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Lust Not Love Ch. 01

by The Big Bopper©

"Oh, I'm a complete give-away, aren't I?" he answered, looking quite embarrassed.

"God Peter, what is it with you? I confess that I've let your old school buddy fuck me and you harden up like it's the most exciting thing you've ever heard."

"It almost is, Caroline," he confessed, "I have to say that it turns me on ... as you can clearly see. I've told you before how much I would love to see you doing it with another guy."

"But you didn't see it, I only just told you about it. And I've always thought that was some weird fantasy of yours that would never happen."

My husband reached down and drew me up from my chair, pulling me close and kissing me so passionately, our lips parting and tongues working hard. We were both panting heavily by the time the kiss broke.

"Wow, you sure are turned on," I observed, "should we go straight to bed?"

"Yes," he told me huskily, the raw excitement obvious.

I gave up on the make-up removal, turned and led him to our bed, pulling back the sheet and tumbling onto it, falling into a tight embrace, his full erection squashed against my tummy. Peter quickly opened up my peignoir and turned his oral attention to my breasts. As he sucked on my nipples, I thought back to them being squashed down on the old wooden table today, and how I nearly picked up splinters in their tender surface.

I thought about telling him that story, but then hesitated, unsure of how much he wanted to know. I was still reeling from his urgent reaction when I revealed that Jerry had fucked me. I didn't even have time to tell him it happened up at the waterfall.

His oral assault on my breasts was doing wonderful things to me. For the second time today, I found myself becoming highly aroused, there was wetness between my lower lips. I felt his fingers go down there and I eagerly let my legs fall apart lewdly, welcoming his digital attention.

His fingers slid up and down in the gooey groove that was my inner labia, but when the finger pads rose up to circle my clitoral bud, my hips lifted clear up off the bed. "Yes!" I screamed in my husband's ear, a simple exclamation of acceptance to Peter. But to me, it brought back a memory of my scream of "Yes!" echoing back out of the valley at the moment Jerry plunged his hardness into me only hours ago.

My hips were churning, my breathing became laboured and Peter hadn't even put his penis inside me yet. This was wonderful lovemaking from my husband with heaps of foreplay, and just when I had doubted if we would ever make love again after I had cheated on our marriage.

He rolled me onto my back and moved between my legs. I smiled up at him in anticipation, whispering, "I am glad that you took my news so well."

I felt the tip of his penis sliding in between those lips that had already been stirred by his fingers. He centred the tip right at my entrance. Looking down at me from above, Peter asked, "What news, what do you mean?"

Surely he hadn't forgotten my revelation so quickly, my fornication with Jerry was the only thing on my mind as I prepared to have my body entered once again. "The thing that I was so worried about telling you, darling ... you know, about how your buddy Jerry fucked me today ... up there at the waterfall. He pushed me down on the table and he fucked me hard."

I guess you're right, those words were provocative and I chose them with the intended of turning him on ... and they sure did. Peter thrust his hips forward and he plunged his solid hard-on all the way up into my vagina in one smooth stroke. It was odd, he did it just like Jerry had ... no half measures, not a little bit at a time -- just one long hard push. There was some pain, just like there had been with Jerry today. A woman's body really needs the first move to be cautious, gentle, until she can adjust to his entry. Peter was doing it just the way Jerry had. My husband had never made love to me like that before. He was always caring and eager not to cause me any discomfort.

But just as I had no protest when Jerry plunged it in today, I just lay back and relished the change of pace from Peter, wrapping my legs over the back of his thighs. My occasional appetite for rough sex was being well and truly satisfied on this day.

What can I tell you, Peter was doing it just like Jerry had, bringing back all the memories of that fabulous fucking I got this afternoon. In fact, at one stage tonight here in my bed, in the middle of our fucking, I needed to open my eyes and look up at Peter to check that it was really him ploughing his hard penis into me. Was it a coincidence that Peter was doing me just like Jerry had?

I came powerfully, but the result was not to be the same as it had been today with Jerry. While my body was building toward a second orgasm and my mind was coming to grips with the fact that it might become reality, Peter rose quickly to a crescendo and then collapsed onto my body. His penis jerked and spasmed as it pumped a fresh supply of cum into my depths.

My husband lifted his head up to look lovingly down into my eyes. There was still enough substance in his erection for him to remain embedded so comfortably inside me. "So tell me," he began when we had both settled after such frantic sex, "what did you think when Jerry came on to you today? Were you surprised?"

