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It's Just Wrong: Mothers and Sons 01

by fictitious©

"What is your answer?" asked Gary impatiently.

Brent breathed in deeply and said: "Socrates was trained to be a scribe."

Howards watched Brent for a second and then glanced down at his notebook to double-check the answer.

"Sorry Brent," Howard finally spoke, "Socrates was trained for stone cutting."

Brent dropped his head and shook it in disappointment.

"That was a tough question," said Garry. "I was guessing scribe myself."

"I'm sure you were," said Robin raising her eyebrows at Gary. "You probably have never even heard of Socrates."

"I have too," defended Gary. "He was some Roman guy or something like that."

"Oh, Gary. I hope Howard never puts you up on stage with your mom," teased Robin.

"I'm sorry Brent," said Howard. "You have to remove your mom's dress."

Linda looked disappointed and a bit scared. She rigidly turned to face Brent and loosened the ties on her dress. She closed her eyes as Brent gently grabbed the shoulder straps and pulled them off of her shoulders. The dress loosely fell around her waist, exposing a light gray bra that covered her small breasts. Next Brent tugged on the dress and it dropped at his mother's feet. She stepped out of her dress and now was only clad in a bra and a pair of matching panties. She turned back to the hosts and tried to look calm.

"Very nice, Linda," said Howard. "May I say that you've got quite the body?"

"Sexy legs, Linda," added Gary. "Way to go, mom!"

Joe and Jessica both looked over at Linda and nodded in unison.

Brent stood beside his mom, unshaken by those words like a soldier.

Howard cleared his throat, eager to ask the next trivia question. He had taken a liking to Suzanne and wanted to see what she hid behind that shirt of hers. He picked out one of the more difficult questions and read it off to Tommy.

It was clear that Tommy didn't know the correct answer and Howard smirked when Tommy answered wrong.

Suzanne pales face, turned deep red for a moment, when Howard read off the correct answer.

"What will it be, Suzy?" asked Gary shifting forward in his seat.

After a moment of pondering Suzanne decided to part with her shirt.

Awkwardly, Tom managed to pull his mom's shirt off while looking down at the floor the whole time.

"Wow, that is nice!" blurted out Gary, when Suzanne turned to face him. Underneath her shirt, Suzanne was wearing a black, lacy bra. Her large, pale breasts were bulging out of the top, creating a spectacular cleavage.

"Nice indeed!" agreed Howard, losing his cool for a moment. "Suzy, what size are your breasts, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Double D," replied Suzanne, nervously rubbing the sides of her hips.

"Are they real?"

"Yes. One hundred percent real," Suzy giggled.

There was a brief silence as Howard, Gary and even Joe, drank in the sight of Suzanne's cleavage.

"Very impressive. I like your bra, good choice of colors," said Robin, trying to compliment Suzanne on something other than what the men were drooling over.

"Okay," breathed out Howard when he thought he'd stared at Suzanne's cleavage long enough. "Let's move on then. Joe, your question is – what country started the Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts?"

Joe made another display of thinking about the question.

"Howard, I think... since the English were the ones that colonized America, I'm going to guess it was England," answered Joe. Jessie smiled and rocked on her feet as if she approved the answer.

"Ooh, close. But wrong. It was Italy, Joe. The Romans were the first to start the gift exchanging tradition," said Howard Stern.

"Shucks!" said Jessica and quickly added: "Joe can take off my shorts."

Howard peeked over his glasses as he watched Joe and his mom face each other. Joe seemed to be more relaxed this time, though he paused to wait for permission from his mother.

"Go ahead, Joe," said Jessica and Joe began unbuttoning her denim shorts. As the zipper slowly slid down, the whole room fell quiet to watch this boy de-pants his own mother.

Once the zipper was down, Joe tried pulling the shorts down, but they seemed to be well lodged on Jessie's hips. Howard wondered what kind of underwear this mother chose to wear for a day like this. He couldn't see what Joe was looking at, since their sides were turned to him.

Joe tried yanking down on the jeans, but they wouldn't come off.

"Like this, Joe," said Jessica and tried to show her son how to pull on her shorts.

"Hey, no helping!" exclaimed Gary, his mouth open in excitement. "Joe has to take them off all by himself."

"I was just trying to show him," explained Jessica. "Joe, pull on one side, then the other."

Joe followed his mom's instructions and her shorts began sliding down her hips, and soon Jessica's pink thong came into view. Once the shorts were off, Jessie kicked them to the side.

"Do you like what you see, Joe?" asked Gary.

