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Sandi's Fantasy

by WSchnotz©


This is a work of fiction. Any characters or events that are vaguely familiar to you are completely coincidental. Might I add that if anyone you know is as vague as the characters in this story that you may want to get out more. Everyone in this story is eighteen years or older, and yes, even the cat.

Author's note:

First submission! This is the very first story that I have completely put in writing and shared with anyone. Of course, instead of looking to family and friends for support and criticism, I am anonymously submitting it to the world in the hopes that I am not torn to shreds. Constructive feedback is certainly welcome.

W. Schnotz, 2011


Chapter 1

What she said had been on my mind for the last two months or so. Was it a request? Was it a suggestion? Was it real?

It was really eating at me and I had finally made up my mind. I was going to make the move that day. I could have alienated a coworker. I could have gotten fired. My stomach was churning and my heart raced fast. I felt like I was pouring sweat, but upon wiping my hand across my forehead, it was dry.

I took my lunch late that day. Part of this plan was all timing. I headed for the break room. If Anna was in there I was going to act. What the hell was I doing? As I walked into the breakroom I hoped, deep, deep down inside that she wouldn't be there; it would be an excuse for failure and proving the absurdity of this venture.

Anna was there, sitting across the room at one of the tables alone. She was absently dipping corn chips into what looked like baby vomit and, of course, eating it. Yuck!

It wasn't too busy in there at the time; it was mid afternoon and kind of ended up being before lunches on some shifts and after lunches for other shifts. I was pretty sure she had just started her lunch.

"Hey Anna." I said as I approached the table, "What's going on?"

"Craig," she acknowledged. "Just eating corn chips and hummus."

Yuck, it doesn't matter what it's called, it still looks the same.

"Would you like some?"

"Nah," I replied. "I can't stand the stuff."

Anna shrugged. She dipped another chip, took a bite and went for another dip with the rest of the chip. She stopped part way as if determining if the rest of the chip was big enough to be worth dipping. Apparently it wasn't; she just tossed it in her mouth.

"When's you lunch over?" I asked.

"I just started, probably forty-five or fifty minutes."

We had hour lunches. I liked that better than the halves you'd get at some places. With an hour you had time to go somewhere, or you could just take your time eating and BS-ing with the group, or inhale your food like you only had a half hour and then nap it off like you wished you could with only a half hour.

"Cool," I replied. "I wanted to show you something in receiving and get your opinion."

This should have been a red flag for her. I do merchandising and inventory auditing. Anna worked up front at customer service. There is no reason someone in my position would be asking for someone in her's for an opinion.

She shrugged, "Sure." She dipped one more chip(I shuddered) and put the lid on the hummus.

I watched her as she stood up and went to the refrigerator. Anna was a little thick, she had a little muffin top, but she was on the tall side and actually wore the extra pretty well. My gaze fell where it always does, to her hugemongous breasts. Every time I see them I want to do a Homer Simpson ecstasy shudder. She put her stuff away and we headed toward the back of the store.

* * *

I let Anna leave the breakroom first. Guys don't do that out of courtesy. We do it to check out the gal's ass and figure. Of course I jest...a little.

Anna and I had worked at this place for about the same number of years. It was a grocery warehouse outlet. Generally restaurants and other hospitality services come here to purchase, or placed orders for delivery, but we were open to the public, just most people don't need to buy twenty-four heads of lettuce at a time.

She and I certainly weren't strangers, but we also weren't buddies either. I was really nervous on how I was gong to pull this off. I knew she wasn't a prude; one time we actually ended up having a discussion on Sasha Grey's retirement from porn. That of course brought up topics like whether having a loose asshole gave one any benefits with standard video productions or if being able to swallow eleven inch cocks to the balls was an outright marketable skill.

Anna had also been in a couple relationships over the years but I was pretty sure she wasn't in one now. But, that didn't mean that she'd be up for this.

On the way back to receiving we chatted a bit. We talked about spending the rest of our lives at this place, the new general manager, I found out that her aunt had recently passed away. I nodded to a few coworkers along the way.

