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The Taming of Dane Ch. 03

by cuntlybabe©


"Yes Baby?"

"Will you please start out a little more gently this time?" as I slightly lifted my leg.

"Start what out?"

"I really want you inside my ass again, I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Jack lifted my leg, and disappeared under the blanket, and I felt his lips gingerly embrace the tender, recently assaulted flesh. The heat of his mouth on my anus was the impetus my stretched out tail needed to relax. I looped my hand around behind my knee and pulled my leg out of the way, allowing him easy access to my sex district. He tongued my ass until it was wet and ready to be taken again. His head reappeared next to mine and I reached back to find him erect. I gently pulled his manhood into my crack and placed it at the entrance to my backyard playground. I pushed back against him, slowly. Again and again until my anus accepted him inside me. The sting and burn was very brief and the old familiar narcotic exhilaration of my man's cock being inside me came flooding over me. My loins ached for some stiff prodding, and Jack was in a good position to give me what I needed.

I lowered his hand to my belly, and cooed out "Oh Jack, That feels so good. Can you give me more of your cock? I want more."

Without saying a word, his hand pressed in on my lower belly, at the same time his shaft probed my rectal vault.

"Oh, yea. Come on baby. There's a deep hunger in my ass and it needs tending. Fuck me in the ass, Baby! Take me, Jack. Let momma know who she belongs to!" His strokes stayed slow and even, and I knew there was only one way to get it the way I needed it. I reached far back and grabbed him by the loins and pulled, his pelvis rocked against me and the first good stroke of the evening pushed its way into my night. "Jack?"

"Yes, Baby?"

"You and that cock of yours need to get on top of me and fuck me like you mean it!"

"Are you sure it's ok?"

"Swing for the fence Baby! Knock one into my backfield!"

The speed with which he repositioned us told me he was most certainly interested in batting his balls deep into my bench warmer. He laid me on my back and drew my ankles up to his shoulders, as I expertly slid my pillow under my low back. This brought me more in line with Jack's pelvis, and the sincere, deep stroking, ass pounding I was hoping for. I licked my fingers and spread a little extra lubrication across the ample head of his cock. Jack placed his penis against the hole in my ass, and the tingling began instantly. The head entered me as if it was returning home, and I begged "Oh Yea, PLEASE fuck me Jack!"

"I'm gonna fuck you good, Baby!" as he loosed his lust upon my tender ass once more, and I enjoyed every stroke he gave me. He answered my moans for more, by giving me more. He pumped my ass with the savagery I lusted for. Jack pleased me more than he ever had, exactly the way he does every time his flesh touches mine.

"Cum in my mouth Jack!" I said into the night, and by the time I righted myself his cock was waiting for my warm reception. I cupped his low hanging balls in one hand as the other grasped the object of my anxious oratory skills. I stoked his shaft as my tongue ringed the purple head of his erect cock. Occasionally exercising an exaggerated lick up the underside of his cock's head to capture the fleeting taste of his delicious precum.

"I want the taste of your cum in my mouth!" And at him again I went. Jack moaned out very loudly, "Your gonna suck my nuts right out of me! God Damn woman, you're fucking fantastic!" I smiled up at him and whispered "Feed me every drop, Cocksman!" and went down on his cock, pulling its head deep into my mouth.

I firmly stroked his shaft, backed my mouth off the end of him, stuck my tongue out and rotated my head slightly, ready to take his spend in my mouth, and across my face. The vision proved too much for my lover to handle. His first shot dropped directly onto my tongue. I let his initial wad snake its way along the length of my tongue at its own sweet pace. The second shot plopped squarely on my chin. The third landed heavily on my left cheek and began to trace it way down to my neck, and onto my perky titties. I couldn't stand to lose any more and I moved to take him back into my mouth as his fourth shot rocketed out and shot squarely into the back of my throat. I swallowed what was in my mouth and sucked his glans into my insatiable maw. Jack gripped my hair and pushed my face down onto his waiting shaft.

His cum flowed into me like a freshwater spring as he fucked my hungry mouth. I swallowed his seed, humming my approval. Not daring to take his rod from my mouth, for fear of losing any more of his precious juice, I gently squeezed the stragglers out of his balls, and guzzled them happily into my hungry belly.

Jack lifted my face as I licked eagerly at my chin, while I massaged his errant dribblings onto my b-cups, catching the traveling drop as it cleared my neck.

