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Our Parent's Videos

by gypseykitten©

Thank you for all the readers who gave me constructive criticism.

All characters in this story are 18.


Our Family is good looking, I guess. My dad looks like Antonio Banderas, my brother Tom looks like a young Johnny Depp, and my mom looks, well looked, like Geena Davis. My dad is probably 6"3, and Tom is at least 6"6. Even my mom was 5"8.

I didn't really fit in. I was only 4"8 at 14, my hair was light brown. I liked to tell myself it had red highlights in the sun, but I wasn't sure. I was still flat as a board and a little chunky, but mom said I was just a late bloomer. I did get complements on my eyes though; they were leaf green with thick black lashes.

Our family life was perfect, to me at least. Our parents were passionately in love, as Tom and I heard loudly and often. I wished I knew my dad better, but he's a doctor. His hours at the hospital were crazy, so he mostly slept or had "alone time" with mom when he was home.

Mom and I were best friends. She was the one who filled in the gaps left by my sex-ed class. She signed me up for dance lessons when I complained about being awkward, and she took me to Victoria's Secret when I finally blossomed.

I told her who I had crushes on and she asked me if I wanted to go on the pill. I said no because I wanted to wait until marriage, but she told me to always take a condom in my purse if I went out because "sometimes things happen."

I practically worshiped my older brother. Tom was seven years older than me. He got his masters degree in psychology when I was 18. My friends in high school had crushes on him, but he never seemed to notice. Tom didn't seem to mind that I tagged along with him and his friends, but he sure teased me a lot.

He got a full scholarship to an Ivy League school. I missed him a lot, but the whole family was proud of him. He partied so much; I don't know how he kept his scholarship.

Tom started telling me about parties he had gone to and girls he had dated. He laughed, "You're too young to know; I wouldn't want to corrupt your young mind," when I pressed for too many details.

Things sure change suddenly. We were cleaning up after my 19th birthday party. It was just me and 10 girl friends from school. Things got rowdy and we had a food fight. The mess was so bad that there just wasn't enough cleaner, so mom went out to get some. She never made it back. Some drunk driver blew through a stop sign, a block from the house, and she died instantly.

The funeral was awful. It was cold and rainy at the graveside service, so not many people showed up. At home, dad pulled out a mostly full bottle of whiskey, half a bottle of tequila, and two full bottles of rum. Tom and I sat on the couch in the living room. Dad sat between us and poured out 3 shots of rum putting them on the coffee table.

"It's been a hell of a week. No one's going anywhere; let's try to just not feel for a while, OK?"

I gasped at the burning sensation as it slid down my throat. We had another shot, then dad declared, "Tom, a 26 year old man is definitely old enough to keep an 19 year old out of too much trouble; I'm going to go chase oblivion." He got up, left us, and went to his room.

Tom went to the kitchen, grabbed a jar of salt, and salted our shot glasses. I saw with curiosity that he also brought back a couple of limes and a knife.

"What is all that for?" I asked.

"Let me show you." He poured us each a shot of tequila, quartered a lime and tossed it back biting the lime before he swallowed. "Now you try."

It tasted smooth, but I was starting to feel hot. I unfastened my blouse exposing the upper part of my black lace bra.

"Woo boy have you blossomed!"

I looked down and saw that the open shirt not only exposed my now double D cups, it also emphasized how much my shape had changed in 6 years. I was proud, if a little embarrassed.

"I guess the years and the dance lessons paid off." I started to fasten my shirt again, but he poured some rum on it.

"You might as well take it all the way off now. If you don't, you will catch a cold," Tom said playfully. This made sense to me, so I took it off and my brother tossed it across the room.

It hit us both suddenly that mom would never tell us to knock off our horseplay again, and we both got teary. Tom gently pulled me onto his lap where my skirt slid up to just below my hips. He started rubbing my back to soothe me and his hand stopped just above my ass.

Tom brushed his lips over my eyelids and nipped the tip of my nose; then he reached past me to the table and poured us another shot of rum. I drank it; then hiccupped, smiling a watery little smile.

"I have a sure fire cure for hiccups." Tom lifted me a little then pulled my skirt over my head in one smooth movement. I struggled, so he put me back on the couch.

