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The Panty Trap

by missvicky53©

My cock was aching with the strain of my erection, kept that way by the unrelenting pressure of the o-ring. I was sure that if some kind of release didn't occur soon, it would burst. Antonia noticed my plight and smiled at my plight. "You must really have a bad case of blue balls by now my pet. Do you want your Mistress to take care of your little problem? You know, I really have enjoyed using your body for my pleasure. In fact, that's the most fun I can remember. If you promise to be good, I'll untie one of your hands and allow you to make your nasty thing spit cum. Which hand do you use to masturbate with?"

"My right one Mistress," I replied. Was I actually going to be allowed some release. I wondered if this was just another of Antonia's nasty torments for me.

"In that event I'll release your left hand and you'll just have to make do. Since it will feel so different, you can fantasize that it's me doing it for you. You will also be required to use my black panties you wore earlier today. I want you to fill them with your cum for me"

True to her word, she unfastened the cuff holding my left wrist and handed me the silky black panties that had started all my troubles. She also removed the o-ring from my cock.

All right slave, don't dilly-dally, lets see some action. Start stroking that clit for me NOW!!

I wrapped the panties around my cock and began to stroke it up and down. It felt odd to not only masturbate in front of pretty woman, but even stranger to have to do it with the "wrong" hand. It didn't matter though, Antonia had thought of everything. I had barely gotten started when she used both hands to stroke and cup my balls, crooning softly to me, "Come on baby, fill those panties for your Mistress. That's right, stroke it for me. That's right faster. . faster. . faster. Now do it harder, really clamp down on that clit for me. That it sweetie. . . NOW CUM FOR ME YOU BITCH FILL MY PANTIES WITH YOUR HOT JUICES!!!! That was all it took! I felt my balls beginning to boil and an instant later, thick hot spurts of cum erupted from my cock, soaking the panties. My climax seemed to last forever. I can't remember ever cumming that much. At last, my legs trembling from the intensity of my orgasm, I stopped and allowed my body to rest.

What Antonia said next chilled me with fear. "That was a good first time my pet. There is much for you to learn however and I will be the one to teach you. Since you obviously like to be put in panties, I think you will have to go and buy some for yourself. Lets see, today is Monday, I will be expecting you at my apartment Wednesday evening at seven O'clock with three complete sets of lingerie, that is to say bras, panties, garter belts and stockings. One is to be black of course, the other pink, and I'll leave the third color up to you. If you aren't there at 7:00 exactly, at 7:05 the pictures I took earlier go in the mail. I'm sure you don't want that do you precious?" I think you can get yourself loose from the rest of the restraints while I dress and leave. Oh yes, one other thing. After you wash them, you are to be wearing the black panties you just filled as well as the cuffs I used tonight. I want you to be totally prepared.

As soon as I heard Antonia leave, I used my free hand to finish untying myself from the bondage she had kept me in. I undid the wrist and ankle cuffs and put them in my underwear drawer. The irony of it was incredible. The hiding of Antonia's panties in the exact same place had been the genesis of my whole predicament. My girlfriend Marie had found them there after I had what I thought to be a harmless one night stand with Antonia, a waitress at a lounge I frequented. When she left, I found a pair of black lace panties next to my bed. I had hidden them in my drawer, thinking I'd keep them as a souvenir of my conquest. It struck me as too much of a coincidence that Marie had been able to find my secret stash so quickly. I was now sure that the two of them had conspired to bring about my initiation in satin and lace. Whatever the reason, I was now completely trapped, with no alternative for the moment but to do as my new Mistress commanded.

I removed the lingerie Antonia had dressed me in and put it in the laundry hamper along with the black panties she had forced me to fill with my cum. I thought about how I was going to get in and out of the laundry room without someone else from the building noticing that I was washing frilly lingerie. That would have to wait however. First, I had some shopping to do. Mistress Antonia had ordered me to purchase three matching sets of bras, panties, and garter belts. One was to be in black, the other pink and the third a color of my choosing. Because I had no idea what was involved in this, I decided to give myself plenty of time, rather than waiting until the last minute. I showered, dressed and went down to the garage where my car was waiting.