My lover collapsed on his back, and I moved in to nuzzle my way into his slightly hairy chest. "You never cease to blow my fucking mind, you know that? Your far better than any porn queen I've ever heard of!"

"And I will be as long as you continue to blow all your loads at, in, or on me!" I tongued his nipple and laid my head on his chest, his heartbeat drumming in my ear. We drifted off to sleep without a care in the world.

The dawn spilled over the ridge to bathe our bodies in warmth, as we blinked the sandman's dust from our brows. As I returned to our campsite from my morning routine, I found Jack perched near the edge of the outcropping stretching his naked frame in the glow of the waxing sun. I joined him and began stretching my limbs. My core was still feeling well stretched.

The sun felt miraculous on my skin. I am a bit of a contradiction, genetically. My mother was an Irish prostitute turned photographer that firmly believed in keeping her 'fall back plan' in good shape with the occasional 'supplement' to her income. My father was a short lived tribal president of the Oglala Sioux reservation in South Dakota. He was found dead from alcohol poisoning shortly after his patronage of my mother had come to light. My last name came from the third of my mother's seven husbands. William Tanner Clarke felt sorry for the little rag-a-muffin tomboy Teresa O'Mallory was dragging through life, and attempted to insulate me from the overly rapid education that mom was exposing me to. Bill was a kind and gentle soul, and always treated me with respect.

As a result, my appearance was a mix of light and dark. My hair is a rich dark red that has the ability to look unkept even right after washing and styling. It has even been dubbed 'untamable' by several of the finest salons in the country. No matter what I do, it retains its look of tousled neglect. But the carpet in contrast, is a flaming bright orange that I keep finely manicured. My skin tone is almost olive, and I tan with great ease, and my eyes are a blue reminiscent of a clear noon Montana sky in July. I am on the short side of 5'8", and a healthy 135. My love of simple things I'm sure comes from dear ole' dad, but my sex drive without question comes straight from the "girl from county Claire" whose debauchery brought me into this world.

I LOVE SEX. I REALLY LOVE SEX! I REALLY FUCKING LOVE SEX! The pleasure of physical intimacy is second ONLY to doing those very same things with someone you share a spiritual bond with. I have had SEX with probably close to a hundred people. Something I am both proud of, and ashamed of. Men and women, some as lovers, some as fuck buddy's, and yes a few as one night bacchanalian lust festivals that were COMPLETELY boundary free. If your wildest sexual fantasies can imagine it, I have probably done it at some point in time. BDSM, Dom/Sub, Cuckold, multiple partners, Medical fantasy, Mechanical sex, public sex, Voyeurism, Water sports, breath play, rimming, fisting, pegging, electro, forced/rape fantasy, a plethora of role-play, Lesbian (a college roommate, and a dear long term lover), and yes even Bestiality (This occurred while I was exploring being completely subservient. The Dom that I was 'owned by' liked to get drunk, and when he did, there was no rhyme or reason to anything he did. One night I was on the floor watching TV, with his dog 'Boomer' when he woke on the couch, still completely intoxicated. He said that if I liked the dog so much, I could have him. He put me into position on a low footstool, held Boomer in place and told me to go at it. I knew the consequences would be severe in his state if I refused, and I liked the dog, so I did it. I will tell you without shame that Boomer was a MUCH better fuck than his owner. I soothed 'David' to sleep, left him note on the table that thanked him for opening my eyes to a world better than he could take me to, and left him that night. I also took Boomer, put an ad in the paper and gave him away to a nice family in the suburbs.) But absolutely nothing can even hold a candle to the connection I feel with Jack. It's intimate, solid, spiritual, and complete.

I've told Jack about my past. I explained the sordid details, and his response was to ask me if that was the kind of future that I wanted. "What I want is to be with you. If you want those things, then I would accept them without a second thought. If you want an exclusively monogamous relationship, I am without question, ready, willing, and able to commit to that with you. And ONLY with you!"

Jack had taken me in his arms and told me "You're home Dane, There is no need for you to wander looking for something that is missing. The one condition that I have is that if there is something/anything you need or want, you talk with me about it before you decide to look for it without me. Is that something you can promise me?"

"I promise you! With all my heart, mind, body, and soul!" I willingly committed as I cried with joy. "Can you really love someone who has lived that kind of life?"

