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A Weekend with the Family

by pussyluv7495©

"Bye, Katie!"

Katie looked up from surfing the web to wave to her parents out of her bedroom window as they backed out of the driveway. Katie's dad had just gotten a huge promotion at work, and to celebrate he was taking Katie's mom on a weekend road trip to Las Vegas, some fifty miles away. They said they wanted to 'experience the thrill of Sin City', which Katie took to mean they would spend the whole weekend in their hotel room.

Katie gloomily turned back to the computer. It was looking as though she was going to spend the weekend surfing the Internet.

Katie was the youngest of five siblings, and the only one still in high school. At 18, she was extremely shy, which was probably why she had never had a boyfriend and kept a well-used vibrator under her bed. She was reasonably good-looking, with jet black hair that she kept tucked behind one ear, bright green eyes, and fair skin. Standing up to get a look at herself in the mirror, she looked her body up and down. Katie never played sports (she was uncoordinated at the best of times), but she had a naturally slim figure with 28C breasts. She was short, only five feet tall, something she never liked.

The closest sibling to Katie's age was her 19 year old brother Jake. Jake was only a few inches taller than Katie, but there was virtually no resemblance between them. Jake was the ladies man, and he often brought home hot girls. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes that girls loved. He was a long distance runner, and his lean body reflected that.

Katie's other three siblings were 22 year old triplets. Blonde with blue eyes, Julie, Alex and Mike looked almost identical, and they were closer than most siblings. Julie was a little bit curvy with large breasts while Alex had a body that women dreamed about. Mike was thin and gangly, but still attractive. Alex and Julie were so close, Katie sometimes wonder if they ever had sex.

Sighing, Katie reached under her bed to retrieve her vibrator. She had always been secretly attracted to all her siblings, and thinking about Julie and Mike had made her horny. She could already feel a moisture in her panties as she stripped off her clothes. Sitting in her computer chair with her legs spread wide, Katie clicked on a folder titled "English paper". Up popped a video of Sasha Gray getting fucked by an 8" cock while licking another girl's pussy. Slipping the vibrator along her dripping wet slit, Katie felt a surge of pleasure as the vibrator reached her clitoris. While not a lesbian, there was something about the sight of a girl eating out another girl that made Katie want to cum. As she let out a low moan, she heard the door open behind her.

Spinning the chair around in surprise, she was surprised to see her brother Jake standing in the doorway. His eyes started out at her face, then slowly moved down. Katie suddenly remembered she was completely naked, with her legs spread and her juices running down her thighs. She snapped her legs closed, and Jake turned bright red. Katie noticed a bulge beginning to grow in his pants.

"I-" Jake started to talk, then turned around and nearly sprinted out. Katie, who was also red, walked over and closed the door, then laid down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She was more embarrassed than she had ever been in her life, but also turned on. She fell asleep thinking about that bulge in Jake's pants.

When Katie woke up soon after, it was dark in her bedroom, and she could hear someone moving around. She laid there on her bed, too scared to move. When the light suddenly turned on, she saw her four siblings standing over her. She realized she was still naked, with her vibrator glistening with her pussy juice on the bed right next to her. When Katie tried to cover her once again soaking pussy and hard nipples up, Julie sat down on the bed and gently held her arms down.

"What are you doing?" Katie asked her older sister.

"Jake told us what happened earlier," she said, " and we thought we would give you the time of your life."

As Julie was talking, her and her brothers started to take off their clothes. Katie noticed what amazing bodies her siblings had. Julie had perfect round breasts with small nipples that at the moment were hard as rocks. She was shaved except for a small strip of fur, which stopped just short of her tight pink hole. When she turned around, Katie saw that her ass was big like her breasts, and as well shaped. When Julie saw her looking, she jiggled it and spread her cheeks while bending over, giving Katie a view of her tight pink asshole and pussy.

When Katie looked over at her brothers, she was amazed to see that they all had penises at least as big as the one that Sasha Gray was fucking in the video.

"Spread your legs." Julie said, taking control. Katie complied, still unable to believe that this was happening, and Julie put her tongue to Katie's crotch and started to lick her wet slit as she rubbed her throbbing clitoris and fondled one hard tit. At first, Katie resisted, but her sister was apparently experienced at this, and Katie was soon relaxing. Each time she passed her fingers over her clit, Katie felt a surge of electricity throughout her whole body. Between Julie's probing tongue and the fingers abusing her clit, Katie soon felt herself starting to cum. "I'm going to cum!" yelled Katie, and Julie started to lick harder. Katie felt her orgasm wash over her, and she squirted her juices all over Julie's face. She licked Katie's moistness from her pussy as the last shudders of the most intense orgasm Katie had ever experienced washed over her, then got up and turned to Jake and Mike, who were watching her hungrily.

"Your turn," was all she said. Mike came over and swung one leg over Katie so that his massive cock was hanging just above her face. He spread the head of his cock on her lips, coating them with precum. She opened her mouth greedily and Mike put his penis into her mouth. She could feel it stretch her jaws as it reached the back of her throat, still only halfway in. She forced her throat to relax, and Mike managed to get it in another inch or two. He started to facefuck her as she made a gurgling noise in her throat from the giant wet obstruction. At the same time, Jake started rubbing his cock along her dripping wet slit to lube it up. Katie started to feel her pussy swell even more as she realized that she was going to be penetrated by a penis for the first time ever. Finally, when Jake's cock was soaked in Katie's juices, he started to ease his 9" into her tight virgin pussy. She felt her vagina contract hard around the intruding member as a wave of pain and ecstasy wash over her, but Jake slowly forced his cock into her until she could feel his balls pressing against her. She tried to scream from the pain, but Mike's cock in her mouth turned it into another gurgle. Out of the corner of her eye, Katie saw Julie swing her leg over Alex's cock and start to fuck him in the cowgirl position. Julie's back was to Katie, and Katie saw that Julie was fucking Alex hard enough to spread her large cheeks on every thrust and display her tight virgin asshole. She could here a wet slurping noise as Julie slid up and down her brother's cock.

