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Emma Ch. 01

by Clausimotto©

This story is dedicated to Emma who asked me to write this for her.

Patty was a single mom whose husband left her shortly after Emma was born since she had gained a lot of weight and her husband wanted a skinny girl. Patty was barely 18 in 1954 when she got pregnant. Her husband Bill worked in a lumber yard and they lived in a trailer park in Georgia. Patty stayed at home in the trailer since they only had one car. Patty kept the house clean, cooked and took care of her man since that is what southern women did back then. They had not been married long before Patty was knocked up. All during the pregnancy Bill loved watching her breasts get bigger. What he hadn't notice was Patty's ass and thighs were getting bigger too. When Patty was in her last trimester, Bill could no longer get his cock in her pussy, so he would get angry and make her suck his cock or he would ass fuck her. By the time Patty was about ready to give birth, Bill had degraded her to the level of a whore.

It was June 17, 1955 when Patty gave birth to Emma. Emma was born in the trailer by a mid wife and it was not long after, that Patty's body packed on the fat. Two months had passed when Bill told Patty she had became a piggy girl and that he was leaving for a girl who wasn't fat. Bill packed the clothes he had, then left Patty never to return.

Patty had no family and within a month after Bill left, she was evicted from her place. John, a mature male and neighbor in the trailer park, took her and Emma in. John had a decent job and he looked after Patty and Emma. John's trailer contained two bedrooms and one bathroom.

One Saturday night, Patty was taking a shower and John walked in to use the toilet. Through the clear shower curtain he saw Patty rubbing soap over her big saggy tits and belly. He watched Patty pull up her tummy with one hand as she worked the other hand between her legs to wash her pussy. John's pants became tight with his hard on as he watched.

"I'm sorry." John exclaimed standing in the bathroom near the bathtub.

"I just need to use the toilet and I'll be on my way." He add.

"That's ok. I figured it was only a matter of time before one of us walked in on the other." Patty replied.

"I guess your right." Replied John as he made his way to the toilet. Since the toilet was on the opposite side of the tub, Patty took a peek around the shower curtain and watched John undo his pants as he pulled out his cock. While John took a piss, Patty could not help but notice the size of John's cock. She had never seen one that big or thick before. She quickly stopped looking and finished her shower. Patty got out of the shower as John was finishing up. John finished, zipped up, flushed the toilet and when he turned to his right, Patty was standing there dripping wet. His eyes gazed upon her young fat tits and large nipples from nursing Emma. His eyes wondered down a big to her big belly and hairy pussy. Patty grabbed a towel, and smiled at John as she dried off. When she was done, she wrapped herself in a towel and left the bathroom for her bedroom to feed Emma before bed time.

John was not sure what to do, so he went to the living room for a bit to sort it all out. His cock was rock hard and he had never been turned on by a big girl before. Perhaps it was because she was nursing or that she was only 19 and he wasn't getting his share of pussy lately. After about 20 minutes, John got up and made his way to Patty's room. The door was open a jar and John knocked on the door.

"May I come in?" John asked.

"Please do." Patty responded.

John entered the room as Patty was sitting in a chair reading a book after putting Emma down for the night.

"About the bathroom matter, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." He said to her.

"It's not a big deal. Perhaps next time I'll get to see you in the shower." She said with a smile.

"Emma is down for the night, let's go into the living room and finish our talk." She asked.

"Good idea." He replied before leaving her room.

Patty followed him to the living room. John sat down on the couch and Patty took a seat in a padded chair across from him."

"I guess since you've seen me naked, perhaps I should get a peek of that cock of yours. To be honest, it has been awhile since I saw one and I've almost forgotten what one looks like."

John stood up looked at her and as he undid his pants and pulled his underwear down revealing a long thick uncut cock with two large balls hanging low and then telling her "I doubt you will forget this cock you prick tease! He then stepped out of his pants and underwear and walked in front of Patty.

Before Patty was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Her pussy was getting wet looking at it.

"Since I've taken you and the baby in, how about you open that teen mouth of yours so I you can suck me hard before I fuck the shit out of you. You are going to be my personal piggy girl. I will fuck your cunt, ass and mouth anytime I want along with milking those fat tits."

The only response Patty could muster was opening her mouth and taking his fat cock in her. She sucked the head and rubbed his balls and felt his cock stiffen and the foreskin pulling back to reveal a large head.

"That's a good piggy girl." John told her.

"Lick and suck my balls piggy. I want that teen piggy mouth around my balls. It's been awhile since I busted a nut and tonight, I think I gunna bust both of then up your piggy ass."

John grabbed Patty's head and started to skull fuck her mouth and with each stroke he shoved his fat cock deeper down her teen mouth. John enjoyed Patty's wet warm teen mouth sucking his cock. John pulled his cock out of Patty's mouth and told her to get to his bedroom and to be on the bed on all fours with her ass up. Patty complied with the request and when John entered his room, there was Patty's fat ass sticking up. Her legs were spread wide and John could see the fat pussy between her thick thighs.

John got on the bed behind her and started to rub his cock between the slit of her pussy. Patty felt his cock between her lips and the gasped as John rammed his fat cock up her fat teen hole.

"God damn! Go got one tight pussy for a piggy girl. Bet you old man who knocked you up had a small boy dick. What you got in your piggy hole is a nice big daddy cock." John told her as her rammed her hard.

Patty's mind and body began to change as John rammed his fat cock in her. She was thinking back to when her husband started treating her like a whore. She thought maybe being a whore for men with big cocks who like fat girls isn't such a bad thing since she was single with a baby.

"You like that big cock ripping that fat teen pussy open?" Barked John.

"Yes, fuck me hard John. Make me a whore for you. Bring your friends over and whore me out to them. Your piggy girl will suck and fuck all the big daddy cock you bring home." Peggy relied in pleasure.

"I knew you were a whore when I brought you in. I know a lot of men who would love to pay me to come over a fuck a nice piggy girl like you. Now to make you a true whore, I'm going to take my big daddy cock out of that piggy pussy and shove it up your piggy asshole and then fuck you till you cry and beg me to dump the cum from balls up your whore ass." John said just before pulling out.

"Reach around and pull that fat ass of yours open." John commanded.

Patty did what he asked and John looked at her tight brown asshole and took the tip of his cock and pushed the head in. Patty gasped as his fat cock invaded her ass and then waited for John to plunge his cock inside. John leaned over and grabbed her hair, pulled her head back as far as he could before pushing his cock balls deep up her ass.

"OH FUCK. Your cock is ripping my ass open." Peggy yelled in pain.

"Relax piggy girl and enjoy it. You're going to be taking it up the ass most of the time. I can't risk putting a bastard kid in your whore belly." John told her as he repeatedly fucked her harder and harder.

As Patty felt her ass being invaded, her pussy began to drip and her tits began to leak milk. Her mind continued to wander as she was being used a fuck bag for John. Patty realized that being a whore would make her money since she had no skills to get a job.

John continued the assault on her ass for ten more minutes before filling it with his cum and watching it ooze out as he fucked her. When he was done, he pulled out and watched his load drip out from her gaping hole. Patty knew from this day forward she would be a piggy whore for big cock.

Written by: Clausimotto

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