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Farmer's Wife

by chrisey22©

"Yes, don't worry. I'm fine. It looks like you're turned on,"

"Do I look a mess?" She asked

"You look so sexy, a sexy mess"

"Your hard again! oh you really like to see me get fucked" "You can have me later, darling. But at the moment, I'm still in demand. It doesn't matter how tired or sore I am. I will always open my legs for you."

Her head then turned towards Pete. As he approached, she made herself more comfortable, moving her arse closer to the edge of the bed and opening her legs wider. Her left hand went down to her opening, and she spread her lips apart looking up at him and smiling. I went on my side and pushed my left leg underneath her arse to raise her pussy more for Pete and so that I could feel him fucking her. Peter entered her slowly and started moving in and out. Sue, having just cum, laid there and let him pleasure himself with her pussy. I could feel her arse cheeks clench as she squeezed her cunt muscles around his shaft. he moaned as she did so and this proved too much for the lad for after just a few minutes he came, lunging forward as he did so and cried out.

"Take that bitch,"

my dad and Bill laughed.

Chris, who was hard again, came forward. I saw Sue staring at his cock as it swung from side to side as he approached her. My dad nudged Jon and Andy to go around and have Sue suck their cocks, which they did. She took hold of both of them, leaned to one side, and started sucking Jon. Her left hand went under his sack and started to squeeze and knead his balls as she sucked while wanking Andy with her other hand. Meanwhile, Chris slid his cock up and down her crack, picking up cum and teasing her. Sue kept thrusting her cunt towards him, but he kept moving it away till he suddenly thrust forward, causing Sue to stop sucking as his cock went all the way, in one thrust. Jon cupped Sue's head, guiding her back down to his cock and kept his hands behind her head encouraging her to suck.

"What about me?" Andy whined.

Sue tried pulled off Jon, but his grip on her head tightened.

"No, you don't. He can wait. Keep sucking."

Chris had now gotten into a steady rhythm, which was increasing, causing Sue to moan around Jon's cock. I saw her pussy lips stretched around his shaft; they would pull outwards gripping him, and then back inside, his shaft was slick with cum.

"Go on, Chris. Give it to her. Make her cum. Fuck her hard."

(Sue told me later that this was a real turn on to hear Jim encouraging his son to fuck her hard).

As dad said this, Sue started to push up more urgently towards Chris in response to his increased hard fucking and dad's encouragement, I could feel her arse cheeks tense up once more as her pussy got tighter round his shaft. Her sucking on Jon's cock was reaching a crescendo. His eyes were now closed, and he was moaning louder, his grip on her head tightening

."That's it bitch oh!! I'm going to cum in your mouth and your going to swallow it"

Suddenly, Andy screamed, Sue had been wanking him faster and faster in her excitement, causing his cock to shoot down the side of Sue's face and hair. I don't think she even noticed as she concentrated on the two cocks. I put my left hand down to her pussy and started to rub her engorged clit, which was wet with cum that had accumulated there. I've never been any good at it; she was getting frustrated with my roughness, so her right hand came down on top of mine and guided me to the right spot, pressure, and rhythm. Jon once again protested,

"Never mind yourself. Back to looking after me properly."

Her hand went straight back to his demanding cock, which she could tell was getting near. My rubbing on her clit seemed to be working as her pleasure went up another level. I'd never seen her so aroused before. She was breathing more heavily around Jon's cock, gasping, moaning, and crying out with pleasure. She was having difficulty holding onto his cock as Chris banged her harder . Chris was reaching a crescendo, but Jon seemed determined to cum in her mouth, he kept a tight grip on her head. She was going to cum soon, and managed to pull away from Jon's cock and screamed out her orgasm.

"That's it, Chris, Bang her hard. Make her cum," Bill ordered.

" yes...yes..bang me hard do as you are told yes me. Please cum inside me. Please cum... fuck yes.."

I could feel her arse clenching and unclenching as she shook all over in the throes of her orgasm. This proved too much for Chris as he pushed in for the final time and groaned out loud, shooting his cum inside her. Sue screamed out again,

"Yes, yes, yes I can feel it. fuck, that feels..... soooo... good..fuck...yes ."

As he came inside, I could feel her arse spasm on my leg as her pussy contracted on his cock. He held it there as he finished cumin. She rocked her pussy up and down, milking him and enjoying every drop he could give her. Jon grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her back to his cock

,"Take my load bitch" He said

As her lips closed around his cock, it started jerking and bucking in her mouth

, "Be a good girl, Sue. Keep your mouth working." My dad ordered

Jon held on pulling her head further down his shaft, so she had to take it all. With a combination of her own excitement, lust and Jon's forcefulness she did as she was told, We all watched, her cheeks suck in, her head moving backwards and forwards sucking the life out of his cock and squeezing his balls.

"Now be a good girl and swallow." Dad said.

Jon complimented her as she swallowed. She looked up at him with puppy dog eyes as she sucked to the end of his cock letting go with her mouth, she squeezed from the base back up to the tip with her fingers, a bead of cum appeared at the eye , so she closed her lips round his bell end and sucked

"ooo...Sue not too hard with that oooo sucking easy girl easy"

she repeated this until know more cum came out and then let go of his now shrunken cock. All three of them calmed down, and Chris's now limp cock slipped out, her legs flopped down on the bed, arms fell to her side. She was exhausted.

"Ok, that's it now. She has had enough," I said.

They all thanked me and left leaving Sue and I alone. My cock was throbbing. I just had to have her. I pulled my leg from under her, went around to the front of the bed, grasped her legs, and started to gently pull them apart. She had her eyes closed and pleaded,

"No more, please. Let me go to sleep now."

"Remember what you said earlier about always opening your legs for me."

She half opened her eyes and looked up.

"Of course, darling. I'm always available to you, but please don't be too long. I'm exhausted and my fanny is so sore."

She opened her legs for me; I looked down at her poor pussy. It was swollen and red. There was cum leaking down her arse crack and on to the bed sheets. Her inner thighs, mound, abdomen, and breasts were glistening with cum and perspiration; hair was stuck to her face and neck. . "It's a bit messy down there darling. Look what they have done to me."

I quickly mounted her sliding my rock hard cock inside, she looked up at me weakly as I used her pussy, it was slick with cum, as I pushed in, more came out. After just a few strokes, I had cum. She smiled up at me.

"Did you enjoy that? I've never seen you so turned on before." She said

As I lay across from her, she ran her hands through my hair.

"I think your dad and brothers enjoyed themselves tonight? They were rampant for me Joe, so excited, those young bucks could have gone on all night but I'd had enough I was happy for them to have the pleasures of a woman, for them to use me like that . I felt like a whore and it was such a turn on for you."

My cock slipped out of her, and we both went to sleep.

In the morning I asked her why she did not stop them as she was probably pregnant and we would not know whose it was.

"I don't think we could have stopped them. Anyway, no one will tell, because it will still be from the same family."

Sure enough, nine months later, she gave birth to a boy, and no baby could have been more spoiled.

Written by: chrisey22

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