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Something Out of the Ordinary

by Katmai©

Chapter 1: Trip

"Damn!" I said under my breath.

The National Weather Service web page forecasted a big storm with high winds to arrive in southeast Alaska mid-day Friday. A storm that big would probably shut down the Juneau airport for a day or so right exactly when I wanted to leave and travel south to see my wife. Damn, I thought to myself.

I had accepted a job with the State of Alaska as an accounting manager about nine months ago. I had been laid off from my position with the State of Washington in Ellensburg when the state decided to consolidate all their eastern Washington functions in Spokane. They didn't need two accounting managers in Spokane. My wife Sara stayed behind to sell the house and to finish out the school year as a high school teacher. I travelled back to Ellensburg every six weeks or so for a long weekend to visit with Sara and to work on our property.

With the housing market at an all time low, our house had not sold all summer even though we had dropped the price twice. And it was just not our house; it seemed that hardly any houses were selling in our area. Now the calendar was approaching Labor Day, and we both wondered just how long the separation would continue.

I took a break from work, and visited the Alaska Airlines web site and looked for flights. Everything heading south out of Juneau was booked solid for the next 5 days. But using airline miles, I was able to reserve a long-way-around ticket: Juneau to Anchorage, Anchorage to Portland, Portland to Spokane. Usually I just flew to Seattle, rented a car from Sara's sister who worked at Budget, and drove to Ellensburg. I would have to leave today, Wednesday, in the afternoon, and I would probably arrive in Ellensburg around noon Thursday after renting a car in Spokane.

I checked with my boss, got my leave request approved, then, went home to pack. I took a cab to the airport about an hour before boarding. Security had just opened, and the line was short. Before long, I was sitting in my airline seat getting settled.

I thought about texting Sara and letting her know about the change in plans. I was scheduled to leave Juneau Friday night, rent a car, drive I-90 east, and arrive in Ellensburg about 2 am Saturday. Now I was going to arrive Thursday noon. I decided to surprise Sara. I needed to do something out of the ordinary -- accountants are usually so predictable -- and show Sara how much I loved and cared about her.

When I first moved to Juneau, we sent text messages to each other a dozen times a day, and we talked each night on the phone. When high school ended for the summer in June and we had not sold the house, Sara became impatient and depressed. It seemed that school kept her busy, and with nothing to do all summer but sit and wait for the house to sell, Sara became unhappy. Our text messages dwindled to once per day, and we talked only on Tuesday and Friday nights.

I had a two hour layover in Anchorage. Checking my smart phone, I saw Sara had sent me a text message:

"Hot again today, in the 90s. Had to irrigate the garden twice."

"Rain here in Juneau. Looking forward to seeing you!" I replied

I managed to secure a window seat for the four hour flight to Portland, and I was able to get some sleep even though the flight was completely full. I slept for about five hours in the Portland airport before catching the early morning flight to Spokane. On the flight, I considered how I could make this trip something out of the ordinary. I remembered that nice bed and breakfast in the Tri-Cities area that we visited and really liked. Once we landed I called and made reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

My entrance needed to be special, too. I sent a text to Sara:

"At work. Still raining. Are you busy this afternoon?"

A few minutes later she responded: "Sunny and hot here. Grocery store this afternoon 1 -- 3."

I called an Ellensburg florist, and ordered a dozen roses to be delivered at 3:30 that afternoon promptly. The card will read: "From your loving husband. You are my life!" I planned to park near the house, wait for the delivery, then make my entrance. I was very excited about these new ideas for surprising Sara!

I rented a car, ate breakfast near the airport, then headed west on I-90. At the rest stop near Moses Lake I took a nap. I arrived in Ellensburg at a quarter to one, so I drove to our house and parked about 100 yards down the road. We lived in the country on a 2-acre lot full of pine trees. We both enjoyed working on the property, and I knew that it would feel great to working up a sweat on our land this trip.

Chapter 2: Discovery

Almost exactly at one o'clock, Sara's red SUV pulled out our driveway and drove down the road. I decided to follow her just for fun. When she arrived at the first stop sign, she turned right instead of left towards town.

"That's interesting," I said to myself. Now I was curious.

