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His Teacher, His Slut Ch. 03

by SubmissiveAlex©

He didn't wait for her to turn over on her own. Grabbing her waist, he pulled out and flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her hips up so that her beautiful ass was up in the air to be used by him. Aiming his cock at her soaking wet hole, he leaned in sliding inside her ever so slowly making them both groan in pleasure. In the back of his mind he could hear Sarah begging for him to fuck her harder but all it did was turn him on even more. He ignored her as he kept the pace agonizingly slow as he slid in and out of her ever so slowly.

Sarah screamed out as her orgasm continued to evade her. Every time he slid inside her, her pussy would clench his cock and she could feel it just barely there, but then it would float away. She clawed at the sheets crying and whining and moaning turning on Josh even more than intended. But his control would soon break, she knew that.

"Oh Fuck," Josh groaned in pleasure. "Cum for me Miss," he yelled leaning back changing his cock angle once again driving it faster and deeper inside Sarah. Finally thinking that she deserved her orgasm, he spread her as cheeks apart to spit o the little brown winking eye at him and shoved his finger far up her ass. Screaming out, Sarah collapsed on the mattress squirming under Josh's thrusting fingers and hands. "I know you can cum harder than that," He added another finger inside her tight asshole bringing her to that brink a second time.

"SHIT. FUCK. AH HELL JOSH THAT'S SO GOOD," she screamed as she began thrashing against the bed again trying to get away from his clever fingers only to get more of them.

Feeling her thrash against the bed and the way her pussy held and cradled his cock drew him over the edge. His back arched and he threw his head back in pleasure as his cock erupted as he spilled himself inside her. He bent down and bit her shoulder bringing her to her final orgasm and leaving her scream in pain an pleasure.

"You're even tighter than Nikki," he acknowledged as she came down from her final high. "I never knew anyone would be tighter than that little slut but who would've thought-"

"Shut up," he heard her murmur through

her post orgasm state

Josh grimaced in pain as he pulled himself free and quickly rolled her over on her back to stare her in the eye. "What did you say to me," he asked

"I said shut up," he said again not even attempting to move

"I think you've forgotten who's running this game here."

This time Sarah sat up and stared him down. "No I didn't forget, Josh," she said louder than before. "I remember perfectly who's running this show but guess what. The person who is running this show needs to stop comparing me to a stupid little girl who wouldn't know what to do with this dick if it jumped up and said hi to her."

A slow smirk appeared on his face. "Aww looks like someone is just a little bit jealous that there might be some competition."

"I'm not jealous."

"Prove it. We'll call her over tonight and play some games. Best two out of three and the person who wins is the best slut on campus." He curled over and sat behind her. "But until then you have more work to do to entertain me. Play with yourself now."

Hesitantly, Sarah ran her fingers down her stomach to her sensitive pussy but quickly pulled away. Josh quickly reached around and twisted her nipples knowing that they were more sensitive since she just cum.

"I said play with yourself," he murmured in her ear. "Come on Miss. Play with that pussy. Clean all that cum out of your dirty pussy. Make it nice and clean for me to take again. Because guess what, this weekend I'm fucking you so much you won't be able to walk properly for your lecture Monday" He felt Sarah start to squirm harder trying to get his hands off of her, but he only held on tighter twisting her nipples harder. Her legs spread further apart as he whispered in her ear again, "come on Miss. You know you want to. Just let go and do what I tell you to."

Groaning under her breath, she gently touched herself feeling the sensitiveness of her last cum. Running her fingers along the outside edge, she slowly slid her fingers in and scooped out a large wad of cum and brought it up to her mouth with Josh smiling behind her at his control

Written by: SubmissiveAlex

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories