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Walking the Dog

by Virginiawild©

Do you know how dogs sniff each other's butts? I am not sure why they do, but there is some kind of important communication going on.

My name is Gaye and I am a blonde athletic woman in my mid-twenties. I want to stay tight and muscular.

I got a dog last year and I named her "Lady." She is a beautiful mutt--half Golden Retriever and half German Shepherd. Her color is grey with lots of red and honey highlights. She is so fantastically happy and energetic. And she is well behaved as long as I give her long walks twice a day.

Her only bad habit she has is that she sniffs women's crotches and butts. I don't know why she does it, but she must have a sensitivity and compulsive sense of smell.

When Lady was just 5 months old I was walking her and she rammed her nose into some cute woman in the park after a jog. At first I thought my dog liked the sweaty smell, but she just kept poking the woman's crotch.

This got to be a regular habit with my dog, happening almost every time I took her for a walk if we passed a woman. Lady would only bonk into pretty young women, and I wondered if they had their period or even had recently gone to the bathroom. What scent excited her so much?

Lady didn't like my boyfriend. As she got older she would growl and get aggressive with him. I also began to dislike him, because he handled very badly, like a petulant child. Anybody who doesn't get along well with a cute puppy might just be a bad person. Eventually we broke up over his problem with my wonderful sweet Lady. If you couldn't get along with my dog the relationship was doomed.

Soon after, that I realized that she didn't like any men. She even growled at my Dad, who is a total dog-lover. Lady made it very difficult for me to date. Sometimes out on walks she would begin to bark aggressive passing random men. I had to admit, that many times, I had the same feeling. Guys can be creepy the way the stare at your boobs, or don't say anything. I began to accept Lady's irritation with men as a defense instinct of me.

Then one day I saw Lady sniff the butt of another dog. It was a female dog! Not just sniffing, but she also licked the dog's vagina. Those two female dogs were both in heat, salivating and wagging their tails urgently. Then she mounted that dog and humped her for several minutes. I began to think that my dog is a lesbian. Could it be?

Several months passed by and I was beginning to lose weight and tighten up my legs and abdomen. Walking a half an hour at least twice a day can make a big impact on your fitness.

One day I was walking in the park and Lady got overly friendly with a woman's crotch. She actually licked it. She was whining and wagging her tail like she'd just found a fresh steak. But Lady just continued poking this woman's private parts, bonking her nose in her intimates.

"Oh, my God, I am so sorry. Lady, stop! Now!" I commanded, trying to get control of my dog. The woman was good natured about it, laughing and softly pushing lady's head away from her pussy. Lady was wagging her tail excitedly, and so I pulled her leash to defuse the situation.

"Well, that's some dog you have! Do you train her poke women in the crotch?" asked the jogger. She had shorts on and a jogging bra. She had a beautiful tan and short dark hair--very pretty--not that I was thinking of her body in sexual way. I've always had plenty of boyfriends.

"No, I certainly don't. Geez, I am so sorry. Damn that's so queer for her to do that."

"Are you saying your dog is a lesbian?" inquired the jogger. I was a little intimidated as I caught her washboard abs. This woman was "healthy" looking.

"Bad choice of words. I mean, no, she's not. I've never heard of that. She is not even a year old. She's just big, but she is still a puppy." I stammered as Lady started pulling the chain towards the woman.

"Well, I think your dog likes me. It's really nice to make friends with you, anyway," she said. "My name is Eve," pronounced the jogger, extending her hand. "I jog here almost every day."

I shook her hand and introduced myself. "My name is Gaye." Eve looked me over, so I got a little nervous. The whole gay innuendo made me nervous. I've been teased my whole life for the name.

I continued blathering on with this woman. "When I was in school my boyfriend's name was Dick, so we made quite the odd couple."

"Gaye...That's a lovely name. It's happy!" she announced. Now my face was blushed bright red, talking this curvy woman who was flirting with me.

"I can't believe it my dog did that to you. I'm totally sorry." I said, apologizing once more.

"Let's walk together. I need to go back towards my car which is over there, the same way you were walking."

We walked slowly and my dog seemed to be happy to walk slowly, rather than pull like she always did. We chit chatted about the weather, the park, and where we both lived. I told her that I lived alone and showed her street where I lived.