I followed her for about 4 miles over county roads. I realized that she was nearing Molly's place. Molly had worked for me as an accountant in the Ellensburg office for several years, and she had retired about six months before the office closure. Molly's husband had died a few years ago, and the entire office had helped her through her recovery period. She told us all when she retired that she would never forget our kindness.

But Sara drove past Molly's driveway, and pulled into the next driveway. The lots in this part of the County were five acres with a dense pine tree forest. I pulled into Molly's driveway, and there was Molly sitting on her porch drinking ice tea. I looked over at the adjacent lot, and I could barely make out the house; Sara couldn't see me. I heard her car door close. Molly came down off the porch to greet me.

"Mike, it is great to see you," Molly started. She gave me a big hug. "What brings you out here? Come up the porch out of the sun and have some ice tea!"

As we walked to the porch, I explained that I had been following Sara to the house next door.

"I'm sorry, Mike," Molly started.

"Why," I asked. "Whose house is that, anyhow?"

"It belongs to Reverend Grayson. He's the pastor at one of the local churches. Molly has been visiting him every Monday, Thursday and Saturday for the past 2 month."

"Why?" I asked.

"You had best just see for yourself. They generally go out on the back patio on warm days like this," Molly answered.

I was getting a sinking feeling in my stomach.

"Wait a minute," Molly said and she went into her house, only to emerge a minute later with a digital camera. "Here, use this. You should take some pictures. Otherwise you won't believe it. It has a 10x zoom and it has a video capture mode."

I had a similar camera, so I was familiar with the controls. Molly walked me around the side of the house, and pointed to the trail.

"Follow the trail for about 150 feet. You will be able to see the Reverend's back yard clearly. Set the camera up on the stump. You will be in the shadows, so they won't see you. Sound travels far in these woods, so you'll be able to hear really well. I'm sorry, Mike."

I followed Molly's directions and found the clearing. I checked the camera, turned on the video mode, zoomed in to the back patio, placed it on the stump and pushed "record". I rechecked the viewfinder to be sure it was positioned correctly. I sat down. About a minute later Sara emerged from the house with a man. They were both naked.

I watched as they began to kiss, caress each other and make out. Soon Sara was sucking his cock. I took out my smart phone and began to take pictures. They spent the next 45 minutes making love on the back patio. I just sat there and watched, first with disbelief, then with mounting anger.

The worst part occurred after they finished fucking. Sara gave him a hug, and said, "Tom, you are an amazing lover. My husband just can't satisfy me the way you can. Thank you, thank you." Then they walked into the house.

I sat there and began to cry, just letting it all out. When I finished, I collected Molly's camera and slowly followed the tail back to Molly's house. She was still sitting on the porch.

"Sorry, Mike, come over here and sit with me." Molly handed me an iced tea, and took the camera. "Wait a minute or two. I'll transfer these files to a flash drive for you." She went into the house, leaving me alone on the porch.

I felt empty. My whole life was upside down. I just didn't know what to do. I just sat there looking off into the distance until Molly returned. She handed me a flash drive, and sat down to sip her iced tea.

"What are you going to do now, Mike?"

"I really don't know, Molly. I'm shocked and angry. My life will never be the same again."

I sat with Molly for over an hour. We talked. She helped me formulate a plan to get my life back together. She asked me tough questions, and some of those questions, I really couldn't answer. Part way through our talk Sara's red SUV drove past heading back to our house. No, I thought, not our house -- her house.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

Molly and I finished our talk, and I gave her a hug.

"Come back and visit when this is all over, Mike. I have a spare bedroom, and I'd like to find out how this turns out," Molly said.

"It's a promise, Molly," I answered. "I'll be back to see you. Thanks again for all your help."

With the plan that Molly helped me develop, I drove into town. I checked the time: almost 3:30. The flowers would be delivered soon. I drove to the Yellow Church Café, and asked for a private table in the back. When I was seated, I checked my smart phone. Sara had sent me a text message:

"Flowers are lovely! What a thoughtful husband you are! Is there anything I can do for you?"

I looked though the pictures I had taken with my phone and found one with Sara sucking his cock. You could see both of their faces clearly. I sent the picture with the caption:

"Wash your lover's semen and sweat off your body and meet me at the Yellow Church Café in 30 minutes. If you are late, I will be gone."

