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I Watched a Guy Cum in My Wife's Pussy

by glmike523©

A few years ago, my wife and I became interested in latent sexual desires and fantasies that we both had and were finally coming to light. It all started when during the course of having sex, I mentioned to her that I would like to try to suck a guy off. To my surprise, my wife said it was always her fantasy to see me to suck and get fucked by a man. We decided that we would try to make it happen. Like many of fantasies, they always and should always remain a fantasy; nevertheless our fantasy, through the magic of a computer, there were lines of men just waiting for us to invite them into our little circle. This all came to being when "chat rooms" were the in thing, making for plenty of applicants to fill the job.

Never believing that this fantasy of ours would ever come true, we actually made arrangements to meet a guy at a motel just out of our home area. Arriving at the motel and quite nervous mind you, to our surprise he was waiting for us. In fact he already booked a room. With some apprehension we got out of the car, and followed this guy into the room. What never occurred to either of us was that this guy could have been an axe murderer. Now inside the motel room, and after some chit chat, we started to loosen up with some wine and a few laughs.

The three of us began to watch porn on the TV which helped loosen the tension and heat up the room. Becoming quite hot watching porn, I started kissing my wife and feeling her pussy through her jeans. With the door now ajar so to speak, this guy, I will call him Mike, came over to us, went down on his knees and began to rub both our crotches; it felt good.

Little by little, small pieces of our clothing would come off until we were all finally down to our underwear. My wife was in a pantie and bra and us two guys just had our underpants on. The three of us were sitting on the bed when my wife pushed my head down toward Mike's groin while at the same time pulling Mike's cock out of his underwear. She then moved my head and lips over his cock and told me to "open wide and suck his cock." In a sweeping moment of passion, Mike's cock was in my mouth touching my tonsils.

I began to suck his cock like a vacuum cleaner. (A little aside, I had been having gay relationships for a few years before this and by the time of this meeting, a pretty good cocksucker.) Mike, as I was sucking him off, had his fingers inside my wife's pussy making her moan in pleasure as she peeked at my cock-sucking techniques. The site of another man putting his fingers in my wife's cunt also made me very hot. While I was still sucking Mike's cock, my wife then moved so to place her pussy over Mike's mouth so that he could eat her wet snatch. Picture this, I was sucking Mike off, he was eating my wife's cunt. (So hot!)

Then, I don't know how it started, Mike moved my wife off of his face and onto her back. He pulled his cock from my mouth, spun her over and mounted her sticking his cock inside her hot wet twat. I then watched Mike start fucking her slowly at first and then like a locomotive as he pounded my wife pussy with a resounding clap of two bodies. Soon my wife began to moan loudly sticking her tongue into Mike's mouth, he into hers, as he continued to fuck her more and more rapidly. While this was all happening in front of me, I was beating my meat and could feel my face become flushed with desire and lust wanting to lick my wife's pussy and Mike's cock, and at the same time possibly watch him cum inside her. After several long minutes, Mike began to grunt loudly and said he was going to "shoot" his load. He looked over at me for a sign of approval to allow him cum in my wife's pussy. Happening at the same moment, my wife was yelling for Mike to cum inside her cunt like a slut, I would say her approval was a moot point.

As I nodded giving my consent, the thought of another man cumming inside my wife's pussy was overwhelming and so very hot made me shoot my load all over the bed. After cumming, I jumped into position behind Mike just in time for me to see the white film of Mike's cum coat my wife's pussy lips as he endlessly shot his seed into my her hungry cunt. Mike finally slowed to a snail's crawl but kept his cock inside my wife until he went limp and finished pumping his load into her pulsating and burning hot twat.

Pulling out of my wife's cunt, Mike got up and quickly dressed in a rush to leave. Saying his goodbyes, Mike left us in the room alone with his load still festering in my wife's pussy. We both laid there naked as some of Mike's cum oozed onto the sheets. My wife and I soon after got dressed and left for home. At least 15 minutes went by in the drive home when we realized that she still had Mike's cum inside her, feeling some of it wetting her panties. The thought of someone else's cum in my wife as we were driving home, made us once again horny and ready to fuck. Finally home, we did not shower, we went straight to our bedroom where I fucked my cum slut whore wife adding my sperm to Mike's load. After, a tasty and delicious creampie was my reward.

We did meet Mike several times after this first encounter; every time he left his seed inside my wife I would immediately clean my wife up by eating his load from her pussy, except for once. My wife, after one of our encounters with Mike, wanted to leave Mike's load inside her pussy for the entire night so that her pussy would absorb his cum. We both agreed and after one of our particular play dates, we went directly home and unlike other times, we did not have sex nor did I "clean" my wife up. As we both desired, she left Mike's load inside her pussy. During the night as we laid there thinking about what we had done that previous evening, once in a while my wife would stick her fingers inside her pussy and play with herself using Mike's cum as a lubricant.

The next morning, when we both awoke or at least acknowledged the new day, I immediately went down on my wife to get whatever load that remained inside her cunt. We found that this was a super turn-on for us knowing that my slut wife had taken and kept another man's cum inside her.

Written by: glmike523

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