"Relax; it's just a cure for your hiccups."

I settled down when I saw that it had worked. My brother Tom went out to the kitchen and called, "Would you like to try a rum and coke?"

"That sounds good to me," I replied. The alcohol was sure starting to taste good.

"Are you ready for your birthday present? That should take our mind off things." I knew what he meant because when I was younger, he told me that he would show me some fun movies that he had seen in mom and dad's room. I had been so frustrated when he wouldn't give me any hints about them, but now, knowing that mom had seen them, I was even more eager to distract myself with watching them.

As a little background: When I started high school, I still had no figure at all. The boys I noticed didn't see me at all. Then when I started taking dance classes, and began and to blossom, I was working very hard to keep my grades up.

Tom had shown me around his campus. I really wanted to go there, but the only way I could would be to get a scholarship too. There was just no time left for much of a social life outside of school. I had seen the pictures in school, and heard my friends talk it, but sex sounded messy to me. I wanted to finally find out what all the fuss was about.

Tom came out with the videos and I was relieved when I saw he was down to his boxers. It had felt strange being in only my underwear when he was fully dressed.

"I'm going to leave the lights on because I want to watch your reactions more than I want to see the movies again." He sat on the couch next to me and hit the play button on the remote. The movie started with a woman giving a man a blow job in a men's room.

"Do they really look like that when erect? How does she fit it all in her mouth?" I asked mesmerized watching a six inch penis being sucked into a woman's mouth.

"Yeah they pretty much all look like that. Some are bigger and some are smaller, but they are a lot alike. With a cock that size, lots of women can suck in the whole thing. Usually with a bigger one it won't all fit. When that happens she sucks what she can and uses her hand on the rest of it."

I kept watching her lick and kiss the whole shaft before popping the enlarged head back in her mouth.

I don't know if it was the movie or the rum, but I was really starting to get excited. The movie ended with an orgy, and my hand was in my panties rubbing my little pearl. I had forgotten my brother Tom was in the room, until I felt his hand gently pushing mine harder. I pushed him away, ashamed of being caught masturbating in front of my brother.

"How could you touch me like that? You are my brother for Pete's sake." I ran to my room stumbling a little, and locked my door.

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I just got carried away seeing you like that. Come back out, don't worry about it, we didn't do anything wrong. Look, to help keep me out of temptation, I'll turn the light out so I can't see anything you do. You won't see me either, if I get excited. You'll like the next movie, it's a naughty Cinderella."

"OK. I shouldn't have freaked out that way. You're right nothing really happened, and I shouldn't have done that out in the living room." I wondered to myself how Cinderella could be dirty.

I came out of my room and Tom handed me another rum and coke. I protested, mostly because I thought I should. I already had more than I ever had before, not that that was hard.

"It's OK; I barely put any rum in this one."

I sat down on the love seat, and took a small sip. He was right; I couldn't taste the rum. My brother put the movie in and turned out the lights. The room was very dark, and I felt secure. "OK, to show how much I trust you, you can sit with me."

The movie was really funny, and I felt myself getting wet again. I glanced over, to make sure Tom wasn't peeking, and saw something that couldn't be real. His cock was poking out of his boxers, and it must have been eight inches long.

He had it in his hand, stroking it slowly, and I would swear that it grew. I saw a drop of fluid on its head in the light from the screen, and just stared at it.

I must have gasped because he looked up and asked me if I wanted to touch it. "It would be wrong, I am your sister," I stammered, but my hand reached out a little before I yanked it back.

"Don't worry. It's not incest if we use our hands or mouths."

I was drunk enough, and that made sense to me, so I rubbed it with my hand. "What does it taste like?" I asked.

"I don't know, I've never tried it, but my girlfriends seem to like it." He grinned. I bent down to lick the drip off his knob, but there was a little more than a drop now, so I stuck out my tongue and lapped at it.

"It tastes salty, but I think I like it."

I wanted to suck it like in the movies and I tried hard, but I couldn't fit much of it in my mouth. Tom suggested that I try licking on it like I would a lollipop.