When we got back to receiving I headed towards the restrooms. This receiving area had a strange design. There were definitely restrooms in the receiving area for use by people in receiving. But there were two other restrooms that were off to the side a little ways that people hardly used. Everyone knew they were there, but they were behind a wall that a big cooler case for product was and down this, sort of, half hallway. I thought it might have been for customers, but it is easier just to go the main receiving restrooms. Maybe it was a remnant from prior remodel.

* * *

I stopped at the first door. My heart was pounding and my stomach was knotted up. This was it. I was probably going to go home with a red hand print on my face and fired. There wasn't really time, or a way that I had or could think of to work up to this and maybe sugar-coat it. I just blurted it out.

"Ever fuck at work?" I hoped the tone of my voice wasn't all strange from nerves. I hoped that outwardly my cool was still cool.

Anna was, of course, shocked. "You're joking, right?".

I opened the bathroom door and held it open. "Ladies first," I snickered to myself. There, I was relaxing finally.

"I knew something was up. It was too strange that you'd need me back here," she said.

"I'm serious." I glanced at my cell phone, "We have about forty minutes to be up front at the time clock."

"Craig, I...We...," she trailed off. "This is...I don't...What about Sandi?"

Crap! Sandi is my girlfriend. I was doing this for her. At least I thought I was doing this for her.

I looked at the ground, more so to avoid eye contact, but I guess it also would have looked like she might have hit a nerve, "Something happened several weeks ago. I don't really want to talk about." It was true that something happened, but I was certainly weaving a grossly misleading story. I started to look up.

That explanation could have been problematic. Anna may have thought that that was just going to be a revenge fuck or a pathetic-desperate-misery fuck. Either way, it was probably clear that it was going to be a one time thing.

Anna's eyes went dark as she pondered it. The gears were really grinding in her head, it was taking forever, then finally rationalizing it, she smirked(was that mischief?). She walked into the bathroom. I flipped up the light switch, pushed against the strength of the resistant hinge of the slam-free door to close it, and turned the lock.

I turned around to see Anna unbuttoning her polo shirt and starting to pull the shirt off. I rushed to her, locked lips, and pushed her against the wall. I pulled my mouth away, "Oh God do I want to see those. I want knead and jiggle and bury my face in your tits. We don't have a ton of time to deal with clothes, though." Our breathing was getting rapid as we twirled our tongues around the other's and I started unfastening my belt and pants as she worked on hers, "Let's just cut to the chase."

Pants down, I could see that she was wearing boyshorts. They were of an older style that sat higher on the waste than newer styles do. In comparison Sandi's underwear collection were all pretty low rise. Anna's were super sexy on her fuller figure. I spun her around and could see her ass hanging out the back. God bless boyshorts!

The back of her underwear came to a point and a string that went through the bottom of her crack. Since there was little material between the legs, there was easy access. I ran the edge(thumb side up) of my left hand between her legs. There was definitely moisture there, Anna knew this was bad and she liked it; I sensed a shudder in her breath as my hand passed. I had to test the water and casually sniffed my hand. I wasn't really concerned, I figured she took care of herself, but I did give a slight sigh of relief when I smelled sex and not funk.

I looked at my cock and stoked it a couple of times. I pulled my foreskin back and could see the head glistening. I aimed my cock between Anna's legs. Pointed upward, I ran the head along her slit a couple of times, she widened her stance as much as the pants around her ankles allowed, and then I pushed in. Hot knife in warm butter; oh, and warm it was.

I slid in and out slowly a few times and leaned against Anna. My head was over her right shoulder and my breath was alongside her ear. She turned her head and twisted her body a little so our lips could touch. Leaning my weight against her, I ground my hips in a gyrating motion, never really pulling out at all. My theory was that with my weight on her while she was pressed against the wall would cause difficulty in breathing. That in turn would give a similar high, due to lack of oxygen, as collapsing the carotid arteries without the danger of choking and death. Sometimes I amaze myself.

I don't know if any of that horeshit was actually working, but Anna called out, "Oh GOd, yeah. Fuck yeah!", and then pushed away from the wall and just leaned against her the top of her head. She tightened up a little and I felt a few shudders around my cock.

"Fuck your cock feels so good. It's so big. Big!"

As much as a guy loves compliments about his equipment, I had to put her straight. I didn't want a bunch of rumors going around that I couldn't stand up to, "It really isn't that big. It's pretty average, nothing special."

