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Catching Up

by russ007uk1©

I arrived at the door at 1pm as arranged and she opened the door as I walked up the path.

'You found it ok then,' she said. 'Good to see you after all these years.'

It had been nearly 20 years since I last saw her, she was 15 then and I was in the year above her at school. I can't remember how long she had a crush on me at school and at that age I was immature and to be fair girls weren't high on my priorities - I preferred to be out with my mates playing football.

She had changed in so many ways but she still looked like the innocent girl from school. We had found each other through a social networking site, and had been chatting for a while. She was living with her partner as was I, but our chats were innocent but we did relive the past and on occasions we did talk about the what if's.

One night she was annoyed because her computer wasn't working as well as it should and during an online chat I asked about the system security settings she had in place, as I worked with computers and had a good knowledge - the response I got was a confused emoticon - meaning she didn't know.

I offered to pop round and have a look for her and to sort the computer out for her as any friend would. Well that's how I came to be walking up her path that day. Both our respective partners knew what was happening, it was two old friends catching up while one did the other a favour by sorting out the computer.

She wandered down the path in her jeans and an old band t-shirt to greet me, we hugged and I smelt her sweet perfume.

'You coming in then?' she asked and I followed her into the lounge, closing the door behind me. We chatted for a while and then she showed me where the computer was. I checked the files and made a quick assessment.

'Right, I know what I need to install for you to sort this out, we'll have it running faster than ever in about 30 minutes, Hun,' I told her.

She offered me a drink and asked if I would mind if she left me to it while I did my nerdy stuff on the PC. I didn't mind to be honest but the conversation while programs installed would have been nice, still plenty of time for that afterwards I thought.

I worked on her PC, installing and running the new ad-ware programs and the automatic cache cleaner program and was installing the new antivirus software when I heard her come down the stairs.

When she walked through the door my chin hit the floor, the jeans and band t-shirt had gone and before me was a sexy vixen with a naughty look in her eye. She had scraped her hair back into a short ponytail and was wearing a halter neck top through which her nipples were clearly visible, she had a leather mini skirt on with stockings, the lacy tops showing beneath the bottom of her skirt, and she had knee-high boots on with a nice heel.

'You can kind of thank my other half for this,' she said. 'As I was running him to work I said I'd better pop and get you some beers to say thank you and he told me "Fuck him - he's an old friend he'll be happy just to chat and catch up with you while he does the computer"!'

In all fairness - he was right - if she had offered me the beers I would have declined her generosity - after all what are friends for?

'Anyway,' she said, 'as I drove home I thought to myself, well he does like me to do as I'm told and he did tell me to and I have been waiting 20 years for this chance, so...'

I moved to get out of the chair to go to her.

'You sit yourself down on that sofa there, young man. You teased me at school for all those years, now it's my turn to tease you, it's time for me to show you what a bad girl you missed out on all those years ago.'

I sat on the sofa as she moved to the stereo and turned it on and pressed play. The sounds of Madonna's Erotica started to fill the room and with that she moved closer, reached behind her back and undid the tie at the back of her top and slowly revealed her breasts. She stood just out of my reach and started to play with her nipples, making them harden even more. She pulled the top over her head and continued to play with her nipples, lifting one to her mouth, and her hips began to sway to the music.

Her hands slid down her tummy and over her skirt and ran up and down her thighs, slowly sliding her skirt up her legs. She turned around and bent over, showing her ass and looking into my eyes from between her legs. I could see the thin black strand of cotton that went between her cheeks, which indicated she had a thong on. She slowly ran her hands up the inside of her thighs and rubbed at the gusset of her thong, moaning as she did.

Slowly she stood up, still with her back to me and reached behind her, slowly undoing the zip on her skirt and it slid down her stockinged legs to the floor. She stood there for a moment allowing me to gaze at her firm ass, and then her hand rose behind her back and came down on her ass cheek with a slap.

I let out a breath and said 'Wow!' I was sure she heard me, but she didn't let on, she walked towards the stereo and opened a drawer. She reached in and took something out, before slowly turning around with a vibrator pressed to her lips. She licked it seductively before taking it in her mouth deep. Slowly she moved to the arm chair and sat in it. She raised each of her legs so that they hung over the arms of the chair and she knew I had a front row seat of her sat there topless spread-eagled. She continued to tease the toy with her mouth using one hand to slide it between her luscious lips and her free hand slid again down her body, to her black lacy thong and she began to rub herself again. A moan slid from her lips as she rubbed gently at her pussy and slowly she pulled her panties to one side.

