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Pool Dad

by EsotericNiceGuy©

Hey Rach! This is Stacey. So... do you remember a few months back when you emailed me about you hitting it with Amy's dad? Well, I am sure you do! Lol!

Your email got me into a lot of trouble!

Let me explain...

During the summer campus kicks us out of the dorms so I have to stay with my mom. My mom, as you are well aware, is happily divorced, with my mom renting a 2 bedroom apartment. My mom's apartment complex is really made up of 4 different neighboring apartment complexes that have some how all fallen under the same management group, and as such tenants of any of them are welcome to any of the four pools. Most people go to the bigger one by the central office, since it is right by the work out room and people from the office come out and offer free refreshments from time to time, but the one by my mom's apartment is my favorite. It is much smaller, but more private. Surrounded by a tall chain link fence covered in ivy and tall hedges so it is REALLY private, you cant see in until you are touching the gate, and it has a kiddie pool so it is favored by several parents and their kids who are too young to play with the bigger kids at the other pools. There is a building with two unisex bathrooms which most of the older women change in so as not to have to walk across the parking lot in their swimwear. It is a private enough pool to where I am usually there alone and even if someone is there it is usually another woman. That is except for Mr Nathan Dann.

Mr. Dann is in his early forties, has a flat chested but super thin wife, two little boys, and is a total hunk. He comes to tan, like the rest of us, and whenever he makes an appearance without his wife he invariably ends up flirting with the other women there, putting lotion on there backs, that kind of thing. When he was gone, more than a few housewives and single moms would wonder and gossip about the log he keeps in his trunks! He and I had only spoken a few times by the time you sent me that email since I am normally so shy, and twice he had put lotion on my back. He whispered that he loved my "beautiful skin" and had he not been married he would ask to do my front as well! He said it as a good natured jest, and I know he speaks to EVERY other woman that way, but it was hot!

After reading YOUR email, I kind of became obsessed with Mr Dann. I would imagine his hands back on me, exploring freely, or imagine him taking me like Amy's dad did to you in a parking lot! I mean, at the time I couldn't imagine ever actually sleeping with him. I told myself that my principles were way too strong, and that he was married and too old for me. But flirting couldn't hurt, right? I mean, you had already done so much more with a married guy....

So one day, feeling extremely turned on, I sat in my room reading a trashy romance novel when I saw Mr.Dann walking to the pool alone, and I decided to try to get a third suntan massage! I went down wearing the sexiest, form emphasizing swimsuits I owned! You know me, I am not "super thin", but luckily I am not flat chested either, and the suit I put on draws a lot of attention to my goods! It pushed my boobs up to my chin!

HE was there, but his wife and kids were too! I turned around to run back up to the apartment thinking I could just run up and take care of my own frustration, then realized I looked kind of rude, especially because I was sure Mrs. Dann saw my smile turn into a frown when I looked from Mr. Dann to her so I half turned to go back, but I kind of needed an excuse now to have turned away in the first place!

I decided to pretend like I had forgotten something. They had seen me with my towel already, so I went to the fridge back in mom's apartment and poured myself a glass of lemonade, then grabbed a popsicle from the freezer, and grabbed my sleazy book off of the table.

Back at the pool, I apologized for being a dork and told the Dann's I had forgotten my snack. Nathan, well, he didn't seem like he could care less, but Mrs. Dann looked relieved that I was not avoiding her. It was a good thing I came back! I would hate for the woman to hate me thinking I was already doing something I had only dreamed about!

As usual, the two boys were playing well in the pool while Nathan was lying face down sunning his back and Mrs Dann was sunning her front. I laid face up sunning my front on the other side of the pool, sipping my lemonade and sucking on my cherry popsicle, reading my book, and generally feeling frustrated and jealous of how skinny and hot Mrs. Dann looked..

I was taking my time with the Popsicle, paying more attention to the steamy romance novel in my hands, so it was a total surprise when the cold red liquid fell from my half melted Popsicle onto my sun warmed cleavage. Reflexively I gasped and looked around to see if anyone had seen me embarrass myself and made immediate eye contact with Mr Dann!

Apparently he had turned face up at some point while his wife had flipped onto her back He made no move to pretend that he did not see what I had done, and in in fact went so far as to look down at my chest and lick his lips! I could feel the cold liquid trailing down my chest!

I mentioned before that Nathan was a flirty man but the way he looked at me was not just flirty, it was hungry! While his wife was lying a foot from him completely unaware!

More than a little turned on already, I took his open stare as a challenge! Setting the book down on my leg, I used a free finger to scoop up the red juice from where it was running down my breasts and sucked the juice off of my finger, all the while maintaining eye contact with Mr. Dann! He smiled broadly and winked, then shook his head watching me. His hands stayed still on the armrests of his chair though, so since he wasn't going to return the tease I feigned indifference and picked my book back up, pretending like I WASN'T paying complete attention to him!

Out of the corner of my eye I realized that he was not going to look away from me anytime soon, so still pretending to be engrossed in the book I started working the Popsicle into my mouth like I was sucking a cock. His cock, in my mind. Without looking directly, I could see he was still watching closely. I let the red cherry goo accumulate on the Popsicle while I worked it in and out of my pouty lips, and let if fall in droplets onto my chest!

He kept shifting while he watched and his hand fell into his lap!

Getting carried away with the tease, I started arching my back to catch more juice as it pooled onto my chest! I laid the book on the table, working the Popsicle in my mouth faster and faster as if it was cumming, of course imagining Nathan Dann himself pumping his seed down my throat, then I dropped back to the lounge chair as is if both myself and the Popsicle cock were spent, dropping the popsicle onto my boobs. It was sooo cold! I even rubbed the Popsicle off across my tits as Ben does with his cock!