"You're funny. I can feel it so deep."

"Average length is four to seven inches. Really, I'm nothing special."

Anna turned back and looked at me, "What the fuck? An average is a single number not a range!"

Ah, I love an educated gal. "Hey, I'm just telling you what the Internet said. Who am I to argue with the Internet? There are a lot of men out there in that four to seven range that want to be above average."

Anna shook her head. Truth be told, I don't think it's more than six inches, but it is pretty thick, thicker than others that I've seen. It might even be a challenge to Sasha Grey; but then again Sandi doesn't have any trouble with it so Sasha would probably be bored. My mind wandered into the absurdness of Sasha Grey frowning at me with my pants off and then Anna groaned and it dawned on me that time was at stake here.

I tried to refocus my mind and started pumping in and out as Anna repositioned her arms against the wall for support. I felt that I could get some kneading in and leaned forward and slid my hands up her shirt. Her tits were confined to her full bra, but I could tell that gravity was pulling them down. I pressed them together and squeezed and kneaded. Anna let out a moan. I was surprised that her breasts had a firm feel; I thought they'd have a more sagging feel and be super malleable; maybe it was the bra. My hand found two bumps. "Holy crap!" I thought. The bumps were, of course, her nipples, but they were huge.

I was sure that there was some sort of visual disconnect, like feeling a tooth with your fingers and then later seeing the tooth to be smaller than it felt. I knew what Sandi's nipples felt like when they were hard; they became very defined, but nowhere near as big as Anna's. I pinched and rubbed and pulled her nipples through her bra while I sped up my rhythm.

Anna let out a long, low moan as she tensed up and started having little convulsions. "Shhhh!", I tried to remind her that we were still at work. I was pulling outward and almost lost my balance because my cock wasn't following. Anna had clamped down on it.

She calmed down and I started moving again. I wasn't going to last much longer. I leaned over her shoulder, "I'm going to cum inside." I wasn't really presenting a choice, it was part of the bigger plan, but if she objected I would have obliged.

Between breaths she responded with, "I'm on the pill. Fuck me. Fuck me. Cum in me Craig!"

Well, that was enough for me. I wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled her toward me as I slammed my cock in as deep as it could go. I felt the surge through my body, my skin felt cold like the sweat had flash evaporated. My cock pulsed as I ejaculated. Anna's walls were constricting as my head swelled, trying to break its confines.

I regained my composure and caught my breath. I slid my softening rod in and out for a couple more minutes, mixing our cum up.

* * *

I looked at my cell phone as Anna pulled away; making good time.

"Craig, that was fucking awesome." Anna looked worn out. She half squatted, half leaned to pull her pants up. I moved up to her, straightened her up and started making out.

"Were you done? We have twenty-five minutes. I say we make the most of this."

She smiled. I moved my hand between her legs. It found her clit easily. "Egads girl! This thing is huge!" Her nipples were big, her clit was big, wow!

Anna responded, "I know. It's actually all a little annoying because clothes often chafe against it."

I rolled her clit between my fingers. She stumbled slightly backward and leaned against the wall. She slid a little as her knees went rubbery. "Oh, that's sensitive," she breathed.

Now being lower, she had a better view of my rod. "Pull my wiener," I said. I thought of that saying, "There's nothing stupider than a naked man with an erection." We certainly can be suave.

She reached out and started sliding her hand up and down along my shaft. As it became more rigid, I pulled Anna upright and positioned it between her legs. I slid my cock in and started railing her.

Every thrust in she let out a sharp, short exhale. She had her arms wrapped around my ribs. All I could see were the whites of her half closed eyes; her head swayed, a little unsteady. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me, and she squeezed her arms tighter around me. My breathing was rapid, I was pouring sweat. Her giant breasts were pressing against me. "Fuck. Fuck Anna, you are so tight."

"Har-er Crai-! Fuck -- har-er, I wan- -ou in m-." Anna was a bit incoherent.

"Squeeze Anna, squeeze," I called to her. We needed to wrap this up. "Oh God yeah, tighter, oh yeah!" Our mouths were all over the other's.

