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New Years Eve Gang Bang

by Nexy©

New Year's Eve 2011. My long term boyfriend was deployed in Iraq. We enjoy a open relationship, and like to discuss our sexual adventures with each other as a way of keeping our relationship hot and fresh. Since he was deployed, I had found a date for New Years Eve, that turned out to be much more than just a date. This is the email I sent to him the following morning, which earned me an immediate phone call from Iraq, yeah!

Hi Honey, I had a date for New Years, and just wanted to tell you all about it. My date was a dark haired gentleman, graying at the temples, somewhere around 55 years old. He kind resembled George Hamilton without the tan.

We had a nice evening of dancing and dining, and toasting to the new year. Becoming a little drunk, sparks began to pop between us. Turns out he already had a room booked. Things felt right and we went up, but the sex was mediocre. We lay on the bed and began to discuss what turns us on, so I told him about my gangbang fantasy. I never planned to really do it, but I enjoy and am turned on by the thought, no harm in that.

My date takes his cell phone and goes into the bathroom closing the door behind him, and the next thing I knew there was a knock on the hotel room door. He opens the door to a friend of his, also an older man probably 55-60, a little heavier set. I quickly sat up a little embarrassed, covering my breast with the sheet. The guy walks over and starts introducing himself to me, then reaches under the sheet and touches my nipple. My date, who had climbed back on the bed, starts kissing me, and says, "Want your fantasy to come true?"

I have to admit I was scared, but also a little curious. The hand on my breast squeezed harder bringing my attention back to the man standing beside the bed. That's when I noticed he had taken off his jacket, and was wearing a belt with a big silver buckle. Seeing this conjured up visions of my favorite gang bang fantasy. A group of men gathered around me with their pants open, their belt buckles dangling making that jingling sound as they masturbate, waiting for their turn to fuck me. I love the sound of a belt buckle, it makes me so hot.

Eagerly, but also reluctantly, I nodded my head in agreement, I did want my fantasy to come true. He quickly unbuckles his pants, I hear that metal buckle sound and I went wild. As soon as his cock was exposed, I took him in my mouth, he grabs my head and starts shoving his dick, which was of an extreme length, but not so much girth down my throat. I couldn't breathe, I started gagging. My date who was sitting on the bed watching, flips me onto my knees, so I could have a better angle on the dick as it plunged in and out. I tried to remember the blow job discussion I had recently with my friends at work, tongue work, lots of spit, suck, hum.

Next thing I felt was my date, who was behind me slap my ass hard! This was a first for me, and I have to admit I liked it. I felt his dick rubbing on my clit, then sliding back and forth in my juices, suddenly he plunged in, pumping hard, his hand grabbing my hair, pulling my head back, this had never been done to me either, and I decided I liked it too. I had one guy forcing my head towards his dick choking me, and another pulling it back, ramming me hard. Thank God, this only lasted for a few minutes before they laid me on the bed.

One on each side of me, they began to stroke my arms, legs, stomach, and breasts, as they kissed me, sucking and licking my nipples causing them to stiffen and rise. My nipples had never been so hard. It was like electricity was flowing through my body. They turned me onto my stomach, and started rubbing my ass and moaning, they loved it!

The bigger guy spread my legs apart and tucked a pillow under my hips, he worked me over with his fingers, a bit rough, while kissing and biting my ass. I came quickly by his hand, and then felt him slapping and rubbing his cock all over my ass, before he shoved it into my wet, hot, ready pussy. I was so turned on by his moans. He wrapped his arms around me and laid on top of me thrusting, it was wildly exciting. I couldn't believe I was actually living my fantasy. I could hear my date saying, "Yea, fuck her, fuck her hard, she likes it, she's a slut." I did like it, and being called a slut somehow turned me on.

He still had his shirt and pants on and I could hear the belt buckle as he thrust into me. I was cumming, it seemed non stop. My mind was lost in a cloud, I remember wishing you were here and one of them.

I heard a knock on the door again, but I couldn't see who it was. The guy fucking me pulled his cock out of my pussy and sat in front of me with his legs wrapped around me, and told me, "Suck it, clean it off." Getting on my hands and knees I was licking my juices off his dick, when I felt a mouth clamp down on my pussy, licking and sucking, spreading my butt cheeks and licking my asshole. It was a magic tongue, poking in and out of my pussy and ass, I started cuming, moaning. I turned over and grabbed the head to pull it closer to me, the hair was long, I opened my eyes, and looked down, it was a woman! I started to freak out! The guys kept rubbing me and talking calmly, saying, "Baby, it's alright, just relax. I tried to concentrate on the guys and ignore the woman, though I have to admit it was the best pussy licking I've ever had.

My date took the new lady and started fucking her on one side of the bed. They guy with the clothes on started fucking me from behind in a side lying position. He reached around and squeezed my nipples and fingered my clit, while nibbling on my neck and poking his tongue in my ear.

Soon he flipped me so he was on his back and I was on top, facing his feet. That's when I noticed the guy that had come into the room with the woman. He had his pants open and was massaging his dick, pre cum dripped from it. He crawled onto the bed, breathing heavily. He placed his hands on my thighs and started stroking me up and down, his hand moved to my clit for a few strokes, before his mouth clamped down on me. Oh, my God! He licked my clit while the guy under me fucked me hard and fast, his cock rock hard.

I have never in my life experienced anything like this. I felt like I was floating above the bed. Then it happened, I didn't even know what had happened at first, I squirted. I squirted and squirted and squirted! The guy went crazy, he loved it, rubbing his face in it. I couldn't believe it!

Just when I thought nothing more could happen, the guy that was fucking me said, "I want that ass, I'm going to fuck that ass." It was so wet down there, he placed the head of his dick by my asshole and it slid in easily. Slowly he pushed in further and further. It felt great. My whole southern region was on fire. I was so overwhelmed and feeling so good, I didn't even think about it when the guy who'd been licking me maneuvered himself between my legs, rubbing his cock on my slippery clit. He started to slide his hard cock in, I felt a little pain, and reality hit, I started to panic and struggle.

Still trying to enter me, he put his hands on my face and started talking to me, telling me, "Baby, you're so fucking hot, I want to fuck you, baby, look at my cock!" I looked at him and noticed he still had all his clothes on, with just his pants pulled down to his knees. I began to imagine myself in the woods, lying on the ground, surrounded by half dressed guys, taking turns fucking me. Slowly he continued to slid in as I relaxed, and they both started working their cocks.

It was a little painful, but really so hot and such a turn on. I was cumming again in minutes. A bit later they pulled out and we all swapped partners and positions.

I remembered your words, "Always tell anyone you are with that you have a long term boyfriend who is deployed." I told them, and for a brief minute the guys saluted down south and up north, "For Our Men in Arms!"

Written by: Nexy

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