking into the shower, I saw Debbie running a razor over her pussy. She liked to keep it nice and smooth for her lovers. I knew she would shave her legs as well.

"What do you want to wear tonight baby?" I asked. "How about that nice white lacy bra and panties that I bought you for our anniversary? I suggested.

"No baby. Those are still dirty from my last date. You will need to get them clean. I was thinking about the black thong with the leather bustier and stockings for tonight." Debbie replied. "You know, the ones you bought for me when you thought I was going on vacation with you a couple of months ago. It would be nice to finally wear them."

Debbie would look great in that outfit. I quickly picked the items out and placed them on the bed. While Debbie was drying off and putting on her makeup, I went to the closet and picked out a pair of high-heeled, black leather boots. They were knee highs.

After a few minutes applying makeup, she didn't need much, Debbie came into the room. She had me help with her bustier. It was a little hard to hook up. Then she slipped on the stockings and panties. Next she got into her boots. The heels were almost three inches high. She looked stunning.

Posing for me, Debbie asked, "How do I look sweetheart?"

"Ready to fuck baby! God you look great!" I exclaimed.

"Baby, that is going to happen" was her matter of fact reply.

Then she placed one of her legs up on the bed. "Come kiss me good luck."

This was our ritual. I knelt down and ran my tongue up her thigh. As my tongue approached her pussy Debbie pulled her panties to the side exposing her pretty little cunt. As my tongue licked across her clit, I could tell that she was already wet. I knew it wasn't the thought of me that was getting her wet. That turned me on even more. After a few minutes, she pulled my head away. Looking down into my eyes she said, "The next thing that enters my pussy will be another man's cock!" She always told me this... and it always happened.

Debbie pulled a short overcoat on. It went almost to her knees. I am sure when she sat down it would expose the top of her stockings. She liked that.

I walked her to the front door. The car was just pulling up. I went to kiss her good bye but she gave me her cheek. She didn't want to mess up her lipstick.

"I love you. I will call when I get there baby. I will try to send pictures but don't pester me." With that, Debbie was out the door and into the car. My heart was pounding as she drove away.

Part Two

Like most cuckold couples it was me, the husband, who had encouraged her to date.

It started a few years ago. We had gone out to a bar on a Friday night. As always Debbie looked great. As soon as we had entered the bar I got a call from work. I had to step outside to take the call. Debbie went to the bar to wait for me to join her.

My call took almost a half hour. When I went back into the bar it was getting crowded. It took me a few minutes to find Debbie. As soon as I spotted her I noticed that she was chatting with a guy and seemed pretty engaged. She was giggling and sipping a drink. I wasn't mad or jealous. I was curious. I hung back a few minutes towards the back and watched.

I noticed a couple of more things. Debbie kept leaning into her new friend exposing her cleavage; the guy was definitely looking. And the second thing I noticed was that Debbie wasn't too concerned about me.

She didn't glance at her watch or look at her phone. I was also getting very aroused. I couldn't take much more. I got on the phone and texted Debbie to meet me outside. As the texted arrived, she picked up the phone. I saw her talking to the guy. As she was getting up, the guy gave her his number on a piece of paper. She gave him a kiss goodnight. I was hard as a rock. She was so sexy.

When we got home, we rushed upstairs to bed. Debbie at first denied that she was interested. But her soaking wet pussy gave her away. We discussed it for a couple of weeks. Finally she agreed to do a threesome. I had her call her friend at the bar and that weekend we did our first threesome. It was incredible.

Since then Debbie has been on many dates. In the beginning they were mainly threesomes. Then as she got more comfortable with "dating" she would have me shadow her on a first date. If she were comfortable with the guy she would sometimes go alone... most often go alone. Over time we went from threesomes to where she just allows me to watch. This is very exciting. There is no way to describe in words the beauty of watching your wife fuck someone. It is like living art. We do have rules. There is no falling in love with anyone and she always has to take pictures if I am not there.

Part Three

I returned to the bed knowing that Debbie should reach Sam's apartment in about 30 minutes. My mind races ahead, trying to visualize her greeting and then pleasing him. Debbie is very different with other men that with me. Many things that she will not do with me she has no problem doing with her lovers. As I lie in bed too excited to sleep I play with my cock waiting for Debbie to call or text. I place the phone on my chest so I don't miss the call.

After what seems like an eternity my phone buzzes. There is a text message. She must not have had time to call.

Here message is simple. I am here safely. Very hot and wet. Sam is such a great fuck. Wish me luck.

I text back. Good luck baby. Hope you have fun. Thinking of you. I love you.

God, she is with him. At that very moment Debbie is with him. Thinking of it is almost too much. But the thought drives me crazy. I am sure at that moment she is kissing him. She won't have any problem saving her lipstick. She will kiss Sam.

As I think about Debbie revealing her new outfit for Sam I get very hot. I had bought her that outfit for a sexy night that I was hoping we could have on a mini-vacation. My work took me to Puerto Rico and I had planned a very romantic week for us. The outfit was part of that weekend. In the end, Debbie couldn't go. She had planned a date with one of her boyfriends and didn't want to break it. So, as luck would have it, she was able to wear that outfit tonight for Sam.

Then my phone buzzes. It is a picture. I love getting pictures.