"Err, emm... I guess. I mean... whatever," Joe faltered with words.

"Jessica, that is a very nice thong you are wearing," complimented Howard.

"Thank you!" said Jessie childishly.

"I meant to ask you," added Howard, "You have some muscular legs. In fact, your whole body is really toned. Do you play a sport or exercise?" asked Howard.

"Yes. I have a lot of free time, so I go to the gym a lot," replied Jessica. "I just love the stair master! All the muscly guys there are also nice to look at."

"I hear you," said Gary nodding his head. "I go to the gym just so I can stare at the girls like you."

Jessica giggled and even Joe smiled.

"Joe, what do you think about standing next to your mother who is barely clothed?" asked Howard.

Joe shrugged. "Nothing. It's like she's wearing a bikini," he explained.

"Good answer. Let's hope you can do well on your trivia questions, otherwise she won't be wearing that bikini for much longer," teased Robin.

Howard moved on to Brent and Linda and hoped to see some actual nudity. Indeed, he stumped Brent with the next question and Linda would either have to take off her bra or her panties. Naturally, she chose her bra.

Gallantly, Brent unsnapped his mom's brazier and she let it fall to the floor. Linda tried to cover herself on instinct, but Howard reminded her that it was not acceptable if she wanted to keep competing for the money. Brent didn't even bat an eyelash towards his mother's chest. Her perky little breasts hung slightly down. Her nipples were dark and hard.

"Linda, how do you feel?" asked Robin. "You're the first mom to be topless."

"To be honest, I feel a bit awkward," said Linda and swallowed. "Let's just keep playing."

"Good call," said Howard tearing his eyes away from exposed breasts. "Tommy, here's your question."

Tom got the answer right and Suzanne seemed to be getting a bit more relaxed. She even joked about how her breasts were popping out of her bra. She also opened up a bit and told about how Tommy's father died when he was just a boy, and how she raised her son by herself.

After a brief conversation, Howard was eager to get back to asking questions. Seeing Linda's breasts was good, but bigger things were yet to be seen.

Not surprisingly, Joe got the answer wrong. Jessica looked disappointed for about a second.

"Take off my bra," she said readily, turning to her son. Of all the moms, Jessica seemed to be the most cheerful and open about this game. It was almost as if she wanted to show her tits off. Howard didn't mind.

Jessica wore the kind of bra that unsnapped at the front, and once again she had to talk her son through unclasping it. When her bra fell to the floor, Jessica's nice, tanned, fake tits sprung out. As she swiveled to face Howard, her tits barely moved.

"Jessie, I will say that you've got some great fake breasts," said Howard, eyeing the woman's pink nipples.

"Wow! Do you tan in the nude?" blurted out Gary.

"Yes. I tan at the gym. They have private tanning booths there, so I tan everything," she giggled.

"Everything?" asked Gary, raising his eyebrows in surprise. "Even down there?"

"Yes, even down there!"

"Oh man, I hope Joe gets the next question wrong," said Gary.

Howard was studying Joe and saw that he kept glancing over at his mom with the corner of his eyes.

"Joe, what are you thinking about right now?" asked Howard.

"Umm... not much," replied Joe.

"Are you thinking about the fact that you are standing next to your topless mother?" Howard prodded.

"Not really," replied Joe, turning red. He was clearly getting embarrassed.

"Have you ever seen your mom naked before?"

"I... don't remember... maybe when I was little, or something," Joe stammered.

Jessica turned her head and looked at her son, enjoying his embarrassment.

"Have you ever seen fake tits?" Gary played along with Howard.

"Eh, no. I don't think so."

"Well Joe, your mom's got some killer fake tits," continued Gary. "I'll be honest, they are the best fakies I've ever seen; just the right shape and size. Now is your chance to have a look, man."

Joe's face turned a deeper red shade.

"Stop embarrassing the boy," interfered Robin.

"Sorry, I was just trying to help out," replied Gary.

Howard tried to hide his smile and decided that Joe had enough. "What size are they?" he asked addressing the mother instead.

"They are a D-cup," Jessica replied. She brought her hands up under her tits and lifted them as if weighing them. When she released, her firm breasts jiggled slightly.

"I'm sure you get a lot of attention from men," said Howard.

"You can say that," said Jessica confidently.

"Do you ever catch any of Joe's friends checking you out?"

"All the time! Especially when they used to come over to use the pool."

"Did that make you uncomfortable?"

"Not at all. Let them look if they want."

Jessica was clearly enjoying herself. She seemed the kind of person to constantly want attention. Howard made a mental note of that.