"Gaye, do you mind if we stopped at your house for a cold drink? Water would be fine."

I got suspicious thinking I knew where this was heading, but I agreed. "I probably have some diet soda, too," I said earnestly. In about 10 minutes, we were opening the door to my apartment and walked to the fridge to check on drinks.

"I appreciate you letting come up. I am glad your dog wanted us to be friends," said Eve.

As I turned around, Eve was inches away from my face, and press in to kiss my mouth. I was shocked, but I just shut my eyes. Eve took that as approval and kissed me again. This it was more aggressive, as she inserted her tongue between my lips. I stayed passive until I realized that I liked the kiss of a woman. Eventually, I kissed back and we made out in the kitchen, until she started touching my breasts and nipples over my shirt.

I broke the kiss and said, "Well, I imagine you're really thirsty now," and I opened up her diet soda and poured it in a glass. I didn't know what else to do so I turned to get myself something to drink, too.

"Wow, Gaye, you're a good kisser. You've never done this before, have you?" asked Eve. "If you want to stop, just tell me...but I sense that you were really into kissing me."

After we each whet our whistle with a brief sip of our drinks, we resumed the make-out session. She started flitting her tongue fast and soft against mine.

As I got more aroused, I became less frightened and realized that I had always been curious about having sex with another woman. Now I felt powerless to stop it.

She pressed her hand behind my waist and pulled me in to rub bellies with me while we kissed. The pressure of our torsos was making me hot. I surprised myself as I was the first to run my hand over her boobs. I had no trouble finding her erect nipples.

"My breasts are very sensitive when I am horny," said Eve. "And make me very horny." I pulled on her big nipples, watching them grow with each touch, becoming curious to see what they look like out of clothing.

We both were panting as we got more active, nibbling each other's neck and mauling each other's tits. I glanced over at my dog who was content to watch us. Lady stayed close, as if to give her approval to this pairing, and these intimate activities.

Eve started to undress me. I was feeling anxious about finally yielding to a lesbian curiosity. Could I really live with myself afterward? Could I stop myself if I wanted to?

Soon I was naked and Eve had her hand on my pussy. She was really working me up and I pulled her into my bedroom.

I lay down, spreading my legs inviting, hoping that she was going to eat my pussy. I've always heard that women are better at it--more sensitive and yet more focused on the hot spots.

She kissed her way down my ribs and stomach. I was so juicy between my legs, you'd think I had done this before.

When her mouth reached my vagina, she licked softly on the labia. She tugged them apart and stroked the smooth skin with a finger. Each caress went deeper until her finger was totally gooey and lubricated.

She fingered and stroked me for a long time until I begged for her tongue. "Oh, eat me, baby!" I begged.

"I thought you'd never ask," she demured before flicking her tongue over and around my sex. After a few minutes, she pulled back the hood and slowly licked my clit. It was a slow wet stroke that created a burning sensation in my whole nervous system. I was warm in my neck and down to my thumbs. I vibrated with a horny sensation that understood that I had never had proper oral sex before. I knew it would get better until the whole process would be a game changer.

The question was not whether I liked women or men. It was how many women I'd want. Eve was a studied talent, much gentler than I expected. She had an aggressive edge to her, but it melted away as she coaxed pleasure from between my legs.

After her light licking I was squirming and ready for action. She sucked at me like you might eat a juicy mango. She even slurped as she ate. She knew just when to place her whole mouth over my pussy hole, with her upper lip over my clit.

She slurped and sucked with a noisy chorus of lewd sounds. I became louder too. I never was a talker or screamer, but there I was shouting, "Oh, my God. Ah, Ah, it's so good. Oh, no. Oh yes, yessss! Oh, Oh, Ooooooh, Mmmmm. Oooooh! Ah, Ah,Ah!"

Just then I heard a strange howling noise, only to realize that my dog Lady was howling with me in my orgasm. I cackled with laughter and so did Eve.

"Come over here, Lady," I called knowing that both of us smelled of musky sex hormones. Lady slowly smelled the bed area and put her mouth against my cheek to give me a quick kiss. Then she also licked Eve on the face.

This was Lady's way of showing her blessing for what we were doing. Now the only thing left is to find that other lesbian dog again to pair up with Lady.

Written by: Virginiawild

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