I explored the whole length of it with my tongue and especially liked the little dip under the helmet. He seemed to like that, so feeling braver, I tried to suck it again. I got a lot more of it in! I pulled it back out and got the lower half of his cock really wet with my spit. Finally, I got it all in. It felt really strange in my throat, and I couldn't breathe with it that deep. I started bobbing up and down and found I could breathe on the ups. I was proud when I swallowed his cum, but I felt a little guilty too.

It must have shown on my face because Tom told me not to worry. "Remember, you only used your mouth, so that's OK. Now it's my turn to explore you. Let's take this somewhere a little more comfortable," he said with a wink. "We'll use my bed."

I fell when I tried to stand; my legs just wouldn't hold me. "Let me take care of that," my brother told me.

Tom scooped me up into his arms and used his foot to push open his door. He took off my panties, before placing me on the bed. I lay with my legs splayed while he popped my bra open with one hand. Then he kissed me and I felt it clear down to my toes. It started soft, but quickly became forceful. It scared me a little.

I watched his eyes blaze as he started moving down my body. He stopped to kiss and lick the base of my throat on his way to my breasts. I thought I would go crazy when he started licking and sucking on my breasts! I felt something explode in me when he lightly bit my nipples and sucked on them to soothe the sting.

I could feel him hardening again as he continued moving down my body. First he lathed my navel, but quickly moved even lower. I felt so exposed when he put my legs over his shoulders and started licking and sucking on me down there.

I could feel something building again when he started licking me with his tongue. He stopped periodically to come back up to nibble at my clit before going back to lap up my juices. Every time he came up, he stretched me with his fingers. Just one at first, but soon he was using three.

"Do you like that?" he asked. I could only groan. I could feel something about to break when he suddenly stopped and started moving back up my body.

"Please go back," I pleaded. "I am so close!"

"Not yet," he murmured. "I know something that will make us both feel even better."

Tom started kissing me, seeming to devour me, and moved his hand between us adjusting his cock so that it was resting between the lips of my pussy.

I struggled in earnest now, so he grabbed my hands and held them over my head effectively ending my struggle. I would have screamed for help, but he plunged his tongue in my mouth the moment I opened it.

"This is still not incest not unless I pop your cherry" he told me as he rubbed his cock back and forth between the lips of my pussy, bumping my clit with the bulbous head of his prick every time he moved. "Doesn't this feel good?"

I tried to shake my head, but nodded instead starting to cry. "I won't pop your cherry, but I may enter you just a little bit. Remember, as long as you are still intact, we're OK. I promise to stop before then. By the way you really don't want to scream. Dad wouldn't believe you are still a virgin. He would like his way of checking more than you would."

My brother kept rocking back and forth between my legs while he was talking to me, and I could still feel the storm building inside me. It was stronger this time. It felt too good to complain anymore, and I knew Tom wouldn't really hurt me. He had never lied to me before, so this would be OK too. I could feel him stretching me with his cock, but he didn't go in too far. This was going to be OK, I told myself.

The wave crested suddenly, but suddenly it was all pain! Tom had plunged all the way into me and bumped against the opening to my womb. Why did it hurt do much?

My big brother waited for my body to adjust, then started moving again. He used my own fluids to lubricate his cock and it would start feeling good again.

"You promised," I said shocked sober.

"I lied. Now that I'm in, I'm going to finish. I've waited for this for too long, so I shouldn't last long."

"Please, don't cum in me; I'm not on the pill!" I felt hot spurts of potent sperm hit my cervix several times before I finished speaking. I couldn't believe my brother; my hero was doing this to me.

"That's even better, I'm going to love seeing your belly swell knowing that its mine! I'm going to keep fucking you until you get knocked up. Look what you are letting your brother do to you. See, I knew you'd like it."

I sobbed at my body's betrayal as it gave me another orgasm, stronger than the last one. There was nothing I could do about it now, so I decided to just enjoy it. Tom was still rock hard even after cumming, and he kept pounding into me. I didn't even notice when I started begging him to do it deeper and harder.

"Say that you love getting fucked, that you want my baby," he gloated.

"I love getting fucked by my brother! He fucks me real good, and I want to be his baby factory!"

Tom looked toward the open door. "See anything you like, Dad?" he smirked, and emptied into me again.

Written by: gypseykitten

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