"Jessie, if Joe gets the next question wrong, you'll be fully nude and you will be the one answering the questions," said Howard deciding to move on.

"Let's hope he gets the next one," said Jessie crossing her fingers.

"So far we have two of the mothers topless and Suzanne still has three pieces of clothing left. Those are pretty good odds for Suzanne and Tommy." Howard looked down at his notebook and picked out a question.

"Next one is for Brent," he continued.

Brent finally answered a question right and he seemed to be relieved a bit, since his frustration was building up with each wrong answer. However, Tom got his question wrong. To everyone's surprise and excitement, Suzanne decided to have Tom take her bra off next.

"It's really constricting and tight. I'd rather take it off now, that way I'm more comfortable," she explained. Nobody argued.

Tom had to reach around his mother's back to unsnap her bra. He awkwardly reached around Suzy trying to not press up against her. That proved impossible with her big bust. Tom shut his eyes as his mom's chest bumped into him as he frantically tried to undo her bra. Clearly, he didn't know what he was doing and it took him a good minute to figure out how the clasp operated. Gary kept joking that Tom is purposefully taking his time, while Suzy just stood there staring at her shy son, her big boobs squishing against his chest.

When Tom finally pulled away from his mom, bra clutched in one hand, he looked very pale. He looked down at the bra in his hand and dropped it like it was a hot potato. That was the last thing Howard noticed before he feasted his eyes on Suzanne's amazing boobs.

"Phew, that's much better!" said Suzy turning to face Howard and his sidekicks. She shifted nervously when nobody said anything. Her boobs gently swayed as she moved. Men and women alike were staring at her, silent and solemn as if in the presence of something majestic.

Indeed, Suzanne's breasts were breathtaking –large and full, her tits were accentuated by her freakishly pale skin. They had a round, slightly elongated shape and hung just past her rib cage. Her puffy nipples crowned the tips of her full melons and seemed to move with each breath that Suzanne took.

"Suzy, you have been gifted with a very impressive set of breasts," Robin spoke first. "I say this as a woman. To tell you the truth, I am jealous."

"Thank you," said Suzanne quietly.

"Wow! Suzanne. Just wow!" Howard finally came out of his daydream. "Those are wonderful."

"Thank you," Suzy said again, her pale face taking on a red tint.

"I'm lost for words," said Gary. "Best natural tits I've ever seen. Hands down!"

Suzanne wasn't a slim woman; she was rather curvy, with wide shoulders and wide hips – a perfect build to accommodate such a rack.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Suzy?" asked Gary.

"No, not at the moment," Suzanne's face was recovering its normal pale shade.

"Well, I'm sure Gary would be willing to take you out to dinner after the show," joked Robin.

"That's very considerate, but I think I'll pass," smiled Suzanne.

"Aww, shucks!" said Gary, pretending to be upset.

Now that they've seen all of the breasts, Howard couldn't wait to get to see the rest.

It was Joe's turn and, once again, his answer was wrong.

"Joe, do you get good grades at school?" Howard asked after he read off the correct answer.

"Err... not really, but I play football, so the teachers let me pass."

"What position do you play?"

"I'm the full-back."

"How is your team doing this year?"

"We won for games and lost two, so far this year."

"That's pretty good, I suppose," said Howard and addressed Jessica: "Looks like you are going to have to lose that pretty pink thong. Are you ready to be fully nude in front of your son?"

Jessica looked around the room and nodded.

"Ooh, that's wrong! Just wrong!" taunted Gary.

Jessica stood with her hands behind her back, sticking her chest out even further, as it to remind everyone that Suzanne's tits weren't the only tits in this room. She was smiling as if they were winning, instead of losing.

"Well, Joe. Go ahead and take off your mom's cute pink thong," said Howard with a smirk.

Jessica turned and faced her son. Joe threw a glance at Howard, then turned and looked down at his mom's crotch. He seemed hesitant, but stepped up closer to his mom. Joe brought his hands up and placed them on Jessica's hips. Hooking his fingers into the thong he paused.

Everyone was quietly watching as Joe began pulling the thong down. The thong slid down slow, almost too slow. Joe was either scared, or he wanted to see his mom's pussy for as long as he could.

Inch by inch, Jessica's crotch grew exposed. Howard couldn't see, but he judged this was about when Jessica's slit would come into view. Howard watched Joe's face. The boy looked straight ahead, at the thong, his eyes unblinking. The thong was sliding down Jessica's legs now. It was past her knees. Finally, it was all the way off.

When Jessica and Joe turned back, Joe's face looked flustered.