As Katie was admiring her sister's ability, Jake started to pick up the speed of his fucking and soon Katie could feel herself cumming again. As Jake slowed down, Mike took his cock out of Katie's mouth and made room for Jake. Jake slid his cock into Katie's mouth, and let her lick her juices off. At the same time, Julie finished off kissing Alex to grab her ass and start screaming as a flood of juice rushed out of her pussy onto his cock. She regretfully got off his penis and licked her juices from his cock. Katie was wondering what would happen next. This was already the best day of her life, and judging from the grins on her brothers' faces, it was about to get better.

Jake got off the bed and went to pick something up from over in the corner that Katie had not seen. They were four of the champagne bottles that her parents had in their little wine collection. Katie was confused as to why they were stopping to drink champagne, but Julie looked excited. Apparently, she had not known about this either.

"What are those for?" Katie asked her sister.

Her only reply was, "Ever have an enema?"

"No." Katie replied.

"Neither have I." Katie understood why Julie was so excited. She had heard from her more promiscuous friends that a champagne enema was extremely stimulating. She was nervous though. She had never had anything in her asshole, and neither had Julie. While Mike and Jake were shaking the bottles, Julie licked Katie's tight asshole to lube it up for the bottle.

"You're tight!" said Julie when she was done. "I can barely get a finger in! Feel that, Alex." Alex, who had had his face completely buried in her big cheeks, looked up and fondled her hole.

"You're right." He grinned then added, "This should be fun." By this time, the girls were all wet, and the bottles were shaken up. Then Julie asked a question that Kate had been wondering.

"Why do you have four bottles?"

Mike grinned and said, "I see two assholes and two pussies. Four bottles for four holes." Julie suddenly looked like she was going to faint, but also excited, which was exactly how Katie felt. They told Katie to lay down and let Julie go first.

As Katie laid down, she missed the wink that Julie gave to Alex.

"Are you ready, Julie?" Alex asked.

"I think so," was the answer. When Julie bent over on her knees next to Katie's head, Mike and Jake came over with their thumbs over the bottles. In one swift motion, they shoved the bottles into Julie's asshole and pussy. She let out a moan as the liquid burst into her, and only let out a trickle when the bottles were taken out. As Katie was taking a deep breath to prepare herself, Julie leaped onto her and covered her open mouth with her asshole. In the next second, before she could react, Julie had released the champagne from her asshole into Katie's now gaping mouth, while the champagne from Julie's pussy sprayed onto her tits. Julia's big ass completely covered Katie's face, and Katie resisted for only a second then let the fluid overflow her mouth. When it had stopped, she licked the remaining champagne out of her sister's asshole.

When Julie got off her face, Katie laid there for a second, then said, "Give me some of that," and turned her ass towards them. Mike and Jake took the other two bottles of champagne, and repeated what they had done to Julia. What Katie didn't expect was what would happen when they got the bottle inside her. As Katie was relishing the feel of the champagne filling her, Mike looked at Jake and smiled. At the same time, the brothers pushed the bottles into her hard, almost all the way in, so only about 4 inches of the over foot and half long bottles were out of her. The bottles, which were at least ten inches around, made her feel as though her holes were being ripped apart. The boys let the bottles stay in for a few seconds so Julie could position herself under Katie's genitals. As the bottles were pulled free, Katie squirted her cum along with the champagne all over Julie's face.

While Katie was still recovering, laying on her back, Julie took one of the bottles and put it in her no longer virgin asshole almost as far as it had been in Katie's. She started to slide it slowly in and out of her hole while she slid her fist into her pussy.

Mike, Alex, and Jake had been watching this scene while caressing their giant members. They came over to Katie, and Mike positioned himself under her, Jake came up between her legs, and Alex kneeled above of her face. All at once, Jake and Mike shoved their huge cocks into her still sore asshole. Her gasp was blocked by Alex putting his cock down her throat to the hilt. Katie could see Alex's balls slapping her nose as he facefucked her. While Jake and Mike penetrated her ass, Mike picked up one of the bottles, and without breaking pace, shoved it deep into her pussy and started to pull it in and out. This was the first time Katie had ever had something in every tight hole, and she felt like she was being stretched to the limit.

"I'm going to cum!" Jake yelled.

"Me too!" said Mike a second later. They picked up the speed and Katie started to moan around the cock clogging her throat. At the same time, Jake and Mike released their huge loads of hot cum inside her tender asshole. Almost immediately, Alex pulled his penis out of Katie's mouth and spewed his cum onto her face. As he moved away, Julie came over and licked Alex's cum off of Katie's face, licking her lips and getting some in her mouth. When her face was clean, Julie moved down to her asshole. Julie smiled as she saw that Katie's previously virgin holes were red, her asshole now just a gaping hole with cum leaking out. She spread Katie's cheeks, and shoved her tongue into her sister's now loose hole, curling it to scoop out the cum. Keeping it all in her mouth (her brothers could cum a gallon), she pressed her mouth to Katie's, and their tongues playfully wrapped around each other's as the boys' cum swirled in their mouths. Katie swallowed and they broke apart.

As they were getting dressed, Jake ran into the room and said, "Mom and Dad just called. They've decided to extend their trip to the rest of the week!" Katie tried to figure out how many times she could cum in a week, and gave up with an excited smile.

Written by: pussyluv7495

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