I ordered coffee and waited. I called the bed and breakfast and cancelled the reservations.

Sara walked into the café about 20 minutes later. She looked around, saw me and almost ran to my table.

"Oh, God, you are still here. I was afraid you would leave," she blurted out.

"Shut up and sit down, Sara," I said quietly.

She sat down across from me.

"Here's how it's going to work, Sara." I put my watch on the table. "When I finish explaining, you will have 15 minutes to talk. You may say anything, and I will not interrupt. You can ask me questions, and I will answer, but my answers are part of your 15 minutes. When you finish, I will have 15 minutes to talk, and you will not interrupt me or talk at all except to answer questions if you so choose. Do you understand these rules?"

She nodded yes.

"You may begin."

"I love you, Mike. You are a devoted husband, and a great lover. This past nine months has been difficult for me," Sara began.

"From the photo you texted me, you know about my affair with Reverend Grayson. I want you to know that I ended that affair this afternoon. It's over, Mike. I made a terrible mistake, I know that. I couldn't live with the guilt and deception any more. I'm asking you to forgive me. I'll be the best, most devoted wife. Just don't leave me!"

Sara went on for the full fifteen minutes repeating herself over and over. She loves me. She made a mistake. She wants me to forgive her. Her expression became more worried as I sat stone-faced listening.

"Your time is up," I said at the end of fifteen minutes. "Now it is my turn."

"I have only three things to say to you, Sara," I started.

"First, I love you. I will probably always love you. The past twelve years have been some of the happiest and best years of my life. You have been a good wife, and we made a fine life together."

Sara smiled at me, and reached out to take my hand. I did not offer my hand.

"Second, I don't believe anything you said. You have shown yourself to be a deceitful, lying person, Sara. You planned and executed an affair behind my back, even involving your own sister."

Sara's eyes widened in surprise. Yes, I figured out that her sister was calling her to let her know when I rented a car in Seattle and left for Ellensburg.

"You have broken your wedding vows, betrayed my trust in you and made a mockery of our marriage. I feel that I don't really know you anymore.

"I have to wonder how many other affairs you have had in the past twelve years. But I don't want to know. Whatever you said, I wouldn't believe you, anyhow. And I would rather keep my happy memories intact."

Sara was crying now.

"Third, I cannot be married to someone that I do not trust. And I do not trust you anymore, Sara. Our marriage ceased to exist when you began your affair. I could not stay married to you because I would always wonder if you were cheating again behind my back. I would worry when I went on a business trip if you were fucking someone else. No husband should have to live with a constant doubt about his wife's faithfulness.

"I intend to start the divorce process tomorrow."

Sara put her head down on the table and began to sob.

"I want a quick and easy divorce, splitting the assets 50/50. You can keep the Ellensburg house, and I will keep the Juneau condo. I will not mention your affair in the divorce proceedings unless I am forced by you. I hope we can stay friends.

"That's all I have to say."

Sara raised her head off the table and sobbed, 'You are throwing away a twelve year marriage, Mike. You just can't do that!"

"No, Sara," I replied. "You are the one who threw away our marriage. I can't believe you would do that, but you did. And I am sorry.

"I'll let you know the contact information for my attorney. I suggest that you get an attorney for yourself."

I prepared to leave the table, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone approaching our table.

Chapter 4: A Wrinkle in the Plan

"Hello, Mike. I'm Reverend Tom Grayson. You can call me Tom," he said smiling and offering his hand to me.

I just looked at him for a moment, and I didn't shake his hand.

"Excuse me, Reverend. I didn't recognize you with your clothes on," I replied in a loud voice. Several café patrons turned and looked at our table.

He turned red and withdrew his hand.

"May I sit down, please?"

"Be my guest, Reverend. I'm just leaving. And I have good news for you: I'm divorcing Sara, so you can have her full time now. You can move in with her, if you like. I have no objections."

The Reverend sat down, looked at Sara and held her hand.

"Mike, you are making a big mistake. Sara loves you, and she does not want a divorce. You two can make this work, I know you can. You have twelve years to build on. Your marriage can weather this minor incident, Mike. I know it can."

