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Babysitting Blowjob

by jakkinmd©

I was sitting in a nearly empty house waiting for Miss Stevens to come home. I stared blankly at the TV screen in front of me. She did not have cable so whatever I was watching was just noise going through my 18-year-old brain. Babysitting for the neighbor was not doing it for me anymore. It was boring and did not pay much. Not to mention her bratty kid who never wanted to listen to anything I told him to do.

Her car pulled up in the driveway so I began to drag myself off the couch. I grabbed my homework that I always brought along with me but never did. I went over to unbolt the door. As I turned to get my jacket, Miss Stevens walked in. She was divorced but was always dating. She was moderately attractive but not a knockout by any stretch of the imagination. I suppose the men she dated figured they had a better chance with a woman who was not totally beautiful.

She walked in the door and took off her coat. She was wearing a silky silver blouse and a black skirt that ended right above the knee. It was a modest look. I assumed this was a first date. She seemed to have many first dates but not too many second dates. I never asked how her dates went but she had that disappointed look in her eyes. I could tell this was another wasted amount of time for her. I did not really care too much though. I just wanted to get paid and leave.

"Ed, I'm a little short tonight. Could I pay you next time?" she asked. Her voice was nearly a whisper. Miss Stevens had not paid me the last couple of times that I had come over. I knew she was not rich but I was not running a charity. I was ready to quit. Her request finally pushed me over the edge.

"Well forget me coming back then. You owe me at least $50. I might as well ask you for a blowjob," I said nearly yelling but not wanting to wake her kid. She saw the anger in my face and took a step back. I was easily 8 inches taller than she was, so I towered over her with my lanky frame. I relaxed but was still mad. The silence in the room was extremely awkward. I turned to leave.

"Wait a minute," she said. I stopped but did not turn around. "Just, just wait here a minute." She left the living room and disappeared into the kitchen. I turned to see if she was digging into some secret stash for cash. I was not at all prepared for when she returned.

Miss Stevens had taken off all her clothes. Being your average teenaged boy, I got an instant hard on. She was the first girl I had seen naked in real life. She looked nothing like the Playboy models. Her tits were small but firm and her nipples stood out like fat erasers. Her pubic hair was a curly forest not shaved or a racing stripe like in the magazines. She had sort of a half-smile on her face. She seemed only slightly ashamed to be nude in front of me.

I was stunned. She moved toward me. Now I was the one to back away, confronted by this woman's sexuality. She stood right in front of me. I did not move. She stopped about three feet in front of me and sank to her knees. She undid and unzipped my jeans. She reached around to my back pockets. Putting her hands inside she grabbed my ass and then pulled the jeans down to my knees. My straining cock was inches from her mouth.

I let out a little moan as she pulled the band of my underwear over the tip of my hard-on. A strand of pre-cum followed my briefs down towards the floor as she took them down. I stepped out of my jeans and underwear. My fully erect cock stood up in her face. She ran her hands up the sides of my legs. She tilted her head and took one of my balls into her mouth. She rolled it around before releasing it from her mouth. Then she flicked her tongue between my balls. I dropped my books to the floor. She did not even seem to notice the loud thud.

Every new sensation was heaven to me. I could not stop from watching her lick me. She licked up my shaft, tickled under the head, and went back down to the bottom. Then she grasped my cock at the base and pulled it down to her lips. It was incredible watching her mouth close and engulf my dick. Her head started bobbing back and forth. Being young and a virgin, I came almost immediately. She held her mouth over my throbbing cock drinking in every spurt of my cum.

When I stopped she stroked the last few drops out of my cock on to her tongue. "I have another date next Friday. Can you make it?" she purred.

"Um, yeah," I said dazedly.

"Great, I'll see you then," she said as she stood. "And call me Terri." She walked back into the kitchen. I watched her cute little ass wiggle as she walked away. I pulled my underwear and jeans back up and picked up my books.

My raging hard-on would not go away even as I went out into the cold night air. I went home and held my books over my crotch as I walked past my mother. I went straight to my room and closed the door. I nearly ripped my clothes off as began furiously masturbating. I came just as hard to the memory of my blowjob as the actual event. Breathing hard, I fell asleep with my cock in my hand and a mess on my stomach.

Written by: jakkinmd

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