Jack whispered in my ear as he took me in his arms "I already do." He held me for what seemed like hours as I cried in his arms, later that night we made the sweetest love two people can share.

The love we shared that night is private and I will never share that memory with anyone.

After our morning stretching, we set out on the trail, and gained the summit of Half-dome within the hour. The landscape that lay between us and the horizon, was breathtaking. We surveyed the expanse of our surroundings with the childish awe of a Christmas morning. We seemed to be alone in all the world. Like we were standing at threshold of a new world, together, and completely in sync. As we stood atop our world, Jack's arms encircled my waist and he pulled us together. I traced my arms over his and completed our embrace.


I nodded as his chin softly landed on my right shoulder. "Hmm?"

A golden eagle soared high on the morning thermals about a half-mile from our perch. The wind was blowing lightly, the sounds of nature surrounded us and soothed the day.

"Will you marry me? Today?"

Did Jack just ask me to marry him? I could hardly breathe, as the sounds of the world died away. His touch on my skin suddenly leaped to electrical life, and exhilarated me. Every cell in my body was singing out 'Yes'! I turned in his arms to face him. Our eyes met, and I gazed deep into my lovers' soul. "Are you sure you want to marry me? I mean, you know all about me, my past, not to mention my family. You know that I don't want children. Are you sure that you can live with all of that for the rest of your life?"

"Dane, is there something that you need or want that I'm not giving you, or doing for you?"

"No." with complete confidence.

"I can answer that question with exactly the same response. I love you Dane. I want all that we have had, for the rest of my life."

"Then you shall have it. Yes, Jackson Miric Tinney, I will marry you. Whenever you want." And I kissed him with every fiber of my being. "But I won't let you play inside my panties again until you wash that filthy little beast." With that I gave him a surly little smile.

"Who are you kidding? You don't wear panties! We need to find a hotel with a shower, a nice firm bed and a chapel." And he led me back to the trail, and our future.

We talked about many things on our return trip down the mountainside. We had opted for a much shorter descent trail than the more scenic ascent. A full day's hike settled many of the questions that loomed over any pending life merger. Jack's family is very large and has always raised eyebrows over the fact that my parents were never married, and that my mother had only two children. My Pagan roots certainly shook the Tinney matriarch, but she had resigned herself to insisting that I started pumping out mini-hers the moment we were married 'in the church'. Jack understood, and seemed to agree, that a catholic wedding (or even indoctrination into the papal fold) was NEVER going to happen on my part. I had had very little contact with Jack's nine brothers and sisters, but my encounters with them had been fine.

Jack agreed that he did not want a church wedding and that at this point, and for the foreseeable future, he had no desire for children. Children would completely upset the little order we had created and the lifestyle we enjoy. We promised each other that if the reproductive issues changed for either of us, it could be dealt with at that time.

Jack insisted that we marry immediately, and that we not tell a living sole. I had no problem with that, there was no one I could invite. We would HAVE to find a house (OMFG, was I really thinking about home ownership?), when Jack interjected "I think I've found a little place you'll like." He had already been house shopping, "If you have that much extra time, I could be getting more cock!" And yes, I know I sound like a tasteless little whore sometimes, But I'm his whore, his alone, and quite tasty if I do say so myself.

"I can't wait to see it!" and the negotiations continued. No rings, No TV in the bedroom, separate closets, two back accounts -- one for bills, one for anything else, and we would split our respective incomes equally between the two. Passwords for anything would be kept together in a secure location we both had access to. So, it was settled, by the time we reached my new Jeep Wrangler, we had agreed that our life merger was not only doable, but that we both wanted it.

We drove from Half-dome, to Casper Wyoming, and settled into a little Best Western. We threw our scant baggage haphazardly into the room, and Jack announced, "Dibb's on the shower."

"Now wait a minute, I'm getting married soon, and I've got to get ready!" I pouted.

"You're welcome to join me, Baby."

"Oh, all right, but if my fiancé finds out, you're my cousin, OK?"

"You gonna shave my back? I'll give you an extra $20."

"Fifty and you shave my legs and I'll do it, but I'm not popping your ass pimples."

Jack relented, "That's just wrong, on so many levels."

"OK, how 'bout this, we clean up, you suck my titts, I suck your cock, then we fuck like rabbits. Afterwards, we'll grab a bite to eat, find the justice of the peace, and do this thing."