"As well it should," thought Howard. "He just got an eye full of his mom's bare pussy."

Indeed, Jessica's pussy was completely hairless – either shaven or waxed. There was a slight gap where her muscular thighs met at her crotch. Her front slit was barely visible between her legs.

"How do you feel, Jessie?" asked Howard, enjoying the sight of this sexy mom.

"I feel... a little strange," replied Jessie. She was smiling as always. The fact that she was wearing nothing but a pair of tennis shoes didn't seem to bother her in the least bit.

"A little?" asked Robin dismayed.

"It's like being in the locker room at the gym," said Jessie.

"But there are men here," Robin insisted.

"Well, it's a little weird."

"Does it bother you that your son is seeing you like this?"

Jessica shrugged. "He's my son. That should be even less weird, right?"

"It depends how you look at it," said Robin and leaned back into her chair.

"Jessica, it's obvious you are very comfortable with your body," said Gary, "and you feel fine being naked in front of others."

"That's right," Jessica agreed.

"Are you a nudist?" asked Howard.

"No..." Jessica's face grew concerned for a moment. "At least, I don't think so."

"I can see now that you do tan everything," said Gary and winked at Jessica.

"I told you!" she exclaimed happily.

"Joe, I couldn't help but notice that you took a while to pull your mom's thong off. What was going through your head as you were doing that?" asked Howard wanting to torment Joe some more.

"He was thinking: Don't look! Don't look!" answered Gary for the boy.

A couple of people laughed out loud and Joe began blushing again.

"So Joe, did you look?" pressed Howard.

"Well... I saw... I mean... I didn't look," stumbled Joe.

"You saw her pussy then?" Howard wanted to clarify.

"Well, I didn't look, but it was there," shrugged Joe.

"Hey Joe, if she was my mom, I'd look too," admitted Gary.

"Your mom is a hot fox," agreed Howard.

"You guys are all sick!" said Robin. "This is wrong! Just wrong!"

Gary and Jessica began laughing, while Joe blushed in silence.

"Alright, let's move on," said Howard. "We still have a lot of questions to go through. Brent, here's one for you."

Howard asked Brent a question, which he answered correctly. Brent seemed to be quite smarter than Joe.

Next, Howard looked though the questions to pick something tougher for Tommy this time.

"Which three countries hosted the Winter Olympics during the 1990's?" he asked.

Tommy perked up and was visibly distressed by the question.

"Let's see. There was Nagano in Japan... Liljehammer in Norway... and... the other one was in... Canada? Ah, I'm not sure on the third one. I guess I'll go with Canada," answered Tommy, wavering.

"Wrong. It was Albertville, France," said Howard. "Sorry Tom, you were close, but close isn't good enough. What should your son take off, Suzy?"

"The jeans," answered Suzanne taking a deep breath.

Suzanne and her tits slowly turned to face her son, who was once again exploring the surface of the floor. Tommy didn't seem willing to move at all, so Suzanne leaned in and said something in his ear, her tits swaying gently forward. Tommy took a deep breath and looked at his mom's feet. He bent down and took off her shoes and socks. Then slowly raised up, keeping his eyes carefully averted down. Swiftly, he began unbuttoning his mom's jeans and zipped them down. Then he began trying to pull them down. It proved a bit of work to try and slide the jeans off of Suzanne's curvaceous hips.

After some fussing around, Suzanne's jeans came off and she was wearing only a pair of black, lacy underwear. Tommy stood up and, perhaps, for the first time looked at his mom. Howard noticed a moment of surprise or panic as Tommy's eyes grew big at that moment. Howard wondered if it was the first time the boy saw real tits. Has it ever crossed the boy's mind that his mom had such an awesome rack?

Quickly Tommy recovered from his shock. He picked up his mom's jeans, folded them neatly and placed them to the side.

"Those are very nice panties," noticed Robin when Suzanne and Tommy resumed standing side by side.

"Thank you. I wore my best for the show," replied Suzanne.

"You wore sexy lingerie to show it off in front of your son?" inquired Gary.

"No! Not like that. I wasn't sure what to wear, but I figured I might as well wear something nice," stammered Suzanne. "It wasn't that I dressed up for anyone in particular... but you know... just wanted to look my best..."

"Oh, don't listen to Gary," said Robin. "He's always playing the devil's advocate."

Suzanne shyly smiled.

"I noticed that you said something to your son, before he took your pants off. What did you say?" asked Howard.

"Oh, I just gave him a little word of encouragement. Tommy is pretty shy."

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