She is on her knees sucking Sam's huge cock. She has removed her jacket but the remainder of the outfit is still on

It is obvious that Sam took the picture. It is taken in a mirror so I can see all of it. I zoom to her mouth. You can see her eyes rolled back and Debbie's tongue is swirled around his head. Then another photo comes in. She almost has Sam all the way in her mouth. She is deep throating him. Sam is a lucky guy. I had always wanted Debbie to deep throat me but she would complain about it. I would experience it vicariously through Sam.

My imagination races ahead as I wait for another message or anything. I want to cum but I don't. I bring myself to the brink then wait. Debbie likes it when I save it all for her or at least jack off in front of her if she is too worn out when she comes home.

After about 30 minutes I get another photo. Sam took this one too. He is fucking her doggie style and he is buried to the hilt. The photo shows his cock buried in her. Her beautiful ass. Her back is arched. Sam has one hand pulling her hair backwards. She likes to be controlled by her lovers. Sometimes she lets me run my hands through her hair when we do it. But it is never physical.

I stare at the photo. I am so lucky to have such a hot wife. Any guy would be lucky to have her. I keep an album with all the photos. I love going through them when I am alone.

I get another photo. I can't believe my eyes. This one shows Sam's huge cock entering Debbie's ass. Wow!!!! It is hot. That is the one thing that I have never been able to do with her. She always tells me that it makes her feel funny when I try it. This isn't the first time Debbie has had anal sex although it is the first time she sent me a photo. In her previous ass fucking sessions she told me that she was too deep into the moment to take a photo. She would come home with her ass stretched out. Obviously she was thinking of me tonight. She remembered to send a photo.

It is hard not to cum right there as I stare at the photo. At about four in the morning I get some more treats. First, the picture is one of Debbie lying on her back with her knees in her air. Cum is dripping from her cunt down to her ass and then to the bed. The second photo is Debbie cleaning Sam's cock by giving him a blowjob. You can see the sparkle in her eyes. I can't wait for her to come home.

Debbie calls and tells me she is on the way. She is going to rest on the way. I eagerly await her arrival. This is what her dates must feel like when they wait for her to arrive.

The wait is driving me crazy. I sit in the front room staring out the window. My cock is rigid. I see the headlights of the car as it nears the house. It stops and the driver holds the door open for Debbie. She gets out of it and shows a lot of leg. Her hair is still a little messed up but not too bad.

Debs walks in the house and I quickly approach her. She is radiant. Thriving. Alive.

She drops her jacket to the floor. She still looks incredible despite a hard night of fucking. Or maybe from a hard night of fucking.

I go to kiss her and she eagerly kisses me. I can taste him in her mouth. She knows this excites me.

My instincts are to fuck her at the door but she wants to go upstairs to our room.

I let her go first and watch her incredible ass and legs. I can see streaks on the insides of the top of her thighs and she takes the steps.

When Debbie enters the room, she goes to the bed and sits down. She nods at her boots. I know what this means. She wants me to remove them. Anything for Debbie.

My hands tremble as I carefully unzip and remove them. I am hard. I want to cum.

I kiss Debbie again. Her tongue darts into my mouth. It tastes like she just got done sucking cock.

She looks down at my cock and says, "Guess you got excited while I was getting fucked. Did you wait?"

I nod yes.

"Good boy. Then you get a treat. I am going suck on your dick before we fuck."

She tells me to lie on the bed. She comes up to me and the kisses me some more. Her fingers find my cock. It is the second cock she had handled in so many hours. The fact is not lost on me. It further excites me.

Then she kneels on the bed and starts sucking on my wanting tool. She is lost in thought. She seems miles away.

Debbie is getting excited. I can read her body.

Then she moves over me. She is straddling me. Her pussy is just above my face. She is going to sixty-nine. I look up and see her cunt. It is still red and wet from the pounding Sam must have given her.

As she sucks my cock Debbie lowers her pussy to my mouth. She tells me to clean her up. I use my fingers to open her cunt lips. Juices come out. They are a mix I am sure. I dive in and suck it in deep. Debbie moans.

Debbie sits up on my face and really starts to grind. I am going to lose it. I am pretty sure she has had an orgasm.

I want to fuck her doggie style like Sam did but she is too worn out. She turns on her back and spreads her legs. I slowly enter but there is no need. She is very wet and open. I enter and pick up the pace. Debbie doesn't like it when I place my weight on her. She says it makes her claustrophobic. So I hold my weight with my arms like I am doing a pushup. Right before I cum, Debbie tells me to pull it out. She wants to watch me cum. I was hoping to add my cum to Steve's but that is not going to happen.

I shoot my load all over her stomach. She takes her hand and rubs the cum into her stomach. Then she takes a lick.

"It is weird how each guy tastes so different" Debbie contemplates.

We are both worn out from a long night that started so differently. Debbie puts on her PJ's and then comes to bed. We snuggle.

"I love you," I whisper in her ear.

"I love you baby," my wife responds.

"Oh baby, there is a swinger party this weekend," Debbie mumbles.

"Sounds great baby. I would love to go." My mind is already picturing us going.

"No baby. You misunderstood. Sam wants me to go with him; it might be a weekend date."

My cock stiffens.

Written by: batman66

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