"What, I don't get to dine on your delicious appetizer?" as he ran his index finger around the bottom of my zipper.

"I have to save something for after the wedding," daintily slapping his hand "why else would you want to get married?"

"I'll show you why, if you would so kindly join me in the shower."

We soaped each other up, and rinsed off the sweat, grime, and lust of the past several days and then we tested the strength of the hand rails in the hotel shower.

I cradled his head as Jack's eager lips sought out my breasts. My nipples leapt into my lover's mouth. Each pull on my milk spigots sent ripples of bio-chemical joy through my flesh. The lubrication factory inside the tender sperm vault cranked up production, as I ached to be sexed again. Jack was gently tugging at my lively nipples with his lip wrapped teeth, his arms encircling my waist, his beautiful rod pushing its way between my thighs stimulating its sexual playmate with increasing efficiency. I righted my lovers head and showered his face with kisses as the swollen lips of my tingling pussy kissed the face of Jack's throbbing penis. My future husbands swollen love muscle thrust forward and parted the lips of my lower mouth over and over, sliding over my awakened clit with stellar consequences. My heat was building, and my lust needed tending. With my ass perched on the shower handrail, my legs parted. "Inside me, Get that fucking cock inside my pussy." I lifted my knees, and my secret flesh parted.

With one well timed thrust adjustment, Jack parted the veil of my lower mystery, and claimed me as I begged to be claimed. With the tenderness of love and the savagery of lust as Jack prodded my steaming quif. I kissed Jack with gentleness and passion, as my eager pussy nursed from my man's stiff attention. I pulled him deeper into me, my mouth, my body, and my soul. Each of Jack's thrusts massaged my g-spot with tender loving care, and my body pulsed to the thump of his beating heart.

My eyes opened to find Jack searching for my soul's windows. Our mortal existences seemed to part and allow our souls to touch as we orgasmed in harmony. Rapturous joy melted my body as I swam in the liquid sea of his expressed love. Jack bathed my inner sanctum in his highly addictive seed, as I spasmed with cock induced joy. "More Jack, Fuck me more!"

Jack pulled his cock from my quivering crack as he unseated me from the handrail. He turned me around and placed my hands on the rail that my cock tamer had recently vacated. He took my hips in his hands and re-inserted his marvelous meat loaf into my eagerly waiting, and preheated oven.

I moaned out loud "OH GOD, Don't ever stop fucking me!" as I spread my feet wide apart and lowered my body into precise alignment with my mans invading cock, and eagerly awaited the onslaught of his liberating second wave. His hands increased their invigorating grip, and he thrust the expansive head of his lovely penis through my body all the way to the base of my throat. I gasp with the pleasure of an earthquake that shook me all the way to the foundations of my existence. Jack poured on the intensity as he gave my man trap the attention it longed for. He stretched my tender flesh with his pounding excitement over and over. He enjoyed my quivering, yielding cunt as it reveled in taking him in stride. Jack used my well lubricated cock hole to exercise his talented exploratory skills. He tended my redheaded, Jack infused, flesh with loving savagery as he endeavored to plant more of his priceless seed. The walls of my lovely vagina feasted on the gourmet meal it was being fed, and it thirsted for another drink of Jack's sweet nectar.

As if sensing my craven need, Jack began to pull my hips toward his, sliding my tasty twat down onto his waiting shaft. My thrusting hips engulfing him over and over until the sensation overcame my orgasmic threshold. Every nerve ending in my body reasserted its connection with my delicate womanhood, and lighted up with an eclectic connection to the owner of the pussy penetrator that was currently satisfying my cunts hunger.

"Oh Baby, Your driving me fucking insane. Please cum for me! Please cum INSIDE me!" I begged to be cum in, I wanted nothing more at that moment than to be the recipient of as much of his cock sauce as he was capable of giving me. Being a kind, and benevolent lover, my Jack obliged.

The heat of his sizable wad, as it rocketed into my starving cunt, was like throwing gasoline onto the fire of our passion. He had fed my lust with his sexual attention, and now he was feeding the hunger of my succulent muff with a heaping helping of his spicy jissom. I clenched my aching kegels as tight as I could around his waning erection and slowly righted myself, as my snatch accepted the last of his aphrodisiastic offering to my insatiable goddess.

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