You can imagine my surprise to find a note under the windshield wiper. I unfolded it and read: " There has been a change in plans, slave. I have decided to help you with your shopping. You probably don't have a clue as to where to go for the undies you need, so I will give you instructions. You are to bring your slave cuffs with you and go to the mall at the north end of town and find a store named "Feminine Fantasies." Once there, you will ask for a salesclerk named Sonia. You will inform her that you are "Antonia's New Pet." She will be helping you select the proper sizes and colors for the continuation of your training. By the way, I have added a few items to the original list, so don't give Sonia any trouble when she suggests more items for your new wardrobe. Obviously, I have told her about you and your new position in life. This is only the beginning of your sissyfication but you may as well get used to the idea that I control you completely. I will decide if anyone else is to be allowed to share your secret, that is not up to you any more. Off with you now, Sonia is waiting! "

The blood drained from my face as I read the note. What did Antonia think she was doing? How could she share my secret with others? What had I gotten myself into?

Chapter Two

I had no alternative but to do as the note instructed. What bothered me the most was the feeling of arousal that was beginning in my crotch. Could it be that part of me wanted to be dominated and feminized? I knew that I had enjoyed certain aspects of what Antonia had done to me but my male ego was still rebelling at the thought of total submission. I went back up and put my cuffs in a paper bag. I hurried back down to the garage and as I drove off, I couldn't help but wonder what sort of humiliation I would be put through once I arrived at Feminine Fantasies. I was soon to find out.

I arrived at the mall and parked in a remote part of the lot. Don't ask me why, perhaps a premonition of what was to come. I picked up the bag containing the cuffs and went into the mall. After consulting a store directory, I walked into Feminine Fantasies. "Hello, I'm looking for Sonia", I told the petite brunette behind the counter. "Oh, you must mean Miss Bergen, our manager," she replied. "I'll get her for you."

She disappeared into the back of the store and returned a few minutes later with the most imposing and beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was blonde and almost as tall as me in her flats. I could make out the outline of her lacy bra through the sheer material of her white blouse. Beneath the hem of her wine colored skirt she wore black stockings with an intriguing diamond pattern. I could see that if she wore heels, she would tower over most men. "I'm Sonia Bergen, how may I help you?" she asked. I couldn't bring myself to speak the phrase Antonia had given me in front of the pretty brunette. As I stood there mute, Sonia spoke, "Are you the special client Antonia told me about? You match the description she gave me." I stammered out the phrase Antonia had told me to speak. "Yes, I'm Antonia's new pet."

"Well you certainly aren't very vocal are you dear? Bring your bag and come with me, we have a lot of work ahead of us. By the way, Antonia is my roommate. We have no secrets between us. She has told me all about you and her plans for you. I have contributed a few ideas myself. By the time we're done with you, you'll be the perfect panty slave." Turning to the brunette behind her, she instructed, "I will be busy for the rest of the evening with this person. See to it that we're not disturbed. If I need your assistance, I'll call you." "Yes, Miss Bergen," the brunette said, smirking at me. I knew she understood my situation and what was about to happen to me.

Sonia took my hand and led me back to a changing area in the back of the store. We passed row after row of delicate lace and satin garments ranging from garter belts to nighties. I found myself looking at them in an entirely new light. Where before I would have thought about how nice they would look on a woman and how much I would enjoy slowly peeling them out of their lacies, now I thought about which of them would be placed on me and how would they feel against my skin. My reverie was interrupted by our arrival at a door marked "Sonia Bergen, Manager." She opened the door with a key attached to a chain around her neck and motioned me to enter.

As I entered her office, I noticed a wheeled clothes rack against the wall. Hanging from it were several different lingerie ensembles. There was also several corsets in varying colors as well as three different baby doll nighties. While I was studying the lingerie, I heard the door being locked.

"There, now we are assured of complete privacy my pet. You may as well begin by stripping for me. I want to see what I have to work with." I marveled at how quickly I had become accustomed to obeying a woman's command as I removed my shirt and slacks before stripping out of my underwear, shoes and socks. I couldn't help however, placing my hands over my male parts in a vain attempt at some modicum of modesty. Sonia smiled at me and said, "You have nothing that I've not seen before. Remove your hands so I can determine which style of panty will be most appropriate for you. You are going to be spending a lot of time in them, so I want to be sure you are comfortable. I'm sure you don't want me to put you in panties that chafe or rub."

