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The Celebration

by CFNMtickledguy©

On the night of your 21st birthday there was a large party for you at the palace. This was a special party, to celebrate your elevation to becoming a full priestess. The only guests in attendance are other priestesses (each with one of their carefully selected footslaves) from the major temples and shrines from around the realm.

In the large room, there are tables and lounge chairs, X-frames, and abundant food and drink. Each of the priestesses comes to greet you and welcome you to your new rank of priestess. As the women speak with you, their slave will kneel and kiss your feet as you chat. After your chat is finished, you bid each slave to stand and come close to you, you place your hand on the slave's shaft or cup his balls in your hand and say "I look forward to having you worship with me", which means you want to tie him down and tickle his cock and balls while he licks the soles of your feet, until you finally stroke him to orgasm so that The Goddess will hear his prayers. If a foot-slave catches your eye, or you are feeling mischievous, you will either softly tickle his scrotum, stroke his shaft, cup his balls in your hand, or trace your fingertip along the head of his cock as you ask him about his favorite verse of the Holy Book or his favorite prayer to the Goddess. You enjoy watching the slave try to stand still and answer your questions as his shaft hardens from your teasing. If the other priestess is equally amused, you may chat a bit more with her as she holds his throbbing shaft while you gently tease his balls and then casually suggest that she put her slave on one of the open X-frames, so that you and she may continue your conversation later in the evening. As you make your rounds during the party, whenever you sit at a table, you will have a slave to tease as you chat with his priestess. You smile and greet the next pair of guests and repeat this ritual until each priestess has personally congratulated you on reaching your new rank.

The women sit at the lounge chairs, using their slaves as foot-stools, or having them serving the food and drinks at their table, or strap them to the X-frame with their slave's genitals within easy reach for fondling and tickling. The priestesses chat with each other and enjoy the party and its atmosphere of fun and frivolity. Some of the women stay at their tables, others circulate from table to table greeting the other priestesses and perhaps complimenting a woman on her foot-slave. Every slave who is bound to an ottoman will worship the feet of the woman using him as a footrest, kissing and licking the soles of her feet is considered proper manners and it is how every slave welcomes a woman regardless of her rank. A priestess may sit at a table and tickle her slave's balls and stroke his shaft as she chats with the others. Occasionally, a priestess may take a foot-slave into one of the many small anterooms outside of the banquet room to satisfy herself with him out of view of the other guests. Sometimes a priestess may ask to borrow another's slave for a bit, either to dance with or to have him service her some other way, leaving her own footman to attend to her remaining friend as he is directed. The priestess may even take the exchanged foot-slave into an anteroom to amuse herself while her regular footman is away.

During the evening you move from table to table, speaking with each group of priestesses. You sit on a lounge chair and have your feet kissed and licked by a slave bound to an ottoman, while toying with the cock of another slave bound to an X-frame as you discuss various subjects and ideas with the other priestesses, or continue your questioning of the slave regarding his favorite parts of scripture. The food, the champagne, and the attention of all the foot-slaves is quite natural for you as a Princess, and during you future visits to local temples and shrines this type of celebration will be repeated, although on a less opulent scale. In your role as Princess-Priestess, you will visit various local temples and shrines to strengthen the Royal Family's ties with the outlying provinces.

Your mother the Empress, in her role as High Priestess, stays at her table receiving guests during the night. I am her foot-stool for the night, with her soles resting on my face. Guests and their foot-slaves make their way toward her, each priestess placing her slave in the open X-frame that is vacated as the previous priestess and her footman leave the Empress' table. Each priestess knows that your mother enjoys ball tickling of the slaves, and each priestess places her slave on the X-frame with the hope of currying your mother's favor by having her slave's cock and balls amuse the Empress during their conversation, hoping to have your Mother the High Priestess agree to visit a local temple or shrine (which will greatly increase its revenue and status). You wonder if each of the priestesses has chosen her the footman who accompanies her to the party because of his ticklishness. You decide that no priestess would be so scheming as to do that on the night of your celebration.

Near sunrise, the party is brought to a close as all of the priestesses are reunited with their footmen. It is time for the morning prayers to the Goddess, and each priestess must milk her slave at sunrise. You release me from the ottoman, take my shaft in your hand and lead me to your room so that you may pray with me at your feet, my throbbing shaft in your hand. Your ascension to the rank of Priestess is now complete, and your duties as an adult member of the Royal Family will grow with each passing year.

Written by: CFNMtickledguy

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