It wasn't until I finished rubbing the Popsicle "cum" across my tits that I looked directly back over at Mr Dann. He wasn't just staring, his jaw had dropped and his hand was gripping his rock hard cock through his trunks! This time, it was my turn to give a nonchalant wink. He groaned loud enough for me to hear him across the pool!

THAT made his wife sit up to murmer to him, so I quickly dabbed the red juice away with my towel. She didn't see anything, but my heart was racing!!!

So then I realized I had pushed things to far and decided to leave, but I didn't want to leave just after he had moaned out loud and draw attention to myself. Nathan had told every woman he had ever flirted with how unreasonably short tempered and jealous his wife could be. My plans for a discrete exit were foiled though when Mrs. Dann had apparently decided that was the ideal moment to get the kids ready to visit their grandmother! Trying to control my breathing, I kept my nose in the book and watched helplessly as Mrs Dann gathered up the kids and left me alone with her husband. His eyes fell back on me immediately and his hand drifted to his cock as soon as she was passed the gate!! Christ what had I done!?

I was freaking out, and very swiftly stood and grabbed my towel, book, and long forgotten lemonade together to rush out the little gate. I was halfway there when Mr Dan called for me to come over for a second. I froze. I should just waive like a tease and go, but my traitorous feet decided that I might as well see what he wanted...

Mr Dann sat back in his sun chair and looked me over approvingly while my eyes looked him over as well. He was very in shape, well tanned, and his cock looked huge in his blue swim trunks. He casually squeezed his cock while he spoke. "You put on quite the show. Are you sure you have to run off so soon?" he asked me.

Christ I wanted to kneel down and take his cock in my mouth right there, when his wife could have come back at any moment!

"Yeah, my mom will be expecting me back...." God I am soooo lame!

"I thought you were in colledge by now."

"Yeah but I summer with her..."

"Is she home right now?"

"Yeah, totally." I lied.

He smiled, letting his eyes run up and down my body. I felt way too exposed in the tiny bikini! What had I been thinking! My heart was racing. It was like a fight or flight response, but more like a fuck or flight. My brain was screaming at my body to go home and pretend this never happened!

"Your going to want to see something first." Nathan Dann said confidently as he got to his feet. He took me by the hand and started leading me to one of the unisex bathroom/changing room thing! He was going to show me his cock! I needed to go, but if my feet waived and my hand squeezed his encouragingly as he pulled me along. "Trust me," he said, "It is important that you get a good look at this."

Once in the bathroom he turned me to the mirror above the sink. My eyes were on his face at first, and since he towered over me I did not notice what he wanted me to see, I just met his eyes in the mirror as he stood behind me as his eyes slowly drifted from the reflection to look down at my chest over my shoulder. "Look." He instructed me, squeezing my shoulders comfortingly. It was only then that I looked at my reflection, and saw the cherry red trails still all over my big white boobs! "I assume your mom would ask some pretty awkward questions if she noticed those first!" His voice was filled with mirth and amusement! He sounded like he was trying not to laugh! There was nothing sexy about those red stains! I was so embarrassed I didn't even notice that he had moved from behind me to lock the bathroom door until I hear the door click!

I froze in place as he walked back up and pressed himself against me, inching me forward until my stomach was pressed against the sink. With his hard body pressed firmly against my back, he reached passed me. He turned on the cold water. He soaked his hands. He brought his cold, wet hands up to my chest, and he stared wiping down my tits with his bare hands!

I closed my eyes and moaned, gripping the sink with both hands as his hands shifted subtly and wonderfully from rinsing to massaging my exposed and slightly sunburned skin, then worked their way confidently under my top to massage my not so exposed skin! My breath caught as I realized both of my aureola were suddenly being needed in his freezing wet hands! He saw the look in my eye and assured me he was just making sure none of the cherry had run under my suite!

I mean, that sounded like a good enough excuse to me!

I closed my eyes and fell back against him as his fingers worked some magic on my rock hard nipples! I felt like they could cut diamonds! He started whispering compliments to me in this sexy voice, and I barely noticed that he was sliding my top off of my shoulders. His hands were away from me only long enough to fling the top into a corner before they were back on my full tits working there magic!

So we flirt while he has his way with my chest of course, and he ends up mentioning how he had never thought he could be jealous of a simple Popsicle!! I told him exactly who I was pretending that Popsicle was, and before I knew it I was forced down on my knees and Mr. Nathan Dann was stepping out of his trunks! I would have been nervous or maybe objected, but he had two fists firmly gripping handfuls of my hair and gave me no choice but to show him I was not all talk.

Nathan has a huge cock, and he precums a lot! I felt like I was swallowing cum the whole time I had my mouth on him!

Eventually, but way too soon, Mr Dann halls me up by my hair and pushes me back over the sink. Without a word, he drops the rest of the swimsuit to my ankles and lined himself up with my soaking wet kitty! I mean, it was way too late to take the moral high road now!

I can't imagine anyone has been fucked as hard as he fucked me in that bathroom. He was huge! And rough! With both hands pressed against the wall my head still hit the mirror twice! I felt like I was cumming the whole time!

By the time he actually came in me I was way passed objecting. I'm on the pill anyway, cause Ben won't wear condoms...

After we were dressed, he told me the only thing he regretted about getting married to the love of his life, is that his wife didn't have any tits, that she likes gentle sex, and refuses to suck cock!

I told him I was up for anything anytime he asked!

He asks me two or three times a week!

He has fucked me in my mom's apartment, his apartment, his SUV, in my car, on my car, a playground, in the pool, by the pool, in the woods and in a park! All in two months!

And ALL of this is your fault for sending me that dirty email!!!!!

I owe you big time! ;)

Love you! - Stacey

Written by: EsotericNiceGuy

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