I wasn't expecting to begin discussing today's infidelity, but I was ashamed at cheating on Peter who loved me very much, so I accepted that I should communicate with him since he might be feeling some uncertainty about us.

"He took me completely by surprise, Peter, there had been no indication. Usually, a woman knows if a man is coming on to her ... there are signs. But honey, he gave nothing. Three days he's been here and there was no hint, no flirting, no come-on lines, he had been the perfect gentleman with me."

"So what do you think set him off today? Were you dressed provocatively, or do you think you might have given off something?"

"I don't know, I have thought it over and over ever since we got back from the waterfall. There's a couple of things ... like I wore that summer dress of mine, I think you know the one ... I am sure you can see through it. I didn't do it intentionally, but he was walking behind me and I began to get an idea that he could probably see the outline of my legs -- maybe even my crotch -- through it. And then when we got up there, I was pretty hot from the hike to get there, so while he was engrossed in the view of the valley, I went over close to the falls and I lifted my dress up to let the water splash on my bare legs.

"I wasn't even aware he had come up behind me because I had my eyes closed as the water sprayed on me. Suddenly, I felt him there behind me and he had his hands on my breasts. Oh Peter, I am so sorry to cheat on you, but it felt good ... and then he was moving them around, massaging them and my nipples and I could feel his whole body behind me, tight up against me. Oh God, I was so weak, I just let him ... I know that I should have been stronger for you."

I had tears in my eyes, but as I related my indiscretion to my husband, I felt his penis hardening again inside me. He was solid and filling me completely once again. "Honey, what is it, you never get hard again so quickly after we have sex?"

"Don't stop talking, Caroline, tell me more. Tell me about how he bent you over that picnic bench and pulled your panties down." Peter began to move inside me again, now back to the soft and gentle technique that I was used to from him.

"How did you know that he bent me down over the picnic table? I didn't tell you that."

"Oh, I am sure you must have, honey, how else would I know?"

"I don't know how you would know, but I know that I didn't tell you." This was odd and I wanted a straight answer, but his soft fucking of me was distracting me. "Peter, how did you know? Did you talk to Jerry?"

"That must be it, Jerry must have told me."

"But you looked surprised when I just told you what I'd done as we were getting ready for bed. Weren't you?"

"Yeah, of course, honey."

"Something's fishy here, Peter. You already knew, didn't you? Did Jerry tell you all about it, or just maybe did you and Jerry dream this up together?"

"Why would you think that, honey?"

"Because when I told you about what I had done today, and you were so stiff, I remembered that you had once told me about your long-time fantasy to watch me with another man. Was all this planned, Peter?"

He increased his thrusts inside me.

"Don't think you'll side-track me, Peter, I smell a rat here. You knew, didn't you? How much of this is true? Is Jerry really your old school buddy?"

"Yes honey, he sure is, Jerry is a real person and we really were good friends at school and we really did both lose our virginity on the same night to a pair of sisters. Mind you, the sisters weren't virgins."

"And he really did come back to his old hometown for the first time in 30 years and look you up?"

"Yes, it's all true," Peter declared.

"Except that you put him up to fucking me today, didn't you?"

I could see his eyes darting, it was a give-away, I knew that he was battling with whether to tell me the truth. I was pretty certain now that he had organised it to feed his fantasy to see me with another guy. What he was wrestling with was whether I would be really angry with him for doing it.

"Go on darling, admit it, I'll go easy on you, although I shouldn't. It's like you used me."

He looked down at me sheepishly, his penis still thrusting, slowly now. It was a good feeling, how could I be angry with him when he was making me feel so good. I had got so much sex today, and all really good pleasurable stuff too. Like how many times had I cum? I think it was four!

"Yeah, you're right honey, after Jerry arrived on Monday and the three of us got on so well on Monday night, I began to think that maybe at last, there was an opportunity to have my lifetime fantasy actually happen. So when you were cooking dinner on Tuesday night, I put it to Jerry."

"Did he need much convincing?"

"Hell, none at all, he was all for it."

"Naturally, he's a man, isn't he? Oh, and he has a penis ... two good reasons."

But why wouldn't he want you, you're a good looking woman."

"I only asked if he needed convincing because he hadn't shown any interest, no come-ons since he had arrived. A woman usually knows if a guy fancies her, because there'll be a bit of flirting, a few double-meanings. But there was nothing those first two days until he suddenly hit on me at the waterfall."

"I guess that he was respecting that you were my wife and that he had no intention to hit on you until I put the idea to him ... and then, he was all for it. He said that he had only been thinking what a catch you were for me, particularly as a second marriage. He even told me that he had been looking at you often and imagining what it would be like to fuck you."

