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Poor Little Cassie Ch. 01

by teachgirl1980©

"Put it in." He said softly.

I looked at him, unsure for a moment.

"Bitch, take the black cock and put it in your white pussy." He said.

The instructions were clear. I opened my legs wider and pulled the cock towards my open pussy. I took a deep breath and slipped it between my lips. It felt warm and big. I moved it up and down and I could feel it getting wet from my own juices mixed with the other man's cum that was still leaking out of me. I felt it lock into me and the head slipped in. I gasped and he laughed.

"Pull it in." He said.

I wrapped my legs around his ass and tried to pull him closer. I felt the cock slide deeper and I gasped again. I was opening up again to another huge cock. I pulled harder and then I slid my hips closer to him. He went deeper still and I pulled really hard. I felt his crotch hit mine and he slid all the way in to my body. I felt myself breathe deep as I got used to the huge piece of meat between my legs. I looked at his body. He still had on his shirt but the black skin on his hips and legs was a big contrast to my skin. I was not pasty white, I had a great tan but I looked like a ghost next to the deep black of his skin. My thoughts left my head quickly as I felt him grab my legs.

He pushed them wide open and started to fuck me hard. The sound of his skin hitting mine and then the wet sound as he hit the bottom of my pussy was incredible. I felt like a wild animal again and I just gave myself to this man. My young body was his to use, to do anything he wanted. The feeling was wonderful as he used me for his pleasure. My mind was clear and free of any worries or sadness. I was simply a plaything for this wonderful man. He finished and I felt another load of cum bathe my insides. He held himself deep inside me as he flinched three more times.

He pulled away and dropped my legs. I was unable to move, my lower body felt like one big bruise. He walked back into the bathroom and I heard metal sounds, like tools being thrown into a toolbox. I closed my eyes. Hands grabbed my legs and pulled me. I slid off the bed and crumpled on the floor. My hair was grabbed and I was pulled up to my knees.

"Open your mouth baby girl." Tony said.

I looked up at him and he was smiling. He was holding my hair so I couldn't move my head. His cock touched my lips and I opened them on instinct. He pushed and the cock slid into my mouth. I tasted myself on it. I also tasted his cum, it was salty and slick. He hit the back of my throat and pulled back, leaving the head just inside my mouth.

"Use your tongue sweetheart. I have to fuck you again so use that pretty little mouth to get me hard." Tony said.

I swirled my tongue around his head. I then sucked him into my mouth again. What was I doing? I started to panic a little as I realized I was just doing whatever this man asked. Did I have no control? I felt the cock hit the back of my throat again and I moved my tongue under it. I slid back slowly, moving my tongue along the hard shaft.

"Fuck, girl, you can suck cock! That is some good stuff and you are still a baby." Tony said.

I felt a little tinge of pride which seems silly now. I was proud that I was a good cocksucker. Well, I guess you have to know your strengths. I slid off of the cock and sucked on the head. I tasted a little drop of cum as it left his head. I slurped it up. I felt him pulling up on my hair and I stood up. He turned me around and I was facing the bed.

"Climb up there on all fours little girl." Tony said and I jumped on the bed on my hands and knees.

"Good girl, now put your head down and lift that cute ass." He said and I felt his big hands on my ass.

I lowered my head to the bed and pushed my ass up. He ran his hands over my tight butt and down my legs. He then ran them up my thighs and between my legs. His finger entered my sloppy pussy and I moaned. His finger moved up and touched my asshole. I flinched and he laughed.

"You ever take it up the ass baby girl?" Tony asked.

"No." I said softly.

He laughed and pushed his finger a little ways into my ass. I groaned. He slid his finger out and in a couple of times and I was getting hot. I thought of what was happening, I was on all fours on my parents' bed and a strange man was running his finger into my virgin ass. I wiggled my ass a little. I heard him laugh again.

"Man, you are a hot little one, aren't you?" Tony said.

I felt him touch my pussy and then his cock slid into me again. He went all the way in on one stroke and I felt his pubic hair against my smooth ass. He ran his finger in again and I moaned loud. His other hand moved around me and touched my clit. I would have jumped off the bed if not for a humongous cock buried deep in my young pussy. I squealed as he moved his finger over my clit and moved his other finger in and out of my ass. My little body was totally in his control and he was playing it like a fine instrument. I tried to move but I couldn't, the pleasure was building and then he pulled his cock out of my pussy and pounded it back in. I raised my head and screamed as the orgasm hit me like a truck.

"Cum for me baby, that a girl." He said and ran his finger deep in my butt.

I was wiggling as he let go of my clit and held my hip. He was fucking my pussy with his cock and my ass with his finger. I was in heaven and I lowered my head to scream into the bed. I was convulsing with a long orgasm. My whole body shook three or four times and my mind went blank. My orgasm was all I could think about. He pulled his finger out of my ass and grabbed my other hip. He started fucking me really hard. I was grunting as he pummeled me. He went even faster and I heard his skin slapping against mine. I grabbed two handfuls of bedspread to keep myself from flying off the bed. Tony fucked me for another 5 minutes at least until he groaned deep and rammed himself into me.

I squealed again as it felt like he was even deeper. I felt him flinch three times and knew I was getting another bath of cum. He pulled out slowly and my pussy felt empty. I felt his cum pour out of me again and it started running down my leg. I would have to change my parent's bedspread. My ass was still sticking up in the air and my head was on the bed. I couldn't move.

I felt hands touch my ass and then another cock slid into my pussy. It was Hank, I knew it because there was no way Tony was ready again and my young pussy was stretching again. He grunted and buried himself in one stroke. I felt another little tinge of pride knowing I took this huge cock in my little body with ease. Hank grabbed my hips and started fucking me. I held onto the bedspread as I got the fucking of my young life.

He drove deep with every stroke and he was moving fast. It felt like he hit bottom every time and I grunted on each downstroke. I have no idea how long he went but it felt like an hour. I know it wasn't but I was a little sad when he groaned really loud and emptied his black balls into me. He flinched at least four times. He held himself in me and took a few deep breaths.

"Man, that is one fine pussy. Girl, you are really special. I can't wait to get back into you." Hank said and slid himself slowly out of my ravaged pussy.

I moaned as I felt the emptiness. I did not move. I heard them zipping up their pants and I heard the toolbox as they picked it up. I was listening closely and then I felt the slap across my ass.

I yelped and anther slap hit the other cheek. He pushed my ass over and I fell on my side. He rolled me on my back and opened my legs. My pussy opened again before Tony.

"Little girl, you need to clean up that pussy, it is a little messed up. Oh yeah, shave it for me. I like my young cunts smooth." He said and pulled on my smooth blonde hair.

I squealed a little with the pain and he laughed. They walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I heard the front door open and then I heard Tony's voice again.

"See you bright and early tomorrow, sweet cheeks. We have to come back and check on the leak again." He said with a chuckle and I heard the door close.

I took a deep breath and slowly sat up. I looked down and saw that my pussy was indeed a little messed up. It was red and covered in cum. My hair was matted down and I saw cum pooling below me. I stood up and walked slowly into the bathroom. I turned on the hot water and filled the tub. I went back and stripped my parent's bed and rolled the sheets up. I dropped them on the bathroom floor and then stepped into the tub. The hot water felt wonderful as my sore body slipped into it. I leaned back and enjoyed the heat. I closed my eyes for a minute and then reached for my razor.

I started shaving my pussy for the first time in my life.

Written by: teachgirl1980

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