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Daddy's Slave

by EvelynnThomas©

Today was it. After 17 years of waiting, Lorica could finally call herself an adult. She had a million things planned, all at conflicting times, and she knew she would have to break some dates, even though she hated to disappoint people.


Her fathers strong voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Yes daddy?" She called, hoping she wouldn't have to move from her bed.

"Come here!"

She sighed, rolling out of bed, and glancing at herself in the.mirror. She made a disgusted face, and grabbed the brush sitting on her night stand. She hated looking badly in front of daddy.

The girl made her way down the stairs, wearing a faded cotton tee shirt that just barely covered her panties.

"Daddy?" She asked, poking her head into the kitchen.

"In here baby girl" he called from his office.

Lori walked in cautiously, sitting on an over stuffed black arm chair, and carefully watching her father, to make sure he wasn't planning to give her birthday spankings.

"Happy birthday honey!" He said, standing up from the chair behind his desk. Her father was a tall man, but, in his age, had lost muscle tone, and hair...

"Thanks daddy."

"Do you have anything planned for tonight?"

She had made plans with her boyfriend to to see a movie, and have sex later that night, but she instead said "No daddy!"

"Great pumpkin. I have a very special evening planned, go get showered and dressed in the nicest dress you own."

Lori nodded and rushed up stairs to do as she was told.

She had finished two hours later, at 1:30. She made her way downstairs slowly, trying not to trip in her three inch heels. She found her father sitting on the living room couch in a suit.

"I'm done daddy" she announced happily.

He quickly stood, turning to see his beautiful daughter.

"Amazing... You look just like your mother." He told her. "Come here, sit on daddys lap." he said, sitting back down, and patting his lap.

Lori was slightly confused, but she took off her jacket and did as she was told.

Her father put an arm around her waist, and stroked her.leg softly.

"Baby girl, you have grown up so fast... You look beautiful... "

"Thank you dad. Are we going put to eat...?"

"No honey. The special evening is going to take place in our home. Where I hope you can raise your kids..." He said quietly "where you will raise our kids."

Lori looked at her father, confused.

"Daddy I think you may have had to much to drink."

"Oh no baby." He began "I have been planning this for years. My present for you, on your eighteenth birthday, is to make you my slave."

Lori was too shocked to move, giving her father enough time to move his hand under her dress and begin stroking her bare, wet pussy.

He grinned "oh my darling daughter, you are a whore.... You aren't wearing panties... And your pussy is dripping wet."

"Daddy stop! " she cried, struggling to get away. Her father simply shook his head, and picked her up, carrying her up the stairs to his he'd room. He dropped her on the bed, and locked the door.

"Now, before I take your virginity, I will explain whY is going to happen till the day I die." Her father began, standing over her. "You are not permitted to leave the house without my permission.,You will address me as master, daddy, or father. You will only wear clothes when I give you permission to do so. Your body belongs to me. You will carry many of my children, and, while you are pregnant, I will continue to ravish your body when I please. You will wear a collar at all times, unless I tell you to take of off. Do you understand?" He explained, slowly removing his short and pants. His daughter sat on his bed, still in shock, nodding.

"Y-yes master.." she stammered.

Her father grinned,

"Undress, now."

The girl did as she was told, removing her clothing quickly.

"Oh, and one more thing; if you fail to do what I tell you to, you will be punished.... However I see fit."


Much more to come.... Sort for the lack of a sex scene... Kinda tired ): hope you enjoyed

Written by: EvelynnThomas

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