I dropped my hands to my sides and she reached down and stroked my cock with one hand while cupping my balls with the other. "This should be no problem. You are what I'd call average in size. That will make my job all the simpler. I think you'll look best in something along the lines of a french cut panty. That will allow me a lot of latitude as far as color and trim." She walked to the clothes rack and came back with a pair of white panties trimmed in pink lace at the leg openings. "I think something virginal is in order for you today. Antonia has told me that you are anything but innocent, but I think a girl needs to delude herself every now and again." She bent down and ordered me to lift first one foot, then the other and pulled the silky garment up my legs and over my male parts. As the slippery fabric settled over my cock and balls, I couldn't help the feeling of excitement that came over me. My cock grew, causing a bulge in my panties. Wait a minute, did I say MY panties? It really hit home then. I was beginning to accept, even relish the idea of wearing panties. I could no longer deny the fact that I was titillated by the feeling they caused.

Sonia went back to the clothes rack and came back with a matching bra, pink seamed stockings and a white corset with lots of pink ribbons and bows. "Hold out your arms dear, its time to fit you for your first bra. This is a big moment in every girls life and I want to see that it's done properly." I meekly extended my arms and she slipped the bra straps up and over my shoulders. She walked behind me and made some adjustments to the straps before fastening it in back. She reached in front and pulled my pectoral muscles up, settling them in the bra cups until I had two small, but recognizable breasts. The bra was under-wired and designed in a manner to enhance the cleavage of even the smallest bust, even mine. I looked down at my new breasts and amazingly took pleasure in the fact that I now possessed a bustline, albeit a small one.

"Walk over here," Sonia ordered, indicating a bar suspended from the ceiling. "Grab the bar with both hands." I had to reach almost on tip toe to reach the bar, extending my body as far as I could. "This will allow me to properly fit the corset to you. When I'm done, from the neck down you will have the figure of a young girl. This may be a little uncomfortable at first, but I assure you it is necessary. You may as well find out now what we girls go through to look good. She placed the corset around my midriff and fastened the hook and eye closures in front before moving behind me. I felt her begin to pull on the laces in back. With each tug, my body was squeezed and molded until I could barely take a breath. With one final tug, she tied the laces in back, leaving me imprisoned in the corset's silken embrace.

"You may let go of the bar now dear," Sonia said. "I know this is a little uncomfortable right now, but I assure it is worth the minor discomfort. Take a look in the mirror on the wall behind you and see if you don't agree."

I did as she instructed and was amazed at what I saw. Sonia was right, I now possessed a distinctly feminine figure with a noticeable waist. The corset had also pushed me up and in, enhancing my bust ever further. I noticed six garter straps hanging from the hem of the corset and wondered what it would look like when I was put in stockings to complete the ensemble.

Sonia saw the objects of my attention and smiled at me. "That's right dear, the stockings will be next, but I want you to put them on yourself. There is not always going to be a Mistress available to dress you, so I want you to learn some of the finer points yourself. She handed me the gossamer like stockings and directed me to sit in the velvet visitors chair. "First of all, you need to pull the garter straps through your pretty panties. There will be times when either you or your Mistress will need access to your cock and balls and this way your panties can be pulled off with the need to undo the garters. When you are finished with that, take the stockings and holding the seams in back, gather them so you can slip them up your legs."

I did as I was told and before long my legs were encased in silky, shimmering stockings. Unconsciously, I stood and checked the seams to be sure they were straight in the mirror.

"That's right my sissy pet, a girl can't be seen with her seams crooked," Sonia whispered softly in my ear. She was so close, I could feel the warmth of her body against me. This had the predictable effect of causing my cock to grow in my panties, tenting them out in front. You are really getting into this, aren't you," she continued. "Look at how big your clit is getting. Did I forget to mention that when you're wearing panties, you no longer have a cock? That's right pet, it becomes your clittie, and like a good little lesbian slave you will allow your Mistress to do whatever she likes with it. I have invested a lot of my time in the selection of your wardrobe and think you should repay me. Get down on your knees. Antonia mentioned that you have some small talents with your tongue and I want to see if she is right.

