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Xmas Wishes: How Do You Sleep BTB

by StangStar06©

As far as being angry at his new wife, I had no right to feel that way either. She was smart enough to grab him and appreciate him when I practically threw him away.

I pulled into the parking lot outside of my crappy little town house. I walked up to my door and opened it. Another crappy night in front of my crappy TV with my perverted cat awaited me. Ho, Ho, Ho Merry fucking Christmas. I hope I wasn't out of tuna.

Just after I stepped into the living room, I wondered where my cat was. Maybe like in "It's a wonderful life", the point was for me to appreciate the things I have more and take a serious look at the things I've lost. Maybe it was a case where after what I'd done there was simply no Xmas wish or Christmas magic left for me.

My phone rang and I answered it. It was the kid from down the street that I'd paid to watch and feed my cat while I was away. The kid was bawling his eyes out as he told me about how he opened the door and the cat ran out of the townhouse and into the street where he was quickly flattened by a truck passing down the street. The truck never even slowed down.

I sat down at my kitchen table and poured myself a really strong drink. I began to seriously think about all of those statistics concerning Holiday suicides.

The end.

Written by: StangStar06

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Category: Loving Wives Stories