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Night of the Worm

by Corpse_rider©

She went to window, pulling the curtains aside, and tried to open it. The handle was a simple thing, a release button should allow it to swing open, but although she could press it, the window would not open.

'Oh Jesus fucking Christ,' Melissa cursed, her mind nearly flooded with fear and mounting panic. She looked out the window pressing her face close to the glass to negate the reflective effect of the bedroom light.

Down below on her pathway, was the now familiar form of the woman, who had been with the children earlier, then directing others away from Melissa's house. This close to the house and from the light from her bedroom, Melissa could see the woman clearly. She wore a long tan coat, her hair was thick long and dark. Her round face was inclined towards Melissa's. She was smiling.

'Please help,' Melissa cried, still wrestling ineffectively with the window catch. She banged on the thick double glazed windows with her free hand oblivious that she still naked -- all that mattered was to get out of the house.

The woman below did not move, but Melissa noticed her smile had widened.

'You fucking bitch. You did this didn't you?' Melissa screamed.

She turned away from the window as she heard the door judder in its frame. The thing was trying to get in.

There was no thump, but the door was clearly being shaken in some way, then it occurred to Melissa what was happening. She fell to the floor and looked under the bed, screaming in horror as she saw the snake like thing squeezing under the door, regaining its vast diameter as it passed through the small gap. Melissa jumped on the bed as though the floor was suddenly electrified. There was an audible pop as the bedroom light blew, plunging the bedroom into near darkness, only the sour yellow streetlight from outside illuminating the terrible nightmare Melissa found herself in.

She screamed. It was a scream to wake the dead - a scream that made her throat raw from the effort - a scream that could not fail to attract attention from anyone within earshot. Melissa drew another deep breath to fuel another scream of utter terror. The third scream though, died in her throat for the huge bloated pink worm was crawling and wriggling up over the bottom of the bed.

Melissa shrank away from it pushing herself back against the corner of the room where the wall met the door, only now the door was made useless by the bed that blocked it. Melissa had trapped herself, and was now cornered and helpless.

She drew her legs up, her knees touching her breasts, instinctively making herself as small as possible. Her hand brushed something hard under the duvet, it was the small vibrator. Melissa hurled it, sobbing as it glanced off the wrinkled thick skin of the monster.

It moved to her, coiling around her legs, slithering up her torso. She tried to push it away, but its surface was slimy and wet with some sort of secretion, and the thing moved over and around her body at will. Screaming, she lashed out, her limbs becoming surrounded by the coils of the thing's body. She was like some doomed animal in the coils of boa constrictor -the more she struggled the tighter the coils became around her and she felt the thing also encircle her neck making it difficult to breathe. Its slimy wrinkled body felt repulsive against her bare skin. Tears streamed down her cheeks as Melissa waited for it to kill her. She was aware of a mewling sound and dimly realised the sound was coming from her. Something was pressing and probing between her thighs. Despite the worm-thing's coils around her legs she managed to clamp her thighs shut, refusing entry. Instantly the coils around her neck tightened choking the breath from her. She eased her thighs and the thing responded by slackening its deadly constricting grip on her throat. She knew now what it wanted.

Again she felt it press forward between her legs - this time she didn't resist. Whether it was its head or tail she could not tell, for her view was severely restricted, but it now pressed forward inside her, its slick slimy skin making it easy to penetrate her. She whimpered in horror and disgust at her violation by the thing, her mind now at the very edge of sanity. Still it plunged and pushed itself inside her. She could feel her abdomen tighten with pressure as it forced the mass of its vile body inside her, pushing her inner organs aside to fit more of itself inside. Melissa, in a state of hysteria, was now mouthing the Lord's prayer, words that had not passed her lips since her childhood.

The slimy coils around her neck and limbs began to recede as the thing fed more of itself inside her body, swelling her abdomen with its bulging form. As the last of its vile body pushed inside her, Melissa tried to grab its remaining length before it disappeared inside. Her hands slipped off the slick surface of it as it wriggled and shoved itself inside her, and with a despairing sob, Melissa gave up. Her breathing was shallow, and now that the thing was completely inside her, she propped herself up weakly on her elbow. Her skin was chill as the air cooled the slimy mucus like substance the creature has left where it had clung to her. She looked like a woman in her final days of pregnancy; her stomach swollen and bloated. Inside she could feel it move and wriggle the sensation making her feel nauseous.

With tremendous effort she managed to climb from the bed, every movement causing the thing inside her squirm within. Half sitting, half lying she retched then vomited. She pulled the bed from the door and lifted herself up. She knew what she had to do. Stumbling and crawling, tears blinding her vision, she made her way slowly downstairs, leaning on the walls, her legs weak, her own body, with its repugnant contents, felt alien to her.

The worm-thing squirmed and wriggled inside her as she got closer to the kitchen as though sensing her intention. Somehow, it might have been minutes or hours, Melissa reached the kitchen, collapsing on the floor. She had to get thing out of her.

She found the knife lying where she had dropped it by the cupboard.

She had to the thing out of her.

She grasped the handle firmly and plunged the knife into her belly cutting downwards several inches. Her whole body quaked as she shoved her hands inside the wound, fingers finding the slippery coils of the thing, she pulled them and they spilled out of her in a bloody slippery mess.

It was out.

She smiled as she slid down to lay on her side. Blood loss already making her drowsy, she lay her head on the cool linoleum flooring. The air stank of the coppery smell of her blood.

It was over.

Some dim awareness filtered through her mind as she looked her intestines strewn beside her in a steaming pool of blood, and before blackness swamped her dying mind she thought she heard the letterbox flap snap open, and a woman's voice whispering something:

'Happy Halloween . . .'

Written by: Corpse_rider

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