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Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Mr. Marcus

by Samuelx©

One fine summer night in the City of Los Angeles, California, three African-American porn stars got together for a night of fun. A big, muscular Black stud along with two bodacious Black ladies. The Black gentleman in question was none other than Mr. Marcus, world-famous African-American porn star. Handsome, virile and well-endowed, this Black stud specializes in interracial porn. With him were two sexy ladies who truly should require no introduction. Nyomi Banxxx, a tall, big-bottomed and absolutely lovely Black porn starlet affectionately referred to as The Black Barbie by adult film industry insiders. Beauty Dior, a curvy Black lady whose gorgeous face and fantastic booty should really be immortalized for all time. They are the legends of today's Black and interracial porn. And they've gotten together for one amazing night. A one-time only command performance for your eyes only, ladies and gentlemen.

Ever wonder what your favorite Black porn studs and Black porn goddesses do when they're at home? Are they really as wild as they appear? Or are they homebodies? Well, let's find out. Mr. Marcus sat in his living room with Beauty Dior and Nyomi Banxxx. The three of them talked about business during the recession, and the prevalence of racism in the adult film industry. They sipped some wine, and after much talking, talky gave way to horny. And when you're a trio of gorgeous African-Americans in the prime of your sexual powers, what can you do when you get horny? The question really should be, what can't you do when you get horny? Mr. Marcus, Beauty Dior and Nyomi Banxxx decided to play wicked sexual games together. And thus the fun began.

Beauty Dior lay on the Black leather couch, legs spread as Mr. Marcus licked and fingered her sexy Black pussy. At the same time, Nyomi Banxxx sucked Mr. Marcus long and thick Black cock with gusto. For years she heard a lot about Mr. Marcus. The interracial porn expert. The tamer of white sluts. The man credited with the creation of the term Black Monster Cock. He'd been in a long-term relationship with a blonde-haired white porn starlet at the time that Nyomi Banxxx entered the adult film industry. Nyomi figured she might never do a scene with the legendary Black male porn star whose work she admired long before she came to the industry. Well, apparently she was wrong. Mr. Marcus relationship with the blonde porn starlet ended badly, and he began doing Black girls on film instead of just white chicks and Asian women. Nyomi Banxxx was happy to see him return to form. And when they finally did a scene together, she was thrilled. He didn't disappoint. The adult film industry was filled with good-looking, well-endowed Black men who weren't truly great lovers. Having a big dick helped but you had to know how to use it. Also, sticking your big Black dick in a woman's mouth, pussy and asshole was fun but licking her pussy the right way also brought her immense pleasure. Mr. Marcus was actually good in bed, unlike many of the adult film industry's top Black guys.

That's she was polishing his cock and balls with her tongue right now. Nyomi Banxxx was the best cock sucker in the adult film industry, hands down. It didn't matter who she was working with, everyone agreed that her skills were simply unparalleled. For this gorgeous young Black woman from the City of Chicago, Illinois, knew there was only one way to suck a dick. And that's the right way. Mr. Marcus big Black dick throbbed in her mouth as she worked her magic on him. Oh, yeah. She knew that she was onto the right track. The signs were all there. While she pleasured him, Mr. Marcus continued licking and fingering Beauty Dior's pussy impassively. The man had great focus and staying power. Two things that Nyomi Banxxx really admired in a man. Beauty Dior screeched in pleasure as Mr. Marcus expert lovemaking brought her a shuddering orgasm.

Mr. Marcus held Beauty Dior in his strong, manly arms as the orgasm rocked her body. At the same time, Nyomi Banxxx intensified her sucking of his cock. It was incredible. Almost as if Mr. Marcus dick existed independently from the rest of his awesomely sexy, masculine Black body. Nyomi Banxxx was determined to make the handsome, macho Black stud lose control. So she decided to make him give it up. She flicked her tongue over his cock head, and gently pinched his balls. It was one of her oldest tricks, learned from one of downtown Chicago's most sexually adventurous Black sluts. And it definitely had the desire effect. Moments later Mr. Marcus moaned as he came, his thick Black cock spitting its cum all over Nyomi Banxxx beautiful face. And she gulped it all down.

The three sexy Black porn stars continued with the action. Mr. Marcus put Beauty Dior on all fours, spanked her big sexy Black ass and thrust his cock into her asshole from behind. Beauty Dior squealed in delight. Nothing she loved more than getting her sexy ass fucked in the doggy style position. Nyomi Banxxx fingered her pussy, watching intently as Mr. Marcus fucked the hell out of Beauty Dior. The sexy Black porn star from Chicago was starting to feel a bit frustrated. She didn't like feeling left out. So she took a strap-on dildo out of her purse and decided to join the fun. Moments later, Mr. Marcus groaned as Nyomi Banxxx slid the strap-on dildo deep into his asshole. At the same time, he pushed his cock deeper inside Beauty Dior's tight backdoor. Nyomi Banxxx held onto Mr. Marcus hips as she began pumping her dildo into his asshole. Mr. Marcus tried to fuck Beauty Dior's ass while getting fucked in HIS ass by Nyomi Banxxx strap-on dildo but that was an exercise in multi-tasking which the macho Black stud couldn't pull off. After about fifteen minutes he gave it up, pulling his dick out of Beauty Dior's now gaping asshole. Beauty Dior whimpered as Mr. Marcus pulled out of her.

After seeing what Mr. Marcus dick had done to Beauty Dior's asshole, our favorite Black dominatrix Nyomi Banxxx silently swore to herself that she would wreck the macho Black man's asshole with her strap-on dildo. And she did just that. Mr. Marcus couldn't believe how quickly Nyomi Banxxx assumed control. She flipped him on his back, raised his legs in the air and plunged her dildo right back in his asshole. Beauty Dior sat on the couch, a stunned look on her beautiful face as she watched Mr. Marcus, the most manly guy in the Black porn universe, get fucked in the ass by Nyomi Banxxx. And Mr. Marcus lay on his back and took it like a bitch. Nyomi was really giving it to him now. She berated him, spat on him and smacked his face while sodomizing him with her strap-on dildo. Legendary African-American porn icon Mr. Marcus screamed as he got fucked in the ass by a dominant Black goddess wielding a fearsome strap-on dildo. Nyomi Banxxx heeded his screams, and they were music to her ears. So she fucked him harder. When all was said and done, she pulled her dildo out of his gaping asshole and invited Beauty Dior to spit inside his ass. This Beauty Dior did happily.

A little while later, Mr. Marcus thanked Beauty Dior and Nyomi Banxxx for a wonderful time. His ultimate fantasy had come true. Like many macho Black men out there, Mr. Marcus occasionally fantasized about what it would be like to submit to a dominant woman. Well, Nyomi Banxxx is the most dominant Black woman in the world of Black porn, interracial porn and mainstream BDSM and fetish. Black ladies don't get any bossier than her. Mr. Marcus definitely came to the right place. And he definitely didn't regret any part of this memorable encounter. Too bad his ass hurt a little bit but he's a real man so he doesn't mind. Hey, do you think Nyomi Banxxx is going to start a trend in the Black community? What trend am I talking about? Black women banging Black guys in the ass with strap-on dildos in porn movies, of course!

Written by: Samuelx

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