"So then you gave him the green light."

"Yeah, sort of ... I guess you could put it like that."

Peter was still slowly pushing his born-again hard-on in and out of me while we talked. It was quite unreal, talking about this other guy having sex with me while Peter was doing it to me. I was feeling really good, so good in fact that the thought even crossed my mind that I might cum again.

"So Peter, what must have been going through your mind sitting at work, watching the time slowly tick by, thinking about your old school buddy actually doing it with me ... wondering if we had started doing it yet. Did that drive you crazy?"

Peter had those darting eyes again, straight away I could sense that there was something more that he wasn't telling me. "Uh oh, there's more, isn't there? I can see it in your eyes, Peter ... you are such a dead give-away."

"I ... err ... I didn't go to work today. I couldn't do that, I mean I just couldn't be there at work and think of you and him doing it up at the waterfall. Honey, part of the fantasy for me is actually seeing it happen. I mean, you could tell me about it and that would be okay. But the ultimate for my fantasy to come true was to actually be there, to watch..."

"Shit, you were there ... at the waterfall ... today? You were watching us?"

"Yeah, I was. As I was saying, to make my fantasy really happen, I needed to watch Jerry try it on you, to see your reaction, like whether you would tell him to piss off or to be seduced by him and let him have what he wants. The look on your face and the way you reacted to his kissing you and his sucking on your tits and then the way he fucked you, and how you got into it. Man, that was something else."

I guess my eyes widened in total shock. I hadn't expected this part of it. He had just floored me by telling me that he was actually there ... watching while Jerry was having me. While I was spread-eagled face down over the end of the picnic table, my husband was hiding nearby watching us doing it. I never saw him, never heard him, where was he?

Peter must have panicked a bit when he saw my reaction to his revelation. Suddenly, he increased his strokes ... faster and deeper. God, I was feeling it now, my body began to tremble, I could feel an orgasm coming on quickly now ... yes, yet another orgasm.

Peter didn't let up on me until I came powerfully ... God, my fifth today!. He did it so well to me, brought me such incredible pleasure ... pleasure that was just piled on all the rest that I had enjoyed that day.

I seemed to take a while to come down from that wonderful peak. When he thought that I looked to be normal again, Peter asked, "Are you okay, honey? I guess I owe you an apology for doing all this stuff without telling you?"

"Darling, I think you do ... I mean a fantasy is one thing, but you should have involved me, told me what you were planning, asked me if it would be okay with me?"

"No I couldn't Caroline ... you see, this fantasy doesn't work that way. It wouldn't work for me if you knew that I was watching you because you wouldn't react naturally. If I had told you last night that when you got to the waterfall, Jerry was going to hit on you, that he would fuck you, then you'd have had time to think about it, maybe figure out the response you thought I'd like best. No, it had to be totally unexpected and it was. Your natural reaction was perfect. Oh God Caroline, I loved it ... loved you for giving yourself to him and I had the incredible pleasure of watching it all. I even got it on my camcorder."

"You what?" I screamed in our bed in the dead of night, so loud that Jerry, sleeping in the guestroom down the hall, might have heard me had he been awake.

"I captured the whole wonderful thing on our camcorder ... actually I even borrowed a second camera too. I've still got to edit it all together, but I was just watching a bit of it back before I came to bed. That's why I was almost hard when I came from the shower."

"Don't you dare let anyone else see that video, especially Jerry. I don't want any copies made, and I don't want it to leave this house, and especially don't go posting it on the Internet."

"Okay, okay! I promise!" he assured me.

He could see how uptight I was at hearing of this latest development. "Shit, I can't believe you, at how far you went to set all this up. Now it's like you've put me in a porno movie. I hope you got what you wanted from your fantasy."

"I'm still getting it," he said and with that, he began to thrust firmly once again. His penis had remained hard and primed. I had cum and I was so out of it at the time, delirious with pleasure, that I had given little thought to whether he had cum himself. He obviously hadn't because now his moves were strong and powerful. He was fucking me hard again, just like he had done when we came to bed tonight ... and just like he had seen his buddy Jerry do to me this afternoon.

Having already had a release barely an hour ago, it took him quite a while, but he was determined to finish. By the time he had -- hard and fast -- I was becoming quite tender and sore inside. No wonder, I had been fucked solidly several times this day, and had cum so many times ... all in the name of my beloved Peter's fantasy.

To be continued in Part 2 when Peter and Jerry tell their versions of Caroline's seduction.

Written by: The Big Bopper

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