"Well, Reverend, you are wrong. Sara will never be satisfied with me anymore. According to her, you are a much better lover than me. I heard her say so herself."

Sara put her head down on the table and returned to sobbing.

"And besides," I said standing up, "I really don't think I should be taking any advice on my marriage from my wife's lover."

I walked away from the table, paid for my coffee and walked out the door.

I drove back to Spokane. I found a room in the Best Western motel near I-90, and I crashed into bed. I slept soundly for ten hours.

I got up, showered, and ate breakfast at the Denney's across the motel parking lot. I returned to my room, set up my laptop, and searched the internet for an office supply store and for a list of divorce attorneys. At the office supply store, I purchased six flash drives and mailing envelopes. I returned to the room, transferred the video and my camera stills to the six flash drives. Then I placed five drives into envelopes, addressed the envelopes, and drove two blocks to a post office and mailed them. Returning to my room, I called divorce attorneys. After five calls, I found one that could see me this morning.

I drove to downtown Spokane and spoke with the attorney. Sixty days for a "no fault" divorce, he said. I paid him a retainer and gave him the sixth flash drive for safe keeping. He gave me a list of information he needed to file the paperwork. I checked the list; most of these items I had in Juneau and would have to email them to him.

Next I visited the teacher's credit union main office. I opened accounts in my name only and transferred exactly half of all balances into the new accounts. That took over an hour. We had separate credit card accounts, so I didn't change them.

I ate lunch downtown. After eating I called Carol, Sara's sister who worked at the SeaTac Airport Budget car rental.

"Hi Carol. This is Mike."

"Mike, good to hear from you. I have your car ready to go. What flight are you on?"

"Carol, I have four things to say to you. You might want to take notes," I started.

"First, I will not be needing a rental car today. I took an earlier flight to Spokane.

"Second, I know all about Sara's affair. I came home early and caught them fucking.

"Third, I started divorce proceedings today. You may want to let your parents know. You may also want to call Sara, as she will need some support.

"And fourth, I know that you were part of Sara's plan to deceive me. You called and let her know that I was on my way to Ellensburg so she wouldn't get caught. I never want to see or hear from you again! Good bye!"

I hung up without giving her a chance to speak. Somehow that was quite satisfying.

Chapter 5: Meeting -- the Sequel

I drove back to the motel and entered the motel lobby about 2:30 pm. A busy, but productive Friday, I thought to myself. I needed to go online and see if I could book an earlier flight back to Juneau. I waved to the motel staff as I walked through the lobby. They motioned me to come over to the counter.

"Anything wrong?" I asked.

"No, sir. I just wanted to let you know that your Ellensburg friends have arrived, and they are waiting for you over at the Denney's."

"Which friends are those?"

"Ah, let me see," he said checking the computer. "Yes. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Grayson. They were given room 319."

"Thank you," I responded as I headed to my room. Somehow they had found me, but that would not have been all that difficult to do. Time to pack and check out of here, I thought to myself. My cell phone chimed: a text message.

"I'm at Denney's. Please come talk with me," Sara texted

"Is your lover with you?" I responded.

"No," she answered.

"Be over in 5," I texted. I needed to give her the attorney information anyhow.

I walked into the Denney's. Sara was in a booth in the back. I also saw the Reverend sitting alone at a table at the opposite end of the restaurant facing away from me. I strode over to Sara's table and sat down.

"You said lover-boy wasn't with you," I accused.

"He isn't sitting with me! That's what I said," she said forcefully.

"Same rules as yesterday, then?" I said taking off my watch.

"No, damn it," she answered. "No more of your games. I was in shock yesterday. I'm your wife, and you will listen to what I have to say!"

"Okay," I leaned back in my seat. "Go ahead. Talk."

"I know that you are very upset about my affair with Tom. I never meant to hurt you. It was just a summer love affair, and it was over this week. You were not supposed to find out. I never at any time stopped loving you, and I never, ever wanted to stop being your wife."

"Well, it seems that you are Tom Grayson's wife, now," I replied. "At least that's how you two are signed into the motel. Room 319, I believe. So what was your plan? Make up with me this afternoon, then, spend all night fucking your lover? After all he is a better lover than me, right? Why settle for second best?"

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