Once I was in position, she slipped her blouse off and unzipped her skirt before stepping out of it. From my position she now towered over me, the mound of her feminine essence directly in front of my face. I took time to notice that her panties were a match to the bra I had spotted earlier, lacy and white.

She pulled my face into them, trapping my nose against her mound. I caught the unmistakable aroma of her musk, pungent yet sweet at the same time. "Look how hot I've become dressing you," she gasped. "You will have to do something to alleviate the fire in my pussy. I think you know what is expected of you, so you may begin by first removing my panties and handing them to me. I have the perfect place for them."

I did as she said, gently sliding them down and off her legs. Her trimmed pubic mound was now barely inches away from my eager mouth. I couldn't wait to bury my tongue deep inside her. I looked up and handed her the panties, waiting to see what she would do with them.

"I want you to have a constant reminder of me while you service my pussy," she crooned as she slipped her panties over my head. She arranged them in such a manner that the crotch was over my nose, while one of the leg holes was over my mouth. "There, my pet, now each breath you take will fill you with my scent. She reached down and parted her pussy lips, exposing her already erect love button. "You may begin slave," she commanded.

I moved my head forward, extending my tongue until it came in contact with her moist slit. She began to quiver and tremble as I moved my tongue slowly up and down the length of her inner lips, pausing only to gently nibble at her clit. As I continued to minister to her, I began to take her clit between my lips and lash it with ever increasing pressure and tempo. I could sense the onset of her climax as she used both hands to push my face into her while grinding her pussy against me. "Oh God, Oh I'm cumming," she screamed as I took her clit into my mouth and pressed it firmly between my lips. She pushed me down on my back with her full weight and gyrated her hips against my nose and chin, smothering me with her pussy. Her juices were flowing in a virtual torrent now, filling my eager mouth with her pungent oils.

I could feel my cock growing in it's satin prison as my excitement grew. I no longer minded that I was dressed in frilly lingerie and being forced to service this gorgeous creature. All I knew or cared about was that I was giving my Mistress pleasure and that it made me excited to be put in this position. The only thing that mattered at that moment was that I provide my Mistress with as intense a climax as was humanly possible. My pleasure was directly tied to hers.

As her tremors subsided, she pulled herself away and with great effort slumped in her chair. "You have the makings of a great sissy," she gasped. "If I hadn't promised Antonia that I'd deliver you to her with your balls full of juice, I'd give you the release you have earned. You will have to wait for that however, Antonia expects you at her apartment in 15 minutes and you don't want to be late. Put the cuffs on your wrists and ankles. Put your slacks and shirt on over your lingerie and cuffs. We have to hurry now, I've seen Antonia when she is upset and believe me, we don't want to do that.

While I got back into my male attire, Sonia dressed and put several more items in a small suitcase. My relief at the fact that my shirt and slacks covered the cuffs was short lived. When we were both ready, she took a leather collar from her desk drawer and fastened it around my neck, securing it with a small padlock. I was going to be paraded through the mall with a slave collar around my neck!!

Let's go slave, Mistress Antonia is waiting. I froze, not wanting to be humiliated like this in front of what I was sure would be hundreds of people. "Come on, you can't escape this," Sonia barked. "You have to learn to obey your Mistress no matter what she decides to do to you. If you don't start moving, I'll be forced to put a leash on you as well. I'm sure you don't want that, do you?"

I meekly began to walk to the front of the store, wanting this to be over as soon as possible. As we left, I was relieved to see that it was close to closing time and the mall had very few patrons left. None the less, there were quite a few stares and even a few people pointing and smiling at the man being led by the hand with a locked collar around his neck. After what seemed an eternity, we reached the sanctuary of my car. Sonia demanded my keys and motioned me to sit in the passenger seat. She quickly started the car and drove out of the lot heading for my next encounter with submission and humiliation.

Written by: missvicky53

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