My cock head became super sensitive and I was feeling the rush at the base of my pole. I squeezed Anna close, "I'm coming!" My knees were weak too. I ran my cock in one last time. I'm sure my pubes were "chafing" her clit. Anna's walls clenched as I released. When I was done we slowly collapsed straight down into, what must have been, a bizarre looking heap. Luckily this bathroom was cleaned regularly and rarely used.

I checked my phone once more, "We have ten minutes. Actually with our window you should have about twelve or fifteen. I think that I must have clocked out five minutes after you."

"I'll trade you name badges," Anna said. We use our name badges to clock in and out. She was trying to get a few more minutes.

We stood up. Anna went and sat on the toilet to squeeze some of me out of her. I looked at my cock. It was slick. I pulled my foreskin back and saw a pearly bead of our cum around the crest of the head. I stroked my cock a couple of times. "Awesome, that should work," I thought to myself.

As I was pulling up my pants Anna asked, "Aren't you going to clean that up a little?"

Crap! That would've certainly made sense. "Uh, I'll probably end up getting water on my pants and it'll look like I had an accident. I'm almost off and will get a shower at home," I covered.

Anna gave me a funny scowl and then went back to finishing up.

We straightened our clothes, washed are faces, and yes our hands too. Employees must wash hands before returning to work.

I almost gave Anna a long parting kiss, but this was to be a discrete one time thing and I also figured it was more of a conditioned post coital desire. I unlocked and opened the door, turned off the light and we went our ways.

* * *

Since I had a couple more minutes before I needed to clock in, I went back to the breakroom and got a couple of Gatorades from one of the vending machines.

On my way back to the floor I stopped by customer service to pass one of the beverages off to Anna, "Would you like orange electrolytes or yellow electrolytes?"

Anna just started laughing and held out her hand. She got yellow.

As I walked away I heard Cynthia, one of the other customer service reps, ask Anna something and Anna just continued to laugh. I had hoped that wasn't going to be a problem.

Needless to say the rest of the day dragged on. I had taken my lunch late and actually only had about an hour and a half left, but it was excruciatingly slow. I also had to stop at the cleaners and at the chinese food restaurant before heading home. I hoped that Sandi called the order in so it would be ready to pick up. I hoped that she was going to order the Salt and Pepper Chicken; she has a tendency to get creative and I end up having to hang around anyway to get something edible.

Chapter 2

I walked into the apartment, went to the kitchen, and unloaded the food on the counter. I left Sandi's dry-cleaning in the car for the time being.

"What took you so long?" I heard her pout from behind me.

I turned around to see Sandi standing in the kitchen doorway. She had her shoulders rolled forward and her best pouty face on. "I think you ordered cat liver, bear testicles, and soup that looked like loogies were floating in it," I exaggerated a little. "I had to wait for some food that I could actually eat."

"You should be more adventurous!" exclaimed Sandi. She went from pouty to animated in .24 seconds; I had thought that she might be faking the pout.

I took a look at my girl. She was almost a head shorter than me and had her light reddish hair spiked today, the tips were bleached which was remnant of when she was a platinum blonde. She was wearing a tight wife-beater, that showed off her small breasts well, and white low rise briefs with light blue, horizontal stripes. A slight midriff was showing. Sandi was going through an Anime phase, which actually happened three to five times a year, so she had a motif with her fashion. I'm wasn't going to complain. The underwear was pretty hot for being so simple. I guess I was a perverted Japanese man deep down.

Sandi sauntered over to me, slowly swaying her hips back and forth as she walked. She reached her arms around my shoulders and neck and stood on her toes to kiss me. "I missed you. I want to play."

"I missed you too," I responded. We swapped several quick pecks. "This was a very long day."

I knew what "wanting to play" meant, at least how it started. I started to unfasten my pants. When I had loosened them and they dropped to the floor, Sandi lowered herself. She let her hands drag down my chest as she kneeled down, her eyes never strayed from mine as I watched. She pressed the side of her face against my thigh as she rubbed my package through my trunks.

"Mmmm," she let out a short, low moan.

She pulled my shorts down. That was it, that was where I was going to find out if I had understood her correctly and if my plan was worth it. I could feel her warm breath, her inhale and exhale on my groin. While she still was pulling down my shorts, she grabbed my cock with her mouth and started sucking. Actually it was more like she was swallowing as her tongue took my soft cock entirely into her mouth.

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