Her pussy came into view and what a pussy it was! Smoothly shaven skin and swollen lips. She used her hand to spread her lips, allowing me to see how wet she was, and she took the toy from her mouth and slid it straight into her pussy. As she did, she became more vocal and let out a louder moan and began to fuck herself with the toy.

She started sliding the toy in and out of her slowly but as the passion built inside her she began to go faster and deeper. I could hear her getting wetter and wetter as she started pounding herself with the toy.

'You like the bad me?' she asked. 'Bet you'd love to see and hear me come for you wouldn't you?'

'You bet I would,' came my reply.

'Oh yes' she moaned as she began to rub at her clit as the toy slid in and out of her, she began to rub harder and faster and I could tell she was about to come.

'I'm a bad girl, one you never had - I bet you want me now don't you?

'I do - I never thought of you like this - you were such a goody goody at school.'

'That's what you think, I used to do this twice a day thinking about you and me together, feeling you slide deep inside me. Ohhhhhhhhh yes.'

With that she gave a final deep push of the toy so it was deep inside her and she rubbed her clit furiously as she came. When her orgasm subsided the toy was taken from her pussy and went to her lips and she licked it. 'Mmmmm I taste good.' She sat there for a few minutes stroking her pussy and then pulled her panties back over her pussy.

'Time to see if I have teased you and made you as horny as you made me all those years ago,' she said as she got on her knees and crawled across the room to me. She climbed onto the sofa and kissed me, her hands caressing my cheeks for a few minutes until she let them roam my body. Her hands slowly and teasingly made their way to my crotch where there was a plainly visible bulge. I mean after the show I had just been given what man wouldn't?

'Ohh someone is feeling very aroused - I see I have your attention now don't I?' Her hands undid my trousers and slid inside. 'Mmmm it feels better than I ever imagined and much bigger too, stand up and get your kit off babe.'

I did as I was told, I stood up and firstly I took my top off, then off came the shoes and socks. As I pulled my trousers and underwear down, she slid of the sofa and fell to her knees in front of me. As I stood up she grabbed my cock with her hands and pulled it to her mouth, sucking me in greedily.

She slid her mouth up and down my cock, taking me deep in her mouth and throat while cupping my balls with one hand, moaning each time she took my cock deep in her mouth. The vibrations felt immense on my cock and this was the best blow job I had ever had. She slid her mouth up my cock and let it slip from her lips, she gripped my cock with her hand and teased the tip of my cock with her tongue, pushing it into the slit on the end of my cock, fishing the pre-cum from my cock.

She moved her head away from my cock and stroked it with her hand first of all, then she used both hands on my cock and looked me in the eyes. 'You know I would have gladly done this for you all those years ago don't you? I used to dream about you and me after school going down to the playing fields and you asking me to suck your cock. Well now I am going to get what I wanted all those years ago - your cum filling my mouth.'

With that she took my cock back in her mouth and began to fuck me with her mouth, her hand rubbing my cock as she slid up and down and sucked on my cock. My hands moved to her head and I held her ponytail and started to thrust in and out of her mouth.

'If you keep going like this you'll get your wish, Hun,' I told her and again I moaned with pleasure.

She carried on sucking and rubbing my cock and my thrusts became faster and faster until my knees buckled and I exploded in her mouth with a loud groan that I was sure everyone in the street would have heard.

We both sat on the sofa and kissed and caressed each other's bodies,

'My you have changed, and you certainly aren't the goody goody girl from school now are you?' I said.

'You haven't seen the half of it. I want you to take me upstairs, tie me to the bed and use me in any way you want but I do want you to promise me a few things first?'

'What are these things then?' I asked, intrigued, wondering what else this vixen could be into.

'You have to put me over your knee and spank me before you tie me up, and I want your cock in my pussy and I want to see if you'll fit in my ass, I want to be yours completely even if it's just once.'

I was lost for words at these requests. In my mind she would still have been the innocent churchgoing girl I knew at school - I never for one minute imagined she would be like this - but hell I was enjoying this and was looking forward to more fun with an old friend.

To Be Continued

Written by: russ007uk1

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